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Healthy Marriage


Dr. H.B. Danesh
Psychiatrist, Author, International Lecturer
Founder and President of the International Education for Peace Institute
Senior Consultant with UNDP-SACI Program in Africa.

The Healthy Marriage and Family Seminar will include workshops that focus on
how to create, nurture, and maintain emotionally and spiritually healthy
marriages and families. The focus will be on the psychological and spiritual
aspects of marriage and family within a universal and inclusive framework.
The workshops are suitable for all participants regardless of any religious/faith
affiliation and strictly esducational. They offer an opportunity to learn the
nature and dynamics of healthy marriage and family and reflect on their
relevance to one’s own marriage and family.
Healthy Marriage workshops will focus on all phases of marriage from the
choice of a partner to types of relationships and stages of development of
marriage, in general, and love and power in marriage, in particular.
Healthy Family workshops will focus on three major categories of the
family—authoritarian, adversarial, and unity-based—and the manner in which
we can create happy, united, peaceful, just, and progressive families. The all-
important issue of parenting is one of the main components of the workshop.
These two workshops—healthy marriage and healthy family—are
complementary in nature and participants will find them useful regardless of
whether they are planning to get married, are recently married, or already
have a family with one or more children.

When: April 4th and 5th, 2009

Time: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Where: Oakville Conference and Banquet Centre (2515

Wyecroft Road, Oakville)

Registration and Materials Fee: $50 per person (meals not


Deadline to Register: Friday, March 27th, 2009

Contact: Secretariat at

(please title emails “Marriage Seminar”)

Sponsored by the Bahá'í Community of Oakville

Dr. H.B. Danesh - Founder and Director of EFP-INTERNATIONAL

Dr. H.B. Danesh is the founder and president of the International Education for Peace
Institute and senior consultant with UNDP-SACI Program in Africa. He previously
served as professor of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies (1998-2004) and
president of Landegg International University in Switzerland (1998-2003). He was an
Associate Professor of psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, Canada from 1972-
1983 and during this period established and directed the Marriage Therapy Centre.
Dr. Danesh is an author, international lecturer and consultant, with more than thirty
five years of academic and clinical experience as a psychiatrist and peace educator.

Dr. Danesh’s areas of research and expertise include the causes and prevention of
violence, marriage and family therapy, death and dying, consultation and conflict
resolution, ethics, spiritual psychology, and world order and peace studies. Dr.
Danesh is the author and creator of the internationally acclaimed Education for Peace
Program, first piloted in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among his published articles and
books are:

Selected Books
Danesh, H.B. (1979). The Violence-Free Society: A gift for Our Children, Bahá'i Studies Series,
2, October.
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Education for Peace Curriculum Series (11 Volumes)

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and practical guide,
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and practical guide,
Volume 10, Book 1. Vancouver, EFP Press.
Danesh, H.B. (scheduled for 2009) The Mysterious Case of the IW’s, A Book on Death for
Volume 7. Vancouver, EFP Press.

Five of the above books have been translated from English into several other languages,
including Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Czech, Persian, Spanish and Serbo-
Croatian languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Selected Articles
Danesh, H.B. (2002) Breaking the cycle of violence: Education for Peace. African civil society
organization and
development: re-evaluation for the 21st Century. (New York, United Nations),
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