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From: Courrier Citoyens d'Europe ( Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 9:51:53 AM To: 25011 pk Dear Mr Parekh, ‘Thank you for your internet message sent tothe President of the European Parliament, Mr Josep Borrell Fontelles on 13.10.04. and the poems attached on the subject of AIDS, The European Union and the World as a whole weleomes any means used to disseminate information on AIDS and enhance awareness ofthis terible pandemic disease Regards, Jean-Louis A. COUGNON Head of Division Correspondence with the Citizen European Parliament hk Ea Division rok Consastoxbence wr Coz Meiutt Packt 118779 2R0920D6 —iceeee Neues Coop Howling 80.104 Thal Ahmed 36054 Gujarat, bra Dear Me Parekh, On behalf of Mr Josep Borrell Fontelles. President of the European Parliament, I would lke to thunk you for yout recent leer und swish you wel in your ‘work of spreading the ideals of global peaee, aati terrorism and love through your poetry. ‘Yours sincerely, Head of Division Tse wodag w Te. 2 SBA WaT Dw FAN: AI WA F-Malt civis@eimopurteuin m INTERNE: Dpuwurns