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CODEX: Alien Hunters

The alien hunters are an increasingly powerful organisation, growing in power and size
everyday as news of the Tyranid, Ork, Tau and many other xenos threat spreads across the
galaxy and more and more Alien threats appear. Above the law, the xenos hunters are
feared across the galaxy for their ruthlessness, Their power is said to even surpass that of
Ordo Hereticus and Ordo Malleus in the coming times with Chaos being kept at bay and the
Xenos threats wiping out more planets a year than heritics.

The truth is the Ordo Xenos carry out a very difficult and tactile job. It is their role not to
destroy aliens but rather eliminate the threat, with many aliens such as the Orks or the
Tyranid, diplomacy is not an option and all out exterminatus is in order. However aliens such
as the Tau or Eldar are not above diplomacy, in fact the ordo xenos fighters who encounter
Tau and elder frequently have come to respect and daresay admire the fighting quality of
these races. They see that they don’t want the destruction of any single race ideally but
would rather work together to deal with the bigger threats, which has happened in many
times other history. This growing Tennet of diplomacy and planning before action has
almost become custom among the Ordo Xenos, and this is why it takes many months of
‘deprogramming’ for an astartes to join the order. While for the greater protection of the
imperium closed minds are good among the space marines, such minds would hinder the
acts of the Ordo xenos and quite likely create more wars and conflicts than needed.

There are however, many radicals within the Xenos hunters, not least amongst them is
Inquisitor Kryptman a man steeped in malpractice as he Viral bombed whole populations in
the face of Hive fleet Leviathon. The fleet has slowed and been stymied but at a cost
thought unworthy by many members of Alien Hunters.

One of the key acts of the alien hunters is intelligence gathering, It is their solemn duty to
take on entire Necron Tombs and Tyranid norn ships to gather the information required to
defeat or incapacitate the foes of the imperium. And it is the Alien Hunters who pay most
creed the rumours of a foe which the tyranids are fleeing from.
How to use: Codex alien hunters is designed to be used in standalone friendly games,
therefore it is the opponents disgresion as to allow you to use it, if you use it please feel free
to add stuff to the army but be aware it will affect performace.

The army follows standard force organisation chart.

Summary of units: Below is a list of all units within the codex, this will be followed by the
standalone rules and a standard codex format.


 Inquisitor kryptman
 Inquisitor Dalman
 Lord Inquisitor
 High Investigator
 Captian


 Kill team
 Terminators
 Inquisitor
 Assasins
 Alien allies


 Xenos hunters astartes squad

 Veterans
 Stormtroopers

Fast Attack:

 Scout Sentinals
 Nightwing
 Raptors

Heavy Support:

 Land raider (all varients) inc. Land raider tempestulon

 Dreadnought
 Supression Squad
 Devistators