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The city is moving forward with
some proposed changes to the
columbia’s morning newspaper planning process. Page 2A
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Hayes found guilty of murder

degree robbery and armed
criminal action in the Nov. 24,
word,” said Jeanie Nail, White’s
sister, trying to describe her
est person I’ve ever known,”
said Margaret Ray of Maysville,
when he died, she kept it up.”
After her husband’s death,
absence of physical evidence
at the crime scene and lack of 2007, crime at the Comfort Inn. emotions after the jury returned another friend. Ray and White took a trip video surveillance tape. Fur-
The family of Cynthia White The courtroom was tensely its guilty verdict. “I feel that Ray moved to Missouri five together to China on White’s thermore, he said, the defen-
said they felt justice had been silent as the family settled into justice is served.” years ago with her husband suggestion and “because we dant lied continuously during
served after a jury found a row in the Boone County Fortified with tissues, fam- and stayed at the Comfort Inn, wanted to see it.” his interrogation.
Dwight T. Hayes guilty Thurs- courtroom, waiting for the jury ily and friends stopped briefly which she referred to as “Cin- Ray said the trial “opened all Knight said that he learned
day morning of killing White to file in. Before the verdict was outside the courtroom to catch dy’s hotel.” That’s where Ray the wounds.” a lot about White and her fam-
last November at the Clark read, the family clasped hands their breath. got to know White, who helped The medical examiner’s pho- ily during the investigation and
Lane hotel where she worked as to form a circle. A friend of the victim, Rita the couple get settled. tographs were particularly that the trial was an emotional
general manager. experience for him.
Hayes showed no reaction as Riley of Cameron, said of Four months after moving, hard to endure, Riley said.
“My heart went out to her
A Buchanan County jury took Judge Gene Hamilton read the White: “You couldn’t ask for a Ray’s husband got sick. “From Boone County Chief Prosecu-
because she’d do anything for
just two hours to convict Hayes verdict. better friend.” then on, Cindy was at our side tor Dan Knight said his biggest
of second-degree murder, first- “I don’t know if great is the “She was the kindest, warm- constantly,” Ray said. “And challenge in the case was the Please see HAYES, page 8A

Review ‘I have to give back’

board gets
The group will oversee police
The Columbia Citizen Oversight Committee
voted unanimously Thursday night to recom-
mend that City Council establish a citizen review
board to oversee the process by which the Colum-
bia Police Department handles complaints.
The committee was formed by Mayor Darwin
Hindman in June 2007 and has been meeting
since Nov. 28, 2007.
Co-committee chair Rex Campbell said he
anticipated the outcome, though the unanimous
vote was unexpected.
“I was surprised,” he said. “I thought there
might be one or two dissenters. I am pleased.”
Yet Thursday’s decision is just the beginning
of the process to establish a review board. The
oversight committee has designated models for
a subcommittee to investigate. These models are
based on examples of other police review boards
nationwide, and the subcommittee will evalu- MELISSA HUFFER/Missourian
ate them to gauge which components should be
More than 30 friends came out Tuesday night to show their support for Kathleen Weinschenk. Her partner, Greg Ahrens,
Co-chairman Jefferey Williams said the com- center, is seated beside her. Their friend Sean Spence, right, helped organize the event.
mittee is still concerned about how to improve
transparency, communication and trust.
“I’m encouraged with the unanimous vote and
that everyone felt that there were reasons to take
the next step,” Williams said. “We want to build a

Despite her cerebral palsy,

Please see COMMITTEE, page 3A usty holes riddle the van’s doors. Much of the paint has peeled
away, exposing the hood to be a dull, water-stained silver. Three

Police arrest
of the tires are missing their hubcaps.
Kathleen Weinschenk has The back of the van, a red, wheelchair-accessible ‘92 Plymouth
Voyager, is covered with bumper stickers: “Christian and a Democrat,”
always done her best to “Save the planet, vote Democratic” and “MIZZOURAH!”

mother of
The van and its stickers belong to 65-year-old community activist, artist
and poet Kathleen Weinschenk and her partner, Greg Ahrens. They use it
support the community. Now, to get Weinschenk, who has cerebral palsy, to church and meetings for the
PedNet Coalition, Muleskinners, the Columbia Disabilities Commission
her friends are returning the and the First Night board of directors, not to mention around town to chat

dead child favor during her time of need.

with friends.
“Once in a while we just go to the City Council meeting for a cheap
date,” Ahrens says.
Inside, the van’s plywood floor and lack of air conditioning make for a
hot, bumpy ride.
By DANIEL SHAR “That’s not good for old women,” Ahrens says.
and TONY BROWN By CATHERINE MCCOMB N “Or old men,” Weinschenk says, teasing him. Her blue eyes glint mis-
The mother of a 2-year-old boy Please see GIVE, page 8A
who died at University Hospital on
Wednesday was arrested on suspi-

City throws out old trash bag delivery system

cion of first-degree endangering
the welfare of a child, but police
are still looking for the boy’s father,
Horace C. Johnson, according to
a news release from the Colum- By KOURTNEY GEERS price of the city’s trash bags, which “Now there are over 30,000 hous- delivery trucks are on the road,
Horace C. bia Police Department. Keyonda are a petroleum product. The cost es out here, and we are delivering and employees are building up their
Johnson Lumpkin, 26, told police she was Residents soon will have one less of the bags rose by 15 percent for three different packages of bags. “pitching arms,” as Mayor Darwin
aware her child was being harmed thing to pick up from their yard. City fiscal 2008 and will rise another 20 So, it’s become logistically a night- Hindman said.
over the course of several days but officials are hoping that August will percent in 2009, Solid Waste Utility mare and an extremely expensive The city distributed more than 4
did not seek proper medical attention, according be the last time they send out crews manager Richard Wieman said. adventure.” million bags in fiscal 2007.
to the release. to hand-toss rolls of black and blue “Back in the early ’70s, when you Blue bags and black bags are Like your trusty postman, the city
Lumpkin was transported to Boone County Jail trash bags into your driveway, your were hand-tossing a package of bags each delivered three times a year delivers bags in rain, snow or sleet,
and is being held on $4,500 bond, according to lawn — or in the middle of your to a few houses, it was a great idea,” and clear yard-waste bags twice a but their aim might not be as great.
the release. prized garden. Mary Ellen Lea, interim director year. That equals eight rounds of “A package of 25 black trash bags
Police are investigating the suspicious death The price of gas is affecting not of Public Works, told City Council delivery, each taking about a week. is heavy. We’ve knocked people
Please see CHILD, page 8A only your pocketbook but also the during a work session Wednesday. That’s a total of two months that Please see BAGS, page 3A

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URIA today The Missourian’s policy is to check all local stories for accuracy
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r i a n. This morning: before publication. If you are a source of information, and we
Searching for a past
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. 28 8 A 40 percent don’t double-check it with you, let us know. If you spot a mis-
chance of show- take, let us know that, too.
Black families researching their genealogies often face obstacles,
such as changed names and records that extend back to slavery ers and thunder- Call Tom Warhover at 573-882-5734.
times. Three people independently researching their family storms.
Temp: 89°
histories discovered they were related. Read their stories in this
Saturday’s Weekend Missourian. This evening: Index Our 100th year/#287
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Showers and Abby 7A Opinion 5A 16 pages
Health | Protect yourself from hazards, old and new, as you thunderstorms, Calendar 2A Second Front 6A
swim, bike and otherwise enjoy the summer months. Searchi some producing Classified 5B Sports 1B
Faith | Love INC, a faith-based organization that helps people ng for a
who don’t qualify for traditional social service aid, has come to
But so s of people re
names me black fam search their ge
past heavy rain.
Temp: 68°
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Columbia. d-to-acc ies face obstac nealogies each Nation 4A
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Columbia Missourian FRIDAY, June 27, 2008 — Page 3A

Paquin gets new windows NEW WINDOWS FOR PAQUIN TOWER

In order to increase utility efficiency, Paquin Towers is replacing all
its single-pane windows with double-pane windows.

to go green, save money

Side view of a double-pane window

Room wall Building exterior

Fiberglass insulation

By SARAH M. PANUSKA get in, replace the window and PAQUIN PROJECT get out with minimal impact to Aluminum frame Spacers connect
In an effort to combat the our residents,” Steinhaus said. the two-piece
rising cost of energy, a con- WHAT WORK WILL BE DONE? Though the contract contin- frame and provide
tractor for the Columbia Hous- ues until Nov. 19, Willingham Inner pane a thermal break in
ing Authority will install 404
The Columbia Housing Authority will replace windows in each of Outer pane
hopes the work will be done by the frame. Spacers
energy-efficient windows in Paquin Tower’s 200 apartments. Some have two windows, others have
the start of the heating season do not conduct
Paquin Tower. three. in early November. Last win- hot or cold
“A building like Paquin uses ter, the housing authority aver- temperatures well.
a lot of electricity to heat and aged $16,500 in gas bills per
cool,” Paquin site manager Lee The work will cost $256, 820. The housing authority will pay for it with month to heat Paquin Tower. Vacuumed air
Radtke said. “The new windows capital improvement money. That includes hot water, oper- space creates
should help cut down energy ation of the laundromat and a barrier
costs. We also hope to keep the WHO WILL DO THE WORK? between
heating apartments, entryways
temperature better regulated The contract was awarded to AllServ Midwest, a company founded in outdoor and
and common areas.
in each unit.” indoor Low-emissivity, or
2001 in Columbia. The contract runs from June 5 to Nov. 19. “Installing windows is going
The project has been in the temperatures. low-e, coating on
to reduce the amount of money
works for many years, but a cient practices. Because ener- The windows also must be the housing authority is spend- the outer pane
lack of money pushed it to the gy costs nationwide have been able to withstand strong winds ing to heat the rooms that resi- keeps energy
back burner. rising and the federal housing and the slight swaying of the radiation to a
dents occupy,” Wellingham
“We have had this planned department helps local housing high-rise. In addition, the win- minimum. Heat
for about eight years,” said said. reflects off the
authorities cover the cost of dows must to be installed from
Greg Willingham, the hous- Although it won’t be clear one-inch glass.
utilities, the housing authority the inside to keep costs low.
ing authority’s modernization has sped up plans for green Past renovations at Paquin, how much money the new win-
coordinator. “It was originally renovations. such as the complete re-til- dows will save until Novem-
scheduled for 2011, but because “This is not what we do every ing of apartment floors, have ber, officials know from other
of the increase in cost of ener- day,” Phil Steinhaus, CEO of required residents to pack projects geared toward energy
gy, we decided last year that the housing authority, said. all their belongings. While efficiency that it’s worth their Weather stripping
this was going to be a project “But I feel the windows will replacing the windows will not while. decreases air flow
we’d have to move up.” help us save money and cut require residents to remove “We switched all of the light between the fixed
When they prepared the bud- utility costs.” anything from the apartments, bulbs in Paquin and Oak Tow- pane and sliding
get for the upcoming fiscal But choosing the windows the housing authority is striv- ers to compact fluorescent and pane in the
year, housing authority offi- was no easy matter. Because ing to ensure residents will be expect to save $130,000 over window.
cials had to account for a 33 Paquin Tower houses both disturbed as little as possible. the next seven years,” Stein-
percent increase in the cost elderly residents and people Still, Radtke is concerned. haus said.
of natural gas to heat Paquin with disabilities and limited “From my position, it is a logis- In their efforts to go green,
Tower. What cost $90,000 last mobility, the windows had to tics problem,” she said. “Some the authority has also agreed Spacer
year will cost an estimated meet standards of the Ameri- people are anxious about the to recycle all the glass and alu- Caulk
$120,000 this year. cans with Disabilities Act. For interruption.” minum from the old windows.
The U.S. Department of instance, the windows slide In a test installation, it took “We are definitely looking Source: ERIC ROSELLE, PECKHAM AND WRIGHT ARCHITECTS; GREG WILLINGHAM,
Housing and Urban Devel- open from right to left rath- 2 1/2 to three hours to replace more towards green improve- COLUMBIA HOUSING AUTHORITY
opment is requiring housing er than up and down to allow the windows in each apart- ments and energy efficiency,”
authorities across the nation to people with limited mobility to ment, Seinhaus said. Willingham said. “We’ve been

move toward more energy-effi- open them. “We want them to be able to doing that for years now.”

Asparagus could flourish in dirt on Mars

Phoenix mission finds found nutrients that could sup- turned up magnesium, sodium,
port life.” potassium, and chloride, all of
have to be grown underground,
because the meager Martian
life would be happy to live in
these soils.” In fact, the Mar-
dioxide. The twin rovers, Spirit
and Opportunity, which have
Martian soil isn’t too A sample of soil about the which are useful in organic atmosphere lets in too much tian soil looks very similar to been rolling around the planet’s
acidic to support life. size of a sugar cube was deliv- processes.
ered to the lab by the lander’s The test did not turn up the
of the sun’s destructive ultra-
violet rays. The scientific team
soils on Earth, only without the
organics, he said.
equatorial regions since 2004,
found evidence of ancient pools
By JOHN JOHNSON JR. nearly eight foot long robot- prize that the $420 million mis- from the University of Arizona Fuller answers to the habit- or seas of standing water.
Los Angeles Times ic arm and mixed with water sion was sent to find: complex and the Jet Propulsion Labora- ability question are expected Sometime in the next few
brought from Earth. organics that would tory in La Canada Flintridge, from Phoenix’s other major weeks of the three-month mis-
The first chemistry results Analysis shows that indicate Mars Calif., emphasized that these laboratory, the Thermal and sion, the scientific team will
from Mars’ northern plain the soil is alkaline, “Some types might be, habit-
once was, or still results represent an analysis Evolved Gas Analyzer, which attempt to bore into the hard-
reveal an environment more with a pH between 8 of a single piece of a Martian contains eight tiny ovens to as-cement ice layer. After
hospitable to life than some sci- and 9, Kounaves said. of life would able. Organic com- landscape that is the size of the “bake and sniff” the soils, as breaking off shards of the
entists had predicted, one that This came as some-
might allow future colonists thing of a surprise, be happy to pounds, made up of
carbon in combina-
Earth’s land area.
“A lot of people predicted the
well as the ice that is lying only
inches beneath the lander.
ice, the robotic arm will try
to inject them into TEGA’s
to grow crops as familiar on at least to the many live in these tion with nitrogen, soil would be acidic,” Kounaves Scientists said they had ovens.
Earth as asparagus and green scientists who have hydrogen and other added. “We’re showing at this received the results from cook- The instrument continues to
beans. argued that Martian soils.” elements, are nec- location it appears to be alka- ing the first soil sample from be balky, however. First, the
Strawberries, though, might soil was likely too Sam kounaves essary to build the line. But we’re only looking at TEGA up to 1,800 degrees clumpy soil proved to be hard-
be tougher, Phoenix mission acidic to support life. Lead scientist, wet elaborate chemical a tiny area.” Fahrenheit. Small amounts of er than expected to shake into
scientists said Thursday. With that level chemistry experiment for scaffolding of life, Still, the scientists said carbon dioxide and water were the tiny ovens. Most recently,
“We’re flabbergasted by this of alkalinity, “you Phoenix spacecraft at least as we know Thursday in a briefing, the released, according to Bill the sliding doors above two of
data,” said Sam Kounaves, the might be able to grow it on Earth. early results are encourag- Boynton, the lead scientist for the ovens have failed to open
lead scientist on the wet chem- asparagus very well,” Further, even ing. the instrument. all the way. Phoenix project
istry experiment for the Phoe- Kounaves said. Strawberries, though the soil chemistry “There’s nothing about (the Neither finding was surpris- manager Barry Goldstein said
nix spacecraft, which landed on the other hand, require would provide some nutrients soil) that would preclude life,” ing. The Martian atmosphere engineers have been working
on Mars on May 25. “We’ve more acidic soils. The test also for life, any future crops would Kounaves said. “Some types of is mostly made up of carbon on solutions.

Bags: One company has Committee: They plan to meet Aug. 7 CONTINUED from page 1A that he was not opposed to the
idea of external review.
About a half-dozen residents
of Columbia and Boone County

put in bid for new system

public trust and work to build a
relationship between the police “I don’t have any problem attended the meeting. Some said
and the community.” handing the investigation file they were pleased with the com-
The models subcommittee over to someone else to take a mittee’s progress.
will spend the next five weeks look at,” Martin said. “I’m happy about tonight,”
outlining a framework for the Yet Martin also stated that for- said Khesha Duncan, a Colum-
CONTINUED from page 1A Columbia Police Department’s mer police Chief Randy Boehm bia resident who attended the
over, we’ve crashed into win-
Phone survey citizen review board. held a different view. meeting. “It’s a long time com-
dows, knocked over mailboxes, The Citizen Oversight Com- “Chief Boehm stands steadfast ing. This will be a good tool to
The city conducted a phone survey to get an idea of the impact of a that the internal affair investi- start bridging the gaps.”
flowers, yard lights — it’s not a mittee’s unanimous approval
voucher system on recycling customers. After calling 1,000 people, highlights differences in opin- gation process as it stands now The Oversight Committee
good system,” Lea said.
here’s what it found: ions previously expressed by meets the needs for transpar- plans to meet Aug. 7 to review
In January, the city requested
proposals for an alternative sys- n 600 people responded members of the police depart- ency and answers,” said Martin outlines that have been compiled
tem. The lone bidder, Phoenix ment. at the June 12 meeting. by the models subcommittee.
n 462 people said they were recyclers At the June 12 committee
Recycling, proposed mailing
vouchers that customers could n 394 of the recyclers said they use the blue bags meeting, Capt. Mike Martin,
redeem for trash and recycling who is in charge of the profes-
n 343 said they would continue to use blue bags with a voucher sys-
bags at local businesses. Clear sional standards division, said
bags won’t be necessary once

Your Telephone Service

the city gets approval for a bio- — PowerPoint presentation from Columbia Public Works
reactor, which will eliminate
the need to separate yard waste How do you feel about the new voucher program? Tell us what
from other refuse.
Phoenix Recycling would be
paid to store and deliver bags
you think at

a year. I don’t know what you nantly, the most common com-
Is Your Lifeline.
based on the number of vouch- guys use, I use one black bag a ment we got was ‘Great, we’re $6.00
"%&/2% 0-4:00%6%29$!9
3(/73 &/2 3%.)/23 !.$AND #(),$2%.
ers redeemed. week. So, eventually you start glad to finally see you changing  345$%.4
$8.25 - ALL


6:00 PM0-
7)4( 6!,)$ )$
Wieman said the voucher sys- accumulating bags,” she said. it.’” ALL 34!$)5-
!,, STADIUM3%!4).'
SEATINg $)')4!,3/5.$).3%,%#4!5$)4/2)5-3
tem initially will cost the city Overall, the switch could save Community outreach will be Why wait in line? 5)&)"11&/*/(<3>

more, but it will save money the city around $262,000. It also essential. “I really would like  
in the future and help the city would allow the city to track the to see us go out and talk with 5JDLFUTGPS)BODPDL
/080/4"-& 5)&-07&(636
reduce its carbon footprint. use of bags. community groups and neigh- 0QFOT+VMZTUBU <1(>   
“It’s not the delivery process “We’ve asked that the vouch- borhoods about changing this QN#VZPOMJOFBU    

that’s cheaper, it’s the actual er system is bar-coded so we system and explain the new sys-
5IFTFTIPXUJNFTBSF */%*"/"+0/&4 Did you know that discounts
redemption,” Wieman said. The can track who is returning the tem to them,” Lea said.
on basic phone service are available
GPSUISV "/%5)&,*/(%0.
city will save money, for exam- vouchers,” Wieman said. “We Wade pitched a one-page, 8"--&<(>   0'5)&$3:45"-
ple, if people don’t redeem their
vouchers as frequently as bags
can tell you whether or not you
are returning your blue bag
easy-to-read fact sheet explain-
ing the program and the reasons

  to low-income consumers?
8"/5&%<3>   4&9"/%5)&$*5:
are delivered now. (voucher). So, if an area of town behind it.    

Fourth Ward Councilman isn’t redeeming their blue bag “People will respond to that,”     5)&$)30/*$"-4
Jerry Wade said some people, (vouchers), we want to go out Wade said. “I would like to pro- (&54."35<1(> 0'/"3/*"13*/$& For individuals living in a CenturyTel service area, please call
like himself, will be able to go there and provide informational pose that we move forward with  
quite a while with the bags they material.” this and get it implemented as  
800.201.4099 or visit
already have. The city tried to gauge interest soon as possible.” ,6/('61"/%"
to find out if you qualify for the Lifeline and Link-Up discounts.
“My wife and I have been in the change during a recent Hindman agreed. “We’ve 

accumulating bags since 1982, telephone survey of 600 resi- debated this for almost a year ... 5)&*/$3&%*#-& 1BTTSFTUSJDUJPOTFOE
)6-,<1(>   GPS(FU4NBSU
and I probably will not have dents. Obviously the staff would very  
to redeem a voucher for five “Eighty-seven percent of the much like to see this change   .POEBZ +VOFUI
years,” he said. people said they would not be take place, and all the arguments ./ 0!33%3 ./ 0!33%3 /2 350%23!6%23

Even Lea said she, too, has impacted and would continue to against it are sort of speculative. ')&4#%24)&)#!4%3!6!),!",%
2 2!4%$&),-32%15)2%0(/4/)$
stocked up a bunch of bags. recycle if they had to go to the I just think maybe we probably 3(/74)-%3,)34%$ !2% &/2 4/$!9 /.,9
7% 02/5$,9 !##%046)3! -!34%2#!2$  $)3#/6%2
“Everybody gets 75 black bags store,” Wieman said. “Predomi- ought to give it a whack.”

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