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2 Permatang Sedepa (One Fathom Bank)

Malacca Straits All Vessels must be in possession of Admiralty Refer to BA Chart 5502 – Mariners Routeing Guide
chart 5502 – Mariner’s Routeing Guide Malacca Malacca and Singapore Straits.
and Singapore Straits. Ensure hourly tidal predictions available from the
Particular emphasis is placed on all magenta STASCO publication of hourly tide
warnings on this chart and on specific VLCC tables and instructions or Tides and Currents Pro-
requirements: forma or request data from Charterers.
• Section 1.2c – STRAITREP Compulsory Note: A revised control depth for Permatang
Reporting as per Section 6 Sedepa of 22.5 metres has been set following
• Section 4.1 DeepDraft Vessels. research. Voyage Clauses for All Vessels to load consistent with departure draft of 14.00 metres plus available tide minus UKC (check
Vessels Loading at Jebel locally).
Dhanna In addition, if required, vessels drawing over 13.2 metres should use tidal staging and reduction of
speed to ensure adequate UKC on passage from Gasha Light to Zaquum West Buoy following the
recommended departure route. Piracy Waters (in high In order to deter any boarding attempt by unfriendly elements known to be operating in the area,
risk piracy or terrorist areas) strict adherence to industry / Owners’ precautions against piracy is recommended. Vessel must have
a positive Ship Security policy in place. Vessels from Gulf to Passing the South East African Coast Arabian Sea / Suqutra
Durban and on the Cape Route To reduce the risk of potential abnormal wave South Indian Ocean During the period
to Europe damage, vessels on a south westerly passage Vessels trading in this November through
or the US Gulf between the latitudes of 29 degrees and 33 area should make use of to the end of March
degrees 30’ South should pass at least 35 miles to all available means to all vessels should
seaward Cape St Lucia thereafter maintaining a ensure up to date weather maintain
track well reports are available before a distance at least
outside the one hundred fathom line and if laden at trading in this area 40 nautical miles
least 25 miles to seaward of the South African especially during the off the coast of
coast. changeover of Monsoons. Suqutra (Socotra). Vessels Programmed for Yellow Sea Taiwan

Korea/China Masters ordered to ports in Korea who are unfamiliar VLCCs operating in the East China Sea
with navigation in the Yellow Sea should be aware of should avoid taking passage to the West
large concentrations of fishing vessels, many of wooden of Taiwan due to high concentrations of
construction which may make irrational manoeuvres and fishing vessels seriously restricting
present very poor radar targets in fog. navigable waters. Vessels Programmed for Puerto Miranda

Lago de Maracaibo Liftings Operator to ensure current Portfacts Red Note draft restrictions are used.

The maintenance of a minimum distance offshore of not less that 20 miles from the grounding line, where practicable (defined as the
depth of water equal to the ship’s draught).