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Fishing permits in Missouri
won’t be required this
columbia’s morning newspaper weekend. Page 1B
50 cents
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

After 16 months of campaigning, thousands of

MU dorms
delegates and 57 contests, Sen. Barack Obama won a . . . can’t hold
historic victory students
MU Residential
Life plans to use
apartments close
to campus.
With a 20 percent increase in
freshman enrollment, MU Resi-
dential Life is experiencing a
shortage in on-campus housing
for the fall semester.
The housing crunch caused
by the record-sized freshman
class has forced the Office of
Residential Life to find a cre-
ative solution: housing students
in two apartment complexes
close to campus. MU freshmen
will occupy apartments in Cam-
pus View and Campus Lodge;
the student apartment blocks
will be known as Tiger Diggs
and Mizzou Quads, respective-
This is the first time since
2003 that MU could not house
all of its students on campus.
Dormitories at Stephens Col-
Please see housing, page 6A

City approves
pay-cap raise
for directors
JOHN HOOK/Missourian Higher salaries
Supporters of Barack Obama celebrate his clinching of the Democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential election during a could help bring
watch party on Tuesday night at The Blue Note.
talent to tough jobs.
The Associated Press cuses and delegates’ public declarations, By KOURTNEY GEERS
WASHINGTON — Barack Obama More online as well as support from superdelegates
clinched the Democratic presidential nomi- who privately confirmed their intentions. The city can now pay up to
nation Tuesday, becoming the first black To learn more about how primaries work, go By mid-evening Tuesday, The Associated $155,000 for its next Water and
candidate to lead a major party into a cam- to Press reported that Obama had secured Light director after the Colum-
paign for the White House. 2,128 delegates, 10 more than the neces- bia City Council amended the
Obama held a victory celebration in St. Super Tuesday showing, he became the sary 2,118 required, as polls prepared to salary ordinance and raised
Paul, Minn., after he outlasted rival Sen. proverbial front-runner as Clinton tried to close in Montana and South Dakota. the cap on pay for department
Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., in a historic cam- play catch-up in states such as Pennsylva- heads Monday.
paign that sparked record turnouts in pri-
mary after primary.
Obama campaigned on a message of hope
nia, Kentucky and West Virginia, and her
campaign stressed the importance of the
popular vote instead of delegates.
Q Is Sen. Hillary Clinton dropping out of
the race?
The previous top salary allow-
ance was $129,000, but City
Manager Bill Watkins told the
and change. Clinton touted that she was the
candidate of experience, ready, she said, to
serve in the Oval Office from Day One.
Now, with the last primaries completed,
some final questions can be answered. A Clinton delivered an address Tues-
day night conceding that Obama had
reached the necessary delegate count, but
council it was insufficient to
attract a qualified person to run
Water and Light. The amended
There were relatively few policy differ-
ences and a fair share of controversies as
race, religion and gender became politi-
Q Is the race really over? told her supporters on the final night of
the primary season that she has not for-
mally bowed out. Clinton pledged to con-
cap did not affect the bottom
of the salary range, which will
remain at $75,483.
cal fault lines as the campaigns moved
from coast to coast. After Obama’s strong A Obama sealed his victory based on pri-
mary elections, state Democratic cau-
tinue to speak out on issues such as health
Please see election, page 6A
The city has been looking
for a Water and Light direc-
tor since December, when Dan
Dasho resigned to take a job in
Michigan. Public Works Direc-
Columbians weigh in on the Democratic race tor John Glascock has held the
It took six months, cost position of interim Water and
millions and never lacked More online Light director since Jan. 1.
Consultant Mycoff, Fry &
drama. Columbians offer Prouse LLC, which Watkins
Hear voters in their own
their thoughts on the considers the premier recruiter
words at ColumbiaMissou-
Democrats’ nominating for public sector industries, is
process. PAGE 6A working on behalf of the city.
According to Watkins, the firm
Please see director, page 6A

Retiring principals enjoy last day Parkade

Baker says
Five principals, one assistant principal fingernails, a nod to one of
Parkade’s school colors.
keep the lid on the level of noise
and excitement. goodbyes
say bittersweet goodbyes to students. “They make me joyful every Robb praised the children for after school
day,” Baker said of the chil- quieting down, and she encour- let out for
By KRISTIN LEWIS kids leave,” Betsy Baker said dren. “They are phenomenal aged them to be kind to each the summer as she walked around saying little people and will be in my other. “We never laugh at each on Tuesday.
COLUMBIA — Betsy Baker goodbye during an afternoon heart forever.” other,” she told them. “We show After years
plans to spend more time with kickball game at Parkade Ele- They seemed to feel the same appreciation. Enjoy this, and at Parkade,
her three grandchildren. Vickie mentary School. “Most of them way about her. At the students- let’s be kind in our enjoyment.” Baker is
Robb is traveling to England. I’ve known since they were pre- versus-staff game, Baker’s arms One of her most memorable retiring.
Debby Barksdale will teach schoolers.” were full of children wanting experiences at West Boulevard
elementary education at MU, Baker, who has led Parkade “Today has
hugs. She will be succeeded by occurred on her first day as been a lot
and Tarry Parrish will focus for 12 years, spent her final Amy Watkins, Assessment for principal four years ago. It was
full time on her herd of Black day practically at a jogging harder than
Learning coordinator at Rock one of the school’s first writing
Angus. pace as she went from class- Bridge High School. celebrations, during which the I thought,”
They are among five prin- room to classroom thanking the At West Boulevard Elemen- children line up their papers Baker said.
cipals and one assistant prin- students for their going-away tary School, Vickie Robb cheer- on the gym walls and walk M. COLLEEN
cipal retiring this year from gifts. fully greeted students as they around reading each others’ Missourian
the Columbia Public School “When I look at them, I will lined up to watch a slideshow work and leaving encouraging
District. For them, Tuesday’s think of you,” she said, refer- of school pictures from the past comments.
final day of the school year had ring to her presents. The chil- year. She and Assistant Princi- “It was an ‘Aha!’ moment
particular meaning. dren were excited about her pal Peter Stiepleman, who will where they saw what great
“It’s always hard to watch the uncharacteristically royal-blue succeed Robb, teamed up to Please see retirees, page 6A

Actor-director Mel Ferrer dies Outside today Getting it right Index


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LOS ANGELES — Mel Ferrer, who starred in scores of This morning: Chance of severe The Missourian’s policy is to check all local Abby 7A Nation 8A 16 pages
movies and directed his one-time wife Audrey Hepburn storms, with large hail and dam- stories for accuracy before publication. If Calendar 2A Opinion 5A
in the thriller “Wait Until Dark,” died on Monday at aging winds. Temp: 90° you are a source of information and we Classified 5B Second Front 4A
age 90. Ferrer starred in such films as “Lili,” “War and This evening: Partly cloudy. don’t double-check it with you, let us know. Comics 7A Sports 1B
Peace” and “The Sun Also Rises. Temp: 71° Page 2A If you spot a mistake, let us know that, too. Life Stories 4A Sudoku 7A
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Page 6A — WEDNESDAY, June 4, 2008 Columbia Missourian

Director: Two final

candidates would
Retirees: ‘Today has been a lot
need $150,000 salary harder than I thought,’ Baker said
CONTINUED from page 1a agement through a meet-and-
concluded the current salary confer process that we have
level was “out of whack” and not been able to hire qualified
inadequate to find the neces- union workers because our
sary replacement.
“When Mr. Dasho left us last compensation packages fall far
year and we went through the below market,” Eaton said in
process of finding a replace- his statement to the council.
ment, I said at that time that The council noted its con-
we could not, in my estima- cerns about the wages of all
tion, replace that position with city workers.
the caliber of person we need,” “I think the folks in this com-
Watkins said.
munity are awfully lucky and
“It’s just the bottom line. Our
consultant felt for the size and fortunate to have the caliber of
complexity of our operations, people we have,” Fourth Ward
the market would probably Councilman Jerry Wade said.
necessitate about a 25 percent “Our studies continue to show
increase in the salary range.” that we are below market for
The consulting firm says the a lot of particularly skilled
two final candidates that have positions that we have that we
been narrowed down for the
depend on every day to keep our
position would require a salary
of around $150,000, Watkins water running and the lights on
said. and to work at the Police and
Not only will this salary Fire departments.
increase help Watkins make a “We have talked about the
final choice for the new Water trends of experienced people
and Light director, it will serve retiring or leaving us,” Wade
as incentive in filling future continued. “Again, we have to
openings in positions such as
the one held by retiring Police go out into the market and hire
Chief Randy Boehm. the best people we can. ... Most
During the council’s discus- of our hirings are at the lowest
sion of the measure, Fred Eaton level of the (pay) range,” Wade
represented Water and Light said.
employees, many of whom The council and city manager
were present at the meeting. hope to address salary prob-
Eaton said they supported the
lems at all levels.
change but also wanted to lobby
for higher salaries across the “My goal is to move all of our
board. employees to what I consider to
“For the past several years, be higher market range,” Wat-
we have advised the city man- kins said.

Housing: Enrollment up 20
percent since last year PHOTO COURTESY OF DEB BARKSDALE
CONTINUED from page 1a plexes every 30 minutes, but ABOVE: Deb Barksdale stands amid a flurry of cards from her students.
lege held the student overflow Residential Life is negotiating
that year. to increase the frequency of BELOW: Vickie Robb and Miyana Smith look through a yearbook the student made with pictures of her friends and teachers.
MU will also keep Cramer BROOKE FLETCHER/Missourian
Hall open instead of using it Both Mizzou Quads and Tiger
to house offices displaced by Diggs will be set up similar to
the construction on Brady Com- traditional residence halls with
mons. Those offices have found student and professional staff
temporary locations elsewhere members living among resi-
on campus. dents.
While exact enrollment num- “Safety of students is our No.
bers are not yet known, about 1 priority, and we are examin-
5,800 freshmen admissions ing this issue to ensure student
applications and deposits have safety,” Basi said.
been submitted. That number Students living in the off-cam- NYLE LINDA TARRY
is 20 percent higher than it was pus facilities will be subject to KLINGINSMITH KLOPFENSTEIN PARISH
this time last year, admissions all the rules and policies of Resi-
representative Drew Elmore Principal at Jef- Principal at Assistant prin-
dential Life. In line with MU cipal at Lange
said. Although these numbers ferson Junior Benton Ele-
rules, alcohol will not be permit-
will change, the discrepancy High School mentary School Middle School
ted in rooms that are part of
should not be large, because
Tiger Diggs and Mizzou Quads,
the national enrollment dead-
even though the buildings are
line was May 1. Residential Life
not technically on campus.
won’t be able to say exactly how
many people will be living in The rest of the Campus View
campus housing until closer to and Campus Lodge complexes
August. will still be traditional apart-
The overflow apartments at ments, which are not regulated
Tiger Diggs and Mizzou Quads by MU Residential Life.
CONTINUED from page 1a zone of waterlogged sponges and scram- she said.
will help make up the differ- Residential Life fees will pay authors they could be,” Robb recalled. bling students. She laughed when she saw Parrish will spend a lot of time on her
ence. for the rent and utilities. Prices
After the slideshow, Robb teared up as a teacher with a towel hanging out of his 140-acre farm that is home to 50 head of
“We had several criteria when are expected to be $4,550 per
a pair of fifth-grade girls read a poem hat. registered Black Angus cattle. She also
we were looking at housing year for Tiger Diggs and $5,300
per year for Mizzou Quads. On- titled, “We Won’t Go,” expressing how the “It takes a special teacher to teach mid- has her car dealer’s license and plans
options,” Christian Basi of the teachers and staff at their new middle dle school, it really does,” said Parrish, to attend automobile auctions to buy for
MU News Bureau said. “Rooms campus rates range from $3,670
to $6,570. schools won’t understand what it was like who has been assistant principal at Lange other people.
needed to be furnished; it need- to be at West Boulevard. for five years. “You still have to have a
ed to be close to campus and Basi said rooms in Tiger Diggs She spent Tuesday watching students
and Mizzou Quads will be first Other principals retiring this year little kid in you.” participate in “Play Day.” As they rotated
have a shuttle.”
Both locations are less than offered to sophomores, juniors from Columbia Public Schools are: Debby Parrish, who will be succeeded by Con- among the game stations, she surveyed
two miles away from MU. Tiger and seniors who are planning to Barksdale, Benton Elementary School; nie Dewey, a math teacher from Gentry their soaked forms.
Diggs, at Campus View, is at 301 return to campus housing. Linda Klopfenstein, Midway Heights Ele- Middle School, has taught every grade “This is a good ending to a last day,”
Campus View Drive and Miz- Basi said Residential Life is mentary School; and Nyle Klinginsmith, from kindergarten to college in her 33- Parrish said. “Everybody’s having a good
zou Quads, at Campus Lodge, not looking to make Tiger Diggs Jefferson Junior High School. year career. The thing she most looks for- time.”
is at 2900 Old 63 S. Campus and Mizzou Quads permanent At Lange Middle School, Assistant Prin- ward to is not waking up at 5:15 a.m. Missourian reporters Elise Catchings and Deidra
shuttles are offered at both com- campus housing. cipal Tarry Parrish walked through a war “Seven-thirty would be a nice number,” Holder contributed to this article.

More on the election

Residents weigh in on Democratic nomination
By MISSOURIAN STAFF process. Although attitudes varied, each person
Election: After Obama’s nomination had a clear opinion about the process — whether CONTINUED from page 1a lawmakers that she knew the their support behind Obama.
Historic. Infuriating. Fair. Interesting. Impor- it was positive or negative. The Missourian asked care and the economy. But for delegate math was not in her

tant. Juvenile. these residents about their thoughts and feelings all intents and purposes, two favor but that she wanted to After a fractious nomina-
These are all words that voters in Columbia about the race that finally appears to be coming senior officials said earlier take time to determine how
used to describe the 2008 Democratic nomination to an end. tion process, will the Dem-
Tuesday, her campaign is to leave the race in a way that
over. would help the party. Aides to ocratic Party be able to come
Obama said he and Clinton had together by November?

Q So what about specula-

tion over whether Clinton
will become Obama’s running
not spoken about the prospect
of her joining the ticket.
A Both Obama and Clinton
appear to be striking a con-
Q What are the superdel-
egates doing?
ciliatory tone as the nominat-

A While Obama’s victory had ing process comes to a close.

been widely assumed for On Tuesday, another 18 On Monday, Obama said he has
weeks, Clinton’s declaration superdelegates confirmed asked Clinton for a meeting
of interest in becoming his their intention to support on her terms “once the dust”
ticketmate was wholly unex- Obama’s bid for the White settles from the race. While
pected. Clinton told colleagues House. One of those delegates campaigning in Michigan, he
“There’s the good “It always gets “It reminds me of junior “It’s bringing out Tuesday that she would con- came from Missouri. State
aspects of it, and to mudslinging, high. Otto von Bismarck said, “Senator Clinton has run
what people really sider joining Obama as his Rep. Maria Chappelle-Nadal
there’s the bad especially in the last said people who obey running mate. In fact, she is declared that she had a hard an outstanding race, she is an
think and really
aspects of it. A lot of months. In October, the law and like sausage withholding formal departure time choosing between Clin- outstanding public servant,
believe, and they’re
the press that gets there’s going to be lots shouldn’t watch either to use her remaining leverage ton and Obama but decided and she and I will be working
thrown around is just of mudslinging. I never one of them being made. giving their true, to press for a spot on the that Obama’s ability to engage together in November.”
filler ... How relevant thought about it that That occurs to me over honest opinions. So ticket. and inspire the voters was Meanwhile, Clinton campaign
is this really to the much. It’s just part and over again in this in a sense, it’s been She said she was willing key. chairman Terry McAuliffe said
candidacy of this of the race, the way campaign, and I’m like, a good thing.” to become the vice presiden- The Illinois senator now has Sen. Clinton “will congratulate
individual?” things go.” ‘Yuck! Is this politics?’” tial nominee if it would help six of Missouri’s 16 superdel-
Lance Paten, 27 him and call him the nominee.”
Tyler Koch, 20 John Cupp, 49 DeeDee Folkerts, 35 the Democrats win the White egates, while Clinton has five.
A Republican who is
House, according to one par- Clinton officials also said they
An MU student who follows A resident who thinks that An Independent who will Late Tuesday night, Attorney
still closely following the would not contest the seating of
primaries and elections voters should expect friction vote Democratic despite her ticipant of a conference call General Jay Nixon and Secre-
Democratic primary. Michigan delegates at the con-
among candidates in any frustration with the style of with other New York lawmak- tary of State Robin Carnahan
election. campaigning. ers. Clinton told her fellow announced they would throw vention in Denver this August.