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The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

April 13, 2010

The Sloop’s Log

“Question Box Sermon”
April 18, 2010
10:30 am
Rev. Richard Stower

Rev. Stower will attempt to answer

your questions about life, religion
and whatever else is on your mind.
Bring your written questions (or
you can email them to the church

Calling all Bakers! Church Service Hospitality

Union Service
at Old Ship Church,
April 18
April 25, 2010
Greeter: Carmel DiPaola
Patty Cake
10:25 am
Patty Cake Coffee Hour: Hospitality
Baker’s Man Committee Rev. Richard Stower

Bake us a cake, cookies, a pie, April 25 Our yearly gathering of five

cupcakes, a bread, a torte etc. for our Unitarian Universalist Churches
May 8th Bake Sale! will be held at Old Ship Church in
Union Service
at Old Ship in Hingham. Hingham.
All baked goods are appreciated.

Thank you,

Roxann Greim and Gail Anderson

The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

Circle Dinner Gold Awards Minister

Rev. Richard M. Stower
Church 781-545-3324
Home 781-544-3574
Director of Religious
Jim FitzGerald 617-983-0619
At Last Saturday’s Circle Dinner the following “Go for the Gold” Awards were handed Parish Committee Co-Chair
out. Mary McRae 781-545-2504
Claire Sherman 781-449-5286
In recognition of her 10 years of service as our team captain, taking us through Church Office Administrator
numerous welcome back barbecues, game nights, Progressive Dinners and then Circle Christine Conway 781-834-2040
Dinners we would like to present this award to Sue Duff. Sue is retiring this year from
her position as our Social Programs Chair. We will miss her enthusiasm and creativity,
these will be hard shoes to fill!! THANK YOU SUE!! Judy Wolffer 781-544-0191
Parish Committee Secretary
For his expert skills tackling a variety of jobs and doing a little bit of everything, the Janice Evans 781-545-5001
Gold Award for Modern Pentathalon, an obscure event requiring skills in epee Collector
fencing, pistol shooting, freestyle swimming, horse jumping, and cross-country Vicki Davis 781-545-2369
running goes to Alan Donaldson. Buildings and Grounds
Erica Boyle 781-545-3452
For navigating a year of rough waters teaching our teens about sexuality, the Gold Frank Kilduff 781-545-9365
Award for the Slalom Kayak goes to Michael Feeney and Veronica Amelang. Endowment
Joanne Fraser 781-545-4571
For fearlessly taking on the challenge of childcare week in and week out, the Gold Finance
Award for Greco-Roman Wrestling goes to Keara Berkeley.
Sarah Murdock 781-545-8274
Leigh Todd 781-544-7767
For wading through and clearing out the mounds and mounds of accumulated “stuff ”
Membership & Hospitality
in the kitchen, the Gold Award for Weightlifting goes to Gail Anderson and Laura
Brit Davis 617-275-5700
Denominational Affairs/
Social Justice
For diving right in where she saw the need, buying the big TV and working with the
Carol Sullivan-Hanley 781-545-9341
Youth Group, the Gold Award for the High Dive goes to Brit Davis.
Public Relations
Katie Jacobsen 781-545-2504
For educating us in many social justice concerns and helping us strive for the greater
Religious Education
good, the Gold Award for the High Jump goes to Carol Sullivan-Hanley and Joanne
Fraser. Laura Carson- Laciner
Jean Shildneck
For carefully organizing a full year of Religious Education without much notice and 617-275-5700
no Religious Education director, the Gold Award for Synchronized Swimming goes to Religious Services
Cathie McGowan and Kim Ryan. Barbara Gifford 781-378-1617
Jane McGuinness 781-545-6394
For not only serving as secretary, then Vice Chair, then Chair and THEN signing on Social Programs
Sue Duff 781-545-5604
to be the collector, the Gold Award for the Marathon goes to Vicki Davis.
Head Usher
Jack Shaw 781-545-0547
For navigating the hurdles of finding a new Religious Education director not once, but
twice (hopefully), the Gold Award for the 400 Meter Hurdles goes to Jean Shildneck.
The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

Religious Education guest speaker, Keshav Sharan.  Also in teaching our children and teens.  We
January, we had a great turnout at our have also been blessed this year with
Tie-Dying Party.  Kids and adults alike Jim FitzGerald.  In the limited time
Religious Education News, Program
enjoyed watching “UP” at our first we have had with him, he has provided
Development, Staff Needs, Budgets,
Family Movie Night, and we hope to structure, support, and guidance.  We
and the Pledge Drive
show more movies in the future.   have learned a lot this year about
  Over the course of the year, children schedules, curricula, and classroom
Well, it’s that time of year again at First learned about the environment, groupings.
Parish.  The pledge drive is on, sustainability, and recycling, and wrote  
budgets are being considered, and it’s letters to our new US Senator, asking Our goal is to develop a compelling RE
time to post a position announcement him about his position on renewable program that provides learning,
for a new Director of Religious energy.  Earlier this month, the growing, and serving opportunities for
Education!  We have had another younger kids had a lot of fun hunting our youth from Kindergarten through
wonderful year in RE this past year, for Easter eggs on a beautiful Sunday High School.  We need to provide a
thanks to Jim Fitzgerald and our morning. spiritual home to our youth and make
dedicated teachers and advisors, not to   sure that our youth feel connected to
mention our fabulous children and
In OWL . . . . well, we all know what the First Parish community.  Our RE
youth.  I’d like to take a moment to
the kids have been learning up in the program also needs to be sustainable
share with you some of this year’s
OWL classroom!  To enhance the and make the best use of our volunteers’
highlights, lessons learned, and hopes
OWL curriculum, Veronica and skills and talents.
and plans we have for the future of the
Michael have invited guest speakers to  
share their perspectives on sexuality, In order to start along the path toward
  and also use humor and music to break meeting these goals, we will be posting
We had about 50 children and teens down barriers and make the class the DRE position as a 15 hour per week
registered for the RE program this year.  successful.  Our Middle School youth
position (an increase of 5 hours per
Several times this year, Sunday morning had the added pleasure of discussing
week from this year).  The additional
would find over 30 children and youth touchy subjects with complete hours will allow the DRE to:
upstairs in the toddler room, RE strangers, since they were joined by
classrooms, and OWL classroom.  The their peers from Cohasset every week!  • provide leadership and vision for the
RE curricula focused on UU Identity in We hope to be able to nurture these program;
the beginning of the year in all classes.  new friendships by continuing our • connect with children, parents, and
Students heard Old Testament stories collaboration with Cohasset next year the larger congregation;
and began to explore the Bible in the in the Coming of Age Program. • research and recommend curricula
second half of the year.  In the final   that meet our program needs and
months of this year, the younger desired direction;
Our High School youth have been very
children will be exploring world • support our volunteer teachers with
active in church and community life
religions, and the 4th through 6th prepared lesson plans and activities;
this year, helping at the dump, the
graders will continue on with the Bible, • develop programs for our Middle
Snowflake fair, the Tie-Dying Party, and
moving into the books of the New School and High School youth; and
Family Movie Night; providing music
during worship services; giving a • serve as advisor to the Senior High
  presentation on Star Island; stuffing and Youth Group.
Children and teachers worked hard to hiding Easter eggs; wrapping presents  
put together a Winter Pageant that was for Scituate Community Christmas; and
postponed once and eventually providing child care every week in the
cancelled because of winter storms.  toddler room on Sunday mornings. 
We got a sneak preview of the pageant (Religious Education
We also had a really fun and well
in January, and will probably get to see attended Bowling Night, and hope to continued page 4)
it in its entirety next winter.  Later in have additional social events for our
the month, our children and youth teens before the end of the year.
learned a little bit about Hinduism and Our dedicated teachers pour their
participated in the kirtan led by our hearts and souls into taking care of and
The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

Religious Education (cont.) Book Group Selection – April ‘10

We will be posting the position independently

from First Parish Cohasset in the hope of
hiring a DRE who will be able to be with us on
most Sundays.  We hope, however, to build on
the success of this year’s OWL program by
continuing to collaborate with Cohasset on the
Coming of Age program and the Senior High
School Youth Group.
It is an exciting time for our Religious
Education program, and I look forward to
seeing it develop in a sensible, responsible, and
Cutting for Stone
meaningful way.  The RE program is vital not by Abraham Verghese
only to the youth that it serves directly, but
also to the mission and the sustainability of the Sister Mary Joseph Praise, a devout young nun, leaves the south Indian
church.  So, circling back to the connection state of Kerala in 1947 for a missionary post in Yemen. During the
between programs, budgets, and the pledge arduous sea voyage, she saves the life of an English doctor bound for
drive . . . .  I know I don’t need to ask you to Ethiopia, Thomas Stone, who becomes a key player in her destiny when
pledge generously this year.  However, I will they meet up again at Missing Hospital in Addis Ababa. Seven years
ask you, whether you have a child in the RE later, Sister Praise dies birthing twin boys: Shiva and Marion, the latter
program or not, to please consider the needs of narrating his own and his brothers long, dramatic, biblical story set
the program when you make your pledge this against the backdrop of political turmoil in Ethiopia, the life of the
year.  With your help, we will be able to build hospital compound in which they grow up and the love story of their
on our successes and provide a stronger RE adopted parents, both doctors at Missing. The boys become doctors as
program in the coming years. well and Vergheses weaving of the practice of medicine into the
  narrative is fascinating even as the story bobs and weaves with the power
Respectfully, hopefully, and lovingly yours, and coincidences of the best 19th-century novel.
Jean Shildneck
Co-chair, Religious Education Committee DATE:  Wednesday, April 28th
TIME:   7:30 pm
Herring Counts
How’d you like to count some herring? I’m LOCATION: Sloop Room
volunteering with the North and South Rivers
Watershed Association (NSRWA) to keep an
eye on the herring run at Hunter’s Pond on Date and place subject to last minute
Mordecai Lincoln Road – and the NSRWA changes. If you are not on the book group
would love other volunteers to help out. It email list and are planning to attend, please
couldn’t be easier – just commit to spending ten contact Chris Berkeley @545-6901.
minutes as little as once a week at a beautiful
and peaceful spot and count the herring as they Flower Power Fundraiser 
make their journey up the ladder! For more
information, visit the NSRWA website at:  - or just
ask me and I’ll fill you in! Ali Crehan Feeney, The Flower Power order has been placed!! Orders totaled $969, of which
545-6216 or we made half giving First Parish $484.50. Thank you to all who
The Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Of Scituate

Ministerial MUUsings.... 2010 Stewardship Campaign

Some of you may have noticed that the plaque in The 2010 Stewardship Campaign has begun , letters were
the church vestibule listing the sites of the First mailed on April 8th and pledge cards are due back to the
Parish church buildings and the ministers who church by April 25th.  All pledge cards returned by April
have served First Parish has been taken down. 18th will be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift certificate
The list of ministers needed some corrections to the Barker Tavern.  Thank you for taking the time to
and updating. The last minister listed is Darrell review all of the canvass materials and if you have any
Berger who served here from 1978-1989. questions please contact Leigh Todd at 617-548-7380 or

Before ending its duties the 375th Anniversary

Committee charged me with replacing the Meditation
plaque. At first I thought we could get another
engraved metal plaque but that was proving
expensive. It also meant that future minister’s
names could not be added. Other plaques where
names could be added had the look of an
“Employee of the Month” award.

Who? Brian Sutton, a trained meditation guide and

As I was looking through some pictures of our
friend of First Parish.
trip to Europe last year I came across pictures
that I took of St. James Parish in Egerton, Kent. What? “Meditation: Finding Time to Put Down the
One of the pictures is of a framed listing of all Questions,” an introduction, with discussion.
the parish’s vicars since the 13th century, When? Begins, April 18 noon - 1:30. Future dates to be
handwritten in beautiful script with illuminated determined.
borders. This, I thought, is what our’s could Where: Here at First Parish.
look like. Why: Whether your new to meditation or tried some
kind before, or you are just curious, now is your chance. I
Last week I contacted a number of calligraphers think we all need a few minutes a day when we put down
who all said they would be thrilled to do this all of our projects. And encouragement helps!
work for us. So, here is where you come in. For For more information, email
the border I would like some things that ~Brian
symbolize First parish, such as our stained glass
window. Email the church your suggestions and Found
we’ll help keep you informed about how the
project is progressing.


A pair of bi-focal glasses was found in the church parking
lot. Unfortunately, they were run over but one lens may be
salvageable. The good news is, they don’t look as bad as the
glasses in the photo shown. Call the church if they are

Something to think about....... Union Sunday
Sunday – April 25, 2010 – 10:25 AM

Hosted by Old Ship Church

Worshipping in union with
Second Parish UU Hingham
First Parish UU in Cohasset
First Parish UU Scituate,
and First Parish UU Norwell.

Please invite your “out-of-town” friends;

and tell them how much we welcome kids…
who will enjoy a morning of old school games,

As youth middle school age & up and adults

worship together around
“Old Threads, New Textures:
Growing from Our History”

Gathered in Scituate, 1634

Founded in London, 1616
Scituate, MA 02066
330 First Parish Road
First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church