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Fast Facts - My Best Work


Getting Things Done


(Chronologically from most recent by location)



1. Created & implemented a strategy in support of a 360-degree view of the customer

2. Financial Development systems & record keeping makeover

3. Created a state-of-the-art solid state (zero moving parts) computer lab

4. Automated time & attendance (payroll) for 5,000 employees

5. Negotiated RFP, selected, and implemented new Membership registration system @ 40+ locations

6. Connected (via high speed broadband) every center across the 45 locations.

7. Developed staff profiles via Keirsey Temperament tests

8. Automated background checking; saved $100,000 in first year

9. Rescued (literally overnight) a failed telecomm provider impacting 21 locations

10. Developed, managed and optimized a $3million technology budget

11. Created the 'i-Team' brand with a heavy focus on customer satisfaction

12. Secured a $10,000 equipment donation from IBM

13. Secured an annual community gift from Verizon

14. Democratized access to information; all locations connected with equal access -- not just the "rich" ones



1. Secured a $3million 5-year Charity Settlement from MCI

2. Consulted internationally in Uruguay (operations), Mexico (Fund-raising), and Jerusalem (membership



3. Negotiated a 6-year $10million telecomm agreement

4. Secured a nationwide preferred rate contract with Sprint, resulting in $100,000s of savings annually

5. Oversaw multiple internal financial system migrations

6. Launched a hugely successful virtual community: "YMCA Business Cafe" - that continues today and

numbers in excess of 1,000 members.

7. Created national collaborations with: Techsoup, NTen, NPower, TechAtlas

8. Set new strategic direction and created new team (Technology Resource Group [TRG]) in response to

board-level national mandate


Grew revenue and enhanced customer service -- resulting in multi-year increased operating surplus for


that unit.

10. Executed a national service relationship with GE

11. Developed & launched a successful Regional Mini-Workshop Series

12. Developed several nationally certified training programs including certifying trainers

13. Launched and co-authored (with Legal & Finance) a national bulletin re: PCI compliance (payment card




Negotiated with GE to develop and deliver a YMCA-specific legal agreement for nationwide services


San Francisco

1. Developed and delivered a board-approved 5-year multi-million dollar Technology Master Plan

2. Secured a significant gift of $50,000 community support from Pacific Bell

3. Introduced ground-breaking Executive Electronic Communication across all 12 corporate locations

4. Democratized access to information; brought all facilities on line -- not just the "rich" ones.

Jeff Bundy

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