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The Garden Helper

Composting has been a

technique that has been around

for many years; whether it is in

the past or current time. It’s

been known as a healthy

outcome of our wasteful habits.

This was known as composting,

and it has been in use as a way

to dispose of organic waste back

into the earth from which it

came. The process was simpler; then, when newer technologies arouse the

technology allowed for further ways to complete the composting idea in new

ways and quicker. Compost is an earthy smelling post organic waste. That’s

the simple idea and that’s what it’s all about. Organic waste is turned into

compost by the presence of microorganisms in the soil that the waste is in, it

helps aid in the process of degrading the waste.

“There are billions to hundreds of billions of soil microorganisms in a

mere handful of a typical, garden soil. That single handful might well contain

thousands of different species of bacteria (most of whom have yet to be



classified), hundreds of different species of fungi and protozoa, dozens of

different species of nematodes plus a goodly assortment of various mites

and other microarthropods. Almost all of these countless soil organisms are

not only beneficial, but essential to the life giving properties of soil.”


Company overview

Our company, SchouSon Enterprises would like to provide the very

best towards their customers, by providing the greenest alternative we can

provide. We strive to be green and use recyclable items within our company

to show how eco friendly we are. We plan to use these items to help be

sustainable and be able to sustain quality of life with the benefits of being

green. SchouSon Enterprises is made up of people who are concerned about

the environment and wish to use their knowledge of science, engineering,

and many other fields to develop products that would make more people to

start “thinking green.” Our theory is that if we make green products more

accessible to the average person, people will begin living their lives more

responsibly and make choices that would help the planet instead of

hindering it. Here at SchouSon Enterprises, we have a saying that reminds

us of our goal. That saying is, “SchouSon Enterprises, Helping the Planet by


Helping the People.” This basically means that we wish to help the planet by

help make the people make the right choices.

Business Environment

There are many competitors towards composting, and therefor below are

examples of competitors designs:



Return Pot (makes PLA Spin

Plastic into compost)
With these designs have shown, they have become more fashionable and

small for even the tight packed eco-green consumer, that our product would

greatly effect the market. This is true because our product will

provide the consumer with three ideas already introduced to the

composting market, but have yet to be put together. 1. It will hold

the organic waste

2. It will be able to mix the compost without touching the material.



3. It will also sift the contents of the composter to allow fine

compost to be in use fast than normal.

This provides us with proof that our product will be accepted into the

competition of composting products.

SchouSon Enterprises has a fair amount of opportunities before it. First

of all, in a time where “green products” are becoming more and more

popular, there has never been a better time for a green company to get off

of the ground. Also, since SchouSon Enterprises is still young, there is

limitless potential that it can achieve. This could also be one of the biggest

threats to this company. Because it is so small, larger, more developed

companies could potentially overshadow this company and it may not get

any bigger.

Company Description

The name of our company, as stated before, is SchouSon

Enterprises. It is named after its two founders Ashley Schouten and

Andrew Robertson who worked together to create a business to help the

environment. This is why it is called an enterprise, for it is an organization

that was made for business ventures.


Our product as pre-mentioned above, is known as the SchouSon 3 in 1

Composting Garden Helper (or shortened to just Garden Helper), in the

Swine series. The Swine series describes the size of the composter (15

gallons), and the animal for which it will look like (A swine in this case). One

of our founders came up with the Company name and the product name

during a meeting with an associate of a small company producing the Cow

Bell Carillion, by Stallion Industries, and we were discussing our ideas and

the names just came about for the Garden Helper and the SchouSon name.

SchouSon Enterprises is a sole proprietor which is also known as

independent contractors, consultants, or freelancers. It has been decided

that this would be the best type of organization for our company because it

is the easiest form of business to set up, and the easiest to dissolve. There

are no forms needed to be filled out to start this type of business and the

only thing needed to do is report business income and expenses.

Company Strategy

We plan on working in the eco friendly and green products of the consumer

industry. Our company plans to coincide with other gardening products.

More information will be provided in the advertisement section of this



SchouSon Enterprises supports the production of “green products” and plans

to make some of the best green products on the market. The main type of

product this company would make would be a variety of composting units,

ranging from highly specialized composting units to vastly versatile

composters such as the Three-in-One Composting Unit. More Green products

would be developed as time goes one which would make SchouSon

Enterprises be a very versatile company.

Against other companies, SchouSon Enterprises will have diversity and

would be able to sell a variety of products that other companies would not

specialize in. There would also be a number of unique products that have

never been introduced before.

Our product, in the swine series will be priced fairly, by way of the average

price being in the $200 range, we plan on having the price about $280

including materials and labor of the product. In the future, the Bovinae (Cow

like) series, the price will be about $490 for materias and labor. Prices of

composters vary and therefore we want to gain in the composting market,

but we want to be high competition towards other companies. The highest

priced composter is about $600, and cheaply (And cheaply put together

ones) are about $50-$100. Thus our pricing the current Swine Series seems

fair, workmanship is put in high standards for our company and provide that

each composter has the builder’s touch to it.



Advertisement is a thing that is very important to our small company and we

wish to provide the best in ways of consumer wants and needs from a

company. We plan to pitch our ideas to local home and hardware business’,

as well as nurseries and gardens. Other place where we may pitch the

product would be public schools. One of our founders who frequently visits

an old mentor and teacher, one day saw that she had a composter in her

classroom. The school also had a garden (which was placed in when the

founder had their education there), and the idea of selling to public schools

was pitched to the other founder and it was a very good idea to sell.

Another idea would be to make a website for our company, using the very

same items in this document on the website to explain and show our product

to the internet consumer. We would also set up a store online to allow

consumers to buy it online, as well as over the phone. Another marketing

ploy would to show pictures of the two founders first working to make their

first product together, and show that the founders and a small amount of

employees are the force that builds the composters, and not some far away

country. Even the series look of the product is advertisement, for we would

love to be known as the pig composter (or later, Cow composter; who would

be a larger composter, made to look like a cow), and everyone would know

it is the bright pink color of our composter to bring remembrance. Another



Advertisement plan would be to show how green the product is and how it

will help the earth.

Financial Review

See Attached Preliminary Balance sheet.

The assets that our company is as follows. For Cash and Cash Equities, there

are money market holdings, short-term government bonds or Treasury bills,

marketable securities and commercial paper. For Inventories, we have all

the supplies we need to build our product. Supplies such as wire mesh,

lumber, barrels, among others. Our company does not have any notable

liabilities except for taxes.

See 5 year Balance sheet