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Conditions of entry for 2010 BMW Motorrad GS on standard motorcycles provided by the

Challenge organizer.

The BMW Motorrad GS Challenge 10.
Nordic 2010 (referred to in the following The event is designed for both hobby
as GS Challenge) is an event designed for motorcyclists without sporting experience
motorcycling enthusiasts who wish to and experienced riders. Holders of a motor
practice or get to know the sporting racing licence (elite licences) are not permitted
challenge of the “GS” experience together to take part.
with like-minded individuals. There is
particular emphasis on the fact that this is 11.
not a racing event. The GS Challenge does not include timed races
as are common in motor racing.
The event is not a timed competition as
such but a test of mastery in which 12.
participants have to undergo tests Participants are offered a number of
requiring a range of physical and mental different tests at varying levels of difficulty.
skills and motorcycling ability.
3. Participants can decline to take part in any
Any road licensed BMW Motorrad GS test, instead receiving the maximum
model can be used by participants entering penalty score for this test instead.
the competition (except for the sports
enduro model G 450 X). 14.
In order to take part in the competition,
5. participants must be prepared to subject
A maximum of 40 participants can enter themselves and their motorcycles to
the GS Challenge: in the case of an challenges which go beyond everyday
excessive number of subscriptions, lots will motorcycling. This includes dirt and mud
be drawn. There is no entitlement to take situations as determined by the weather
part in the event. and as is usual in off-road sports.

6. 15.
The starting fee is 500 SEK incl. VAT. The event includes two riding days on
which participants are required to follow a
7. defined route which is largely asphalted.
The starting fee includes all activities under the Along this route, participants will find a
name GS Challenge number of special tests which also act as
check points.
Program 16.
The assessment tests are held on Friday Any medication which may be required is
June 18th and Saturday June 19th, the two to be brought by participants according to
riding days. Finals are held on June 20th 2010 personal needs. The organizer does not
The day of departure is Sunday accept any responsibility for health risks to
June 20th 2010. participants arising from participation in the
event. It is up to participants to have their
9. own state of health checked prior to taking
The final featuring the best entrants from part.
the various motorcycle classes is held on
the second riding day, Saturday June 19th 17.
2010. Only the best 20 motorcyclists go It is recommended that participants bring a
through to the final. small rucksack to carry items required
Tests are carried out during riding such as the lunch packet.
A camelback (hydration pack) is also are permitted to enter. Only participants
recommended from the nations listed on the registration
form are admitted.
A GPS are recommended for some tests but 26.
are not mandatory. Participation is only possible if a participant
is in possession of all protective equipment
19. and holds a valid class A motorcycle
Participants are responsible for their own licence.
fuel supply; a filling station is located
approx. 2 km from the event venue. 27.
Only Nordic citizens can qualify for a
20. place in Team Nordic to participate in
We recommend the use of road-approved the BMW Motorrad International GS
Endure tyres, for example Continental TKC 80 or Trophy 2010 (= participants with nationality from
similar. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Island)

21. 28.
At the end of the event, there will be an The highway code is to be adhered to at all
award ceremony in recognition of the times. Infringements or riding on
motorcycle class winners and the overall unauthorised tracks result in exclusion
winners. from the event. Infringements of the
conditions of entry and endangering of
22. other participants can also result in a
Participants take part in the event at their participant being barred from the event.
own risk. The organizer is only liable for
damage inflicted deliberately or in gross 29.
negligence by the organizer or his vicarious If the organizer is entitled to make changes
agents or by breach of primary obligations to the event program or to cancel or
or obligations essential to the contract, as terminate the event due to force majeure or
well injury to life, body and/or health. official directive or for safety reasons, the
organizer is not liable to the participant for
23. damages in any way; the participation fee
The undersigned exempts the organizer will not be refunded in this case.
fully from all third party claims which may
be made against the organizer due to 30.
bodily or material damage caused by the Participants consent to any photographs,
participant or vehicles used by the films and interviews made in connection
participant in the course of the event with their involvement in the event being
insofar as such claims are not covered by distributed and published on the radio,
the third-party liability insurance of the television, internet, print media, books and
organizer. Participants are obliged to by means of photomechanical
compensate for any damages incurred to reproduction without claim to
the organizer as a result of the assertion of remuneration, including publication for
such claims. This includes costs of advertising purposes. No personal details
prosecution. may be passed on to third parties with the
24. exception of companies belonging to the
Participation is only permitted with a BMW Group. If participants wish to lodge
licensed motorcycle in sound technical an objection to the processing or use of
condition. The organizer reserves the right their details at a later stage, they may do so
to exclude any vehicle which is in a free of charge.
questionable technical state.
25. By submitting the registration form,
Only those who have turned 18 and have participants agree to abide by the conditions of
full legal capacity at the time of competition entry. The event is subject to Swedish law only.
If any of these provisions are or become
invalid, the remaining provisions remain

I have read and accept the above