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Page 8A — TUESDAY, August 5, 2008 Columbia Missourian

Neighborhood delayed BREAKING AWAY MAP AREA Resource

Business owners within the North Central 70

The debate over a new Phebe La Mar, an attorney rep- group in any other neighborhood Columbia Neighborhood Association want to
resenting many of the business- association who does not want to form their own neighborhood association,
north-central group is es, said, “There are a number work with an existing organiza- which they would call a business district. 63

postponed to Oct. 6.
of things that a neighborhood
association is allowed to do that
a business organization is not
tion which has been recognized
by the city council. The develop-
ers would love the confusion and
OOP 70
to be

T allowed to do.” chaos that would result from that


North Central
Ninety minutes of debate about La Mar cited being able to be precedent.” Columbia
a second proposed neighbor- included in the city’s budget, The root of the problem seems


hood association in north-cen- which business organizations to lie in the policies of the city, as Association

tral Columbia kicked off the City are not allowed to do, as one of noted by Fourth Ward Council- WILKE
Council meeting Monday night, the reasons for the requested man Jerry Wade.
D. The city is considering
leading the council to postpone change. “I think we find ourselves in
its decision to the Oct. 6 meet- The proposed neighborhood this situation in that our lack of
an electronic
ing. association would overlap with focus and priority in our poli- Boundaries of proposed Community Issues
The request was from the the North Central Columbia cies and definitions has created North Central Columbia
North Central Columbia Busi- Neighborhood Association — a very difficult question of how Business District Management system.
ness District, which intends to causing debate. this issue can be resolved,” Wade ROG

represent the business and com- This is not prohibited by the said.
mercial interests in north-cen- city’s neighborhood organization It was proposed that the group As mentioned by City Man-

tral Columbia in the form of a policy, yet some members of the be considered to be a business ager Bill Watkins in his budget
neighborhood association. existing north-central neighbor- district, keeping in mind that the message last week, the city will
The item was on the agenda PARK AVENUE be moving forward with the
hood association such as Linda council may give it more rights

for the July 21 meeting but was Rootes, its president, see this as in the future. ASH ST.
recommendation to consider
tabled because of the district’s a problem. La Mar said that she couldn’t funding an electronic Commu-
request to amend its application In an e-mail dated Aug. 4, Roo- speak for the entire North Cen- N nity Issues Management sys-
submitted to the council. The tes said: “Recognition of this tral Columbia Business District, 1000 FEET tem, or CIM.
change was to recognize it as a organization as an alternative but would present the idea and A meeting on this topic will
neighborhood association rather neighborhood association would return with more information in Source: CITY OF COLUMBIA MISSOURIAN occur on Wednesday night,
than a business district. open the door to any splinter October. where information about the
system will be presented by
leaders of CIM to leaders of
Columbia. Seventy-five of the
city’s leaders were invited, and
45 plan to attend.
Watkins said in his budget
speech that this system would
“greatly improve our ability to
put resources where they can
make the biggest impact.”
Steve Hollis, manager of com-
munity services, said that this
system has not been purchased
yet, but if it were, it would allow
groups to better manage data
and make policy decisions.
The CIM system was devel-
oped at MU from a project led by
Christopher Fulcher, co-direc-
tor of the Center for Applied
Research and Environmental
Systems, and has been used by
four other cities in the nation.
Watkins said in his budget mes-
sage that he wants Columbia to
be the fifth city equipped with
the system.
According to CIM’s Web site,
it is a wide-reaching, “web-
based system where organi-
zations use tools and data to
frame, manage and take action
on complex issues.”
It also facilitates conversa-
tions between members of the
community and organizations.
The system would be fund-
ed by an infrastructure grant
from the Missouri Foundation
for Health.
Watkins also noted that in this
process, the city would partner
with MU, the United Way and
“other key human service part-

Shots fired
in robbery
2 injured
Police report multiple
complaints about
early morning shots.
Two people were shot dur-
ing an attempted robbery early
Monday morning in northeast
Columbia, a Boone County
Sheriff’s Department news
release said.
A 31-year-old male was shot
in the abdomen and a 23-year-
old female was shot in the arm.
Both were taken to University
Hospital. The woman was listed
in stable condition while the
man was in critical condition,
according to the release.
“We haven’t been able to talk
to him (yet),” Capt. Gary Ger-
man said. “I think he’s going
to be a good source of informa-
Deputies received multiple
complaints of shots fired around
1:47 a.m. in the 700 block of
Demaret Drive. German said
both victims were asleep when
two male suspects wearing ban-
danas over their faces forced
the apartment door open and
demanded money. The suspects
then took the two occupants of
the home outside at gunpoint, at
which point the victims tried to
escape. The suspects shot the
victims and fled the scene in an
unknown direction.
It is unclear at this time
whether both suspects were
“We’re kind of getting con-
flicting reports on that,” Ger-
man said.
Contact the Boone County
Sheriff’s Department at 875-
1111 or CrimeStoppers at 875-
TIPS with any information.

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