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MIRLIN 61, 63, 66, 70 or 166 ENGINE


.A.<?-t_ ...


Am." ~.tlI will b. i .. ued .. nec:ouary and will be gumme<lforalfu:inglOth.;n,; tover of th ... not ... Eoch ameodm.nt list will. ",hert applicable. beoctompanied !'!t~mmed oLipe. fOl Ilicking in ,h. appropriate pl."", in tho

Incorporation of anameodmon' litl m be certified by i .... ninl

d,a,eofincorponltionandinitialtbelo .

eo'res TO USERS

TH.S publi""tion iodiv;dedin.ofive""m:

Descripu.e, Handling, Ope .... ing D., ... E .... rgencieo,ondIU ...... tio .... PutIKiv .. only • b";"fdacrfption afthe conuoll with which


Th .... N0' .. ""' complementary '0 A.P. 2095 Pilot·, Not .. Genenol and _ .. m~ a thorougb Uw"'led~ of ill com.." .... All piloll ohould be in po ...... ion of. copy ofA.P. 109S(A.M.O.A'n/4J)·

Word, in clpitll h:" .... ind;ell~ the actoal ",.rkinga on dIe control. concern~d.

Additional copiu m.y be ob •• ined by .he Sl~.ion P"bli",.ion. OAl"", by .pplica.ion on Form .g.j.A, in dupllcate,.o Command h ... d~ quOrt .... fOToo,..ord .rnn,mi .. ion .oA.P.F.S., g. Fulh.m Ito.d, S.W.) (OI:e A.M.O. A. tt'4/H). The numheTof.hi. public.tion must be quoted ill full-A.P. tS6sJ.P &< L _V.N.

Cumm.n .. and ... ggeo.ionl .hould be fur",.rded,h<OU8b.heuouolchannela.u.he Ai,Minn.'TY(D.T.F.).

_~I. M,N,BTOY S~plnttHr '9+6

A,. PUaUCATlON ;':!i'!'.~o~~~-P.N, 3tiEdilirm

srlTruu: IX, XI & XVI jlJLOT'S NOTES






Fuelpump" ...•.... , ... Fudcon.enll!g>\ugeoandpr_ur.w.minglight .. Oilayst.m .. .

Engine coolanl 'yst.m



1'rimmingtab. Undcrcarnogcrontrnl Undcn;a,ri.g.:indio,,,ofll " Undcrco.rriag ..... rninghom Flap.control ..

Wheelb'.k ••.. I'lyinKCOnlrol.lo<kinggMr

., "



Propellec"("",,,l Supercharg...-contrOl. Int."""'Iei-p"'''',''" .... Ii.diatocflapoon,rol Slow_ronnlngcut_oUt

Idle cut-off oomrol Catburettor.itint.kelih .. conlrol. Cylinder priming pump .. Ignitionowitch ... n<:l.t.rterbul"t<>ns Groundbatteryotal1ing

OTHE.R CONTROLS Cockpitdoor •... Sli<:ling h<>t>d control, Signoldi",harget


Managementofthefuellyltcm. JJ

Preliminaries .........• 34

Surting Ibe engine ond worming up (Merlin 6t and 63

etIgines).. • •••....

Starting tlteengine Ilnd worming up {Merlin 66,7oand

~66 enginc<). . 36

Tcotingthe enginean<:l .. rvi".... 37

Chedli., before lake_oil" 38

rake_off 39

Climbing 40

General Aying 4'

Stalling 4"

Spinoing 43 «

A.rob.tia.. .. . 4S

Chw..liot beIore landing .. 46

Apprmchandlanding 47

Mill.oding. 48

Ik.m.ppro""h 49

Aflorl.nding 50

., "


., .S

1"",rumentp.nel Cockpi'-pon~ide Codpi'-stIrboardtide Foel'YltcmdL.gram


Enginedlu-Merfin.61.6].66.7cond.66 . Flyina:liroi .... icns.. .. p",itionerrorcorrection •.. Mnimuffil"'rfonnanoo

E\:onomi".18ying.. ..

Fuel CIIl",citiesand ronoumption ..

,. ,.

" H

ss s


UndorCirtiageeme~"Yol"'tltion Foilure of the pneUlrutti" . .y.lem .. HOO<,Ije"i..,ning .




" ,S


.. ..


A,. I'UBI,ICHION 15~SJ, P &: L-P.N.

PHal', No/"


NOTE.- The numbera quoted in bracleto aft .. item. in ,hetClltref.rtokeynumbera"f,h.illu.tration. inPlrtV.


1. (i) ~~~~~::r~~~.::;I.:~~:r~~~~'~i~~F~r:Ei tg~:~~i:;~;!~:':!~:~:l~~~~~~;i:~S:~~%~;

~Itrlin 6,. ~) Or 6)~; two .o_mm. and four ]o)_in.gun.,

Jl,lcrtin M; 1\000 .o_mm .• oci fOUT ·]oJ-in 8unl

LF IX (0) Merlin M: two ~o_mm. ond t"O ·,_in. guns HF IX Merlin 70~ twO ~o·mm, and fou, '303-;0


HF IX (,) Merlin 70~ ""> a .. ·mm .• nd t,,·o '5-;n. gun'

PR XI M.r1in61.6).61,or70

F XVI Merlin 266; twO ~c_mm. and ''''0 ·5-in. gun.

(ii) ~~~r~~ ~~:~11n6~;:'~~n:~~·:~6\~~rn:t~~.: C:::~;~::~~d

by D.ndi~_Stromberg injection carburettor.

(iii) ~~~:~~~c ~;~~l~!~i~~:f~:~h:tt:d.j:~I~ ~~t~~e\~~:~~

'he "'ing tip •• r. clipped.

(iv) :~~~~ ~~~n;cn~"~;_:;rO~~~:l;~:~;r h=:' fuselages


2. F ... I tanks (set Fig. 4).-Fucl ilearricd in ,wotanh mounted olle obovo tht nther (the lower one ill self_ sealing) forwo«iofthc cockpit. The toptlnk fced.into the bonom tank Ind fut! ill dolivercd to thc ""rbur.ttor, thro"gh.filter, by on c"I!ine-drh'on pump. On Mcrlin 6, and 6J engine installations ,htre i •• r""l cooler, "'hile on Bendix_Stromberg .,..rburettor i ... ,all.tions a de""ralDr in 'he carhurenor, for ..,panting occumuLoted ,uTfrnmthefuc:l,"""n,ed '0 ,be ,op,w. I..-terMk. IX and oJ] r. Mk. XVI aircraft mown two .ddi';., .... l fuel tank • ..-'th 0 combined nplcity of7S gaJlonl (66 gallons in .,rcran .. ith ",... view" (o""llp); they are fiued in the (UKbg<: behind the oxlpit. These tanh ""ould only befilled for special opentt"""otthediocretion of the .ppn>pri.,. A_ Com""'n~r &nd nonnally their cuccko .hould be wired OFF. If fined in .ircraft ,,-ith ~:~UI~~~~.fu"lagCl, 'hey mun not be uoed in any

The car-citi ... of ,hc main tank •• <e OS follow",

Topunk +8 gallon.

Douomtonk 37 gall"n,"r47·-gallon.


• On lome "i", .. rt; gener.lly tho." which h .... ",ea, view'·fusolag ..

An "uxili"ry "hli,l.r·' drop ,,,nk of ~o, 45 Or 90 g,llon. ""pacily (on 110. I'R XI, of 170 g~llon. c" COn be fitted under the fU6clagc; the h,d from these t.nks feeds 'he engine diroct and d" •• Iw'",pl."i.h the maln unk •. To m_,hc pos-.ibility()ftngi"c cutting due t<, fuel boiling in warm we .. her.t high ollituJ ••. the main 'ank. ."'p","-,u,ilIod,, hov.'e,er. impairs the ""If_

~;~;: b~ri;':"ta~k'~'h~l:~~ ond shnuld, ,herefore. be

3. Fuel coch.-Thc cocltcontrul fo,the;, a !ever(i7) fitted below Ihc engine ",ning pUAhbunon,


:i~: '~t tr.:c:~~:r::~nc;';~~!I~S·~t· Cb~~wc:~;n:;~~~-)b:~~


position. Th. rock fa. the •••• tonks (wbm "".d) is ta the rdt af the Kat.

4· ~':lt=~~riC =::~S;"":~o':.:,':;~';::~i;~


~':,:"!.~~e .;~I~;i~":~~~:Jui:!'~~j.,='~~~~:~


NOn.-On airc .. ft whioh have ,ear fUKlago tanks 0 IIttOnd pump i. fi"ed (in th. lawer relr .onk) and the control ,witch,·e.hen ho. threepa.i,ionl,

S ~~:~i~1~;:~¥.~:~ftiij~:~ii}~~:£i i:i~~I;~j;Jtf.j~;~i:t~i;~~f}f.~~~;~~~~


:?!;~(~i~::~~~~~~~:'~~·:E:~;'·8!: i:~o~~;'~~:7.:~f:~I:


6, Oil 5yst~m.-Oil is suppli.d by" tlI.nk af 7'S 8"lIon~ oil



oflh.partwing.ndoilpr ... ure(~c).nd'.mp .. o'ure('7) g.ugeoarcfi,tedontheinotrulllcntpan<l.lI'hencarrying anauxiliarydrop,ankof'7ogalionscap.cityorarger oil,onxafeiLh.,S·S"·'4,ss·lIonlc.poci'ymuotb.fitted.

7. E"Ilinecoolant.y.tcm.-Onearlyai,cr.r.ftanly,circulatian of the coolant ,hroughth. underwing ... di..,o,.i.thermc_ ot.'i""U)·C<lntroll.d,th ... dil1o .. beingby_p ..... dun'ij the coolant r.achto. certain tempe .. ,ure. The he.d •• tank io mounted above ,h. reduetiangearcaoingondi.l litted ,..i,h 0 ,eli.r val" •. On aU oiTf:."ft 'he radiator flopl or. fully I",oml,ic'nd Ire detigncd to open It. coolant tempe.alure of "S·C. A puohbutton is fitted on theelectn""l pan.l far ground , .. ,ing;and 'here is. cool.n'tempe,"ureg.u~(,6lonthejnl'rumentp.nd

8. In, .. coolo. $)'Slcm.-On III .i,cufl ,h. high ,empcro'u",. ,.,.ultingfrom ,wo- .... .. ging ncctlli, ... ,h. in_ u-oductionofan;nterwolerbet,,·eenthe.up.rchOfger deJiveryand,heinductian manifold •. porticularly when S (highlgea, An.uxilisry purnpp...." from' .. parltlehcodertanktoa .. dialarundc"hMtlI.,bo .. d wing. ond thence Ihrough the lupcrchlrger "".ing.o th.intercooler. where thecharg. i,cool.d by lou af h •• t p ... ingto.hccool.nt.On •• rly.irc .. fta,hormoot3,ically operoled.witchintheinduc'ianpipe i.c'",no<'edto Iho oupercharger opcroting rom ond cOulel it 10 ch.nge 'he oupercharger,o M (Iow)sc" in Ih.cvcntofthech.rg. tempc<oture becoming cxcClloi ••. 1'hi. change of g .. r r"tio i, inuio.ted to the pilot by. puohbu!ton, which .pring. Out On 'he iPOIcumont pand, The ,uporcharger will chonge back to high geor .ftCr lhe lcmp."'turo of lhech'rgch •• ,.."urnedro"onn,l"nd,hcpu,hbutton h., been pu,hod in, If, howe"or. the excessive temp· ,,"ure i, of. pormoncn' ""ure, due ,n roilu," af ,h. in'.rco"ler 'y""m, the pu.hbutton wilt con';n". 10 'prin8 ou. and ,hcmgh,.ho"rd be can,inue<i in Inwgn'.


9. Hydntul;~ sySl.m.-Oil is Cllrri"d in a re .. "..,i, on the fi .. proofbulkheadandpleK.,hraughofihcrto.n.ngin._ dri,·cnpumpforapcr •• ionaf,h.und.rcornagc

to, Elec:IrIClII ~51 ...... -A u-,"Oil generator luppli" an accumulatoc which in tum luppli .. the whole of the electrical in.",llat;on. A voh'Mte. (to) .. croq theaccumulator"fut~ at.h. ,op of the instrumcn, pand Ind a ,..,d light (40)' on 'h" clectri",,1 p."el, marked POWER FAILURE. i. illuminated when the generolOr i. not C\I""n, to the ac<;umulator. NOl1!._lfthecleeniCllI'y.,omf.ibori.damoged, the

.... p<:reh.orgcrwill hefut~ in low gear and the ndi.,",mainciostd.

II. Pntumlll< ~y5l"",._An engine·drivtn .ir campr ... oc charg .. twollorago:c:ylinde ... t"ap ..... ureof3°olb·/oq·in. far operation of the fu.p', ",di.wr flap., supercharger ram,hnk ... ndgunl.

NOH.-If ,II<: pneumatic l}'Ite", (aill, 'he lup<:n:h.orger will heli~ed in low gear, bu, the position oftne ~~~.,~r Hopi ,,~11 depend Qn the no'ur. o( the


n. Trlm'nlng Ilbs.-Th. ol.,· •• or trimming ,abo ar. contrOlled hy.h.ndwhod(Jo)011 thelef.-hond .idooftne cockpil,theindicator(24)heingon.h.;runrum"",plnd. The ",dder trimming ,ab to <:on.rol\ed by •• m~U h.nd... h...,l ('7) and i. nOl provid~ with an indio",or, The ain-nftl.nd,." tum t".,.rbo.rd wben .h" handwhed i"o'.ledciockwi ••.

13. V .... rnrrilg" .. lectorl.,·er (5') mo"" in. g>,.d quad",n' on 'he righ._hand oide

~o'h:,=k,\'.~' uo'dercarriage the lever must he mo"ed downwards and i"words to di""ngago: it from the gat<, and ,hen moved forward ,manly in One movement '0 'he full extont of the '1uadront. When ,heundernrrioge i.locked up 'ho ]e"cr will .utomatic.lly.pring into the forwllrrlg"c,

To lo~r ,h. unden:urillge the lever mu" he held (orword for aoout 'wo ""cands, th.n pull.d had in one


movemen. to ,he full utonl of .he quodn.nt. When .he ~~d;:;,~~,:!~ ;0 In<:kod down the levor will "pring into

W.ruiag._The lever mult nen. be moved into ei,her

:;:'~;'.,h.nd •• ,hi. "'ill cutoff tho hydraulic

An indica,or in 'he quad .... '" .ho~ DOWN. IDLE or UP dep.nding on the po.i,;on "f·th. hydraulic valve, UP and DOWN .hould .h" ... only during the """"_.

~r,:nl~:~ o:,';ti;;~h:: t;:t:.n~r;;::g~l~n:~~~Ei:·~:~

runnIng .• he IndioltD •• ho .... 09WN, it obould return to rOLE ~·hen ,he engine is .t.rt.d; if it does nOI, proh.blo f.,lun: of ,ite hYUllluJiC pumplo'ndicated.



,,·hieh the word. UP on • red background and DOWN on I g,een background ar. I~"ered; the words are

*~:!~::~ (~~r1~~~~: ~~~'~:::~i:hi: ";::.,';~~:.

on I""ition bya.trikeron ,ne,hroltl. ltv .... the fhro.t.l.;'ope""d.

(b)M«h'I/l;<uipo""io" i"dicatc'I.-On early .irenft •


a"'pamted red,ar. Au.h wi,h the plane "urfac ..

., s~~~~;f~:t~3g:~~fi~i~~;::~~

.6. ~~~(~l~I~~h~:~;:!~t~::::.::t:I~~;iU;i fi:~~';


'7. Wt>l-elbnk ... _Theblilke!everi.Ii"edon,hecon,rol ""lumn'pld.grip.ndlc"chfo,,.,.iningi,inlhcon po.i'ion fo, parking i. fiued below 'he !eve. pim!. A ,riplc p,_u,e g.uge(.s), .howing ,he." pR~ures i.n 'he pneum"ic .y"~m cylinders lod ., .ach b,.ke, ,. mounted On ,h~ ;n.,,,,ment panei.

,8. Fl)"ingc011'roblo.:ki .. SS ••• ·-T"·o.'ruto • ..,.'owedon 'he right_hand',;<J<, of the cockpit .ft of 'he oea •. The longe' lI",t ond thearm.ulchcd to;1 lock the ron,rnl roJumnlo,heaeotlndlothe ... ,bolrdda,umlo"gernn. and ,he.hor1C'""". luached to 'he n,he. "rut h}' a cable. loeb the rudder pedol •. The con,rnI •• hGIIld be lochdwi,htheoellini'shigh .. tpoo;,ion.


'9. lbraUJe._The,hroulel,,,·er(13);·v,ed.t,hec!imbing booi,;cn. Thor. i •• frie,inn .dju .. e, (1') on 'he aid. ofth. quodrsnt. The tni"lUre control ~,u'Qm.,ic and thor. i. no pilo,'.con"ol lever.


(i) On •• rly .i,c .. f, the .peed control lover (35) on tho inbo.,d.ideolth.thwtdeq".,lrtnt",rie.thcgo,·cmcd r.p.m.I",mj,occdawntQ ',800

(ii) On loto, ,ire"'(t Ihe propeller opted "."n"ol i. inl~rconnec,.d wifl1 the ,hrOltl. control. The Ln'C,-oonnecl1on i,effocted b}"al"v"r,.imilarto,henorm.l.poedcontro] lever, which i,kno"".othcoy,,,id,,1c>·er. Whcnthi, i. pulled h •• k.o fht ",op in the 'J".drnnl (Ihe AUTO r\clATlC;On) ,ho ,.p.m. nre ""o,rolled b)" th< po.itioning of ,he th'Ollle le,·or. When puslu:J fully forn· .. d LO II,. ~1.~X. R.P.M. po,ilion it Q"crridc' the int."",nncotion de"iet .nd r.p.m •• , •• h<n go'·.med 3\ 3,000. The O\'"r,id~ lo".r can he used in the .. mewBy •• ,heeon,·cnllonoJpropeller.peedeon,rol le"er '0 enable 'hc pilot 10 Stlec, higher r.p.m. th.antho,c given by th~ in"'rwnntaion.

I! must bo: remembe,ed 'hot the interconnection is effected cnly when 'he o"erride lev« i. pulled 'n

th •• top in ,h.qu.d,..n,; indi",rimin ... u.e 01 the leve. in any pooition fon. .. rd of,hi •• ,ap will inc, ... e fuel ""nsumptionconoid"rably.

A,lo.,...lti,ud •• (Rnd.,altitud .. juot.bove,h"Olwhich high gtar it ou,omo"ClJly engog<'d).h conflpc.nding r.p.m. far a given boost wi,h .he override lever oet to AUTOMATIC arc .. follcw.:

noo" (lh.I''1';~')

Below +J •. 800--',850

AI +7 .. .. Z,Z7O-2,370

A, +lz(",.heg"") .• ~,800-2,900

,o.,+,8(.hronlerullyopen).. .. 3,<><>0-3,050

(iii) A friction d.mpingron,rol (46) io lined cn the inbo ... d .id" of 'he ,hrottle quadran,.

21. Supen:ba'1lcrconlrolil._The,,,·o·opeed,wo_ ... S"su!"'._ cborger 'U!oml1;Cllly ch'''ga 10 high ge.,. at .bout fcot (14,000 fccI on Me,lin 66 and ",000 feet on Merlin 166 in ... lhrtiono) On 'he dimb and back to low gc.,.atabou, 'll.ooof •• t(l2,soofeetcn Merlin 66 and 10,000 f""t on Me,lin a66 inltall.ticnl)on the dacem. AnoH:"idc switch i.liueclon 'he inl!",men, pa"el by "'~.". 01 wbich low g"" may bc .decled .t any hoigh. Th",~ i. a pu.hbunon (41) <>n 'he olc."i",1 p.nd for te.,ing ,he ge.rchange 00 Ih"ground,and"'I:d light (IJ) on ,h. inatrumon, p"nd com •• on when high_gear i.cng.ged. on Ihogroundcrin Hight.

u. !~::;:~~I:~Q~~~I':::;~i-~.~h~~~~' ,:",';: .. ~~:;; ~:.;':~~

pu.hbulton ('5) ,,'spr;ngou!, it may b. reOe, manu.Uy to .11ow the ,uperch.rg.r to re",rn 10 high g •• r: i, will,

~~~~~:~' ~n!~r~~ .• in in if the e""rge tempera",re ha.

23. Rad;~lor flop ~on'rol._The ,.di.,or lI.po ar<: fully o,,'c",a,i •• ncl,hc,.,i,norn"nu"lromroI.Apu.hbullon(4') furt"'ing,heradialMthpsi.on,heeleotriCllpanel

24. Slo .. _running.ul_'m'(J\.I~rUn6Iand63ill'ltall.t",ll'Ionly). -The control on the "".burcttor il operated by pulling th. ring 1.37) below the left-hond lideoflh.;n"rumen' p.ncl.


25. Idle ~ul-<lffCODfrol(Mcrlln 66, 7G .... 166 install"fiollS only)._The idle cut·off volve on Bendix-Stromberg carbureuo,," i. operated by moving the ohon lever on tlu:throulequadrantthroughtbesatr.tolnefully.ft poIinon. On e .. ly Stromberg carbu"mor ,-..II.I'ons .hitleverionotfiUed.bultnecu •• olfnlveitop.,. .. tedby Ihe ,ing(37) which on Olher .,rcnftopenlteo the.l",,running cut_Out.

Non-The ,die CtI.-off control must be in the fully .fl po3irion, orcul_olf poStion •• tall times when a boosterpumpilonandtneengi ... itnotronningi ooherlrioe,fuc:I .. 'iU be injectcd intll the.uperchar_ ger a, high prtslU~ and ,hor. will be. in COn_ oequonce, ... riou. rUk of Ii..,.

~6. C .......... norairint.hfiltercontrol.

9n tropieoJi .. d .ircrafl thecubureunr .;rin",kefilte, <:<>ntrol on ,be left-hand 'ideof,hecockpi'haztwo pooitiano OPEN and CLOSED (NOR1'>IAL INTAKE and FILTER IN OPER,\TION on I.ter lircrart). The CLOSED (or FILTER IN OPERATION) p",itioo mU8t beu.ed far 011 ground running. I •• c-offand laoding and when ilying in s.ndyardu.t_lndcnrooditions. NOT1!.-(illntheairitmaybene"", ... ,yto,..,duce.peed

10201l m.p.h. T.A.S.or tc", bcfore the filter ""ntrollcv.r •• nbeope,.tod

(iil 'l'hcfitter."ntrott"v~r",utt.t"'.y.b.moved alowly.

27. Cylindor priming pump.-A hend.operated pump (48) for priming th.engino il lil\od bcl\lwthe,ighl_hand.idc oftbeinet,umcntp""d,

z8. ljplltl ..... s .. ll~h., .nd lIIarler b~ttOflS.-The ignition .witch .. (1) o",on tholeft·hund ,id. of the instrument pandondlheboo"cr-coil(n)."dlheengine.uortor(zl) puohbuttan. immedi.l<:ly belaw ;t. E •• h pll8hbuttan it cover.dby ... fely,hield.

2<). Gf'OIlDd hllllery Sl.rtU.g.- The "",kel far Slaning from anexlemallupplyi.maunled onlhe.t.lrboltd engine beaK'.


la. C,":"pll door._Th. CO(:kpil door i, fitted with a two_ p,,,,,tian. calch which lllow, it 10 be plttlyopened,thua pTOventmglhc,lidinghood,romcomiogfarwardinthe

;~~:t:~ :;,:~o~~:":!i:~~~:~ t~'e :i~t ~:!"'::

'hao when 00 the grouod.

Non-On aircraft· with "", ... -drop" hooda, the twopDlilioocalchlhOllldnmbeUl<'ld.


(i) _Oo later Mk. IX Ind XVI.ircnh the "«:ar_drup" hood II opened andclOK<i by. crank hl.ndle mounted 00 the right-hand cockpil wan. above the undcl'ClrrUgc odector lever. Th. handle mUll be pulled inwarda before it can be rotated. The hood may be locked in any inwmediol<: pooitiooby,..,le .. inglhccrankluondlewbichtheoellpg .. With thelocl.iogralchet

(ii)l'rom oUl$id •• he cockpit Ihehood maybe opened alld cI_dby hand provided the puahbutlOn below the otllr_ boardhoodntiliahelddep",tted,

(iii) The hood maybeje"itoned in emergency( ... p:on. S9)

3~· ~~~i:~':;;~ ~~·I:;·:?~~~~.~~::7.!rc;b:e,:!

handle (l9) to Iheldloflh. pilal'l ICIII it pulled up""rds. On 'o",c .ircr~fl a p,..,·..,leclor control (J8) i. mounted .bavethcopcntlingh.ndle.

A,. »vUlICHION 'S6SJ. P &; L-P.N Pi/o/'sNa/"


33. M .... V ....... lof'ltef ... IS)'SI~'"

NoTt.-b«l',fot.pecialoper:auoll$" di ... "'e.d by the IpptOpri.,c At .. Comm.nMt, 1m, _r l .. nh"'''''nollKuoed.ndlheit""",u.hould~ wi ... d OFF.. On .itcnft wilh ""'''' ,~.w" fuse_ l'geslheymu1Inolbeu .. d.

(i).IJliIMrtI4ld'oPID" SIMtI.b"eogine,worrnup,tuyondl •• c:_o/ -IIIJlU: I.btn, •• 2,000 ft., ch.nse 10 Ihe rc:atfu .. lage tanh (,urningolf.hernoinlank,,,,,,,,kafle, 'he chlnge h .. been nude).nddroin .hem: Ihen ,evert 10 Ih. m~iJllaou.

(ii) W ...... filltd",;l~ a drop ,ank

(a) W;I~Qul"a'!u"'ag'I"nks:SI.rt'heengjn.,WlIrrnup, l'nyand,akc_olfonlhemoinunk.l;lhenI12,e>ooft.lum ON.hedtop lanlt.nd lurn OFF t/l. rnaill ,"ob cock Whcn Ihe fuel prouu ... w.rning tigh.eomCll on, or the ~gine ttltl, 'U(II OFF ,h. dropl""k cocklnd re .. lcc, the main tank •. (Sec Note (i) below.)

(h) Wi,h rra'fustiuK'lallk., S,art thccnginc,warrn up, tuy.ndt.kc_olfonthtrn.i" tank';lhcn,U'2,Ooof, 10 the r •• cfueelagc ",nk •• nd continue Ul u,.fucl fromthern onty 30g.lton •. Tum ON ,he drop tonk (turning OFF the rClr fu .. tlgc ,ankocotk •• ~nm.dc).ncld init,thonth.ngc

back to the ceocfuoellgelank •• nd d inthorn. R"'ertro

the ma;n IlIJlk •.

NOTE.- (i) When il i •• "enliat to u..,all thcfuel from the drop tank , .. cock muot be tumed OFF and Ihe Ihroulcclosed immediotely the enginecut.o;I f ... hunk.hould.henlK..,lec'w


J!ART II_HANDLING "'itJ,o"tdelly,Thebooolerpumpinthenewly .. leCled link ,hould b •• wilched ON. or ,h. hand wobble pump Op"n.ed, to aui .. the engine '0 pick'up bu' in addilioh to ,hi. ilm.ybeneceatory,owindmilllhc.ngine.t highr.p ..... lo<'ntu"'.n.dequltefu.l.upply.

(ii) Drop tank •• hould only bejonooned a nceeQ.o.ry op"n..;onolly. If I drop tanki. j.,u.oned bef9,e il i. emply a fr .. h Ulnk ahould be ",rned ON before the drop IIUlk coclt. a.umed OFF.

{iii)AIn<>limernu ••• hedroPUlnkcoclt.lndlhe rnrfulClage,ank.lcockbeon~hcror fuel from ,be ",at flllela,. lanD will drain in,o,hedrop'lnklincclheconn«tionfrnm .h ... tlnkljoinl,hedrop'.okconne.,ion belowlhe non-rcluro vol",.

(iy) The drop taokcoc:k mualllwlytlK olf when the .lIJlk h .. been jeuiooned o~ ;. cmply, otherwise .ir may·be dnwn into Ih. nWn fucll)'ltemthulC1luliogenginecuning.

(iii) Uu oj I/:. h""'I,;p"",p(.)

(a) The ",ain tank> bootte, pump ahould be IW;IChed ON fortakc-"ffandt.ndingand.t.Hlimclwh.nth ... ,ank. .rein uoein Hight.

(h) The rcar fUlelas. t.nk. boo.,.r pump .hould be awitch"dONo'oH'imClwhcnchlngingto,oru.ingfue] frorn"h ... ,.ok.

)4. Pnliminarles

(iJCh.,.k Ihl' th. undercarrilge Iclte,or lever;1 down; Iwitch On indica.o. Ind &ce 'hit DOWN Ihows green. (;i)Checlt; Ihec:qnt.nllo(lhe(uel.llnU. If fitted with luxiliary .. nk(.)chtek thai corresponding C<>ck(.) are OFF (iii)Tes'lheopenlionoflheflyingconlrolsand,djuJllhe rudderpedll.forequlll.ngth.


(iv) On aircraft with &nJi~-Stromberg carbur.tto .... nlun: u.otth. idl. cut-off «Introl i. in the fully aff p08ition, 0, cut-offpooition( ... p ...... lS).th.nch.ckth.opcrationof thebooot.rpump{·lbyoound.

]5. Startlar: 11K ""lIDo oll<l .... tJIliq up (Aircraft M.rlin6, or6J.ngin .. )


(ii) Tgnilionlwilchea •.

Throttle.. ., .. ?<'d",nIlOII.v.r>

CarburetlOrairin,ahliher «In.roJ Fully forward AUTO. NORMAL POSITION

CLOSED or FfL TER IN OPERATION ( ... p ..... ~6)

(iii)lfan.x •• rnalprimingconn.ctionilfitte<l.high."latility fuel (S.or .. ref. J4A/III).hould be ulCd for priming at tempe .... 'u .... Work.he Ki_gu. priming pump until the fuel rt;ache. thc priming no .. l .. ;.hi.may bcjudgcd by •• uddon incrcuc in rail'an"".

(iv) S",itchON ,h. igni,ionand pre .. u.cotartcrond booa,ercoil buttans. Tumingperiod. mull notnttedzo"condo, with a30oecond,woi. bctwe.n.ach. Wark.h.priming pump •• rapidlyondvigoroully •• poooiblewhile,heen_ gine i. !J<,ing 'urocd; it should .tort .fterthe following nUmb.TOf.trol". if cold'

Air temperotur.·C. +30 +.0 +'0 ° -10 -'0

Nnrm.lfuel J... i U - -

HIgh volatility fuel - _ - i 8 18

(v) At temp .... tur •• bclow freezing it wil!prob.bly bcnecco· .. ry.o conlinue priming ofler lhe ~ngine hao Ii",d and it pick. upon lhe c.rbureuor.

(vi) Rele ... the .tarlo,bul!onao lOOn .. 'he eng;n.~lartl, and .. """na"h.engineil",nning .. ,i,factorilyr.l""oethc boo.te,·coil huuon Ind ocrewdown the priming pump. (vii) Open up Ilowly '0 ',000.0 1.2oor.p.m .• theowannupal thi •• p«d.


36. StArtblr lite ullin. ud I'I'1InalaK up (Aircraft with Merlin 66. 700r 166 engineo)

(i) Se,.h. tuel «IU

(ii)lgnition.wi.cheo Throttle

OFF lin.-,in.upen

PmpeUerBp«d conlml (or ov.Tridellever. Idlecu'-<lffcon.roJ ..

Fullyforwatd FuUy.f,


CarbU"'t\or air inl>Oke fihcr CLOSED o. FILTER

con.rol IN OPERATION (tee p"",.26)

(iii) Swi,eh ON .he main ,anb boos •• r pump for )0 oecond. (o,op'ra'. tbe hand wobble pump foru..tperiod).h.n .witch i. OFF and Ie, .h. idle cut-olf control forward to the RUN pooi'i"n

NOT··-~n;h~~:~"be~:~o:':':~~~hii: ~~:: h: ~~

(i .•.• in 'he cut-olf po.i!ioo) while the boo5tcr pump i, ON Or the h.n<l wobble pump i. being ~,d

(i~) An ex,ernol priming conn.ction i. fitted and high vola'ilityfuel(Slor •• Rcf·3+,i",).houldbcu""dfor priming .t tempera.ure. below fr.e~ing. Ope""" the priming pump un,il fuel reach •• ,h. priming nuz.I •• (thi.may bcjud~.<1 by a .odden inc""ae in resill.nce to the plunger) ,h.n p,;me the engine (if i\ i,cold) with th. following numberofotroke.

Ai"emperotu",·C. +30 +.0 +'" 0 -10 _.20 Norm.lluol 3 4 "1 - -

Highvclatili,yfuel - __ 4 8 ,8

(v) Switch ON lhcigni,ion'nd p .... ,h."""crandboolteT_ coilpu,hbu!lon •.

(vi)Whenthcenginc§reir.I .... 'h •• l>On~rbutton;h.p'h.

~~~e(;r'~q~:';)JI~~~=:n;~n~ :pe:"~:;:';:7~~:'


("ii) Screw do,,·o ,he pnmingpnmp 'hen open up g"'dually IOI,aoo-l,.oor.p.m.and" ... rmupat,hil.peed.

(viiil Ch""k th.'lh~ fuel pr=ur. ""lUlling ligh. ~ nOt COme On then '''-;I~h ON the main tonks ~'"' pump (if Atted).

J7. TtsUII&tMt"lli""l.Ddscnices .. hll~ ... radngup (i}Chcdolltemp"",turcsandpreuuraondtheop.rationof thell_po.

(;i)Preutne ",diatorH.po teot pu.hbutton and h.". the ground crew check tnat the fl.p. open

(iii)"e.t •• ch m.gneto in turn as. precaulionorydulck befure incr" •• ingpow.rfunhrr.

(iv) Ifadrop .. nk i.carnedchecl: the ftow of fuel from i, by running on it for at l"",,'one minute.

Aft" wa,,,,ing ~p '0 ,,' Ira,t 's'c. (";II_p"a/u .. ) and 6o·C.(c""'.nl","p"t~T<),

(,·)Op<n up '0 ° lb./sq.;n. boost ond exorcilcand ched the operation ~fthet"O-'pr<d t"'o-&to8".up"r<h.~r by pr ... ing;nandhaldingthe' .... p ... hbutton.Boootlhoul-1 rise oIightly and the ~d warning light .houlcl come on when h\gh &'O',i •• ngaged. R.l ...... h.p ... hbutton.ftcr 30lCCOnds.

(v;) At the umc bOGa', exercise (at le .. t twice).nd check the oper.tion of the con .... m .~po<d pr<>pd~er by moving tho ap •• deontroll.,·.rovorit.fullgo""m"'grnnge.R.,urn thelo"trfullyforw.rd.Ch«klhatthegc""rging thc.ceumula,orby"otlngth., the powcr r.ilure warning liihti.ou'

(v;i)TClt each m.gneto in turn: if the .ingl. ignition drop .. c.ed. 1;0 r.p.m., thl: ignition .lIould be checked .. highorpowu_ •• ub. p."'. (ix) below

NOTE.-T ..... JolkmUtg fu/Lfiti"""I~h"lut.ltowld~rs"iLd ""t sJIn" rtpaiF, i~'f>'<tia~ <>I1r~, 11r,,~ daily, u:1r,~ tlul ""ll. ;pitron d,"f' al ° Ih./.q.i~. iH>osl ,"""ud, tSC r.p.m., '" "I <nry h·"" 01 ,''''' d, ..... .,io" oflk. pikJl. Wlutl I ....... ~~ulu .... ~fQTmtJ Ih. 1",·/ oj Ihtai,"'aflmJislk''''''.lyln, ..... dd'''''''.

PART [[_HANDLING ("iii)Open'h.throttle'othetak.-off~lIing.nd ~heckboost and.totier.p.m

(iK) Thmttle back until r.p.m. fall jU5' below the take-ofl" Agur. {thu. en.unng that th. prop"lIeriinotCORlltant 'p".ding) then t •• t ea<h magntlo in rurn. Hlh.''''gl. igniliondrop.~ceedsI5or.p.m.theair<nftlhoulclno\be lIo,,"n.

(:.)Wh.r •• ppliC"Jble (sec para. zc) throltl. bad to +3 Ib./ hoool and 5." the .,,· .. ride lev .. to AUTO_ tl-IAT1C; r.p.m .• hould f.ll"1o ),800--),850. Return the leverlo MAX. R.P.M.

(.i) Bdoret.xyingcheckthebrakepre .. ure(Solh./ 'he pneum"\ic lupply p",,",ure {'20 Ib.!lq.;n.)

38. Chetkllstbodore'altMlff



t div.nooe Neu,ral ..

clown down

""l1yrigh, Fully right Fullyrigh.

P-Propcll~,ronlt1Si Speed"ontrol("rQverrid~)I.v.r


~1ain t.nks co~k_ON

Drop unk cock_OFr Rearfusdago I.nk. <:uck-OFF Main unks bOOMer pump-ON


Suptrch.l"gt'r Switch-AUTO_NORMAL


Red light out

Carbur.ttor air CLOSED Or FILTER IN filter ron"ol OPERATION ( ... , para .• 6)


39. Tllke-olf

(i)At\"';ning.ndnannalloads +71b.{ 10 +91b.{oq. in. boot\;,ouffici""tfortake--off.Aftcrtale-off,however, boott,houldl>eincre>oed(whereapplj_co.ble)tO+'3Ib.{ .. dfoulingoflhe .p.rkingplugs.

(iilThe,.., io• tendency ""wing 1o the lel'l but thio can cali1y bech.ded with the rudder.

(iiijWhenthe,..,.rfuaelage1onkoar.fuUthcaircnftpitch .. on bec:oming .irhom. and it i. rtc:ommended that the no, be re,ncted,nor th •• liding h<.>Odcl"'ed,un\'af.'le .. tlecf~th'lbeen r •• ched

(iv)Aft.rretncUngtheundercarriagei,ia_enl;allocbeck th., \he r.d woming1ight oom .. on,.ince ifth. under_ carri',01ock UP the airllow througb the ndi.ton and oil coaluwill be much reduced and uceNiv. tempcratU"'l wiU "'Iult.

No-n.-It"",y be necesuryto hold theundcrcarriag. .. lector lever bud forw.rd.gainl\th.qu.dratlt,m .. on.

(v) If interconnected thtottlc and propell.r ..,ntmb.,.., fin.d move the override lever smoothly bod to AUTOMATIC wh.n comfortably.irbome.

(vi) Aft.r tale_off II<lmO di=:tion.l rctrimming will b. nec......,..

(vii)Unl ... operating in .andy or dUM-l.den condition. oct th. <:arbureltar .ir in1ok. filt.r contralto OPEN (or NORMAL INTAKE).t 1,<><><> ft

+D. Clllllbl"t

At.1I the recommcnd~d.climbiog 'peed ... 8e m.p.h.(.ss k .. )I.A.5. from .... lcv.l to openuing hcight. Non.-(;) with the aupcn:hatgec ,wi",h .t AUTO,

hiJ!hgeui.enga~aulom.tic:aJlywhenthe .ircrahrtacll .... prcdctemtinedbei,ht(occ: pa","u). T!tis i. the optimum height for the gear change if full combal power ill being

.... d. but if no",,"! climbing power (2,850 r.p.m. + ulb.{.q .• n. boottl" beiog used the muimum ...... of climb ill obteined by d.l.ying the g<2f chang. unlil the booot in lowgeuhaofallenta+8Ib.{

Th;..i •• clti .... edbyl ... vinglbc.uperdterger IwitchatMSuntiltheboosth .. r.llentolhio figure.

(H)Uoc of th •• ir intake filter reduc .. 'ho full throttlohoightconsiderably.

'fl. Gutl"llflylng


(g) At light laid (no fuol in the rMe fu""l'g.,.nks, no droptonkj.t.bility.boutallax.,.i ••• ti,f.ctorylndtoe .in;raft i .... y and pleuant to f!y.

(b) When tn. relr fuaclagc tanh arc full there i •• ".ry marked reduction in long;tudinal stability. the ai", ... fl tight.ns;ntumillallaltirud ....... d,in thio condition, .. restricted \ootBight flying, .nd only gt'nt!o m."a:IIVI"eO, lc:t:Unll. trimming "nOI possibl. and i""trument!lying Iho"ldbeavoided ... bcn ..... rpcosibl •.

«)Wh.n 19C-gsllon drnpt.anki.C:l.rri<"d in addition 10 full fuel in th. rear fu .. l.g.tanks the.ircraft become. OItrcmcJydifficuh and tiring to Ry.nd in thi.condition i,rc.trict.dtootraigb,flyingandonlysontlcm'n",,,v,e. at low ahitud ...

(d) On .ircroft which have ··r •• rvi.w·· fuoelag ... there i~ • reduction in directional nobility on ,hot the "pplici' tlOn of yow promot .. marked chong •• of l.,er.1 .nd longitudinol trim. Thi,chancter;",ic is more pronounced athigh.ltitud ..

(e)When9C(or 170) g.Jloo drop camed on Iheoc.ircnft, they arc r<:stricted to OI"'ight !lying and gt'ntlemana:uvresooly.


Th.e1.vatorlnd ruddcr uimrning ... bo or. po .... rful and .. ",,;tiv •• ndmust.l" ... ysbeuscdwi.hcarc, particularly .thigh.peed.


(iii)ChlJngu oflri",

Undemorriog.up N_up

Undorcamag<down N"""down

A.poup., N"""up

F1.p"do,,'n, Strongty n""" down

There are marked ch..,ges of directional trim with ch.nge ofpower.ndspeed,Th"",,.houldbecounttred byaccu. ,.teu."of,hcrudderlrimming,ahcon,rol. Th.firingofoalv08ofRjP',.upchongeof trim: ,hi, chang. of trim i. moot m.rked wh.n 'he we.pono a," fired in level flighl al .• bout JOO m.p.h. (~58 kto) lAS,

(iv) Fl>';nl at ,.du.<dIJ;rsp"din~ndil;~m QfpIXJrf);rihi/o"ty.

Reduce .p".d to ,60 m.p.h. (,~o kll) LA.,9., lower Ih. Hap" and '0' the propeller .peed control (or o\'erride) lever '0 give2,6so,.p.m,; open th •• liding hood. 5peed m.y th"n be reduced to '40 m,p:h. (aokto) l.-A.S

.... 51.mlll

(i)Tbe sllllling speed" ong;ne "off", in m.p.h. (knoll) l.A.S .• r.


A'tniningi<ood A,,,,,,,,,,.!full A, ",..imurn

;:::'=.m=~ ::1o(,ff~lm'::'~ ~':dd~~r:.: :,~":j;,~;:I~~ ";~;~~t~~ ~~~~:~~~

;~o,;~)';:~'o!~ "'b~.~~~:::

'."') S.700 Ib

Un~''''"ri'8' ."dA.".up u"".,.,.rtilIg< .,,,1 fl.". d~wn

93(80) 80(69)'K-ido", ... ";,,,,"/_u.,to

Und<rcarrio"" g'(SJ) QI!(8s) "S-"7(' __ '~')

,,><I H.p, up

u"", ... ",n-lap Sa--8j.(7J-711 UJd ftopo down

The.peed •• hoveapply ,oaircnft which h.,·c " dipped " w'ngo. On .iJcraft with" Full 'p"n " wingo Ib""" >peed, .r. ,educed (at all loads by some 3-6 m.p.h. (O,ktl) I.A.S.


(ii)W.'ningof'he.pproacnof .... Ui.giv.nhy,.ilbulf.,. ing, the onsrl of which can be felt·.."". "'m.p.h. (9 ktol l.A.S. befo""h •• taU iuelf.Althe ... Ueithcrw;ngand 'he n""" drop g<ntly, Reco'""ry i. Itnigh'forwud and u.y. If,h'conlrolcolumni,heldbaclta''holl.II'ailbuffc'ing becom .. very pJonouDced and the wing drop;" mo,e marked

NOT~.-On L.F. Mk. XVI .;refllf, w.rning of,lh. op_ p,olchofa.talli,no,..,dear:, 'ail buff cling can be fclt.ome, m_p.h. (ork'") LA,S. before the.talloc<:uro

(jii) When 'he ,e., fU''anksaro fuli therei,,,n increaling ,endcncyforth"nosetor"", .. th •• talli •• pp,o.ched,Thi. ""If •• talling lendency must be checked by Ann forword mov"m"ntof,hecohtrol""lumn.

(ivjWarningof'h •• pproachof •• tallin ..... pturn;'giv.n bypronoun«:dtailbuffeting{andonF.Mk.XVllircraf,by hood rattling). Ifth.""""le ... ,ioo;"then inc,e ... d 'he .ircraftwill,iogeoenl,ftickoutofthotum.

U Splnnllll (ijSpinningi.permiaed,but,hel060ofh.igh,involvedin recovery m.y be very grea' .ndth. following lio,i1l.,e '<>beob$e,,'ed'

(a) Spin!.r. nOI to bc.tarted bel"w '0,000 f ...

(b) Reoovery must be initiated bofor. two ,urne >ce completed.

(;i'A~pecdof 'So m.p.h. (tS6kls) I.A.S .• hould be .".ined befor.,tlrting,oe.,.."utof,heteaultantdh· •. (iii)5pinning i. not pemtit~d whcnft, .. d wilh • <Irap '.nk, wh.nco'rying' homblo.d, Of "'i,h.ny fuol in thor." fu .. t.gctank.

4+ Olrln,

{i)A' 'n;ning load •• he .ircraft bccom," inere .. insly",;l heavy ... peed i.pinod ~nd should, 'hcrdorc, bclrimmed into ,h. d;'·e. Tbe tendency to yaw ,otb. rightlhould bccorrected b)' aero .... ,. u .. oflhe rudder 'rimming t.b controL


(ii)Whell canying wing bomb. the angle of dive mu" 1101 e%=d6cD;wbencanying~fuoeJagcbomblh •• ngl.of di""muatl>Ote>:.Cttd....,D.

NOTII.-Until the =r fuoeJage tank. contain 1_ than ]0 gallon. offuel.he ai"' .... r' io rn.rictcdto .traight Bigh. and only gentle ma",,",UTrei.

"5. AerobltiQ

(i)Aeroboticooreootpermittedwh.ncorryingonyextcmal .lor"("",,"pllhe30_gallon "bli ... r" drupt.nk) nor whenthe,.arfusdagetankBconlainmorethon3ogl11on. of fuel, "nd ",.. ~al r,<o",m,"d,d wA," rhe r<'" just/ag, lank, "'"lain a~yfu<1

(ii) The following minimum 'pee"';n m.p.h. (kllole) I.A.S Ire recommended:

Loop.. 3"" (~6c)

Roll .. '. 240 (~<>6)

Half_roll off loop 340 (~9S)

Climbing roll .. 330(286)

(iii) Flid manO<UVrei are no. pennitted 46. Cbftklist bdoubnding

(i) Reduoe.pecd 10 [60 m.p.h. ('38 kt.) LA.S., open the Ilidinghoodandcheck:

U-Undert8rrilgc .. P-Prop.n.rcontrnl


Spud control (or over_ ride) lever set .0 give

2,650 r.p.m._fully for_ woruonthefinol,pproach

Supercharger.. .. Red light out

C.rbutettor.irintake~l_ CLOSED (0' FILTER '.rcontrol IN OPERATION}-"e


1I.1.;n tanh cock ON 1I.1.intanktboollerpump {if fitt~d}-ON


(ii)Ch«kbraUpfC3Su""(80lb./}.ndpn~umolic.upply p",,"u,. (~~o lb./sq.;n.).

Non._The rate of undcrrorrilg<' lowering i. much reduced at low r.p.m


PART II-HANDLING 41· Approaclllllldl ... diflg

(i) ThcrecommendcdfinaJ.pproo"b.peeds'inm.p.h.(knOIll) 1.A.S.or<:

A. training load (full main tanb,n"ammuni,ionoru_ temal •• ora.) 1,'50 lb.

(")Ai,,,nf,without "rear_vi","" f!lUlag ••

E~gi"'QrtiJl<d Glid,

Flap" down. 95 (8~) ,cS (90)

Fl.psup [OS (9<') "0(95)

(b) A,,,,rdt with . rear.view"fulelage.

Engin,arrillrd 100-·°5

(Sl>-9o) 1'5(''''')

Flap. clown

1 '5-'~0 (,co-tO~) ,"o-uS (,0~-'o8)

'Theae arc the .pee .... t which the airfield boundary;' croued; tlteinitial.traight Ipproachihollld,howevor, be made.t •• peed .0-:1.5 m.p.h. ('7-" kill) I.A.S .• bove .heacligures.

NOT ... -Th •• peeds above apply to .i",,,,ft which h."" "cl;pped "wings; on aircra!t with "(ull'p.n" ·Ring. they may be .. fely reduc<"<l by 5 m.p.h. (orkle)I.A.S.

(ii) Should it bc neceo .. ry in emerg.ncy to land with (u.ellge tank •• till containing all their fuel the final engine- ... i.tedapproach.pec"'givenill (i).bnve,houJd be incr ••• ed by '0-[5 m.p.h. (9-13 .tA) l.A.S. The tendency f""he nose '0 riseofitsown.""ord.t lhe""mw'bew.\ched(seepara ... ~(;;;»: tho thronle .hould be d01i.d only when OOntact "'ith the ground i. made.

(iii) Tile aircraft i. nose-heavy on the ground; 'he bnk .. , therefore, mu .. be uscd carefully On landing.

Flop. up

..s. MbiandJag (i)Atnonn.ll""d.theaireraf."illclimba,,·.yeaailywith.hc under«rriagc.ndll.psdDwlI.ndthe"".offul!ta .... _Dtf poweri,unne« ... ry.


(ii) Open the 'hrattle " •• dilylo ginth. required booo, (iii) Retnet. Tho undercarriage immediately.

(iv) With ,h. ft.", down climb", about 'i" m.p.h. I.A.S (v) R.i"'lh.~,p"IJDCrt ... ndn!lrim.

4'}. BHmlpproKb

\ndi",n<d Down 10


,_.~ I ".

R.P.M. .,610 •• 650 I

- I


1 R<d"c<.p«o to ,!.om.p .•. (1)8 ku) I OVER~OOT

l.A.S. I><fOf< low.rin~ I~. "nd,,_ Op"" lh<th"'''I'lOgf".

cam.,... +? Ib./ boo ...

• Wi,h II>< ov."id. levu" MAX. Ibi .. ,h. und • ..,..,.;. •• !I..P.M .• ,.p.m. ","y'" ).000-).010 "Mddi",b" 'lom.p .•

( .... p ..... o) (11.k .. )I.A.S.

~7]:¥'~~~~~';i~~~! :~"":~~PO")~ It

PART ll-HANDLING ,0. Mlerlanding


R.ioe,h. Aop •• nd .witch OFF the tank. booster pump (iffin.d).


(a) Open up 10 0 boon .nd uo"';"" th. Iwo.pad two-o!>ge .upen:ho~ronce (..,., p .... 15 (>'». (~)Thronl.b.cltllowly.o8<>0-900r.p.m .• ndidl •••• hi. 5pccdfar.f(!WoecondllhenSt0plh •• ng;nebyopentting"conlro!. «)Wb.n.h.propeller hu ",opped ro!>linglwilch OFF Iheignitionand.Uothereleetrical .. mcn. (d)TumOFF.hefu.1.

(iii)C;,JdiINli""(""A.P·~09S) Thecorn'Cldi)uI;onperiodaar. AI ai, .ompentlUra obove _'0' C. Atair.emper:alumthc:low -.o·C.





51. Enginedata:Merlias61,63,66,70.nd266 (i) Fu.I_,oe octane only. (ii)Oil-SeeA'P·'46i/C·37·

(iii) Th. prinoipaJ engine limitltion. Ire .. foUow.:



~t} >.850

r} ,.~o + 7 '°5("$) go>

r} ].000 +181 lJ5 lOS


"I'M~ .. i~ brock ... ;. p<rrru .. ibl~ lor alum r><riodo.

t ~~~~;':=""4""'fOi .• tot,,..,.,,.on,,,,, .. imum" • +,.Jb,/aq,in.ooM."in6T'nd6]eng;n ..

I +IS Ib./oq.;n.onM .. Jin6T oDd 61 ""P>«


.. 's'C.

(i)M=i"""",.pe.J,in ",_p.h. (k!rols) I_A.S.

Diving{".th""'El<ternal !ItOres),ror""'l"'ndingto" No.of·SS'

8~S.L.and"",ooof'·-iSO(385) ~0,<>OO&25,ooof,.-4Jo{37°) 2;,<>OO&3o,<>ooft·-3<JO(33S) 30,OOO&35,<><><>I •. -J40(~9·)

Jtbo.,o 35,<><><> 1 •• -)[0 (,6S)

Undercorriagedown -.60('.18)

Flap. clown -'('0 (lla)

Vi"ing (with the following e~tern"1 OIOrea)'

(a) With T )( Soolb,AN!Ms8bomb,

or r X 500 lb. AN/M 64 bomb, OrT X 500 lb. AN/M,6 oomb. orT X 6S nickelbombi\lk.lI

Bel<>w2o,<><><>ft.·-«O(378j (h)Witb. x;oolb.S_A-P_oomb ocSmokeoomb;\ B.l"w~5,"""Ft··-fOO(l-H) ee) With 10 lb. practice bomb Belo"·~5,,,,,,,,ft.·-~~ofloo) 'Abo,·. th."" heigh .. the limitations for the "dean" .irc,.ftopply.

(ii) Ma.rt"m"m w'wht, in Ib,.


m'n<ouvr<:O only.. Mk •. !X&XVI-8.700·


emergency) .. Mks.IX&XVT-7.4So


flying and Janding -'7.800

'At 'hi, weigTn taite-oil must be macle <>nl)' from a .mooth h.rdrunw1lY·


(a)R .. , fUIIClage tank. m"y be used only ,.-ith .pedal authority'ond n.,·.ron .i",rar,wi'h "",",view" IUiSe· I.g ••


(h)Aerubatico.nd comb.(m.n"'~vfn.renot""nnined whcn can:-;ng anyutemal stOttS (exrept the Jo-pllon "hli.te," type drop tank) nor whe .. the ",or fusda!:" moreth.n lO gallons of fuel (but "" p .....


(c) Whon a (90 Or 170)g.lIon drop t.nk Or a hOlnh l""d,tiedtheairc",f,i.r .. t,ict<dt".traightllying.and only genlle m''''''u'·rC •.

(d) When wing bombl.recartied in addition to. drop t.oko,fuselagc bomb, IOke_offmus, be only From •• moothhord ",,,w.y.

(.) Whencarriw,the90(or t7o)gaJ!on dropt.nk must be je"isunw before any dive bombing is commenred.

(f) The angle of d"·e whe .. , a bomb or lx,mb load ::.~:~ not ex"""d 60· for wing bomb. or +cO for. f""dage

(.!,)Excop'in.",.rgenc;· 'he F\lochge bot,,!> 0' drop .. nk ;;:~:~ he jelli...,ned bdor. landing with wing bomb.

(h)Drnp tan .... hould IlOthejettisuned unle .. ncressar)· "pt,,"io ... lIy.Whilejeni ... ning.'h •• irc .... ft.houldbe Hown stn.ighl.nd level.ta.peed not gre.,er than 300 m.p.h.L-I..S

(i) Except in ."'e'g~ .. ~y landing •• houldnot be .,,<mp,.d until the reor fu"d'ge t.nh,ontain less than log.llonso[ fuel. Should. la"ding b. "coo.sarywhen ,hcycont.ina gr".t« quantity o[fLld the drop 'ank (if ~lIed) .hould be jettisoned.

H. MIJf;mu"',.,rlo ..... "".

(i)Climbint (a)The,p."w.inm.p.h.(knou)formaJCimumnneofclimb

S •• l.vcJ to ft._I60 (l¥»l.A.S. ,6,oooft . .'0Jo,oooft·-'SO(llo) 3o,ooof,.toJJ.ooof,.-,+0(lu) J3,ooofl.to37,oooFt·-'30("') 37,oooft.IO+0,ooof'.-'1O(I04) Above4o,nooft. -tto( 95)

(b) Wilh (he s"ptreh''l!er .wileh" AUTO. high gcor i. .ng.!:"d."to ..... t;callywh.lI,he.ircraftreochCl.pre. dctcnnined height ( .. e pan. ~I). Thi. i. the optimu", hoight for 'he gear chan~c if full combat po\\' ... i. being uacd, but if norm.l dimbing power (2,850 r.r.n .. + .. lb."' boosl) i.boi"gua<:d 'he mnim\lm ,.tcuf dimb i. ob,ained by o.1elaying 'he g"'"ehangc untillhe boo .. in low gear h .. f.llcn to +8 Ib., Thisioachievw byl .. ,in8 ,he.upt«h'rg<'r.witch", MSuntiltheboooth>.f.llcntothi.ligu,e


Sot the .uperch.rgec Iwi,ch to AUTO and 0P'tn the thn)nlerully.

No'rs.c-On 'hose ai",roft which do no' have in,",con· nected throllie .nil propellor 000"01$ ,h. propeller.p .. ..r <:<>n,,,,l Joyer must be .d ... " .. d tothemoximum r.p.m. ""sitionbeForethcthru,!l. isoptnedFully

55 uonomicalH)ing (i)Climhinl

O. ,,;rC7a!t "at fittd ,,·ith int","nnttted thr!JII/' "n" prQP.//" <imlroi>

(a) So, ,ho supercharger swi'ch to MS, the pmpdle, .peed ""ntroll,,·e, to give ~,650 r.p.m. and climb a' ,~o

PART 11l-Ol'ERAT1NG DATA .p""dagivonin p"ra,H{i),openinglhtlhrottltprog""'_

• i,'dyto maintain. b<>OJI plUlure of +7 lb./

(b) Set th. luperchatgtr .witch to AUTO when tht . muimurn boo", in low gear is +3 lb./, Ihrottling back to prevcnlo .. rboootingaathtch.ngelO high gear is rnadt.

(ajSeI thc!ouperch.rgcrlwilch 10 MS. ott tho:throttlt 10 gi~+7Ib·/oq·in.boott.nddimb.tlhe.pctdsgiytnin pano.s.(i).

(bjAs heigh' is pined Ihc bootl wi.U foil and il "ill b., nc ..... '1'told .. n""Ihclhrol1Jeprogreosivtlyto r"'ore it. The throttJe mult nOl. nowever. bt..dvanotd beyond apositionalwhichr.p.m.ri""o',6So.!klthuupercllarger

• witch 10 AUTO wh.n, ., thi. throttl. ot,ting. the boost in low 8<ar .... fall.nlo +3Ib./"'

NOT •. -CIi'nbing ot tht .pecd. gi.en in paro. 54 (il will tnOurtgrcatcltrang.,bulfo.tallCofcontrol (c~ptciolly Q'. h~.vy. load. and with tht rear ru'.I"8~ tonk.! full of fud) u climbing specd of t80 m.p.h. ('55 kUl) 1.A.S. from se. levd to "p.r.ting height it recommended. The 10 .. of ra"gewillbeonly,ligh,.


The rccommtndeJ 'peed for maximum range i. '70 m.p.h. ('+7ku) I.A.S.ifth •• i...:nfli.lightlylold.d.At he.vyJoad •. e.poci.lly ifth .. fu..,I'ge unkoa .. fuU

thi.lpe<:d ean be 'nc d '0.00 m.p.h. ('p kt.) I.A.S.

withou\;ocumng rioulloaof ... nge.


o~ a;reMlt not jilloJ with ;nl,,<" I~M'IJ. and pr"p.l/.rconl'o/ • (D)Wilhthe.upl:roh.rger.w;tch.tMSfly.tthem""imumcbtllin.ble booIt(nOle~ceeding+ilb./ obl.inthe recomm.nded .peed by reducing r.p.m ...

NOTE.-(i)R.p.m Ihouldnot bc .... duc:cd below.minimum of ,,800. A, low Ihilud ... ,h"ref.,...,.i, may be n_rylO l"Cdu .. booI,o.tht recomm .. nded.poodwiUbt.e>:ceedfiJ.

(iijA.,h.boOotf.ll •• ,highaititudeoitwl!lnOl be pOOI,ble to",in Ih .. recommended .peed in low gear, e,'cn II muimum continnou ••. p.m. and full throttle. It wi1! ,hen hc!no",*"ry,o .. tthelupcn:harg""wi«h,,, AUTO. Roo., "'ill Ihu. be restore<! and il will be pOuible 10 .edue. •. p.m. again ("" outlin.din{d).bovo),

(iii) In both 101'1 and high g ..... r.p.m. ,..hien promolet"Qughrunning.houldbeavoided .

r::.t;~~afljill.d"'ilh;"'n"COftn.".dlhMIII.andpr.ptlJ~ Stttho.uperchargerlw;lchloMSand.djuotlhethrolt1e to obl>in 'ho ,"ctlmmendedlpeed. AvoiJ. throttl.setting which promot .. mugh running NOTE.-Atmnciera,c.nd l1igh .hitud •• il will be neces-

••• y to advoncc ,h. Ih"'ttleprogroo.ively to .e.torethe falling boost and thul the .ecommcndedSp<'.d.

Now •• thethrmtleilopened •. p,m.willinc,.., .. e and ota certain height the recommended .peed w;!! b. unobtoinablc c"en". throttle lOlling "'hichgic ..... 6Sor,p.m.Atthi.hcighttht.up<r_ eh'rge,.w;lch.hould be ott '0 AUTO ""d the thronlethen Idjulted .. be(Oreloml;ntlin the recommended.peed.


gal •. /hr

(i) NQF",~I lui ,~p~<i!y:


(ii) u,~g-'d~I'/~'lr""..ri';".

Withlog.Jlon··blisto,··dmptank.. r'5gallons WithHg.llon··blitt.,··drnpt:lnk .•..• logallo .... With90g.JJO .. ··blill.r··droptank .... 17S8.:1lon. With '70g.1km" blillc, "drop .. nk 'ssgallon. Wit~f"Cllrfu .. l.gct.nb

E.rlyainnft .. 16ogallon.

. IS,gallo ...

J',"'>T8._0n wm".irc",rt thc.c c.p.ciriCllar. inornsrd byrog.llon •.


~~:~:wa:,pro.i1n.t" fud c<lnaumptionl ( or. os

~~r;:):"i"'N," ( •• ob .. in.rJ >l +7 Ib./"'I.i ... b""" and


,-, Ib./sq.i"

,'{';o '.~"" 2.'00 '.000 I.SOO

r---+-,--I~'_-+--r-~ +< +,

~ '" .. " -
., " ,. "
.. " " ,; "
" " " ,. H
" " " " ,.
a 8sgall<>ns


R;,h "';.1"'"" (as obtained .bo'·. + 7Ib.! boo.t):

_. Ib./

R.p.m j.ooc 2.850

NoTt.-Thc .hove .pproxim>lC con.umption •• pply for .11 i\1oruor.ngin •. Aceu""e figure. gi,·ing the ,·.riotion in ronlump.ioll wi.h h.ight and .. bct .... cnlo, •.


Pil"'·,Na' ••


57- U ..... r<:arriage emut ..... y o~tioa

(i) Ifthe",lcaorle""rj.mslndcanool be mo,-ed.o,hefully down poo.ilion of"'r moving it out of the V'~. rttum i. to the fully fOrwllrd poo.ition fora few"C01Idsto taketh" .... ightofthe whulooffth. locking pins and allow them to tum f_I)·. 'hen mo •• i •• o .he DOWN position.

(ii) If. how •• er.lhelevcriojammed..,tb.til""nnot bemm'ed

• i.h.rfOT\l':lrdordo ... nll'ard.itcanbctt!c"""dbytaking the "'eight of the wh<'i'loolr the I<>cking pin. either by pushing 'he eon.rol eolumn forword 'harply Or in_ ,·.rting.he.irer.f,.'rh.I.,'erc.n.henbemovedtotbe DOWN p".i.ion

(iii) If'hc Icv.r'p,ingo into ,he g". and the;nclic"orshow. .hat the undere.triage i, not lock.d down. hold it fully down for a rew !e<ond., If ,hi. is notouccessful ... i"" and Ihen IQwer 'he

NOTK.-(a) The etnc,scncy lever rnust no. be returned to i •• originol position .nd no .ucmp'must be m.d. w ",i.e the undercarriage unlil the CO, eylindcr h .. bt<:n repl3ced.

(b)H 'he CO, eyl;nJcr hao bt<:n .",identally diocharged "'l!nlheoclectorlevorin tMUP position. Ihe unden:arriage will n<>1 lower unleuthepip"li""fromthecylinderiobrokon, either by hind Or by ""'""" of the crowbat.



(I) lfth. fiopa fail.oloworwh.n the control i. moved to the DOWNpooition.i,i'prob.blyduelo.I •• kinth.pipeHne. ",.ullIng in eomple .. lo .. ofairpreuure.nd CObsequen,b",k.f.ilur •.

(i;) AlI~rnati,·dy. if a luk developa;n 'he Ho", eontrol .yot.m th.H.p.willlow.r.bu'comple'eIOllor.,rpr .... urewiU follow Ind the brakes will become lOOp"rative. (In this a..oe I hi";ng ..,und may be heard in Ih. rockpit after .. I<-cling Aa ... DOWN.)

(ili)In either.,.... 'he Aa ... con.rollhould immediately be returned '0 the UP position in ord.r to a!low,uffici.n. presoure,o build up.'" ,h., a Jlnding can be m.dc wi,h ,hebrak"op"rati'" but withou.I! ....

NoTf..-iU. safesuard pilou should al"·.ys check .he pneumatic preasu,.supply .f,.r .. J~ting HIp' DOWN

59 Hoodjenisoning

Th. hood may bejeltilOncd in.n emerg.neyby pullIng the rubber knob ino.idc thcwpaflh. hood {orwardand

~:~:a~-t :i~: :~;ncl~;:,":!~g Ih. lOwer cdge of Ihe hood

WARI<INC._Befo,ejc\!illl)ningtne hood thc ••• t.hould be loweredandlheh~.dlhenk.ptw.Jldown.

60, Forcedllndilll

Inthcevento{cnSincf,ilut<:nccc .. itO\iTtgaforc.d landing'

(l) lfa drop lank or bomb load i.c,rri.dit.houldhejct\i son.d

{ii)~.~~.fud cUI-oA'oontrol (iffined).hould b. pulled fully

(iii)Th. booster pump (iffitt.d) should be sw;tehed OfF


(a)Th< cockpit hood .h"uld bej"tt",~n.d.

(c) The,hould be kept retracted

(d) The ,afet~ hames, .hould be kept tigh~y adjusted .nd tile R/"J'plug,hould be disconn""ted


A «owbar fot u""in emergency;, ",owed in 'pring chp' on thc<>:>ckpil door


KI'.¥'o Fig •. l,2ondl