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ƕRasulullah (SAW) mended his own clothes.
Never asking his wives to do it.

ƕHe milked the goats himself for family use or

to sell.
ƕWhenever he came home and did not see
food ready to eat,
ƕhe folded up his sleeves to help his wife
Sayidatina 'Aisyah relates:
ƑIf Nabi Ǝs home heƎll always help in
the household chores

If he hears Azan, he quickly got ready

to go to the mosque and will return as
soon as the prayer is completed.
nce he came back early in the morning.
He must be hungry at that time.
But he saw nothing for breakfast
There was no uncooked food either as Aisha
has not gone to market
So Nabi asked
ƐIs there any breakfast  Khumaira?"
(Khumaira is a loving name given to
Sayidatina 'Aisyah which means ƍ one who is
ƕ Aisyah ,feeling guilty, replied ,,
ƕ ƐNothing yet O Rasulullah."
ƕ Rasulullah then said,
ƕ ƑIf thatƎs the case, Ill just fast today."
ƕ Without a sign of disappointment on his face.
Rasuluulah ever said,
ƑThe best man is one whoƎs best and gentle
to his wife."
He must exhibit care, patience and love as
the head of the family.
ƕnce Rasulullah (SAW) became the Imam in a
ƕHis companions noticed that his movements
from one action to another was with dififulcty.
ƕThey even heard sounds as if the joints in his
noble body is rubbing against each other.
ƕAs soon as Salat was completed:
ƕSayidina Umar who could not bear see him in
that condition asked himƑ
ð O Rasulullah, we see as if you are suffering
from a terrible condition, are you sick O
ð ƑNo, O Umar.
ð Alhamdulillah, I am healthy and fresh"
ð ƑO Rasulullah... why is it every time you move
your body we hear as if your joints are rubbing
against each other?
ð We are sure you are sick
ð Umar insisted anxiously.
ãinally Rasulullah lifted his shirt.
The companions were shocked.
His stomach was flat,
they saw it tied with a cloth filled with pebbles,
to control his hunger.
The stones were the ones making the sounds
whenever he moved.
O Rasulullah, is it that if you tell us that you are
hungry and have no food,
we will not get it for you, Sir?
V ' 


V '

nce, Rasulullah (SAW), without feeling
awkward, eat beside a poor, dirty man infected
with skin disease.
He patiently and quietly endured when a Bedoun
harshly tugged at his shirt until there was red
marks on his neck.
And with humility, he cleaned the spot where the
Bedioun urinated in the mosque before gently
criticising his actions.
His great love for Allah (SWT) and his
servitude to Him rejects any sense of
So much so that this gift from Allah is not a
reason for him to feel grander than others,
whether in public or alone.
While the doors of paradise are open widely
for him,
ƕ he still stood up in the stillness of night
continuously worshipping,
ƕ until once, he fell
ƕ due to swollen legs
ƕ His physical body could not withstand his
great spiritual desire.
When Sayidatina 'Aisyah asked,
"O Rasulullah, havenƎt you been guaranteed
Paradise ?
Then why do you still go through this
He repiled lovingly,
ƑO 'Aisyah, am I not a servant?
Indeed I wish to be His grateful servant."
ThatƎs our beloved prophet,
a man unmatched by any
Described by Allah as Ƒinsaan e kaamilƎ (the perfect
How lucky we are to have him as our leader.
LetƎs benefit from the great treasure that he was
sent down with.
May Allah give us the strength, courage and piety to
follow his footsteps.
Rasulullah s. a. w. said,
ƑPass on my reminder, even if itƎs a sentenceƑ.