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Yucca Valley Lodge #802

Yucca Valley California Trestleboard

April 2010 A newsletter serving the Masonic and affiliated bodies of the high desert

Trestleboard - a draftsman’s designing board; that on which a Mason draws his designs for his character and spiritual growth;
that on which the Worshipful Master lays out his designs for the workmen; a Lodge’s newsletter and calendar of events.

Special Interest
From the East
Bro. Joseph Romero, Worshipful Master

• From the East. 1

• From the W est.
doing the printing for our
invitations and
We had a busy month of
announcements, with the
March; Brother Harry Tanzer
mailing and addressing being
Highlights: gave a report on Public
completed by yours truly.
Schools Night to be held on Masonic Education and
Editor’s Corner 2 April 22, at our Lodge. He
I again remind you to re-read Instruction meeting on the
Working Group 2 has taken care of all the third Thursday of the
our Vision and Mission
details and we expect it to
Poem/Humor 3 Statement that was adopted Month, April 15, at 6:30pm.
once again be a successful Plan to attend you will find
Education 4 by the Lodge at our March
event. that it will not be the usual
Stated Meeting. You will
Quiz 5 run-of-the-mill meeting.
find in your February
We also had two Memorials
Fam ous Mason 6 Trestleboard on page 3.
at our Lodge, A courtesy one If you were a DeMolay in
B2B Section 6 for Brother Duncan of North
At the Officers School of your youth, I expect to see
Calendar 7 Carolina, and one for our
Instruction the finer points of you at our Breakfast on
Brother Robert Jones, who
Officers 8 the Flag Presentation and the Saturday April 3, 8-10am. I
made his transition to the hope again this will be an
Second Degree were
Celestial lodge on Feb. 16th. exploratory get together,
Follow us on Facebook, demonstrated. The three
where you can upload attendees for our Lodge were
stories, photos and news An information and In closing please let us
events! the Worshipful Master,
fellowship get-together was know of any sickness or
Senior Warden and Asst
held Thursday the 15th, and distress.
Secretary. As a reminder,
Please send stories, we afterwards opened Lodge
photos, comments or any Master mason is invited
and conferred the First Degree
corrections to the editor to attend, not just officers of Joseph Romero, WM
at: upon Bother Mark Middleton.
the Lodge! The School is Congratulations Brother
always on the third Saturday
of the Month at 8:00 am (at
Do you want to get various locations).
We continue to formulate the
the Trestleboard
sooner? Sign up for
plans for our 50th Lodge
We will be having a Spaghetti
email delivery and Anniversary. Thanks to
and Italian Sausage Dinner
you’ll get it before Brother Mark Clark, our
for our Fellowship and
the 1st and in color! Treasurer, for planning and
Send an email to
the editor to sign

Our 50th Year in Yucca Valley

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The Editor’s Corner
Bro. T.C. Dowden 32°
Public Schools
the need for Masonic-
This month celebrates public sponsored schools was
schools and Freemasonry. eliminated and they either
Public schools are the closed or became private
foundation of the educational colleges. We will be meeting at least
system in the United States. every third Thursday at the
Just as the schools build a Masonic Education Lodge, and then any other
foundation for schools, Working Group Thursday that the brethren
“Masonic Education builds Masonic education builds the The Masonic Education wish to continue the studies.
the foundation for a solid foundation for a solid and Working Group met last My hope is that the studies
and rewarding career in rewarding career in month for the first time, and I will then be shared with the
Freemasonry.” Freemasonry. While I don’t was very pleased at the rest of the Lodge in Stated
necessarily agree with the reception and attendance for Meetings, through Short
exact wording of the Grand the group. We began by Talks and papers by the
Master’s proclamation on looking at the Mission and members of the Group. I was
page five regarding “the first Vision of the Lodge, especially pleased to see that
necessity of a progressive discussed our personal the group had members from
State”, which in all fairness visions, and spoke on what is all age groups, and
has been used since the first meant by “A Beautiful particularly pleased to know
California proclamation in System of Morality, Veiled in that YV Lodge brothers are
1920, I do believe that public Allegory, and Illustrated by interested in the deeper
schools are the right choice forSymbols.” As the MEWG aspects of Masonry.
the majority of our citizens. continues, we will explore the If you are of the mindset that
One thing I learned while symbols, what they mean to there is more to being a
researching this topic was that the individual Mason, and Lodge member than dinner,
Masonic Lodges, at one time, how the lessons can be business meetings, and
even started/sponsored their applied to our lives. In that occasional rituals, then please
own schools and colleges. way, perhaps we can learn join us in the Socratic
After the public schools more about “taking a good learning of the group!
became government funded, man and making him better.

Masonic Education Working Group Charter

Freemasonry is an individually-driven can become a champion boxer from subsequently share what they learn
science of self development in the merely reading a book on the gentle art. with the rest of the group. By doing
pursuit of the ideal. Personal effort is necessary, and that is this, members are not dependent
just where people fail by the thousands, upon classroom instruction and
No one takes a new Mason aside and
and that is a failure of Leadership. listening to lectures. The surest way
hands them all the secrets of
to fully learn a subject is to discuss it
Freemasonry after attaining the Master The Working Group will focus on those
with others and defend your research
Mason degree. Each Mason is free to who wish to expand their understanding
and opinion.
evolve as they deem fit. Some will be of the Craft and apply that knowledge to
happy with what they have heard in the their lives. Each WG member needs to examine
lectures of the degrees and to just join their own history and understand the
The basic format of this group is that of
the fraternity. Others will seek more, reason why they sought out
the Socratic method of instruction. Each
depending on their needs. To really membership in Freemasonry. From
individual will determine their needs and
understand, a Mason must be compelled that we develop a mission and vision
seek the guidance of the other members,
to put forth a personal effort. No man for their individual studies.
read background materials, and
1. What caused you to knock at
A beautiful system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, illustrated by Symbols
the door of the fraternity?
2. What light do you hope to
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The “Working Tools”…
of a Golfer
I now present you with the working
Last Night I knelt Where tools of a Golfer, which are the
Hiram Knelt Driver, the Iron, the Putter and the
Score Card. The Driver is to drive the
ball, the Iron is to aid its progress and
Last night I knelt where Hiram knelt
the Putter is to enable us to follow
And took an obligation
that straight and undeviating line laid
Today I’m closer to my God down for our pursuit, and finally to
And I’m a Master Mason
place the ball in its safe and hidden
repository over the smooth and
Tho’ Heretofore my fellow men prepared surface of the green, while
Seemed each one like the other upon the Score-card are recorded the
Today I search each one apart efforts of the Golfer to mark his
I’m looking for “My Brother” progress in the science.

And, as I feel his friendly grip But as we are not professional

It fills my heart with pride golfers, but rather amateurs we apply
I know that while I’m on the square these tools to our morals in this sense. scepter for it. The Putter instructs us
That he is on my side The Driver denotes the force of to be accurate, and to temper our
conscience, which should keep down efforts with restraint, while the
His footsteps on my errand go all vain and unbecoming thoughts, Scorecard teaches us that our words
If I should such require which might infringe during the and actions are observed and
His prayers will plead on my behalf period of time in which we occupy recorded by the All Powerful
If I should so desire the tee. The Iron, an important Handicap Committee to whom we
implement of the Science and solid in must render an account of our
its form, teaches us that exertion is conduct. It reminds us of their
My words are safe within his breast
necessary to success. We are unerring and impartial justice in
As though within my own
reminded that no game of golf can be allocating to us our positions in all
His hand for ever at my back
completed without its aid and to so Club Competitions and also we shall
To help me safely home
high an eminence has its usefulness be rewarded or punished as we have
been raised, that Monarchs’ obeyed or disregarded their
Good counsel whispers in my ear themselves have not felt it derogatory
And warns of any danger commands.
to their dignity to exchange the
By square and compass Brother Now From the whole we receive this
Who once would call me stranger teaching, that skill aided by exertion,
and exercised with patience
I might have lived a moral life combined with a strict adherence to
And risen to distinctions the principles laid down for our
Without my Brothers helping hand guidance in the Volume of the Laws
And fellowship of masons of the Game, will enable us, when
summoned from the course to appear
But God who knows how hard it is before the Club Committee to do so
To resist life’s temptations with the knowledge that we have
Knows why I knelt where Hiram knelt endeavored to faithfully follow the
And Took that Obligation precepts inculcated in the Lectures
received from the skilled
Compliments: RWBro. Sam B. Aga professional.
Obtained from RWBro Gimi (Mumbai) Author Unknown

A beautiful system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, illustrated by Symbols

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Masonic Education: Freemasonry and Public Education
Traditionally, throughout its long the father of our present system of California Masons. Charles Albert
history, Freemasonry has taken a public schools and purported Mason, Adams, Grand Master in 1920,
leading role in the promotion of wrote that the object of a free public wrote that as Masons “we subscribe
learning and education. From its schools system is “to give every to the belief that an enlightened
early beginnings, in the 18th century child a free, straight, solid pathway citizenship is the first great care of a
in England and Scotland, Masons by which he can walk directly up progressive State.” He believed that
were among the founders of learned from the ignorance of an infant to a the future of our free republic
academies. Masons have been active knowledge of the primary duties of a depended on the quality of our
in education at every level from man.” The same can, of course, be public schools.
grammar school through university. said about the progress of a Freemasonry and education remain
Freemasons have even founded candidate through the three Masonic closely related in the world at large
schools and colleges in the past. Degrees, from Apprentice, to as well. The modern world is
Fellowcraft, to Master Mason. confronted with poverty and its
The Charge of the Fellowcraft
Freemasonry and the public schools effects; religious and political
Degree reminds the candidate that
share several important values. fundamentalism; and overpopulation.
the impressive ceremonies of the
degree are calculated to inculcate in Our Founding Fathers, Freemason The fight against bigotry and
his mind the importance of studying and non-Mason alike, understood fanaticism must be fought in the
the liberal arts and sciences. He is that eternal vigilance is the price of minds of men. Education is the key
particularly reminded to study the freedom. And vigilance requires an to the solution of the world’s
noble science of Geometry, which educated population equipped with problems in these present
forms the basis of Freemasonry. Not the skills to learn about and discuss circumstances. An educated man
only does Geometry explain the the great issues. The Northwest learns to appreciate the wide range of
properties of nature, it demonstrates Ordinance of 1787 was one of the opinions on any subject.
the more important truths of greatest accomplishments of the Freemasonry, in addition, allows
morality. infant United States. Under its men of many different professions
regulations, Congress set aside a and backgrounds to meet together in
If Freemasonry is “about” anything,
section in each township in the old a spirit of cooperation and
it is about the education of the
Northwest Territory (Ohio, Indiana, understanding.
individual to become a
etc) for the support of public All of Freemasonry’s principles and
knowledgeable, informed, and moral
schools. This was the first time in ideals are worthless, unless they are
human being within society.
history that a government had the inculcated in the minds of each
Education is valued above ignorance.
foresight to plan for the education of
“Seeking further Light in Masonry” Mason by education within our
its people. Since that time, the Lodges. Our fundamental principles
means more than learning more
individual States and now the are called “landmarks” because they
about the Craft. It also means that
Federal Government have supported are signposts. They are not
Freemasons and non-Masons alike
and developed our system of free constraints. Freemasonry is not
must discipline themselves to seek
public education. restricted to what goes on in the
knowledge through whatever means
available—by studying at colleges The California State public school Lodge room. It has to become a way
and universities or by self-directed system was started in the 1850’s, and of life in order for the new Mason to
reading and study. the first State Superintendent of become a true and full-fledged
Public Instruction was John Swett, a Mason. The threefold orientation of
Because Freemasonry places such
transplanted Mason who had come Masonic work for the candidate is
great importance on education, we
west in the years following the Gold toward himself, toward his
have become steadfast supporters of
Rush. The public schools have Brethren, and toward the world at
the Public Schools. Horace Mann, large.
always been a special concern of
A beautiful system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, illustrated by Symbols
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Masonic Symbol Quiz (cont.)
16. What is an “Eavesdropper”?
a. Another name for the Tyler’s door
b. Someone who attempts to steal the secrets of Masonry
c. An item of clothing
d. Another term for the Hoodwink

17. What does the "Setting Maul" symbolize?

a. A tool used by craftsmen
b. A tool used by the Worshipful Master
c. Violent death
d. Another name for the Gavel

18. What does the “Sprig of Acacia" represent?

a. A plant with deep roots
b. Faith and Hope
c. Faith and Immortality
d. A part of the Lodge furnishing

19. What does the "Father Time with a Scythe" symbol represent?
a. Death
b. Masonic funeral
c. Passing of time
d. Life is passing

20. What does the "24 Inch Gauge" symbol represent?

a. A tool used by early Masons to draw lines
b. The Junior Steward's jewel
c. A tool to teach us to divide our time btwn God, work & rest
d. The principle working tool of a Master mason

Answers: 16-b 17-c 18-c 19-a 20-c

Reservation forms for the Banquet, He emphasized that

50th Birthday Bash which is to be held in the Yucca Room reservations for the event must be
of the Yucca Valley Community Center returned to the Treasurer to arrive
Menu Set across the street from our Lodge, will not later than 3 May to
shortly be mailed to every Lodge accommodate the agreement made
Worshipful Master Romero informs
member, he said. A Reception within with the caterer.
us that Prime Rib and Breast of Chicken our Lodge building is to follow the
have been selected to be the two entree Banquet.
choices for the 50th Anniversary Lodge
Banquet which will take place on 16 Worshipful Romero noted that
May. additional reservation forms and maps
will be mailed to other interested
The event, which will kick off at 2 parties upon receipt of email requests to
PM, is by reservation only. A choice of our Treasurer, Mark Clark, at
the two entrees is offered at a cost of .
$25 per diner.

A beautiful system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, illustrated by Symbols

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Famous Mason: Gene Autry
Born in Tioga, Texas on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Hollywood Walk of Fame, one
September 29, 1907, Gene Autry the second all-time best selling each for Radio, Recording,
was raised in Texas and Christmas single, boasts in excess Motion Pictures, Television, and
Oklahoma. Discovered by of 30 million in sales. Live Theatre/performance.
humorist Will Rogers in 1929,
Gene Autry joined the Army Air Among the many hundreds of
Autry was billed as "Oklahoma's
Corps in 1942 and became Sgt. honors and awards Autry has
Yodeling Cowboy" at KVOO in
Gene Autry. During the war, he received were induction into the
Tulsa, Oklahoma. He gained a
ferried fuel, ammunition, and Country Music Hall of Fame; the
popular following, a recording
arms in the China-India-Burma American Academy of
contract with Columbia Records in
theater of war and flew over the Achievement Award; and the
1929, and soon after, performed on
Himalayas, the hazardous air Board of Directors Lifetime
the "National Barn Dance" for
route known as "The Hump." Achievement Award from the
radio station WLS in Chicago.
When the war ended Autry was International Achievement in
Autry first appeared on screen in
reassigned to Special Services, Arts Foundation. Gene Autry
1934 and up to 1953 popularized
where he toured with a USO was also inducted into the
the musical Western and starred in
troupe in the South Pacific beforeNashville Songwriters Hall of
93 feature films. In 1940 theater
resuming his movie career in Fame, The National Cowboy
exhibitors of America voted Autry
1946. Hall of Fame, the National
the fourth biggest box office
Association of Broadcasters Hall
attraction, behind Mickey Rooney, He owned such award-winning
of Fame, and he received The
Clark Gable, and Spencer Tracy. stations as KMPC radio and
Songwriters Guild Life
KTLA Television in Los Angeles
Autry made 640 recordings, Achievement Award.
as well as other stations across
including more than 300 songs
the country. Autry's great love He was a 33rd Degree Mason
written or co-written by him. His
for baseball prompted him to and Honorary Inspector General
records sold more than 100 million
acquire the American League and was given the prestigious
copies and he has more than a
California Angels in 1961. award of the Grand Cross of the
dozen gold and platinum records,
Active in Major League Baseball, Court of Honor.
including the first record ever
Autry held the title of VP of the
certified gold. His Christmas and Gene Autry died at his home in
American League until his death.
children's records Here Comes Studio City, California on
Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Autry is the only entertainer to October 2, 1998. He was 91
Claus Lane) and Peter Cottontail have all five stars on the years old.
are among his platinum recordings.

“B2B” – Brother to Brother Section

A beautiful system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, illustrated by Symbols

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Lodge Calendar Our 50th Year in Yucca Valley
Yucca Valley Masonic Center

April 2010
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3
Aries Taurus Stated Mtg 6 PM Breakfast
Dinner 6:30 8-10 AM
Open Mtg 7:30 Yucca Valley

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Easter Sunday Oasis of Mara Hall Association Breakfast
Stated Meeting Building Board 8-10 AM
29 Palms Mtg. 6 PM Oasis of Mara

11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Eastern Star 6 PM Thomas Daughters of the Masonic Education Shrine Club Officer’s School of
Yucca Valley Jefferson’s Nile 11:00 PM Working Group 11:00 AM Instruction at
Birthday Yucca Valley 6:30 PM Yucca Valley Coachella Valley
Spagetti Lunch Sizzler Lodge 8:30 AM
Tax Day

18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Public Schools

25 26 27 28 29 30
Eastern Star 6 PM Scottish Rite in Degree Proficiency Arbor Day
Yucca Valley Palm Springs Work – 6:30 PM
Thursday‖ Officer’s Practice (Masonic Service Association)

A beautiful system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, illustrated by Symbols

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Lodge Officers 2010

Grand Master of the State of

Most Worshipful Kenneth G. Nagel
Yucca Valley Masonic Lodge California
PO Box 686 Worshipful Master Joe Romero, P.M. 228-2515
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Senior Warden Joseph DuPont 367-4373
PHONE: Junior Warden Vacant
(760) 820-4499
Treasurer Mark Clark 367-7246
Secretary Oscar Rodriguez
(760) 820-4499
Chaplain David Glenn 660-5736
Senior Deacon Joseph Johnson PM 365-5764
Junior Deacon Joseph Pennington 362-2785
Trestleboard Editor: Marshal Wayne J. Stuart 364-4586
T. C. Dowden 418-5236 Senior. Steward James N. Henley 366-2527 Junior Steward Brian L. Slack 365-6245
Tyler Vacant
We’re on the Web! Officer’s Coach Vacant
See us at:
Inspector 830th Masonic Dist Mert Gayler
Telephone Chair
facebook Adriana C. (Tina) Bergamin 365-5523

PO Box 686
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
City, ST 78269

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Trestleb o a rd - Pub lished m o nthly b y
Yuc c a Va lley Lo d g e #802 F& AM
PO Bo x 686, Yuc c a Va lley C A 92284

A beautiful system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, illustrated by Symbols

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