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N E W S August 10, 2008 — 7A

Associate dean
at MU School
Director named for MU School of Social Work
Marjorie Sable was Friday in a news release. She the University of Missouri,” has experienced vast changes
of Medicine promoted after being
will start the position on Sept.
Jorgensen said.
Sable’s educational back-
since then.
“Social work practice is
steps down after the interim director Sable has been a faculty
member since 1993 and has
ground includes a master’s
degree in social work from
experiencing new challenges
since 2007. in the area of child welfare and
fifteen years By KOURTNEY GEERS
served as interim director
since 2007.
Washington University as well
as a master’s degree and doc- family well-being, substance
abuse and other mental health
In the news release, Jorgen- torate in public health from the
Michael Hosokawa will
son said that during her 15 University of North Carolina at issues, particularly in the cur-
Marjorie Sable has been rent economic downturn,”
stay on as a full-time named the new director for
years at MU, Sable has signifi- Chapel Hill.
cantly contributed to the field “I am excited to accept this Sable said.
professor of medicine. the School of Social Work, said of social work. position and eager to prepare She hopes to improve the
By LAUREN TITTERINGTON Stephen Jorgensen, the dean of “Her research in the areas the next generation of social future of social work. MU’s College of Human Envi- of reproductive public health, workers, honoring our school’s
ronmental Sciences. “Modern social work
After 15 years as the associ- psychosocial barriers to qual- long-standing commitment
Sable is the associate dean of ity health care access among to training,” Sable said in the research is providing us with
ate dean for curriculum for
Research and Graduate Studies low-income and minority news release. new insights for meeting the
the MU School of Medicine,
Michael Hosokawa has decided and a professor of social work. groups and HIV/AIDS preven- The School of Social Work challenges. I want to take
to step down from his position, The decision was announced tion in high-risk groups has was established in 1953, but advantage of these opportuni-
a news release from the School in an e-mail to colleagues on brought national and interna- MU has offered training in the ties to adapt social work prac-
of Medicine said. July 14 and announced publicly tional distinction to her and to subject since 1906. The field tice to today’s needs.”
He will continue his duties
as a full-time professor of fam- Crash at West-Ash
ily and community medicine.
Linda Headrick, the senior
leaves bruises, dents
associate dean for education There were dents, bruises
and faculty development, will but no major injuries after an
chair the search committee, accident at the intersection of
according to the release. West Boulevard and Ash Street
Hosokawa announced his on Saturday afternoon.
decision in a note to the dean’s Helen Bittle, 18, was headed
office staff, saying: “It feels north on West Boulevard in a
like a good time to look for black Mercedes when she was
some new turns in the road and struck by Bren Ross, who was
set some new goals,” according heading east on Ash Street in a
to the release. silver Saturn.
While he was associate Bittle had primary control
dean, Hosokawa made many of the intersection, Officer
contributions and innovations Trisha Rigsby said, and Ross’
to the School of Medicine vehicle struck the rear driver’s
that benefited both the school side of Bittle’s sedan.
and its students, the release The side airbag deployed in
said. Some of the innovations Bittle’s car, and though no one
include the Mini-Medical was severely injured, Bittle’s
School where high school stu- arm was bruised.
dents have the opportunity to Both drivers were wearing
see what medical school is like; seatbelts.
Jumpstart, a week of prepa-
— Anne Shifley
ration for students who are
about to begin their first year
of medical school; and, most
recently, the creation of elec- The Now through August 19,
get your complimentary
tronically assisted, problem-
based learning. personal fitting with one
Hosokawa will continue as
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