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oxi Pi inne RAE vee amie nore sranetariaeiey ROA) Wake see Sears nate seinen Prepress Eade Siva romane oe cocatale Age 18 2005 Mr. Nikhil Parekh 14 Heritage Homes Heritage Homes Co-op Housing Society Limit Thaltej, Ahmedahad-380054 Gujarat, India Dear Mr. Parekh: ‘Thank you for your electronic correspondence, in which you include two original poems on the subject of HIV/AIDS. | applaud your wishes to spread awareness of this disease through your poetry. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. ‘The Government of Canada also takes AIDS awareness and prevention seriously. ‘Through our Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS we have set the following goals: To prevent the spread of HIV infections in Canada; to find a cure: to find and provide effective vaccines, drugs and therapies; to ensure care, treatment and support for Canadians living with HIV/AIDS, their families, fends and caregivers; 10 ‘minimize the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals and communities; and finaly, to minimize the impact of social and economic factors that increase individual and collective risk for HIV. Last year, the Government of Canada,