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WashingtonSpeakersBureau ATE: Wah 16. 2010 Contnet F505 CONTRACT ADDENDUM SECURITY: Due tothe Speaker's professional endeavors and high pf, arangements of th highest oder are necessary forthe mantenance ofthe Speakers secuty andthe secuty ol the audience. Customer agrees to provide secuily arangements as deemed necessary by WSB and the Speaker AIR TRAVEL: COMMERCIAL AIR: US Events: Customer sha be response or ound-ip fit lass commercial a vavel two between Anchorage, Alaska and even ty and hal, nvestcted rou coach aire fortwo between event ty ad the lower 4BUS Sates. Al he Speaker's discretion, the departureretum cy may vary fr the fist as aeare International Events: Customer shal be responsible for ound tp fst lass commercial airfare fortwo between Anchorage, Alaska and evet ly and roundtrip business class aiare fortwo between event ly andthe lover 48 US States. AL he Speaker's discretion, the departurlretum city may vary fr the fist class aia. I business class afae isnt avaabe, customer wil be responsible for fist clas ata, or secutly puposes, donated or sponsor atin ches may not be used under anya cumstances — no exception vl be ‘ermied_The Washington Speakers Bureau wil ook al Wavel srangements for Speaker and pty DONATED PRIVATE PLANE (WSB cannot accept a donated chartered plane} ‘The prvate aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 ot larger (a defines by interior bin space or WestCoast Evens, a Hawker G00 or larger (as defined by inter cabin space) for East Coast Evens and boh ate subject othe Speaker's approval The Speaker reserves the gto change te fight plans at any time. Ifthe Speaker changes her mid and ops fo fy via commercial ights for US Evens, he Customer must be prepared fo cover he costo Fst class round tip tate for wo and fl, nestled, roundtrip coach air or two For travel outside the US, Customer must be prepared to cover the cost of list ass, round atre fortwo and business cass, ound-np airfare fortwo. IT busaess Gass afar isnot avalible, customer willbe response fr Fest lass ava To ensure the salty of he passenger(),the private alcrat- whetver ned bythe host organization, donated tothe host arganizaton bya sponsonng argarizaton who owns and operates tei own corprae eto charred by WSB - must have two jet engines be flown wih two uty quad pols and be tuly insured. The aera MUST MEET or exceed USS. FAA sale. operating and mantenance standards and regulatons. The aerate and all arangements regard to he Speaker's ‘anspertaton wl be subject o advance approval by te Speake and WSB For all donated corporate, organization or private planes, Customer ages to provide a caicate of ara inblty insurance shoiyng minimum its of $25 mion per occurerce.inuting passenger Labi, andthe falling mus! be ited as adabonal insureds: Washington Speakers Bureau and Onvcom Group, ne. The cetitate must lo prode a waiver of subrogation vwortng in favor of al the aorementoned additonal nsured swith respect o damage ithe acral hut. The ceriicate must also sate ha he charter company’s ply is primary and non-conibtary by any alhernsurace maintained by the adatonal sued, The Customer agtees to provide the flowing secur ntrmaton a east fourteen (14) business days in advance othe event date: tail number. type of equipment, F8O information, names ofthe plot and co-pilt,socl security numbers, dates of bith and pls cel number. Customer wl also provide the name ofthe oumer() othe donated plane aswel asa 4-rour contact phone number. For donated panes, the Customer is encourages to tak wth he donot as to what they wil be paying out of pooke for ‘operating he plane, as WSB may be able to charter apa plane fr les, customer must confi the airplane wit WS no ale thanfrty-Sve (45) business days before te event dal. the Customer has nt secured a plane by ths ne, WSB wil chara plane andblthe Customer accordingly, Customer agrees that Speake, her raveing pat and he plane crew wile the ony passengers onboard the pial jt (GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Page 48 Client iii _ WashingtonSpeakersBureau DATE: March 16,2010, Contract F567 OUT OF TOWN ENGAGEMENTS: Customer apres lo provide the Specter and traveling party with ground transportation in both orinating city and event ity. Transpontationvlbe by SUV(s) om a professional tensed and insted at serve. SUVEs a not avalabe, lack town cars may be substituted, WSB wl arange al of te Speakers ground tansporaton Only ‘oareseniaives othe Speaker or WSB are to meet the Speaker atthe atngteparting aor. In addon fa those events ‘hat do not tke place athe hotel where the Speaker and traveling party are slaying, te cats and divers wl neod To we at he venue fore duration of te pegram LOCAL EVENTS: For evens occuring within civing distance ofthe Speaker's offcelresidence. Customer agrees that WS il ‘accange alloca trensponation win the same esticions as noted above. The cars/snvers wil eed to wait athe venue forthe fdraon of the evan, HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS AND COMPUTER EQUIPMENTIACCESS: Al hotels must be approved by WSB. Customer agrees fo provide the Speaker and pty with accommodations ofa Pre-egistered one-bedroom suite and two single rooms ina deluxe hole as aproved by WSB. Custom! may be requested to Brovide in speaker's room, prior to aval, laptop computer an printer uly stocked wth paper and o pravce acess to hgh Speed inlet and WiFi, WS8 wl conf wah he cusiomer prior t event the computer eauient and services ai be Deeded for your event. In additon to room and tax charges, Customer agrees to pay for al meals and incidentals (cients nude bu ot med to phone, fax and computer equpmentservces at the hoe). Al oll chaiges ler the Speater and traveling party. ung ther sayin event city, are to be maser-biled tothe Cvstomer or NSB. For charges bites direct to WSS, the Customer wl be invoiced ater he event. Fox secuny puposes. al hotel anzemmadations are to be registered under an ‘as (tobe proted by WSB prot to event date). Customer agrees fo work wth WSB fo prechec-nthe Speake" and Waveling party and prove rom kes lo the WB represenative orf the Speaker and traveling pty upon aval the hotel. As necessary and as crected by WS, access tothe Speaker’ roamsute may be required in advance ofthe Speakers ava, Rooms lor members of the Speaker's taveing ary must be located net, rin the vino. the Speakers roomisute Customer may be asked to range noel ooms for bie Speakers advance team but wl nol be response fr any costs cuted by he advance team. Han ovemigh sly isnol equred, please reserve one holdng sute and ane ovo eagle (Goms wal the same estictions as noted above, ‘SATELLITE EVENTS: Customer agrees to provide 2-nay satelite broadcast. For Q8A, the questions ae tobe collected rom the audience in advance, pre screenad anda designated representative (by Customer and approved by Speaker via WS) shall ak questons irecty ofthe Speaker to avo delay time wah a roving microphone in he audience AUDIENCE a8: ‘moderator or a designated representative (designated by Cuslomer and approved by WS) shall ask questions dtely othe Speake. ADVERTISING, PRESS RELEASES & PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Al advertisement, press releases and any publi copy shal be submited to WSE fer approval by WSB and Speaker. Al copy submted must bein English whether or grin. broadcast, onne or ote medums. When submiting copy for approval please include meckrn and audience (Le daly newspaper, web sie wih genera viewing £2), Please alow at leas ve (5) business days fr tur around tne on al subject mater for review and writen approval A fnavactual copy. once approved, ofall advertisements, press releases, pub and pied maleals ar the engagement (ether or rit. breadcsst or any other medum) must be provided to WSB. The Speaker's name shouldbe Istd in pil a5 rected by WSB PRESS & MEDIA COVERAGE: Al equests for general press or media coverage of the engagement er ny adtonal appearances o the Speaker are tobe suomi ath fr invitation tage fr revew and approval. I mecia coverages approved customer shal provide alist of mesa outlets expected to atend Speake’ presentaton 10 days in advance of event dae. Al res releases. which monton the Speer, must be submits to WSB lo approval. See Advertsing, Press Releases & Promotional Malerals secon of tis ‘aiden for approval proces or press releases AUTOGRAPHS: Unless agreed toa the fi invitation stage, Customer shal ol perm or assis the requestor autographs while the Speaker isonste Page 5019 Chen initial __ WashingtonSpeakersBureau DATE: March 16.2010, Contract PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES {A photo appotuiis wil be considered ona case-by-case bass and must be raquested at fr inition stage for Speakers ‘proval. nerd fo ensure tha al guess ar able to have ther photo taken wih speaker folowing are the numberof icks as ‘2npropriae fr length a oto op: 45 mei75 cick; 60 mevT00 cicks and 90 min'25 cicksf approved, Customer agiees to rove 2 professional photographers) for all photo opeartuites. Photos are for personal use enya may not be reped, reproduced ar use for any personal, business o plc purpose or any are purpose without the approval of WSB and the Speaker. Personal cameras, cell phone cameras and any other cording device must be trad of during al funetons at wbich {the Speake is in atendance. Fr al photo opportunities, areceing ine sy, 2s opposed to a snaked. i most ecient nd fensutes thal everyane wl haven opporuniy to have their phot akon. The siagrams a the endef ths addendum show the Formats tobe flowed, The rom or areaor he patos must be sat apart am the presentation roam and shoul have suficent light NOTE: Dxeet, on-camera fash bulbs ae nt peritied, Rope and slanchians wa als help to expedite the polo op and ae ight recommended RECEPTIONS: ‘Attendance a receptions must be agreed to atthe fim invitation stage. Ait name, tle and faton) of hose attending the reception must be supplied to WB in advance, For tose receptions wih a lage numbe of atendees (100), rope and sanctions are high recommended to assis with stendee contol and ensure that al atendees wi be able o greet Speaker during the alloted ecoption ime BROADCAST | RECORDING: ‘il broadcast and recotng request wil be considered ona case-by-case bats and must be requested a he fm itton stage for Speaters approval I recartig is approved, Customer must supply WB acopy al therecoing on OVD win seven (7) days of event date. Customer may take sil photographs (without fash bulbs) ofthe Speaker or te st hee mates othe Speake s presentation fr Customers ow records {and nol or pubic dissemenaon) as long as WB determines tal he teking ‘of such photographs isnot a stration othe Speake or the audience, Customer shall net make any oer uses of such photographs. nies speiclly authorized by WSB (Customers required to ayo rcord alot Speakers romans (Presentaon, OBA ec) and ma a cop of audio wearing within one business day of event cate fe: Lindsay Haves 414 Eas Nelson Avenue - Alexa, VA 22301 ‘NY REQUIREMENTS: Presontaton: Qusome a provide a tl wooden lctem with ip and xed microphone addon to a han held microphone [An overhead ligt. ether rom the cling above te lect or spligt, rected at the Speake’ nates onthe lecern is requted aong wih a back-up ighing system forthe lectern. Lighting shoul be a a comfortable, but appropriate, producton love forthe Speaker tobe able o soe the fl auseroe fom the ecterstage without interference. spotight direct on the ‘Speaker shoul be avoided. Unopened totes st waer (2 botles) and bendable saws are tobe placed incr near te wooden lectern. representative of WSB or the Speaker's pay wa open the water stan appropriate time pris tothe Speaker's patcpaion nthe program. No Pexniaso thin lectern pease if Speake is sealed onstage ata able customer o ensure thatthe table's skited. if @ book-signig spat fhe event, the Speaker's abe for signing books must be sited A represent ive of WSS or a member o the Speaker’ traveling party may request complete AV wal-thru rot the even The walk thru wilincude eter, etem microphones), all venue ightng (lec, slage and ausience) powered on backup lighting systems in place and operable. ‘ORGANZATIONALIPRINCIPAL PARTICIPANT INFORMATION: Customer fo provide, no less than try (3) business days prior othe event dat: name, ile and bi information on anya principal parbopants at event. Principal paricpanls ae those the Customer may single out forthe Speake to make special note whether trey ae dec aizted wih the sponsrin even xganization ar an attendee, Pease incude the ram, ile and Contact information for your orgarizatin' highestankng oficial), biographical information an those hat Speaker wa be Seated wrth at 3 mea function and the person invoducg speaker or presentation Please provide te fallowing intrmation ity (30) business days prior tothe event + Auton profie + Purpose and theme of meeting * Sequence of events (as exact a tielable as possible) Page 6 of9 Client intial WashingtonSpeakersBureau DATE: ax 16 2010 contract + Genera informations materia on your rgerizaion + Annus! Report (tit cannot be found anne} + Photo Oppertunty Reception satipants’ names ad ties (i apkicable) + Head table quests names tiles, atresses and biographies (f applicable) + Other Speakers involves in the program frames, tiles and biographies may be required) + Name ofthe contact person for staf and secunty Evert program Please return this information to the adress Sted Nika Spencer. Sant Event Coordinator Washington Speakers Bureau 1663 Pince Steet Alexardia, VA 22014 Otfce Tetephone 703 684 0585 ext 9148; Ofice Fax 703 838 9396 PRIVATE BUSINESS: ‘The Speaker reserves therght to participate in private business incting but not ited to bok o political evens during thee vst For any other event which is subject to meta coverage the Customer wi be atised of such event, Fornematonal events, the Speaker also reserves te right to ws privately wth the ost government's Head of State. Head of Government Minster tevel offi, the US. Embassy and oers as necessary. Te Speake eserves the rght to accep the iain of host government io overnght at an oficial residence. UaBiLiTY: Nester the Speaker nor WSB, Inc. shal be lable n whole on part for any abit incuted by Customer in caring out the prowsion of hs agreement or otervese. The disclaimer of itty set forth (#17 ofthe Adaonal Terms ad Conditions ot the Contact} sal aso operate asa disclaimer by the Speaker CONFIDENTIALITY: Its acknowledges that the specif trms and contons otis Agreement, including without ition, the amount of compensation pad to the Speaker and to WSB, and any special requirements of the Speaer, are and shall remain proprietary and confidential 1s further acknowledged tat crn oer proprietary intoaton provided by WSS andlor the Speake othe Customer may aso be conden. The Pate shall not publ disclose any confidential information and they acknowledge thal any breach, nagigen or intentional ofthis confidentiality provision shal be deemed 2 mati breach of ths Agreement or wich the breaching Paty maybe held able. The Paris futher soknowedge that icosue of any canker inlermaton would cause ireparble arm io WSB ac othe Speaker: the Customer shall erelore exerse ts best ellos o avoid any discosute of any confidential information. Inthe event thatthe Custer or any of ts representabvesisreqited by any aw or regulston, o by a valid order or demand from a judicial r goverment kody fo isclse any confidential nformabon, the Customer shat provide prompt writen tee to WSB of any such law, equation, oe or demand and shal reasonably cooperate wih WB so that. prior to any disclosure, WSB may seek appropiate protective odes) andor make redactions 10 mento prt the Ag 2c proprietary and confdential ntrmaton, P INSTRUCTIONS AND DIAGRAM Page 7019 Client inital WashingtonSpeakersBureau DATE: March 16,2010 Contracts _ £5675 ‘Speaker and one guest Speaker and more than one guest BD Pe © <=> = o ; a oo HELPFULHINTS: “The above diagrams are the mast fective set.up and alows fr everyone fo have Ns ore photo taken wth minim isrupien and maximum efciency. {Guests should come fom the Speaker's RIGHT and dapat lhe Speaker's LEFT. The wang ine shouldbe kept close tothe Speaker's RIGHT, us ut of camera sight. Guess should not presen the Speaker wt any itso ther materialsicbjects, no should quests request the Speaker o avtegrah ang possible, a table shoul be set up behind the photographer so guests may leave name tags, inks, handbags and oer tems Guest shoud walk towards Speaker's ight and wi be abot pickup toms a thoy par at he Speak’ leh quest names ae tobe calleced to deny pots, ts best odo so ater the guest has the photo taken. For large groups, Works Best wih two staf members assgredo this as, Your signature blow indicates hat you acknowledge and accept the event requiterents asst foth i this addendum. Signe Page bold Clint tat fashingtonSpeakersBureau Contract S875 Pani Name onto Page 9019 Client intial