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Asad Ali Butt, MSc

Address 25 Goldings Crescent, Hatfield, AL10 8UB Nationality Pakistani

Mobile 07788 969 869 Status Tier 1, Post Study Work
Home 01707 697 051 Driving Licence Full-UK, Own transport
E-mail, Travel Conditions None Gender Male
Blog Age 28 years

DESIRED EMPLOYMENT A challenging position related to web application development using .Net and
& OBJECTIVE relevant technologies.


(Aug, 2009 - Jan 2010) CIIT, Abbottabad, Pakistan. As a Junior C# developer

 Development and maintenance for the Tier 1 Modules (Web Forms)
 Development for the Tier 2 Modules ( Application Engines ) using C#
 Partial Development for Data Access Layer
 Integration and maintenance for Tier 1 and Tier 2 modules

 Visual C# 2.0 / C# 3.0
 App.Net Web Forms
 SqlServer 2005

(April, 2009 - June, 2009) Finished my Course work in March 2009, returned home for some time out and
travel to Himalayas, Pakistan

(June, 2008 - Sept, 2008) Biomed Central, London, UK. As a Java developer internee

 Redesign and migration of RSS feeds application for all of Biomed
Central services and reduction for application size by 70 percent.
 85 percent of code coverage for all classes in application.
 New features for existing application like multiple feed type support

 ROME API , EHCAHCE , Spring (MVC and DI)
 JDOM, SAX and Xpath.
 Maven, Log4J

Other responsibilities:
 Weekly scheduled bug fixing and maintenance for in house applications.
Analysis of Human Attitude to Robots, designing and implementation of Web
MSc Dissertation Project
service for researchers and volunteers for data gathering and analysis.
BSc Dissertation Project GIS of ATD Pakistan, using Visual C#.Net, SqlServer and Arc-GIS.

Semester Projects  Office assistant for clinical researchers, Using Visual J#.Net, Access 2003.
 Moderate-sized E-Commerce application, using Model-View-Controller
 Java based web crawler to parse desired html / xml files and resources.
 Java based search engine.


MSC Software Systems and Internet Technology,

University of Sheffield, UK (Sept 2007- March 2009).

BSc Computer Sciences,

Comsats Institute Of IT, Pakistan (march 2005).


Developmental Skill Years Skill Years

.Net Framework 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 1.5 LINQ 0.9
Visual C#.Net 2.0 / 3.0 1.5 Subversion, 1.5
SqlServer 2005 1 Tortoise SVN 1.5
Asp.Net Web Forms 1 Visual Studio 05 / 08 2
Asp.Net MVC 1 Agile methodology 2
NUnit, MOQ 0.9 MS Project 2
HTML 1 MS Visio 3
JavaScript 1 MS Word 5

Languages English, Urdu and Hindi (All proficient user)


Reading When in leisure, I prefer reading leading software experts. Some of my favourite
reads include blogs by Phil Hack, Scott Guthrie, Scot Hanselman, Joel Spolsky,
Jon Skeet and Eric Lipert.

Writing and contribution I also maintain and write at and love to contribute if
possible at

Others The down side in my personality is probably not having a very good sense of
humour but I do socialise and integrate well. This means that you will find me
listening and observing more than speaking. I also like to travel and love to stay
behind the wheel when possible over long routes.
MOTIVATION AND At CIIT I had the opportunity to work over .Net framework, which I was always interested
FUTURE in. My work mostly involved the development of business logic for Tier 2 modules for the
INTERESTS applications and this probably is what I enjoy the most as it is more about programming
using C#. I also had the responsibility for developing the front end for the applications
using Web Forms and some backend modules for the Data Access layers. My last project
has given me exposure to Asp.Net MVC and this is the matter of interest for me now
onwards along With LINQ.

At Biomedcentral, I was responsible for the redesign and migration of RSS application
along with 80 percent of test coverage. JDK 5.0 was the base technology for

Sole purpose of taking post graduate course work in software systems and internet
technologies is my craze to undertake designing and implementation of web based
application. Not only sticking to just Databases or website design or simple application
development, I am ready to take any challenge and task. I believe WWW and related
technologies are ever changing, diverse and dramatically expanding and there is lot of
scope and areas to be explored and there is always going to be room for good learners.