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2009 IS OVER ...

than anticipated resulting in a lower

How did we do?

than budget transfer of funds from
the General Fund. Also water
charges to Heritage Eagle Bend HOA
were less than forecasted.
Year end for an organization is always a time of evaluation and reflection General Fund expenditures were
of what transpired and how the organization is positioned for the follow- generally under budget in many cat-
ing year. egories with the most significant sav-
ings occurring in legal fees,
Eagle Bend Metropolitan District #2 finished 2009 under budget in most communications expense, landscape
revenue categories and was fortunate enough to be even farther under maintenance and improvements and
budget in several expense categories so that the excess of revenues over transfers to the Water Enterprise. The
expenditures was favorable in two of our three funds. net impact was a 20% increase in the
General Fund Balance during 2009. Larry Geiger
The General Fund and Debt Service Fund revenues were under budget
for the year due to unanticipated tax abatements granted by Arapahoe Water Enterprise Fund expenditures reflected the generally wetter than an-
County and a reduction in specific ownership taxes due to fewer sales of ticipated conditions during the primary 2009 turf grass growing season
new automobiles in the county. The Water Enterprise Fund’s revenues through lower anticipated costs of electricity and purchased water. The
were less than budget because the ECCV pipeline extension cost was less District was also fortunate to experience lower than anticipated mainte-
nance costs on its two operating wells during the year.

The Debt Service Fund experienced expenditures for $1,836,053 in inter-

INSIDE THIS ISSUE . . . est and $655,000 in principal reductions as anticipated during the year.
The Balance Sheets for the three funds reflect the financial strength of the
District. The uncertainty of the area economy and the reduction in values
2009 IS OVER ... How did we do? . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 1 of real estate on which our tax collections are based suggest a need for con-
servative planning in establishing operating reserves for the District. Both
President’s Comments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 2 the General Fund and the Water Enterprise Fund appear to have suffi-
2010 Xeriscape Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3 cient reserves to ride through a multi-year the dip in the economy.
Rocking Horse Development Meeting . . . . . . . . . . Page 4 The Debt Service fund has a small reserve balance which is not significant
when compared to the $2,400,000 annual expenditures required of that
fund by the bond indentures. The impact of declining real estate values
Traffic Concern Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5
Red-tailed Hawk Park Phase 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5 is not expected to impact 2010 or 2011 but will become apparent as the
assessed valuations are announced by the County for 2011 which impact
the taxes to be collected in 2012 and 2013. Managing Metro District cash
Water Well Improvements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 6
Legisative Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 6 requirements are also tricky because the District receives essentially no
income until mid-March and, in our case, nothing after September 30 of
each year.
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Larry Geiger
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District Director and Secretary
March 2010 1
PRESIDENTS COMMENTS with the COA with the end result being a sizeable rebate for the Dis-
trict in last year’s xeriscape projects. In the current cost-sharing pro-
posal to the HOAs and commercial areas, this rebate will, hopefully,
INTRODUCTION: This year will be an exciting time for the District with be part of the negotiated agreement with all the parties. If you would
its varied projects and endeavors. like to know more about these projects, you will find a detailed article
later in this newsletter.
In January the District got great news! Standard and Poor’s, a rating
agency, informed the District that our Bond Rating was increased from COST SHARING PROJECTS PROPOSED WITH THE HOAs AND COM-
‘BBB’ to ‘A-‘. With the difficulties of this current economy, the rating in- MERCIAL AREAS: Currently, the District is working with each one of the
crease is wonderful news for the community. HOAs on a cost-sharing project located in a high profile area within
the HOA’s boundary and the District’s easements. Also, the COA serves
In prior Newsletters, the District has detailed the plans to complete the as a valuable participant in most of this process. Hopefully, the final
center-median projects on Gartrell Road and S. Aurora Parkway. It negotiations on these projects will be completed shortly and the details
will also be venturing into its proposed long-term plans of working announced to the communities.
with the three HOAs and commercial properties within in its district
boundaries on xeriscape projects. DISTRICT BONDS UPGRADED BY STANDARD AND POOR’S: Standard
and Poor’s raised its ‘BBB’ underlying rating (SPUR) on Eagle Bend
In 2009, a major water project was completed and we look forward to Metropolitan District # 2, Colorado’s general obligation (GO) bonds
seeing the full results of this project for this year. This project has been to ‘A-‘. The increase was based upon several criteria and a few are
well chronicled in past newsletters. While the District’s current water listed below:
needs appear to be satisfied for the near term, long-term plans are in
place to continue to pursue necessary water alternatives for the future!  Continued tax-base growth.
 Strong financial performance, including very strong reserve
XERISCAPE PROJECT: Before embarking on the Xeriscape Projects, the levels.
District did extensive research and preparation. Below are a few of the  A taxing area located in Aurora (GO debt rating; AA/Stable,
results of this effort: which participates in the large and diverse Denver (AAA/Sta-
ble) regional economy.
 The existing irrigation systems were out-dated (in some cases,  Strong unrestricted reserves totaling $924,000 at the end of
ten years old) and in need of repair. fiscal 2008, or 575% of expenditures.
 The overall landscaping concept was based on the 1990s  No additional debt plans at this time.
model where water use was only a small part of the mainte-
nance cost and did not consider the high prairie motifs. The District was successful in refinancing in 2005 a sizeable part of the
 Cost analysis at existing rates, plus projected increases of seven long-term debt at a very favorable interest rate. Over the past several
(7%) or better, have greatly shifted the debate on return of newsletters, there have been some excellent articles detailing the Dis-
investment to a more favorable economic model for xeriscape. tricts financial condition. If you would like more details on the Dis-
trict’s financial information, please visit our website at
As one researches this process, it becomes clear that not only water cost, If you would like to review the Standard
but also future water availability is critical to moving forward with and Poor’s Report, please visit their website at www.standardand-
xeriscape. Use the Ratings search box located in the left column.

XERISCAPE PROJECTS INTEGRATED WITH CITY OF AURORA (COA): The District has developed and continues to upgrade its long-term plan
Over the past several years the District has worked closely with the COA that addresses strategic steps and endeavors to continue to improve
on a long-term plan for center medians and xeriscaping multi-use ease- the District’s Bond Rating over time.
ments. The plan included the City working with other Special Districts
in the Tallyn’s Reach and Saddle Rock Area. The end result is to pro- SUMMARY: As each one of HOAs and commercial areas within our
duce a more consistent community appearance for the Gartrell / boundaries continues to develop their short and long-range plans, the
Smokey Hill and Tallyn’s Reach Area. current policy of the EBMD #2 is to be as flexible, transparent and ac-
commodating as possible and to assist within our current policies and
The District negotiated a shared agreement guidelines.
Xeriscape Project
2010 in Eagle Bend Metro District II
We live in a semi-arid environment, borderline desert, and in the past we
brought our preferences for landscaping from wetter climates. This was
not an issue when Aurora was a small suburb of Denver. As the popula-
tion has grown, development has filled in the natural pastoral landscape
originally found in this area. Soon golf courses, commercial developments,
parks, and HOA’s dotted the area. Aurora relies mostly on ground water
to provide irrigation, drinking water, and other water uses for industry.

This ground water is finite and is being used faster than it can be replen-
ished. Progressive districts, such as Eagle Bend Metro District II are tak- Frank Massey, Creekside HOA President, shares Creekside's approved landscaping
plan with Metro #2 Directors: Ron Meyer, Rex Rexroat and Larry Geiger. Daniel
ing an active approach to minimize their water use. In conjunction with the Levine, Certified Arborist and Horticulturalist, from Terra Care Associates is also pic-
City of Aurora, the District set out to pioneer an ambitious new rebate tured. The EBMD#2 Board will be participating in a cost sharing xeriscape project
program. It is the partnership between the City and the Metro District with Creekside this spring.
that has allow this project to be so successful. The City has paid the metro
district to remove sod, and replace it with water conscious plant material
which benefits everyone in the region. was to illustrate to the public that going from a lush green landscape
common back east, to a xeriscape does not mean they need to compromise
This project did not occur overnight. This project has taken years of plan- aesthetics. This is when the District developed a demonstration garden. The
ning, coordination, and education to bring it to fruition. The planning demonstration garden located on Gartrell Rd in front of the Safeway Shop-
process started with the City of Aurora. It was the City’s desire to reach ping Center shows homeowners, as well as surrounding HOA’s and com-
out to the community and find practical ways to conserve water. The Eagle mercial developers, a variety of low water use plants that are adapted to
Bend Metro District II, having the remarkable foresight, partnered with the our harsh environment.
city of Aurora to start changing zoning and planning requirements that
were antiquated and required the use of sod in inappropriate areas. This To continue their commitment, the District is expanding the project by
long road led to the city designing a make sense approach to sod removal. working with the Creekside HOA to xeriscape along E. Irish Drive and Au-
It was at this point that Eagle Bend was able to move forward with the ed- rora Parkway. This project plans to remove another acre of sod. Once this
ucational portion of the plan. project is completed the District is moving to the undeveloped medians
on Aurora Parkway. The District hopes to continue to work with the com-
They started by educating their board members about why water conser- munity, and help the constituents to make positive changes for the future
vation, and how xeriscape fits into their long term future. Once the Board of Aurora. The ultimate goal of the District is to provide a beautiful co-
of Directors understood the importance of the project, they reached out to hesive landscape while reducing water use and educating the public to
the community. As with any big change there were many questions and dif- the benefits of water conservation.
ferences of opinion that need to be addressed. The Districts understand-
ing of its constituents, and vision of the future allowed them to sway many The future of Aurora’s water depends on everyone thinking about water
of the opposition that this was indeed better for the future of the District conservation and how they can make a difference. Landscaping is just one
and the City. way we can all chip in and help create a stable future for Aurora. Eagle
Bend Metro District II is a pioneer in the new future of Aurora, and every-
The first Landscape phase started with the islands on Gartrell Rd. The Dis- one can look to them for inspiration. If you have any questions on how
trict contracted Terra Care Associates (formerly ACC Landscape Services) to you can conserve water at your own home, contact the City of Aurora’s de-
remove almost an acre of turf grass from the medians, convert an ineffi- partment of water conservation. There are many practical steps that every-
cient pop up irrigation system to a highly efficient drip irrigation system, one can take to ensure Aurora has water for the future.
and plant drought tolerant species of grasses and shrubs. The next phase

March 2010 3
Rocking Horse Development Meeting
by Vern Kenley - Heritage Eagle Bend District 22
There was an infor- 5. The age-restricted houses will be built on 55X120 foot lots and con-
mational meeting last struction will start shortly after the city approves the modified development
night (02/18/2010) plan – it could be 1-2 years before construction starts on the Age-restricted
regarding the status of houses;
the RockingHorse de-
velopment. There 6. They have tentative plans about what the amenities will be offered
were people from to the age-restricted community but did mention a possible “arrangement”
with HEB to share amenities;
Lennar Land Develop-
ment, the City of Au- 7. The current construction within RockingHorse will continue on a
rora, the landscape slow pace until the housing market improves;
design firm and a traf-
fic planning company. 8. Once the market picks up, construction will restart and they have
This is the first of what opened up the construction to other builders such that Lennar will not build
will turn out to be a all of the remaining houses;
series of meetings be-
fore the final decisions 9. There also will be changes to the amenities provided to the current
are made on the issues discussed. In attendance at the meeting were resi- homes – downsizing the proposed clubhouse and parks, re-locating the swim-
dents of HEB, especially the people whose houses butt up against the Rock- ming pool and possibly others.
ingHorse property, and current residents of RockingHorse.
This was the first public
The following is a brief summary of the meeting discussions. meeting on this devel-
opment plan change
1. The project is being developed by a 50/50 joint venture (“JV”) and they have commit-
between Lennar and a financial partner. ted to have more of
2. The JV wants to change the Framework Development Plan that has these meetings as the
been approved by Aurora. process evolves. The
3. The changes include: Aurora Neighborhood
a. Converting approximately 54% of the homes to an Liaison, Marsha Os-
age-restricted community; born, indicated that
b. Increasing the density of homes in the development from the revision to the de-
1,500 to 1,800; velopment plan does
c. Building approximately 1,000 single family, detached, not need to have city
ranch-style age-restricted houses on the west half of the property, council approval. It can be approved by the Planning Director without the for-
(no duplexes or other multi-family houses); mal process of going before the council. This means that the process could
d. The location of the age-restricted homes is directly south be faster and less complicated for the developer. However, if neighbors im-
from the HEB homes on E Heritage Pkwy; mediately adjacent to the developing properties have issues, the process must
e. The age-restricted area will be public access with no fencing to accommodate their questions and concerns.
enclose the age-restricted homes and no entry gate;
f. Changing the street layout within RockingHorse to reduce the So, it is vital that we stay
traffic on RockingHorse Pkwy from Gartrell to Inspiration Dr.; aware of where they are in
g. Re-routing traffic along Inspiration Dr. the process so that we can
h. Changing the 3-4 lakes to “water retention ponds”. The plan- have our input heard. If
ner said there never was a plan to have “lakes” on the property. They were anyone hears of a meeting
merely water runoff storage areas. at RockingHorse or other lo-
cation regarding Rocking-
4. The plans and layout presented at this meeting were preliminary Horse, it is essential that you
and not very detailed. The redevelopment group agreed to provide addi- notify your HOA, or Her-
tional drawings and elevation plans at upcom- itage Eagle Bend District
ing meetings so that residents can see how the Delegate, and your neighbors, so all concerned residents and neighboring
development might look from the perspective of communities can attend.
Traffic Concern Issues
by Marsha W. Osborn - Neighborhood Liaison, City of Aurora

Anna Bunce, Traffic Engineer, concerning the speed limit and the line of sight
issues. Because these are four-lane arterials, Public Works stands behind
the 40-mile-per-hour speed limit.

These medians were constructed by the Metro District and according to our cal-
culations do infringe on the line of sight triangle. Since these were con-
structed by the Metro District, your best bet would be to address this issue
with them.

We also checked the accidents at this intersection. In the past two years there
have been two accidents reported. One was a rear end collision on Heritage
Parkway and one involved a left turn onto oncoming traffic in Gartrell.

I also looked at the General Development Plan for Heritage Eagle Bend con-
cerning future stop signals. It seems that there was a commitment to put a
signal at Gartrell and County Line, but one was never discussed at the inter-
section of Heritage Parkway and Gartrell. Of course, if an intersection meets
warrants as specified in the Model Uniform Traffic Code, a stop signal is con-
sidered and installed given adequate City funds.

Since the FDP is being amended for Rockinghorse, issues such as construction
traffic can be addressed. I do not know if our Traffic folks will ask for an
amended traffic study due to the increase in density, but it is certainly some-
thing that can be asked by the adjacent neighborhoods.

I know that this does not completely satisfy you and your neighbors concerns
about speeds on Heritage and Gartrell, but perhaps there are some other
things that can be done. Do you all have a Neighborhood Watch? Perhaps
they can discuss this issue with the Police Area Representative, Sergeant
Samuels. (I think he is still the PAR Officer for your area).

Red-tailed Hawk Park – Phase II

Exhibit 2

The construction of the park is now underway.

There are many exciting facilities included in Phase II of your community park that
will be ready for use this fall. This current phase includes an outdoor aquatic play-
ground with a variety of interactive spray features, six (6) competition size boccie ball
courts with crusher fines surface, six (6) horseshoe pits, an area for sand volleyball,
shade shelters for picnics, double vault restroom, regional trail connection along Piney
Creek, native grass conservation areas, landscaping with a mixture of deciduous and


evergreen trees for shade and seasonal interest. Primary park access is from South

Aurora Parkway and E. Hinsdale Way with associated parking and security lighting.

March 2010 5
by Richard (Rex) Rexroat

In 2009 the following water well improvements were made:

Legislative Corner
North and South Well:

 Six (6) foot cedar fence was installed for security reasons.

March Update
 Landscaping, slope and pathways around the area were
upgraded and paved where necessary.
 The fenced in area was rocked and access improved.
 Landscaping maintenance, irrigation and safety issues were ad The focus for this quarter’s update will focus on two of the approved proposed bal-
lot measures for the November 2010 General Election ballot. For complete infor-
dressed and improved. mation regarding all proposed Colorado Initiatives please log onto the sources
 Improvements to the site location should lower cost on provided below.
maintenance and repair.
Proposition 101 - Would Reduce Vehicle, Income Tax and Telecommunication Rev-
The entrance to the North enues: This Proposition is a statutory change that reduces State income tax, vari-
Well from S. Aurora Parkway ous motor vehicle fees/taxes and fees on telecommunication services. Official
estimates are not available and it is possible that annual revenue losses will be sub-
was paved to the well site. stantial.
We would like to thank those Some of the key points of this Proposition are:
residents that addressed their 1. Specific ownership taxes must decrease in four equal yearly steps of
concerns and issues to us on $2 for new vehicles & $1 for old vehicles.
this project. Their input 2. All registration, license and title charges combined shall total $10 yearly
greatly assisted in enhancing per vehicle.
the final project. We have attached photos of these improvements to this 3. The 2011 income tax rate shall be 4.5% (current rate 4.63%).
newsletter for your review. 4. Starting January 2, 2011, no charge by, or aiding programs of, the State
or local governments shall apply to telephone, pager, cable, television, radio, in-
ternet, computer, satellite, or other telecommunication service customer accounts.
Amendment 60 – Local Property Tax Revenue (Formerly Initiative #12): This
The next step for improving Amendment would amend Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution
and upgrading the wells is to (“TABOR”) to add a NEW section to establish additional limits on property taxes.
install a WIFI system and *Beginning in 2011 fifteen new rules would be in effect, six are presented below:
software to be able to re-
motely monitor the wells. 1. Electors may vote on property taxes where they own property. NOTE: It
This will let us know if we is not clear what is meant by “elector”.
have any issues with the 2. All property tax elections must be November.
wells and let us monitor the 3. Property tax increases must be voted on separately from related debt
questions. NOTE: This could result in a situation where voters might approve debt,
level of water at each well but do not approve the property taxes to pay the debt.
without having to visit the 4. Enterprises and unelected boards may not levy mandatory fees or taxes
wells everyday. If an issue comes up at either well sight, a signal will be on properties.
sent to the maintenance engineer that will notify him of the problem. He 5. Any future property tax increase may only be for ten (10) years. NOTE:
will then be able to log on through the Internet and diagnose the prob- It is not clear when the ten year period begins. Does it begin on the date of the prop-
lem. This process should allow for shorter down time on the wells. The erty tax election or on the date the tax is first imposed?
project should be completed by the first of May. 6. By 2020 school districts must phase out one-half of their 2011 tax rates
(excluding debt service levies). The state must backfill the lost revenues.

SOURCES: Events and

For information opposed to these initiatives log onto:

LETTERS To the Editor ... EBMD2 News Editor Ron Meyer

Dear Editor,

I attended the Rocking Horse meet-
ing February 18th. I also attended a

couple of other meetings of this na-
ture in the last 4 years and this one

seemed no different. Lennar of
course denied that there were plans

for any lake's and the 150 feet buffer
(now planned at 100ft) between Ron Meyer - Editor
Rocking Horse and HEB. When the
fence that we were all promised was brought up, they initially
stated it would be a 2 rail fence like around Rocking Horse. When
it was brought to their attention that we were also promised a

fence similar or just like the one around HEB to coincide with our
gated community a city official said she remembered that it had
been plotted to have a rod Iron fence ( remains to be seen).
Ranch's are planned for now, that back up to the South border of
HEB and are planned to be Active Adult homes. by Laurie Tatlock - Designated Election Official

I'm not going to get my hope's up on anything as we have seen The terms of three (3) Eagle Bend Metropolitan District 2 board mem-
several plans and had many promises over the years only to come bers will expire this May. The District passed a resolution to hold an
away disappointed. In any case nothing is going to happen any election on May 4, 2010. A call for nominations was published in the
time soon as a result of the economy. Aurora Sentinal on February 4, 2010. Eligible electors were required
to declare their interest in running for the board by filing a Self-Nom-
HEB Resident ~Debbie ination and Acceptance form or letter. The Self-Nomination and Ac-
ceptance form or letter had to be filed with the Designated Election

Have Comments ?
Official (“DEO”) by February 26, 2010.

Current board members, Rex Rexroat, Larry Geiger, and Ron Meyer
filed Self-Nomination and Acceptance forms to continue on the Board
Please send them to our Editor: for another four year term. No other candidates have filed Self-Nom-
ination and Acceptance forms nor did the DEO receive any affidavits of
EBMD 2 Newsletter intent to be a write-in candidate by the March 1, 2010 deadline.
Attn: Ron Meyers
P.O. Box 461288 Since the close of business on March 2, 2010 there were not more can-

Aurora, CO 80046-1288
didates than board seats to be filled, and since there were no other
ballot issues or ballot questions on the ballot, the election was can-
The Eagle Bend Metropolitan District #2 Board of Directors are not responsible for verification celled and Rex Rexroat, Larry Geiger and Ron Meyer were elected by
or authentication of any article and/or information published or submitted for publication by an acclamation
independent our outside source, in the Eagle Bend Metropolitan District #2 Newsletter.

March 2010 7
Eagle Bend Metropolitan District #2
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
at 10:00 a.m. at the
Heritage Eagle Bend Clubhouse.
23155 East Heritage Parkway
Aurora, Colorado 80016