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Do you think the flashing yellow left-hand turn
arrows make the road safer or more dangerous? Are
drivers prepared to respond to this change in the
rules of the road?

n Tuesday, the Missouri Department of Transportation made
significant changes to seven intersections on Stadium Boule-
vard from Maryland Avenue to U.S. 63 Interchange. At these
locations, the green light, which signaled drivers in the left
hand turn lane to yield when entering the intersection, was replaced
with a flashing yellow arrow.
The flashing yellow arrow indicates to drivers that they may cau-
tiously make a left turn after assessing oncoming traffic and pedestri-
This change was intended to improve safety at the intersections.
These arrows have already been in use in cities across the nation
including St. Louis and Kansas City.
— Kourtney Geers
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Rethink outdated pot

laws to regulate K2
2. For my older ears, that Caution is the word.
is either a mountain on the I am not an advocate of the legal-
Pakistan/China boarder ization of marijuana for recreational
or an American ski and use, but for a different reason than

News about school board

snowboard manufacturing company. our “thoughtful” government’s anti-
Now K2 is also a “spice cannabi- marijuana stance. The American
noid,” JWH-018. Association of Family Physicians
What is JWH-018? United States reports that, “Marijuana smoke
Department of Justice says that does … have a significantly higher

candidates, so you know

they are “synthetic cannabinoid tar content than cigarettes, contains
agonist without the classical can- many carcinogens.” Therein is my
nabinoid chemi- objection to the legalization of can-
cal structure … nabis. However…
herbal mixture Kathy, my life partner and a

which may be Wound Care Certified LPN, and I
smoked for its have had long conversations con-
psychoactive cerning the medical use of mari- ’ve mentioned before that five-point program that puts at the
effects.” Simply, juana. From our discussions and one of the valuable func- top raising achievement and closing
a fabricated speaking to those who have used tions journalists perform the gap between minority and white
replacement for the “herb” for pain relief and to for a generally ungrateful students. The other candidates
marijuana. stimulate hunger, I now believe that public is that we go places
you don’t want to go and
GEORGE agree that’s important, but none has
said just how we might do that.
Wes Upchurch,
former Libertar-
the positives outweigh the negatives
for medical usage. The pill form of pay attention to dull but important KENNEDY n The non-incumbent running for
issues so you don’t have to. a three-year term is Dan Holt, mak-
David ian candidate for
Missouri Sec-
THC, the active ingredient in mari-
juana, does not work as well. If a In that spirit, I’ve attended a couple ing his second try for the board. Mr.
of forums for Columbia School Board Holt, an unemployed banker, seems
Rosman retary of State
whose campaign
person is dying or being treated for
cancer, why not allow them to ease candidates in the past week. (Actu- to rely a lot on his wife’s experience
I worked for in the pain with a few puffs of a joint? ally, I have no cause to whine. The
Muleskinners, hosts of one forum,
It’s too bad we can’t vote as a 25-year teacher in the Columbia
schools. He says he’d insist on the
2008, is an advocate for the legaliza- State Sen. Kurt Schaefer will
tion of cannabis. He takes the Lib- sponsor the senate version of HB are a pretty congenial bunch, at least for both the candidates who “basics,” without specifying what
for Democrats. And the League of that means. He also, in a response
ertarian approach to the use of rec- 1472, “making spice cannabinoids,
Women Voters even served refresh- are seeking the one-year that worried me, said he thinks crit-
reational drugs: If someone is using commonly known as ‘spice’ or ‘K2,’
this in their home and not hurting or Schedule I controlled substances.” ments Wednesday night.) position. ics of the bond issue have “a valid
endangering anyone else, please do That makes Spice more dangerous I made a few notes on your behalf: point.”
n First, it’s an unusual election, is young – by about 40 years the n The visible and vocal spokesper-
not bother them. Upchurch believes than marijuana. This is the wrong
with only five candidates running youngest of the candidates – but full son for those critics, whose slogan
that marijuana and JWH-018 fall stance.
for three seats. Two positions are of enthusiasm and already deeply is “It’s Okay to Vote No,” is Robin
into the same category as alcohol, Section 195.017(1) RSMo defines
full three-year terms. The other engaged in the community and the Hubbard. She describes herself as
nicotine and caffeine, a mild non- a Schedule I drug as having a
is a one-year term created by the schools. the “loyal opposition.” She opposes
addictive stimulant or depressant “high potential for abuse,” and no n The two incumbents strike me
for recreational and social use. Like known medical use. I cannot locate resignation of a board member last mainly the planned new high school,
year. Given our community’s focus as awfully nice, well-intentioned which she characterizes as a “big
my Jack Daniels. research that supports JWH-018
on education and the financial prob- public servants. Neither seems to box” built in the middle of nowhere.
According to Upchurch, K2, which meeting this criterion. My two fin-
lems confronting the schools, I’d have quite the passion of Mr. Peters Her preferred alternative would be
is a brand name along with Pandora gers of Jack has a high potential for
have expected more aspirants. Last or Mr. Sessions. Perhaps that’s a a set of smaller “learning centers”
Potpourri, Spice and Kind, among abuse and has no known medical
year, we had nine hopefuls for two function of experience. scattered through the central city.
others, is manufactured by spraying use. Schedule I?
seats. None of this year’s five has Jan Mees, the current board presi- I thought Superintendent Chris
herbs with a synthetic cannabinoid With budget deficits looming and
talked much so far about the most dent, emphasizes her years of expe- Belcher had much the better of their
and dried before packaging. JWH- the war on drugs all but lost, maybe
important ballot issue, the biggest rience as a volunteer and school polite argument at the League ses-
018 is one of the cannabinoids. we should rethink our position on
bond issue in our history. Jan Mees librarian. She stresses that she and sion. For $120 million – and no tax
The JWH-018 mixture requires “soft drugs.” Regulate the sale of
did write a pro-bond piece the Mis- her board colleagues have learned increase – we’d get a third compre-
either alcohol or acetone. The alcohol marijuana and JWH-018 products
sourian published in print Thursday. and changed a lot in the past three hensive high school, another ele-
and acetone will evaporate, but pos- as we now regulate alcohol and
n Second, it’s too bad we can’t years. Like all the candidates, mentary school, fewer transitions,
sible residues may cause problems. tobacco, and tax retail sales. Create
vote for both the candidates who are she talks about the importance fewer trailers and smaller classes
Point 1: If you are going to buy hefty fines and jail terms for those
seeking the one-year position. of skilled, well-paid teachers; but for students and much-needed
this stuff, choose the active JWH- found guilty of distributing these
Phil Peters has been the most like all the candidates, she doesn’t upgrades at existing buildings. To
018 is alcohol processed. products to children or operating a
impressive of all the candidates. An explain how we’ll increase their pay. me, that looks like a really good
Spice is not to be smoked or drank. vehicle under the influence. Rid the
MU law professor, he’s just com- Jim Whitt, a retiree from General deal.
After reading labels on K2, Spice courts of nuisance hearings. Save
ing off a two-year stint running a Electric, occupies what has come to That’s my report. No need to
and Pandora packaging, I found Money. Make Money. Win-Win.
program that works to improve the be the African-American seat on the thank me.
the warnings clear, “Not for human Mr. Schaefer, I strongly suggest
readiness of pre-schoolers in pover- board. He was appointed last year
consumption.” It is used as any other that you find out what JWH-018 George Kennedy is a former managing
ty. His resume is full of other civic when ill health forced Rose Tippin
potpourri or incense — put in a burn- is and does before condemnation. editor at the Missourian and professor
leadership. to resign. She, in turn, had succeed- emeritus at the Missouri School of
er and light. Your home will smell Rethink the outdated marijuana
Jonathan Sessions, his opponent, ed David Ballenger. Mr. Whitt has a Journalism.
fresh and you will be mellow. laws as they concern medical usage.
We do not know the potential Be smart, not party correct.
medical use of JWH-018. The Royal Then we could use the slippery
Society of Chemistry says, “little is slope arguments concerning K2 to Guidelines for election letters
known about the effect on humans, ride our K2s down K2.
The Missourian will publish letters and All letters will run online at Columbi- Letters generally run around 400-500
as not even pre-clinical studies David Rosman is a award winning
have been (completed) to determine editor, writer, professional speaker and guest columns about the April 6 elec- Every effort will be words. Longer pieces will be consid-
potential toxicity…” There have college instructor in Communications, tions for City Council, the Columbia made to publish them in the print Mis- ered for guest columns.
been no or few human trials. Ethics, Business and Politics. You can sourian by April 4.
read more of David’s commentaries at School Board and city ballot measures MAIL: Letter to Editor, P.O. Box 917,
Point 2: There is very little He welcomes your at no charge. Anonymous letters will not be accept- Columbia, MO 65205
research on the effects of JWH-018. comments at
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