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Friday, June 6, 2008 50 cents

Council Rural
retreat homes
focuses wait in
on vision
Zoning changes are
among the topics on
Plans for Stadium
today’s agenda.
Boulevard leave
KOURTNEY GEERS residents uncertain.
— Many new ideas were pro-
Rustic Road is a winding
posed for Columbia’s visioning
gravelly mile-long pass that
process Thursday during the
feels far-removed from city life.
first night of the City Council’s
Well-marked mailboxes are the
annual retreat at the Lake of
strongest indication that resi-
the Ozarks.
dences, typically set back from
Some members of the com-
the roadway, inhabit the area.
munity have expressed concern BEVERLY DENNY/Missourian Rustic Road enjoys a rare
that the collaborative visioning
Marq Marshall, 13, left, and Rachel Mooney, 11, don costumes and distribute promotional materials for aura of privacy, despite falling
process seems to have come
Victory Christian Church on Thursday night at the Twilight Festival in Flat Branch Park. mostly within city limits.
to a halt. The council said that
Sue and Dick Underwood
this is not true and that prog-
moved to Columbia 25 years

Twilight dawns
ress is indeed being made.
ago from Ashland because they
“We need to get the word out,”
wanted better access to a hospi-
Third Ward Councilman Karl
tal. Finding their current home
Skala said. He said that the
on the corner of Rustic was “a
community thinks a vacation
godsend,” Sue said, because it
has been taken from visioning.
has allowed them to enjoy “the
“That’s not true,” he said.
best of both worlds”: city ame-
Columbia-based consultant
nities amid country surround-
Sarah Read of the Communi-
cations Center Inc. proposed Twilight Festival brings downtown Columbia to life ings.
But the Underwoods know a
new concepts to help guide the
council through the visioning with music, carriage rides, fire-spinning and magic shows major drawback to straddling
these two worlds is the knowl-
process as it moves forward.
edge that at some point, one
Read suggested that the Citizen
may overtake the other.
Oversight By ASHLEY DILLON “We like Columbia a lot. We like the only been together for about a year The fast-growing city of
Commit- town and the people we’re playing for,” and a half, members of The Guilty Columbia has seen increased
tee now be
“Citizens referred to
The sound of live music drifted Bang said. “Festivals help you if you Party say they are no longer afraid of traffic on Route WW, which is
down the streets of downtown Colum- go back to play clubs because people performing. They have several large nearly visible from the Under-
want to be as the CVC, bia on Thursday night, signaling the will have seen you before. You only shows under their belt, including a woods’ home. “In limbo” is
which will
engaged, either be the
kickoff of the 19th annual Twilight
find out about bands like us from word
of mouth, and Columbia’s pretty cool
performance at the Twilight Festival how several Rustic residents
Please see TWILIGHT, page 3A say they’ve been living — not
and they Columbia According to festival coordinator like that.” knowing which homes will be
Visioning Erika Kubsch, the festival had some- Local band The Fried Crawdaddies
will help you Commit-
displaced by imminent projects

if they’re tee or the

thing for everyone. Attractions includ-
ed the Commerce Bank Kids Camp
entertained those at the kids camp.
Alan Loshbaugh, the bass player, said
If you go or how property values will be
affected by the closer proxim-
Community in Flat Branch Park, 10 to 12 street they have played Twilight Festival WHAT: Twilight Festival ity of major roads.
engaged in Visioning bands scattered around downtown, three or four times because they enjoy On May 22, the Missouri
Committee. WHERE: Downtown, located mostly on
the right A public
carriage rides and a concert series on
a closed-off section of Ninth Street.
playing in the city where they live.
“It’s neat to be a part of a commu- Ninth Street and Broadway and at Flat
Department of Transportation
presented a progress report
way.” workshop Restaurants and shops remained open, nity that values the arts this much,” Branch Park with its recommended extension
will be held encouraging festival attendees to stay drummer Jimmy Culbertson said.
sarah Read WHEN: Every Thursday in June and Sep- of Stadium Boulevard. The “SC-
in July as to shop and eat. “We’re not a big city, but we still have
Consultant, tember from 6 to 9 p.m. 2A” plan would extend eastward
a catalyst Those in attendance experienced big-city ways.”
Communications from U.S. 63 to meet Interstate
for imple- the rock ‘n’ roll stylings and guitar Culbertson’s son, Austin, is also part ADMISSION: Free
Center Inc. 70 at the Lake of the Woods
menting the prowess of Frank Bang’s Secret Stash of a band that played on Tenth Street exit. Like other routes that had
ideas. on the William Woods stage, which near The Clip Joint. The Guilty Party been considered, it would also
“Visioning needs more vis- moved to a new location on Ninth band comprises 11- and 12-year-olds For more information or to see multi- extend Ballenger Lane over I-70
ibility soon,” Read said. “We Street last year. The band has played and plays mainly classic rock. media coverage of the Twilight Festival to meet the Stadium extension
need to show citizens where to in Columbia in the past. Despite being so young and having events, go to and would widen Route WW.
engage, then show the results
Although it is far from a go-
of that engagement.”
ahead for the project, the pro-
Read emphasized the impor- posed alignment does bring the
tance of community involve- Transportation Department
ment as the process takes a step closer to the long-dis-

Missouri’s oldest tree branches out

place. cussed extension of Stadium
“Citizens want to be engaged, Boulevard.
and they will help you if they’re According to the report, the
engaged in the right way,” Read proposed alignment would
said. displace 13 homes and eight
Over the next two days, coun- The tree’s DNA will be New Franklin.
Grafting is the process of
businesses along Rustic Road
cil members will attend ses- grafted to seedlings. encouraging the tissues of
and Grace Lane, but it did not
specify which addresses would
sions on other issues deemed one plant to fuse with those of
important to Columbia. Today’s By DANA RANES be affected. another, creating one conjoined
agenda includes discussions “I want it to go right through
plant. The wood samples from
about the natural resources In March, Missouri’s larg- my living room,” said Jim Dav-
the McBaine tree were grafted
inventory, land disturbance est bur oak tree, located south enport, who lives across the
to seedling bur oaks on April
issues, growth management of Columbia near McBaine, road from the Underwoods on
14. After about two weeks, 22
plans, zoning changes, crime received some expert forestry four acres of land. He’s lived
of the 28 grafts had been suc-
issues, work force issues and care in an attempt to slow its on that land for 40 years. Dav-
cessful. They are now growing
nonmotorized issues. decline into old age. The tree enport said his biggest concern
into healthy young copies of the
Saturday’s agenda includes is estimated to be between 200 is that the road project would
McBaine tree.
discussions of priorities over and 400 years old. Now, the pro- come within mere feet of his
There are many reasons
the next year and what action cess of grafting is being used home, “just close enough” that
why grafting a plant instead
will be required of the council. to propagate the state’s cham- he and his wife would have to
of growing offspring from its
Check the Missourian’s pub- pion bur oak, also known as the seeds is the most effective way Please see STADIUM, page 8A
lic life blog, The Watchword, at McBaine tree. to preserve a plant’s DNA, said for To preserve the DNA of the Mark Coggeshall, an agrofor-
updates on what happens in the tree, wood samples were taken estry research analyst for MU.
JIM BUELL/Missourian
More inside
council sessions. The Sunday from the tree’s newest branch- “A seed is a result of meiosis
Missourian will have a wrap-up es to be grafted onto seedlings between a mother and a father Mark Coggeshall, a research analyst at MU’s Horticulture and See page 8A to get caught up
story summarizing the main at MU’s Horticulture and Agro- Agroforestry Research Center, demonstrates grafting part of a on the latest Columbia Planning
events of the retreat. forestry Research Center in Please see TREE, page 3A bur oak onto another bur oak Friday. and Zoning Commission meeting.


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