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Membership application form for Joining MSAJ

Please fill out the followings:

1. Name of the student community local society:

2. The President of the local society:

Tel No.:

3. The General Secretary (GS) of the local society:


4. The number of Muslims (students/researchers/academics, their spouses, children):

5. The representatives of the local society: (five representatives, their names and E-mails)





6.Member ship fee:

7. Kinds of activities in the community:

MSAJ introduction
Muslims students Association Japan (MSAJ) returns back to the 2nd of September 1960 when Muslim students
and Trainees in Japan assembled at foreign student’s house, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

The main objective of MSAJ as stated by its constitution is to glorify the word of Allah and work for the welfare
of its members. Promotion for better understanding of Islam among non-Muslims and strengthening brotherhood
among Muslims are also objectives.

Following are the conditions that should be fulfilled for each society to be a member:
• A society of Students (Students includes researchers and educational institutions workers)
• A society which applies shoura in the choice of its committee.
• Its number should be as it is stated in the constitution (10 persons at least).

Subscription fee:
Every local association is obliged to pay an annual subscription fee to MSAJ’s post office account.
Highly populated local associations of more than 25 persons, have to pay annual fees of 20,000
yens. Other small local associations of less than 25 persons have to pay annual fees of 10,000 yens.
Post Office Account Name: M.S.A.J
Account No.: 10130 – 49924691

The advantages or benefits of being a member:

1. The best advantage is the Allah’s order to us to gather and to cooperate in good deeds and also to
get the benefit to be in one unity.
2. Exchange of experience among different local student Societies.
3. Annual summer camp: Members of the local Society can attend Annual summer camp.
4. Supporting Mosques or schools in local Society: MSAJ supports at least once a year for one
mosque by campaigning around whole/all over Japan under special condition (e.g., the local
Society who wants to buy a mosque or land for mosque project should have at least 50% of the total
5. Supporting needy people.
6. Hajj arrangement: Every year MSAJ arranges Hajj with the cooperation with Travel agency with
special price for Muslim students in Japan.
7. Distribution of English or Japanese Books about Islam.
8. Inviting Scholars from outside Japan to give lectures at the place of local Societies during the
golden week vacation or other times.
9. And others general activities to aid and ease Muslims around Japan through various programs.
10. Offering scholar ship for students.

For more information:

Contact MSAJ:
MSAJ- Central Executive Committee, 2009,2010.