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Page 4A — WEDNESDAY, April 7, 2010 Columbia Missourian

Honor, surprise for award winners

Final three MU professors awarded with William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence
By Kourtney Geers ing. Judy O’Neal MBA Professor and pro- Schatz laughed, offered his con- The first two award winners were fessor of marketing in the Trulaske gratulations and his thanks on behalf Meet the recipients
Chancellor Brady Deaton and a announced Monday and three more, College of Business. A marketing of the Kemper Foundation and Com-
gaggle of supporters entered profes- including Ugarte, received unexpect- meeting was interrupted to surprise merce Bank for Ugarte’s excellence Michael Ugarte
sor Michael Ugarte’s cramped class- ed visits from Deaton, Commerce Gopalakrishna with the award. in teaching. He then pulled a sealed Middlebush Professor of Romance
room in Strickland Hall to announce Bank Chairman Jim Schatz and sup- Schatz said it was “particularly a envelope from his breast pocket and Languages
that he was a recipient of a top teach- porters Tuesday. pleasure” for him to assist in giving presented Ugarte with a $10,000
ing award at MU. For a moment, The first award of the day was the Kemper award to a professor award. Michael Barnes
he clapped for himself. Then, he given to department of classical in Gopalakrishna’s department, as A shocked Ugarte covered his Assistant teaching professor and Direc-
turned the attention to his students studies professor Michael Barnes in three of his own children graduated mouth, turned toward the black- tor of Undergraduate Studies for the
and applauded them. the middle of his Classics in a Cross- from MU’s business school. board and, amid his class’s laughter Classical Studies Department
Ugarte was the fifth and final recip- Cultural Context class. He also Ugarte, the final award winner, and cheers, said to Schatz, “Oh my
ient of the 2010 William T. Kemper teaches introductory and graduate- was in the middle of an upper-level God. I was joking!” Srinath Gopalakrishna
Fellowship for Teaching Excellence. level courses in the Honors College, Spanish poetry class when he was Ugarte thanked Deaton, Schatz and David and Judy O’Neal MBA Professor
The fellowships are given annually humanities sequence and languages. surprised by the award group. Along the rest of the guests and called the and professor of marketing
to five outstanding MU educators Along with his role as a teacher, with teaching Spanish, Ugarte is the presenters “good sirs” in Spanish.
and include a $10,000 award that Barnes is the editor of “Classical Middlebush Professor of Romance Ugarte said he didn’t know what Gregory Triplett
is funded by a $500,000 gift from and Modern Literature,” a journal Languages in the department of to say in response to the award, but Assistant professor, department of
the family that founded Commerce published by the department of clas- romance languages and literatures. offered to the guests in his class- electrical and computer engineering
and United Missouri banks. William sical studies. When Schatz was introduced, room, “If you want to stick around
Kemper was a 1926 MU graduate The next award was given to Sri- Ugarte said, “I have one question for for a great lesson, you are more than Anand Prahlad
before beginning his career in bank- nath Gopalakrishna, the David and this man: Where is my money?” welcome.” Professor of English

New owners,
same faces
MU faculty to visit diversity issues
A new association will ticipate in an informational meet- port the LGBTQ association when it experience with those of other insti-
ing about a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, establishes membership and bylaws. tutions
address gender and
at photo store Transgender and Queer staff and The Chancellor’s Diversity Initia- n Advocating exit interviews to
sexual identity, and the faculty association that is in the
works at MU.
tive sponsors other staff and faculty
organizations, such as the Hispanic
determine the reason LGBTQ com-
munity members leave MU
legal benefits for MU Social work faculty member Carol and Latin American Faculty and While attendees said they came
Columbia Photo will stay faculty members. Snively, an organizer of the meet- Staff Association. to the meeting to network and pro-
open under the ownership By Katy Bergen
ing, said that the need for such
a supportive group has been dis-
Attendees discussed potential
group names before suggesting
mote advocacy issues like domestic
partnership, many also showed up
of Creve Coeur Camera. cussed for years on campus. Snively activities for the association that for social reasons. Willis said she
The two had never met. But as organized the meeting along with should be reflected in the bylaws. saw the event as an opportunity to
By Lauren Rauth Greg Nelson and Barbara Willis sat MU LGBTQ Resource Center Coor- Some, but not all, of the suggestions network.
at a Boone Tavern table Tuesday dinator Ryan Black and College of included: “I knew a few people, but I wanted
Columbia Photo has been operating
evening, the MU employees real- Education associate professor Ale- n Creating support for domestic to know more,” she said.
under new ownership since March 31,
ized they had much in common. The jandro Morales. partnership benefits The group plans to meet again,
according to a Tuesday news release.
Columbia Photo founder Tom Atkins MU health coordinator and Office Chief Diversity Officer Roger n Adding “gender identity and but a date has not been set. They
contacted Creve Coeur Camera of St. of Service Learning employee both Worthington said he felt it is wrong expression” into MU’s non-discrimi- will vote on a name at that meet-
Louis President Stephen Weiss after love fishing at Bennett Springs in that there is no group addressing nation policy in addition to “sexual ing or online. Those who want to be
the mid-February announcement of the Lebanon, Mo. And the two Columbia LGBTQ issues for MU faculty and orientation,” which is in the current involved with association activities
Columbia business’s closing. residents miss living in the country. staff. Worthington said the Chancel- policy may contact the LGBTQ resource
Manager Dennis Stegall said there Nelson and Willis had come to par- lor’s Diversity’s Initiative will sup- n Comparing the MU LGBTQ center at 884-7750.

Ruling overturned, hog farm can expand

will still be “familiar faces” in the
store, and most of the employees from
Columbia Photo will be staying. Stegall
has been with Columbia Photo for more
than 34 years.
Columbia Photo has been offering
advice and selling equipment to Colum- An expired permit the permit required to
expand the farm expired
village. She later narrowed
the buffer to two miles and
C u r r e nt ly,
larger live-
“I am in
favor of more
bia residents for more than 42 years, led to case more than a year ago. barred existing farms in stock farms “I am in favor of p r o t e c t i v e
and will continue to do so under the
new management. dismissal for the The Kansas City-based that radius from expanding. must be set off
from public
more protective buffer zones
around state
appeals court also ordered The parks association’s
Stegall emphasized the store will still Arrow Rock farm. opponents of the farm expan- president had not read the or inhabited buffer zones parks, recre-
provide the same services to customers, buildings. The ational water-
By CHRIS BLANK sion to pay court costs. appeals court ruling when around state
including the photography classes. biggest farms ways, historic
The store will be bringing in a variety The Associated Press The Missouri Parks Asso- contacted for comment
JEFFERSON CITY — A ciation and village of Arrow Tuesday. An attorney who have a 3,000 parks, recreational sites and other
of new products and manufacturers, foot buffer sites of cul-
Missouri appeals court on Rock sued after state envi- represented Arrow Rock and
including Canon, Pentax and Nikon,
Tuesday overturned a rul- ronmental officials granted the Missouri Parks Associa- zone. waterways, historic tural signifi-
along with expanded camera bags, tri-
pods, lighting and other accessories, ing that blocked a proposed a permit in 2007 for a hog tion has said the village set The
sites and other cance,” said
Koster. “How-
hog farm from expanding farm to expand several on Missouri River bluff is
according to the release.
“We are excited to move forward with near Arrow Rock. miles from the historic vil- a national historic site that Bureau, which sites of cultural ever, creation
sought to join of such buffer
Creve Coeur,” Stegall said. A Cole County judge lage. That permit expired in
August 2008.
the Department of Natural
Resources has a duty to pre- the lawsuit
significance.” zones is the
Managers from Creve Coeur Camera blocked the farm from
expanding so near the his- Cole County Judge Patri- serve. but initially Chris Koster province of
have been in the store the past few days was denied, Missouri attorney general the Legisla-
working with the employees on under- toric central Missouri vil- cia Joyce in 2008 blocked a The Department of Natu-
lage, but a three-judge panel concentrated animal feed- ral Resources estimates applauded ture and not
standing the new computer system the the appellate the courts.”
store will be using, Stegall said. of the Missouri Court of ing operation from being there are more than 400
Appeals, Western District located within 15 miles of concentrated animal feed- court’s ruling. The appeals court also
Columbia Photo will remain at 111 S. “We have thought from raised several other con-
Ninth St. dismissed the case because the historic central Missouri ing operations in Missouri.
the start that it would be a cerns about Joyce’s ruling
dangerous precedent to let that it said would also could
courts and judges regulate have been grounds to over-
agriculture without any con- turn her decision.
sideration of sound science One was that the ini-
and best management prac- tial lawsuit was filed only
tices,” Farm Bureau Presi- against the Department of
dent Charles Kruse said. Natural Resources and did
Attorney General Chris not include Gessling, who
Koster, a democrat who filed would have been affected
the appeal, said Missouri’s by the outcome. Requests to
agriculture industry would join the case by the Missouri
“grind to a halt” if judges Farm Bureau and Missouri
drew their own buffer zones Cattlemen’s Association also
around farms. were denied.

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