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Volume 1 Issue 8 April 2010



Stretford goes the extra mile for Sport Relief!

Over £500 was raised for Sport Relief on
Friday 19th March as Stretford High School
went red for the day!
Throughout the day, every student and staff
made their way out to the specially marked
out Sport Relief Mile.
Students completed the course by either
walking or running the distance. Thankfully
the weather made the day run smoothly and
Project 9 students marshaled the course
throughout the day.
Sport Relief is the sporting arm of the Comic
Relief Charity that aims to support vulnerable
people both in the UK and overseas. 50% of
the money raised is spent in UK charities. By searching on the Sport Relief website, SSM found
out about 6 charities all within 5 miles of school who
2010 has so far seen £32 million pounds have received nearly £2 million pounds work of fund-
raised and every penny counts! Just £5 buys ing from Comic Relief!
a net to protect people in Uganda from ma-
laria and £180 runs a UK helpline to support So a massive thank you to everyone at the PE de-
people suffering from domestic violence for a partment for your contributions to Sport Relief 2010.
day. By doing the mile, you made a difference!

Teresa and Redgrave neck and neck in tight tussle

After 6 highly competitive .behind that!!! There are two
rounds of Inter House Sport we more rounds of Inter House Place House Points
don’t have a clear leader for the Sports in the summer term and 1st Teresa 114
prestigious House Sports Tro- Sports Day 2010.
phy! Teresa and Redgrave and
It could even all come down to 2nd Redgrave 114
tied on 114 but astonishingly
the final race on Sports Day!!!! 3rd Ghandi 110
Ghandi are only 1 win behind
on 110 and King only one point
4th King 109

Inside this issue: Competition

 Every month you can win a piece of
sports equipment by answering our SSM
5 minutes with…………. 2
competition question;
Exam Moderation 2
 This month we have a Cricket Book up for
Hockey World Cup 2010 2 grabs; Where will the Champions League
Final be held this year?
Short Stories 3
 Answers on a sheet of paper with your
Results Round Up 3
name and form to the PE office.
Whats on guide 4

Page 2 SSM

5 minutes with…. Mr Evans

We ask other members of staff their interests
Where are you from? munities, create heroes and film and TV. I love a TV
generally make millions of show called the Sopranos
I am from Shrewsbury in the and the films of Martin
people feel happy, such is
West Midlands. Home of the Scorsese. I like a lot of mu-
the beauty of it.
mighty Shrewsbury Town sic too. I am a big fan of the
Are you any good at Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian
Why do you like sport?
sport? and Blur.
I like sport because I feel
I was a pretty goal keeper in
that it is one of the only my time, however the sport
things in life that unites that I feel that I am strong- Any advice for students?
everyone in the world. No est in is Rugby. My proud-
matter what language you It's a cliche, but throwing
est days in sport were when
speak, or what culture you yourself into sport and par-
I was representing Shrews-
ticipating is the key to en-
bury as captain and also
Come from, globally almost joyment. If you don't try
representing my county of
everyone understands the sports, how are you ever
Mr Evans importance of sport and the
going to know if you will
hard work and effort that What else are you into? enjoy it? In other words get
goes into excelling at it. It stuck in!
has the ability to unite com- As a media teacher I love

Practical Exam moderation goes well

It was a massive under- videoed and marked by the marks students were
taking, but such is the at least two staff! Phew! given were highly accu-
interest and importance rate.
of Sport and PE here at Anyway, SHS students
rose to the challenge With 60% of the course
Stretford High we have a
and as always the rest of now completed, and
massive 237 students on
the school was very sup- successful year is highly
GCSE PE and a further
portive in allowing stu- likely and the preparation
60 plus on BTEC Sport.
dents to miss lessons to for the exam continues.
This lead to over 55 stu- undertake the exams. A program of revision
dents completing 4 full now takes place and all
course practical exams The exam board, Edex- student know what they
and the whole of Year 9 cel, sent Mr Lee Fazack- have to do.
completing 2 practical erly along to moderate
the marks and there was Revision drop in centre
exams! 24 hours of ex-
95% agreement on the is Room 10 on Mondays
ams in 11 sports, all
marks given, showing after school.

2010 Hockey World Cup—Special Feature

In a world dominated by India—The 2010 Mens stan, India, but missed
key events such as the Hockey World Cup. out on winning the group
Football World Cup, the with a surprise defeat to
Olympics and Rugby 12 teams arrived in Delhi Spain. Sadly they lost
World Cup, some events to contest the World the semi final to holders
don’t get the coverage Cup. The holders were Germany 4-1. Australia
they deserve. Germany who won the beat Netherlands to set
title on home turf in up a repeat of the 2006
At SHS the PE depart- 2006. final, but this time Aus-
ment feel all sports are tralia took the crown
of equal value and this England were in Group 2
and beat favourites Aus- winning 2-1.
month we highlight a
major event which has tralia in the opening The Womens world cup
just taken place in Delhi, game. They went on to is in Argentina in August
beat South Africa, Paki-



Girls Rugby League Gaelic Sports on debut SHS Boys at Theatre of
Year 7 and 8 Girls Rugby To support the International Dreams
League makes its debut when Award at SHS, the PE depart- After winning the Yr 8 Fire
the girls head to Rochdale for ment is taking a sport from over Service Cup, Yr 8 Boys Foot-
the preliminary tournament the the Irish Sea. Gaelic Football will
first week after the break. Its
ball carried the Champions
their first ever go so good luck!
be delivered to Project 9 in the League flag onto the hallowed
summer term by the St Lawrence turf of Old Trafford before the
Pictured below club in Manchester. quarter final match with
Bayern Munich. Picture below

SHS Sports Round Up

Football; yr 10: After a disappointing last 16 Mathew Stahr scored a hat trick.
ESFA cup exit, the yr 10 boys got back to
Year 8 Football: Winners of the Carrington Fire
winning ways in the league with an 8-3
Service tournament beating Ashton on Mersey 1
against Ashton on Mersey. Also they ad-
-0 in the final. The team was an extremely close
vanced to the next round of the Trafford cup
unit that pulled together even more after Subhan
with a 2-1 away win against ACA. Further-
Butt unfortunately broke his leg in the first game.
more year 9’s progressed also to the next
Stretford left the tournament with a record of 6
round of the cup with a win against ACA 8-3.
wins and 2 draws. As a reward for this, year 8
carried out the flag at Old Trafford before the
Bayern Munich champions league game
Rugby; Yr 7/8 Boys opened their Salford
(below). Special mention again to Mathew Stahr
Schools League campaign with a defeat at
who performed heroically in the final, throwing
BTH. It was a great performance though and
himself in front of anything that moved.

What’s on? Your guide to extra curricular PE this month

Half Term 5
Extra Curricular
Your school, your clubs, your sport!!!!!
Mon Gym from 7am-8.30am & 2.30pm-4.30pm
Badminton Club Mr Singh
Girls Basketball Miss Walker
GCSE Revision (Rm10) Mr Fretwell
Girls Rugby Mrs Bailey
Athletics at Trafford AC, 7pm at Longford Park
Tues Gym from 7am-8.30am & 2.30pm-4.30pm
Rugby League Salford Reds
Rounders Mrs Bailey
Cricket KS3 Mr Richardson
Boxing Mr Grant
Wed Gym from 7am-8.30am & 2.30pm-4.30pm
Basketball Mr Vourliotis
Trampoline Miss Walker
Tennis Club Mr Fielden
Thu Gym from 7am-8.30am & 2.30pm-4.30pm
Cricket KS4 Mr Singh
Athletics at Trafford AC, 7pm at Longford Park
Fri Gym from 7am-8.30am & 2.30pm-4.30pm
Staff only after 3.30pm every day.
Indoor Cricket Club Mr Morgan

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