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Ashley Schouten


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Dr. Joe Immel

An Analysis of the Tactile Sense of Our Flesh Puppets (Aka The freshmen)

Introduction to the sense practically called Tactile Sensation or more commonly, Touch.
Touch is included in the five senses, but it does actually correlate with more than one
sense. It correlates with more than one because it is part of the Somatosensory System.
The Somatosensory system consists of various sensory receptors, yet is more complex
when Humans are talked about. When a person touches something (soft, shape,
vibration, hard, prickly, hot, smooth, cold…ect), they can remember memories, smell
scents, or their body can react to what they have touched. Touch is a sense that is
needed to survive as an infant. If an infant is able to perceive the world around them by
using touch, then they are at a greater advantage then an Infant that never perceived the
world by touch, only by Gestation and Audition. Touch is an important sense to be able
to use.

*I give credit for a friend who came up with ‘Flesh Puppets’ for the Title and the usage
throughout this paper*

Experiment # 1

Materials Used:

1 Blindfold
Some Flesh Puppets (Aka Freshmen)
5 different textures

Rough: File
Smooth: Laminated Placemat
Soft: Velvet
Hard: File Handle
Prickly: Slicker Brush

Step One: Explain to the Flesh Puppet what the experiment is going to be.

Step Two: Get the consent from the flesh puppet to test the experiment on them, on
their Fingertips, back of Hand, and their Elbow.

Step Three: Blindfold the Flesh Puppet and tell them the different textures they can pick

Step Four: Ask the Flesh Puppet to expose their fingertips.

Step Five: Lightly touch the different textures against the Flesh Puppet’s Fingertips.

Step Six: Have them identify each texture they felt after feeling each one. Record their

Step Seven: After having the Flesh Puppet feels all five textures on their fingertips. Ask
them to reveal the back of their hand.

Step Eight: Repeat Steps five and six on the back of their hand. Record their answers.

Step Nine: After the Flesh Puppets have felt the five textures on the back of their hand,
ask them kindly to expose their Elbow.

Step Ten: Repeat Steps five and six on their elbow. Record their answers.

Step Eleven: Take the blindfold off the Flesh Puppets. Thank them and let them have a

Step Twelve: Repeat Steps One-Eleven on the rest of the Flesh Puppets.

Experiment # 2:

Materials Used:

One Frequency Counter

One Speaker
One Tone Generator
One AC to AC Transmitters
4 Clip Leads
1 BNC [To clip the Lead]


Step One: Set up the equipment for the experiment. [The Tone Generator and attach the

Step Two: Set the Tone Generator to 100 Hz

Step Three: Explain to the Flesh Puppets what the experiment is going to be.

Step Four: Have the consent of the Flesh Puppet, to test the experiment on them.

Step Five: Have the Flesh Puppet place their index Phalange [Index Finger] on the
speaker lightly.

Step Six: Ask them if they can feel any vibrations. Record their answer.

Step Seven: Keep raising the frequency up, until the Flesh Puppet says they cannot feel
any vibrations, and it feels solid. Record the Hz.

Step Eight: Thank the Flesh Puppet.

Step 9: Repeat Steps Two-Eight.

Results and Data

Experiment #1:

In the end of the Experiment, 8 male Flesh Puppets [Freshmen males], and 8 Female
Flesh Puppets [Freshmen Females] were tested in their tactile sense. Its shows in the
results that the Flesh Puppets could feel the textures are 70% of the males, while only
30% females can feel it on their fingertips. This was when they guessed all five textures
correctly. 10% of the males and 50% of the females guessed 4 textures correctly. There
were 20% of males and 10% of females who guessed three out of five textures correctly.
Both groups never guessed two or lower of the textures, therefore, there are not
percentages. From testing the fingertip, the percentages do vary between the genders,
although it is certain that the males could feel and guess all five textures better than the

When tested on the back of their hand’s, it showed that 60% of the Males and 60% of the
Females could guess all five textures correctly. Again only 20% of the males and 20% of
the females could guess four of the textures. Another 20% of males and 20% of the
females could guess three textures out of five. Both groups never guessed two or lower of
the textures, so there are no percentages for that. Both groups had the same amount of
percentages, so there is no difference like the fingertips.

On the last area of the arm that was tested on the Flesh Puppets, was the elbow. On the
elbow, there were 10% of the males and 30% of the females who could correctly guess all
five textures. The percentage of the Flesh Puppets that could correctly guess fore
textures was 40% males and 10% of the females. Another 40% of the males and a 0% of
the females guessed three of the five textures. Surprisingly, there were 10% of males and
50% of females who only correctly guessed two textures. Both groups never guessed one
or less of the texture, so there are no percentages for that.
*To see the chart of Experiment # one, go to page one. Pages two-
five are the chart where all the data was recorded. Page Seven
[Front side of the page] shows all the work that was done for the
first experiment. Page Eight is the Original Protocol made for this

Experiment # 2

The results in this experiment on the Flesh Puppets showed the variety of Hz that they could feel.
The data was collected, not just by Hz, but by gender too. Most of the Male Flesh Puppets were
above the 500 Hz. The average of the Males is 632.7 Hz, while the Females had an average of
572.1 Hz. Altogether though the average was 587.2 Hz. While in this experiment, the max Hz
anyone could feel was 738 Hz, and it was indeed a female. The lowest Hz was 401 Hz and again
it was a female Flesh Puppet. The highest male Hz was 730 Hz, while the lowest was 481 Hz.
The range is far and a few, but the females were more closer in range, while only some of the
males where closer in range with themselves.

*To see the Chart of experiment # two, go to page six. To see the
work done for this experiment look on the Backside of Page seven.
On page nine, is the original protocol that was made for this


Hmm what is there to say? Not much can be said at this time. These
experiments were fairly easy, although, it was hard to come up with
the actual experiment at first. But after that, it was easy to perform
the experiments on the others in the classroom. It was interesting to
watch the Flesh Puppets react to the first experiment. Hmm, again,
there is not much that needs to be said by the mind, at least not at
this time.

If your wondering why the freshmen have been called Flesh Puppets,
well thy are called as such because they are made of flesh, as is
everyone else, but they were used as puppets in the experiments
preformed on them. Hence the name Flesh Puppets. Although a
friend made this, this so-called label for the Freshmen, was one that
would hope entertain you, the reader as you read this paper. Of
course not knowing if you liked having the freshmen being called
Flesh Puppets, this is where this paper ends. It ends