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PROJECT NAME: #3 Branding & Advertising DATE SUMITTED:



My task is "Business generalization & amendment, repletion".

  • I divided business discussed to our team. Since, I repeated continuou

sly amendment and repletion work through active and many communicat

ion so that the best result may can come.

  • 1. I manufactured company's LOGO and LOGO of goods. (compan y's logo did not make in first team project. Therefore, manufacture d in addition in second team project.)

  • 2. I decided after have finished discussion, company's image and co ncept with our team.

  • 3. I manufactured sample advertisement. (advertisement 2, advertisement 3)



My task is “Product branding & Branding Strategy”. So I make a draft. But according to our team opinion, company name, product, brand name and tag line are changed. And product logo isn’t very well. So our team leader makes a product logo instead me.

  • 1. I participate in making a draft in product logo.

  • 2. And I developed Branding strategy.

  • I think about desirable “Product branding & Branding Strategy” and write down my thoughts.



My task is “Advertising strategy & Making advertisment”.

  • I was thought whether how is going to advertise product.

  • 1. Selected 3 method. And I described suitable reason in advertisement.

  • 2. I made suitable advertisement in product image.(Advertisment 1)




Company Name: D-Toy (Acronym : Dream Toy)

Product: A toy for Child Specially, current manufacture project is flying toy for child

Brand Name: Mariky (Acronym : Marine & Sky)

Tag-Line: Fly High! Your Blue dream!

Product Logo: (Add company's logo)

<Product Logo>

Product Logo: (Add company's logo) <Product Logo> <Product Logo’s mean> 1. Logo has 2 peaple. First

<Product Logo’s mean> 1. Logo has 2 peaple. First peaple is Children. Small 2 point=eyes, Under circle=nose, 2 Arrow=mouse. So Children is smiling!! Second people is Employee or Parents. Under circle=face, Pink Triangle=a bow tie(Employee’s symbol) Under long bar=human’s body As a result, Child's picture than older person is biger. So Child is hero!! 2. Appear Sky and Sea. Two Pink circle=Cloud, 2 Arrow=anchor(Sea’s symbol)

<Company Logo>

<Company Logo> <Company Logo’s mean> 1. Sky color circle is earth. 2. Yellow, Orange, Green is

<Company Logo’s mean>

  • 1. Sky color circle is earth.

  • 2. Yellow, Orange, Green is Rainbow. Yellow is children’s symbol. Orange is sun. Green is forest and nature. There is children on first. So, Children is most important. And seek harmony with nature.

  • 3. Paper plane is company’s symbol. Through to the most basic and simple approaches to children pure.


What “Branding Strategy” will you carry out?

Our team will choose a Family Branding.

Explain why?

First, familiar to consumers faster than other competitors will be recognized in. As selling similar order's product to consumer, emphasize cognition about company.

Second, it makes the belief that our product is safe, reliable and good to customers. First product proves expectation for product to be announc ed after as succeeding. However, beginning of necessarily first product o f precondition should be careful and perfect.

Third, consumers are more likely to buy our products on impulse. Because consumers consider popular brand when they buy a product.

Fourth, Family Branding Strategy let all the people know our company philosophy more easily than other strategies. Our company philosophy is focus on dream and hope. And our company core value is respecting children. So we exist for children’s safety and fun.

Explain how?

At first, we will make a flying toy to make awareness to customers. And we are trying to let all the people know our company philosophy. It will make a good image to customers in that our company seeks a children’s safety and their fun.

Also we are doing our best to gain trust and belief. After we make a lot of customer base, we are going to make a variety of toy Such as car, train, helicopter, Lego, doll, military toys and etc. In other words, we expand our company area.

Every time we make

products, we will

attach our

brand name on

products to make customers buy on impulse. As a result, we will grow

the biggest company in toy market!

ADVERTISING STRATEGY: Decide on three advertising methods your company will implement as your advertising strategy. Complete each of the following boxes.


Reason for choosing this method:

A lots of people are watching TV and many people spend more time watching TV. Specially,We observe time that children finish kindergarten and primary school and come back into the house. 3 ~ 5 o'clock P.M. to begin advertisement strategy make .

Target Audience: People of all ages

Delivery: Broad casting,DMB

Method#2: Internet Advertising

Reason for choosing this method:

Internet ads costs is very cheap and various formats, sizes and excellent tracking also it worked very well for young people However, children use Internet sometimes. Therefore, advertise to site that child can approach easily or site that parent finds much.

Target Audience:

people of all ages but especially young people & parents

Delivery: The world wide web

Method#3: Signage & Billboard Advertising

Reason for choosing this method:

Signage & Billboard Ads costs is easy approach and various sizes,formats and it’s will be effective for the tourist. Children and paren t's accessibility advertises mainly to the good play park and train station and airport.

Target Audience: Local residents and tourist

Delivery: Billboards,Posters,3D-Monster

ADVERTISING SAMPLE: Design a “Poster” advertising for your brand product using software or internet “cut” & “paste” technique:

<Advertisment 1>

<Advertisment 2> <Advertisment 3>

<Advertisment 2>

<Advertisment 2> <Advertisment 3>

<Advertisment 3>