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M62BUS - Human Resource Management

Coursework; Written Assignment


You are to gather and critically analyse data, draw conclusions and make
recommendations about the HRM strategy and the HR activities in one organisation.

The organisation you select should be from one of the following.

1. The organisation for which you work *

2. An organisation that you know well

3. An organisation from which you can obtain high quality data (e.g. from websites,
company accounts, the library etc.).

Your Task

You should prepare a paper to answer all THREE of these questions using your chosen
organisation as the example.

1. Describe briefly your selected organisation’s overall HRM strategy. Critically

discuss how it relates to the models of HR strategy discussed throughout the
module and draw some conclusions. (C1200 words)

2. Summarise your selected organisation’s HR activities in any two of the following

areas: organisation and job design, HR planning, HR Resourcing, performance
management, motivation and rewards, human resource development, employee
relations, industrial relations. Critically compare and contrast these three
activities with the theories discussed throughout the module and draw some
conclusions. (C1200 words)

3. From your analyses and conclusions make some recommendations to improve

HRM strategy, HR activities, and the role of the HR function within your selected
organisation in order to achieve increased organisational performance. (C350

You should introduce your answer including some background to your selected
organisation (C150 words) and your assignment must be correctly referenced
throughout with a bibliography and appendices if appropriate

The paper should be around 3,000 words in length plus bibliography and any

*Students in full-time employment will be expected to research their own

organisation. If this is not possible, reasons should be given in the introduction.
Assessment Criteria

The paper will be assessed out of 100 marks using the following criteria.

You will have demonstrated ability to:

1. Identify the issues within the context of the assigned HR question and, from this
to demonstrate a logical structure and layout for the paper (5 marks)

2. Apply research skills to examine and demonstrate a knowledge of organisational

data and of the literature relevant to the issues (20 marks)

3. Critically discuss the facts against theory in each area of the assigned question
(35 marks)

4. Draw conclusions from this critical analysis (15 marks)

5. Make recommendations to improve HR situations (15 marks)

6. Correctly reference all published material included in the paper (10 marks).

Intended Module Learning Outcomes

The paper is designed to demonstrate the achievement of the intended module learning
objectives that on completion of the module, students are able to:

1. Critically discuss the foundations of strategic HRM and its relationship to the
traditional practice of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations

2. Critically discuss the application of key areas of HR practice, such as strategic

planning, resourcing, development, motivation and reward

3. Analyse and evaluate HR practice in contemporary work situations, coming to

critically argued conclusions and recommendations.

The Assignment must be submitted by 9th January 2006.

Any assignments handed in after this date will be subject to University

Regulations on the late submission of work.