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April 2010, No.

In brief …
Dear Members,
Kral Shack Phone…703-451-9700
Only a few more weeks till our pool opens on 29 May 2010! Below is
Tennis Courts… Available year
round upon request. a summary of the key items in this newsletter to keep all members
*Pool Season…29 May–15 Aug informed of activities, events and changes at SSRC. More information
2010. is at our temporary website
*Operating Hours… Pool is open:  Proposed Vision Statement & Way Ahead
- Weekends: 12-8pm.  Proposal to revise Pool Season and Operating Hours
- Weekdays till 24 Jun: 3-8pm.
 Special 2010 Pilot Program for Adults desiring limited visits
- Weekdays after 24 Jun: 2-8pm.
- Holidays: 12-6pm  Spring Cleanup at SSRC 9am to 2pm on Sat, 17 Apr
*See article on Season and Hours  Swim Interest Meeting at 2pm on Sat, 17 Apr
Rules & Regs…  General Membership Meeting (GMM) at 3pm on Sat, 17 Apr  Cell tower update
les  Board Member Farewell
2010 SSRC Board of Directors:  Happy 50th Birthday Lake Accotink
Joe Milligan, President  Springfield 15K/5K Run & Walk Community
Janice Buckley, Vice President  SSRC’s 2010 Program
Julie Mackin, Treasurer  SSRC Committee Structure
Debbie Mays, Secretary
 Payment Reminder
Heather Bogstad
Becky Campbell
Jeff Firman Proposed Vision Statement & Way Ahead: Statements of Mission,
Patricia Hagy Vision and Values provide a foundation for sound strategic planning
Jason Spoolstra and good management. As a start, an initial vision has been
Mary Yarrison developed for SSRC by our Vision Committee and modified by the
Web Master Chuck Seward Board that will be put to a vote at our GMM. The vision statement
Pay dues by check or use PayPal reads: "SSRC’s immediate objective is to remain open for the 2010 swim season to be able to provide a safe environment for family-
friendly fun, neighborhood and community recreation.” Significantly,
the Board is committed to developing a Five Year Strategic Plan for our
club. Draft notes from a meeting of the Vision Committee are available on
SSRC Newsletters posted at: Proposal to revise Pool Season and Operating Hours: Based on
/newsletter specific proposals from two members, the Board will present for
Start 2010 Right at SSRC consideration at the GMM an alternative to the currently approved
– Recruit a Neighbor! operating hours. The proposal would close the pool each Monday
except for holidays, swim practices and “B” meets. If approved, this
proposal would extend our swim season to 22 August.
Special 2010 Pilot Program for Adults desiring limited visits: Based
on a specific proposal by one member, the Board approved a pilot to
permit adults desiring limited visits, 15 for singles and 20 for couples,
to join SSRC for a reduced fee of $200 and $250, respectively. More
information is available from Membership.
Spring Cleanup at SSRC 9am to 2pm on Sat, 17 Apr: Thanks to the dedicated offseason efforts of a few
members, SSRC remains in fairly good shape; however, there are a number of maintenance and clean-up

activities that require our attention. This is a great opportunity for teens to earn service hours by
helping in the community. Maintenance & Clean-up begin at 9am.
Swim Interest Meeting at 2pm on Sat, 17 Apr: The Tigersharks will hold their initial interest meeting at
the SSRC Pavilion to discuss the upcoming swim season.
General Membership Meeting (GMM) at 3pm on Sat, 17 Apr: We will meet at the SSRC Pavilion at
3pm. Again, we have important business to discuss and vote upon as follows and a 25 Member quorum
is needed. Make your voice heard. Please bring a chair. Following issues will be addressed:
- Vote on proposed Vision Statement (See above) and discussion on way forward
- Vote on alternative operating schedule
- Nominating/electing Board for 2010
- Invitation to join & form committees
- Update on T-Mobile
Cell Tower Update: On 15 Mar, the Fairfax County Land Use Committee agreed to move forward with
our cell tower. On 31 Mar, the Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission provided separate
approvals. The final approval is expected to be given by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors at a
3:30pm meeting on 11 May 2010.
Board Member Farewell: Board members Jim Henderson and Lou Sharpe have stepped aside. Both
were involved in numerous Board activities and notably were involved in critical negotiations with T-
Mobile during 2008 and 2009.
Happy 50th Birthday Lake Accotink: One of our partners, Lake Accotink is celebrating its 50th Birthday.
Join them for an afternoon of fun and celebration on Saturday, April 24, 2010 from noon until 2 p.m.
Enjoy free rides on the antique carousel or play a free round of miniature golf at the Lucky Duck Mini-
golf course.
Springfield 15K/5K Run & Walk Community: The June 6th Springfield 15K / 5K race will signal the
arrival of THE signature fitness event for southern Fairfax County. A business partner, Metro Run &
Walk, is committing lots of time and resources to get the race established during Springfield Days
weekend, but the 1st year success and continued growth of the race is up to Springfield area folks like
you. And all proceeds go to help local organizations that support recreation and fitness activities for
youth in need and complement the Springfield Days Weekend. Sign up for one of the races at Metro
Run & Walk or at Spread the word and send a link to
to anyone who might be interested. Sponsor the race with financial support. We have a variety of
sponsorship levels and benefit packages, ranging from $200 to many thousands. Sponsor the race
through in-kind products and services like race-day food, media advertising, photocopying, race bag
goodies, random runner prizes, etc. Volunteer for the planning committee or for race weekend. Bring
friends and family along! Great communities make great events, and great events make great
communities. Let’s all come together for the Springfield 15K / 5K! If you can help or have questions,
please contact Mark Russell, race director, at or 703-913-0313.
SSRC’s 2010 Program: Updates will be provided in future newsletters and are posted at Send recommendations to
Date Activities Comments
15 Apr 1st of 12 Payments due to NVPools Member Fees Due
17 Apr Clean-up Day 9am-2pm
Swim Team Meeting @ SSRC 2pm
General Membership Meeting @ SSRC 3pm
**20 Apr SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
24 Apr Clean-up Day 9am-2pm
24 Apr Celebrate Lake Accotink’s 50th Birthday 12-2pm
11 May Fairfax Board of Supervisors Cell Tower – Final Decision
1 May Ensure Utilities, Phone and Trash Available NVPools Contract Item
2 May BOD Meeting Place TBD
7 May Complete Pre-arranged Maintenance NVPools Contract Item
9 May Mother’s Day
*15 May Lake Accotink Park Tennis Camp 10-noon Depends on attendance; Every
Sat in Summer
**18 May SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
29 May Opening Day – Open @ 12pm Close @ 8pm unless specified
31 May Memorial Day – Pool Closes @ 6:00 pm
1-4 Jun Open @ 3pm
5-6 Jun Open @ 12pm
5 Jun Support Springfield Days 5/15K Run/Walk 3-6 June, Springfield Days
7-11 Jun Open @ 3pm
12-13 Jun Open @ 12pm
13 Jun BOD Meeting Place TBD
14-18 Jun Open @ 3pm
**15 Jun SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
19 Jun Swim Time Trials
19-20 Jun Open @ 12pm
21-24 Jun Open @ 3pm
25 Jun-15 Aug Open @ 2pm on weekdays/12pm on weekends
26 Jun Swim Meet #1
After Hours Event 8pm-12am
28 Jun Swim “B” Meet If home, pool Closes @ 5pm
3 Jul Swim Meet #2
5 Jul Swim “B” Meet If home, pool Closes @ 5pm
*6-19 Jul Lake Accotink Park using Tennis Courts 9-noon Depends on attendance
10 Jul Swim Meet #3/Swim Team Party & Sleepover
11 Jul BOD Meeting Place TBD
12 Jul Swim “B” Meet If home, pool Closes @ 5pm
14 Jul Swim Meet: Relay Carnival @ SSRC Pool Closes at 4pm
17 Jul Swim Meet #4/Swim Team Party & Sleepover Rain Date
19 Jul Swim “B” Meet If home, pool Closes @ 5pm
**20 Jul SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
24 Jul Swim Meet #5
31 Jul Swim Meet: Divisionals Divisionals Locale TBD
After Hours Event 8pm-12am
1 Aug Swim Banquet
3 Aug National Night Out (NNO) Need NNO Coordinator
7 Aug Swim All Stars
8 Aug BOD Meeting Place TBD
14 Aug After Hours Event 8pm-12am
15 Aug Pool closes for the season SSRC Annual “Puppy Paddle”
**17 Aug SCA Meeting @ Crestwood
*If there is anyone in the club who is interested in teaching tennis to children and teens and they are
available during these times please contact Julie Tahan at Lake Accotink Park at 703.569.0285
**Working to establish stronger community partnership with SCA.

SSRC Committee Structure: Following is a description of the Board of Directors and principal
Committees that will be implemented to move SSRC forward. These committees will be discussed at the
GMM and an opportunity will be afforded members to sign-up.
Board of Directors: The Board’s functions are to determine direction of work to be done, policy options,
determine policy, implement selected policies, perform oversight of organizational operations
(nominate & evaluate) and serve as a court of last resort.
Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors of the
Springfield Swimming & Racquet Club (SSRC) to function on behalf of the Board of Directors in matters
of emergency and in interim periods between regularly scheduled Board meetings. The executive
committee shall have and exercise the authority of the board of directors, provided that such authority
shall not operate to circumvent the responsibility and authority vested in the board of directors by the
SSRC’s bylaws.
Vision & Communications Committee: The vision committee, in conjunction with the Board of
Directors, will develop the five year strategic plan for SSRC. Additionally, this committee will develop
and implement websites, flyers, newsletters and other channels to communicate with members as well
as the general public.
Program Services Committee: The program services committee is responsible to the Board of Directors
for the overall program emphasis of the Springfield Swimming & Racquet Club (SSRC). The committee
shall develop programs and monitor program goals with the involvement of the total organization.
Program services includes and is not limited to pool operations, social events (e.g., after hours parties,
etc.), swim team, dive team and concessions.
Resource Development Committee: The resource development committee is responsible to the Board
of Directors of the Springfield Swimming & Racquet Club (SSRC) to assume the primary relationship in
matters pertaining to membership, business relations, public relations, community outreach, volunteer
coordination, planned giving, and Board membership in accordance with policies and practices
established by the Board of Directors of the SSRC.
Finance Committee: The finance committee is responsible to the Board of Directors of the Springfield
Swimming & Racquet Club (SSRC) to assume the primary relationship in matters pertaining to the SSRC’s
finances. This includes matters pertaining to building care and maintenance, protecting the capital
investment of the SSRC in buildings and grounds, and assuring the functional utility of all areas and

Payment Reminder: Please remember that on-time dues payments MUST be postmarked by April 15.
Handing your mail to the postman or dropping it in a collection box THAT DAY does NOT guarantee an
April 15 postmark.
Payments may also be dropped off at the Membership Chair’s home if pre-arranged by calling 703-455-
6203 before 5 PM on April 15. THIS IS A VOICEMAIL ONLY LINE. Messages will be checked at 5 PM on
April 15. Please make sure you leave a clear message with your membership number and a phone
number where you can be reached. Every attempt will be made to accommodate these requests, but it
remains the responsibility of the Member to act in a timely manner.
Please act now to avoid a late payment charge.