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Pattlu pakad

SAP HANA/BW/BO Consultant - APEX Tools

Apex, NC - Email me on Indeed:
Having around9years SAP Experience which includeswithSAPBI7.4/BO4.1, SAP BI7.0/BW3, SAP HANA1.0
SP4 and ABAP experience at SAP AG Germany.
Expert level experience with BW 7.4 and BI 4.1.
Hands on experience with SAP HANA data modeling, different replication methods.
Well Skilled with SAP BW especially in modeling, extraction, reporting.
Very good experience with SD, Project System, FI, CO, MM Extraction into SAP BW.
Hands on experience with developing highly complexWeb-Intelligent reports, Information Design Tool,
Exploration Views, Lumira&Crystalsusing BICS connection.
Good demonstrated proficiency inSAP BI - edition for OLAP analysis, Design Studio.
Successfully completed three full life cycle implementations
Worked on both implementation and production support projects.
SAP Expertise
SAP BW Modeling-Expertise with Info Cubes design, Info Sources, Info Object maintenance, DSO's, Info
sets, Multi providers, Transformations, Data transfer Process, Info Packages.
SAP BWExtraction - Standard Extraction, LO Extraction & Generic Extraction.
SAP BW Reporting -Well knowledge with Calculated KF's, Restricted KF's, Exceptions, Conditions, Formula
Variables & Customer Exit Variables in Query Designer, Business Explorer Analyzer.
SAP BW Operations-Good knowledge in Data load management, event processing, Scheduling Start Process
and Process Chains, OLTP data extraction, Loading (Full/Delta Up-Load), Monitoring.
SAP BW Optimization - Creating Aggregates, Cube partitioning, Creating Line-Item dimensions, Cube
compression, Cache enabling at info provider level & query level.
SAP HANA Studio- Developing attribute views, analytic views, calculation view, packages.
SAP HANA- Replication and Data Provisioningusing Data Services (BODS) and data provisioning using SAP
Landscape Replication Server (SLT).
SAP HANA-Flat file uploads, Extracting data using SAP Direct Extractor Connection through business content
SAP HANA Administration- Analytic Privileges, Managing schemas, data model objects, import/export
SAP BI- Designing, developing and deploying using Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, and Information
Design tool, Exploration View, OLAP Analysis and CMC.
SAP BI Report - Extensive experience in creating reports with Charts (bar chart, Pie chart etc), Cross-tabs
and Table template using WEBI, Lumira, OLAP Edition, Exploration view.
SAP BI Crystals - Created (Master/Detail, Cross tab, Chart templates) reports using Crystal reports from
multiple sources.
SAP BIDashboards- Created (Scrolling charts, Crystal Xcelsius, Interactive Dashboards) from different
sources & Procedural knowledge with Design Studio.
SAP BI- Expert knowledge with,QAWS, Live Office, and Lumira.
SAP ABAP -User Exit Functions, ABAP enhancements in ECC Generic Extractions, BI data modeling like
Start Routines and End Routines and Customer exit Variables.


SAP HANA/BW/BO Consultant

APEX Tools - Apex, NC - November 2013 to Present

Environment: SAP BW 7.4 / BI 4.0 / HANA 1.0 SP4 / SAP ECC 6.0
Created SAP HANA modeling views such as Attribute, Analytic Views and Calculation Views.
Created variables&Input Parameters, restricted and calculated measures including various aggregation types
such as Min, Max, and Sum etc.
Loaded the Data from Different Files such as Flat Files, Spread Sheets, and XML Files etc. to SAP HANA
using Data Integrator Designer Mapping of reporting requirements from business terms into SAP objects.
Building Transitive provider by creating analytic index upon HANA Models at Production system.
Developed Virtual Provider with BW objects upon HANA Models to use Navigationalattributes and Master
data related to BW Objects.
Developed Composite Provider to combine both data from BW & HANA and designed BEx queries upon
these Composite Provider.
Creating Secure Connection, Data foundation & Business Layers at Information Design Tool upon HANA
Models for designing reports usingLumira, WEBI, Crystals, and OLAP Edition.
Configuration of connectivity to HANA DB to various BO tools such as Web intelligence, Explorer, IDT.
Using SAP LT Replication Server (SLT) done the Data Provisioning into SAP HANA to achieve real time
Extracting the data from the ECC tables using SAP BOBJ Data Services 4.0 in to HANA.
Created complex Jobs, Work Flows, Data Flows, and Scripts usingvariousTransforms(Integrator, Quality and
Platform) to successfully load data from multiple sources into a desired target.
Strong experience in cleansing the data using Data Quality transforms at BODS.
Extensively used Data Services Management Console to schedule and execute jobs, manage repositories
and perform metadata reporting.
Used DXC to bring the data from ECC in order to reduce complexity of data modeling task in SAP HANA.
Projects accomplished at Aricent, Redwood City, CA

Sr. SAP BI/ BO Consultant

- September 2011 to October 2013
Environment: SAP BI 7.3 / BO 4.0 / SAP ECC 6.0
Worked on various modules like Project Systems, CO, HR, FI.
Participated in meetings with Business/end users to gather requirements.
Developed Profitability Reports upon controlling data extracted using 0CO_OM_WBS6&0CO_OM_NWA2.
Developed Generic extraction upon custom functional module to extract WBS partner details from
IHPA&PRPS table with delta enabled using creation date & creation time.
Developed HR report for absolute Head Count , Attrition & Lateral joining count using data source
Extracted data from SQLView using DB connect for Complex Quality Dashboard, which includes Cost,
Delivery, Customer Satisfaction, Process Compliance Ratings with delta enabled.
Extracted HR payroll data using data source 0HR_PY_1for a required wage type.
Worked with Sales document Item/Header data source 2LIS_11_VAITM & 2LIS_11_VAHDR.
Created BICS connections to connect directly to a SAP BExquery or a SAP BW Info Provider at Information
Design Tool.
Developed Gross Margin & Direct Margin Webi reports at AVGG & BUD exchange rates.
Developed WBS hierarchy report upon 2nd levelhierarchy to analyze cost and revenue on one line single
Developed APD upon Cost Element Grouping report for Revenue Vs Forecast Vs Budget.

Extended all standard BO audit reports to Aricent landscape & developed custom reports.
Developed Business Objects edition for OLAP Analysis for self-analysis & deployed WEBI reports upon iPad
using BI Explorer.
Developed Sales Dashboard using Design Studio which includes KPI's Funnel Trend, Order Booking History
and other sales KPI's.
Developed HR Dashboard using Design Studio which includes KPI's Recruitment, Attrition, Span of Control,
Payroll, Gender ratio.
Worked on Master Data Customization.
Prepared User Training Manuals & conducted BEx Report Training sessions for End Users.
Worked on coding Start Routine, End Routine, field Routine in Transformations according to the Report
Also participated in cutover activity and keep track of the Transport Requests handled by different teams.
Worked with the users for developing reports and trouble shooting in Unit Testing.
To automate the data loads, have developed Meta Chain (Process Chains) for complete Transaction data
loads & Master data loads.
Integrated email notification for Process chain status.
Developed Process Chain for importing Currency Exchange rates for both BUD & AVGG currency types.
Worked on Cut-over activities and data validations and post. Go-live support.
Involved SAP HANA, SAP Lumira POC.
Project accomplished at Blue Star InfoTech, Santa Clara, CA

Sr. SAP BW/BI/BO Consultant

- July 2009 to August 2011
Environment: SAP BI 7.3 / BW 3.5 / SAP ECC 6.0 /SAP BO 3.X
Understanding Business challenges and translating them into requirements and development of Analytics
and Reporting Queries according to Business Requirements.
Created and Activated Communication Structure, Transfer Structure, Transfer rules and Update Rules.
Data extraction from SAP R/3 using LO Cockpit and Generic extractors with generation and maintenance of
Extract structures, data sources and transfer & update rules.
Design and development of Info cubes, Multi providers, ODS.
Data and reporting analysis and modeling for BW Extended Star Schema.
The Cubes and ODS developed are Sales, Customer, Deliveries InfoCubes, Sales Order ODS, Revenue
ODS, Shipment ODS and Backlog ODS.
Developed Cube's, DSO's at more granular level for fast report processingoptimization and automated their
loading through including them into existing process chain.
Designing BW Queries for below BO reports and reports for Portal Publishing.Creating CalculatedKey
figures, RestrictedKey figures, Formula Variables& well exposure towards cells reporting, report with
conditions&exceptions&Customer Exit Variables.
Developed Reliance Retail - Daily Sales Summary Report with complex comparison with previous year history
Developed Weekly Trading Performance Report by comparing recent 4 weeks This Year & previous Year.
Developed Customer Loyalty Summary Reportwhich uses Oracle&SAP BI as a source into single report with
complex smart measures across the report with graphs and ranking.
Developed Inflation summary Store wise Dashboard for Reliance Retail with drilldown by respective Material
Hierarchy which also includes input control for further access with respective to specific Store, Format, City,
and State wise Inflation.

Developed Crystal Report over Function Module for Purchase Register Application and Report with Dynamic
Image Processing.
Developed 32 reports as such above for different Retail Business Requirement.
Involved in publishing dashboard with different formats (HTML & PDF) for different destinations (mail, mail
body &attachments)as per requirement by daily, weekly.
BO Publication are designed through outlook broadcast. With specific users & groups.
Involved in up gradation procedure from BO XI 3.1 SP1 to BO XI 3.1 SP3 (installation, testing , analysis )
Worked on all kind of Transport activities (Transporting of info cubes, ODS, Queries etc) from BW - Dev to
BW-PROD and R/3 Dev to R/3 QA.
Monthly operation performance review project for reliance value format and extended for specialty formats
Created a business server website page(BSP) for MOPR (cluster manager review) for store review for reliance
throughout India.
Project accomplished at Victorian Enterprises, London, UK

BI/ABAP Consultant
SAP BI - May 2008 to June 2009
SAP BI Roles & Responsibilities:
Enhanced 0FI_AP_4 data source for Terms of payment report.
Developed routines in the transformation rules and info package level.
Creating DTP between the targets.
Created custom info cube and DSO's as per customer requirement.
Creating &Scheduling Process chains.
Worked on data source enhancement for standard data sources.
SAP BO Roles &Responsibilities:
Extensively worked in designing of Universe using BO XI.
Extensively worked on Web Intelligent for importing the BI reports.
Used Query as Web Service to publish WEBI document, to make it usage for Xcelsius.
Developed different graphical Crystal reports.
Project accomplished at SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany

ABAP Developer
Data Management Exchange Engine - April 2006 to April 2008
Project # 1 - Test reports for DMEE tree types, As a Developer I have developed test reports for all existing Tree
Types in DMEE Tool. DMEE (Data Management Exchange Engine) is a generic tool that replaces the classic
payment medium programs (RFFO*).I have developed these ALV reports using ABAPObjects for Seven Tree
Types of DMEE tool.
Project # 2 - Legal reporting for Venezuela (Purchase Ledger), This reports displays information about all
purchase documents created in FI and which have the Withholding Tax information on monthly basis and at
the end summarization is done on the basis of tax code.
Project # 3 - Legal monthly report for Mexico, This report is used by the companies issuing digital invoices to
generate a TXT file, to be submitted to the tax authority on monthly basis. And this report includes all billing
documents that have been released to FI with or without VAT lines. This was developed as an ALV report with
an access to display the billing document and accounting document for selected invoice.
Programming for the IDOC's with new qualifiers, For Mexico IDOC type invoic02 has been assigned with new
qualifiers for different segments. I have changed existing posting programs and functional modules responsible
for creating IDOC's, to fill the new qualifiers with an extended programming on the country basis.


Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics

Hochschule Karlsruhe Technik und Wirtschaft

Technical Skills
SAP BW SAP BW versions []
Operating Systems: Windows 9x/00/XP/NT, UNIX, LINUX, iOS
Reporting Tools:
Lumira, Design Studio, OLAP Edition , Web Intelligence , Crystal Reports , Information Design Tool , Universe
Designer , Live Office , QAWS,
Databases: SAP HANA
Languages: ABAP/4, SQL , HTML , Core JAVA
Others: MS Office, MS Outlook, Adobe Photoshop