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Ashley Schouten

N. J.
A. B.
M. H.
Dr. Joe Immel
The Hands on Dissection of a Fetal Pig and
it’s Gross Anatomy

The days of September 27th and the 28th of

2007, in Dr. Immel’s Third and Fourth period,
there was a Dissection taking place. After
having seen the sophomores dissect the pigs
last year, it had fascinated the mind to want
to do it this year. Although, it could have
been a few other fascinations with other
idea’s and concepts that some people would
pertain as ‘Gross’ or ‘Disgusting’ or even
‘Horrific’ in some cases, there may be a few
more reasons for why the wanting to do this
Dissection, but it is not clear at this time.
As some of the readers may know, fetal pigs
are pigs that are a by-product of the meat
packaging industry, and usually are
preserved with Formaldehyde. There isn’t
much to know about a fetal pig after this
point, besides that they are excellent
specimens to dissect.
What this paper is going to explain is how the
Dissection was preformed, and what was
used. It will also describe each organ and
part of the body that was examined and/or
taken out of the fetal pig’s body.
~Procedures, Method, and Materials Used~

1 Scalpul
1 Cutting Scissors
2 Probes
1 Male or Female Fetal Pig
Latex/Nitrile/Nylon Gloves
Wax/Styrofoam Dissecting Tray
Procedures and Methods:

What was first done was that a Fetal pig was

given, along with other materials listed
above. There was an External observation of
the Fetal pig. After the external observation
of the pig, it was needed to be tied, and
pinned to the tray in a Spread-Eagel like
fashion. The first cut was the hardest to
preform, because there could be a slip up,
where you could puncture the Diaphram or an
Organ. Starting the first cut at the chest(so
that the cut wasn’t too deep, and would show
you how deep to go) using the scalpul to
make the small inscision. Taking the scissors
to the inscision, you cut Posterior(Down)
from the small inscision, making sure that the
Diaphram doesn’t become damaged.
Afterwards, the scissors will need to cut
whats left of the Anterior(From where the
small inscision used to be). Using pins,
forecepts, and Probes, pull and stretch the
skin back, to reveal the insides of the Fetal
pig. There, you can observe and draw the
necessary drawings of the opened fetal pig
for later observation.(See Figure 1)
The next step after you have recorded your
observation, is to dissect the Heart from the
body. Using the Scissors, you cut the Heart
out, cutting the Pulmanary Artery and
Pulmanary Vein to detach it from the body.
Drawing the Anterior and Posterior (Top and
Bottom) veiw of the Heart, you can continue,
by sectioning the heart either Vertically or
Horizontally. If done properly, you can see
the different chambers of the heart. Sketch
this out aswell.(See Figure 2, 3, and 4)
To gain access to the Kidneys, Pancreas,
Rectum, Bladder, and Stomach, you will need
to dissect the Liver out to gain these other
organs. Using the Scissors, you cut on both
sides of the Liver, closly to the spot where it
is connected. Once out, sketch out the
Anterior and Posterior veiws of the Liver.(See
Figure 5)
The Small and Large Intestine are connected
to each other, while the Small Intestine is
connected to the Stomach, the Large
Intestine Is connected to the rectum. To take
out both Intestines, you will need to
disconnect the Small Intestine from the
Stomach, and disconnect the Large Intestine
from the Rectum. After this, it should come
out easily. Sketch the Small and Large
Intestine.(See Figure 6)
The Kidneys are next. They are the Kidney-
Bean shaped Organ, but bigger, and white.
Forecepts is a handy tool to use and the
scissors, as normal. There is a film like
membrane covering the Kidneys. You need to
grab the membrane with the Forecepts, and
cut it, keep cutting till you uncover the
Kidney. You will also need to cut underneath
the Kidney carefully (to not puncture it) so
you can pull it out from the body cavity. Also
they are connected to the Ureter, which leads
down to the Bladder. Carefully Snip the
Kidney’s at the base of the tubes, or try and
retract the Kidneys, the Tubes and Bladder,
all connected. Once having a Kidney out,
sketch it, and section it, to see the inside of
the Kidney.(See Figure 7 for Kidney
drawlings, See Figure 8 to locate the the
Kidney’s and Rectum)
You could have also, after all this was done,
could try to take an eyeball out, which you
would need to cut the skin around the eye.
Then cut around the eyeball, and into the
skull. You want the eyeball in one whole
piece for now. Using the Scalpul and the
Scissors to cut around the eye, you will be
able to cut it out, cut the connection where
the eyeball connects to the other nerves in
the Crainum. Once Carefully dissected out of
the skull, you can section it, to see the optic
nerves that are inside the eyeball.
Another organ you could have dissected from
the Fetal pig is the brain, or at least uncover
it from the skull. One way would be to use the
scalpul and the scissors to cut the skin
around the skull off.(Some of this may be
done if you extracted the eyeball(s) out of
the skull already)
Then you can use the Scissors to cut the
skull, as the skull is relitivly soft, as it never
matured enough before death.
Another method, which was successful in
some groups, was to break the neck, gaining
access to the brain stem and Cerebellum, and
the bottom of the brain.
~Results of the Dissection~

The results that were found were as follows.

During this dissection, it has been shown
successfully where the major organ’s reside
in the Fetal pig’s body, as well as how they
are connected to the body of the pig. This
dissection also showed that the Anatomy of
the pig, is closly related to how a Human’s
Anatomy is. It was found that this specific
Fetal pig, was female in its sex. Also, every so
often, when cutting the lungs, or when the
Kidney’s were getting cut out, Clear liquid
had came out from the organ. Weither or not
this was Formaldehyde or some other type of
Liquid it was not determined as of that
Dissection. Many of the bones had been fairly
soft, being not fully Matured enough before
seeing death. Not much else that can be
reported for results from this Dissection.
~Discussion and Conclusion~

This Dissection that the Class had gotten to

experience was an extraordinary experience.
There had been talk of some people who
thought they would not enjoy the Dissection,
but in turn they did. It was an experience
that will stick in everyone’s minds, for at
least awhile; some will remember for much
longer. Being that one’s mind is different,
some would have enjoyed this Dissection, if
they were to watch Horror films,(and Enjoy
the films) would have a better time at
dissecting a pig. Although that is not always
the case, as real life doing, is different than
watching it on a movie. So that means some
people might even get queasy. The smell of
the Formaldehyde was a bit strong, and
depending on the type of stomach someone
has, you either should eat a big breakfast or a
small one. Lunch was not an option to some
people after the Dissection.

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