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o Nikhil Parekh ‘16, Heritage Homes, Heritage Homes Co-op Housing Soc Lt. “Thaltej, Ahmedabad 280054 ‘19% August 2004 Gujarat, India Dear Mr. Pareki, (On behalf of the Federal Chancellor, Mrs. Annemarie Huber-Hotz. we acknowledge receipt of your latter dated the 23° July 2004, in which you inform our goverment on your activites for promoting world peace. We are satisfied to learn that single persons, private organisations and authorities ail ‘ver the world make every effort to foster and keep peace. AAs you know, Switzerland has been able to stay out from war for more than a cen tury. Our country wil therefore algo in the future take every step possible to ensure peace world-wide and to ease off tensions; we will offer our support when defusing ‘regional crisis and international conficts. We wril also support all bilateral- and malli- lateral institutons for disarmament and arms control, which ensure secunty world wide. Actively participating in the actions of the international community for strong ‘economic cooperation world-wide and financially supporting poor countries should help to even out the continuous, deep economic differences, which stir up already ‘existing crisis and worsen the situation in the confict areas of the world. Our government welcomes actives that bring peace closer to the people. Therefore, we certainly recognise the extensive and selfless measures for peace promotion of \your organisation. In this connection, let us point out that, mainiy during the past Years, Switzestand has fostered and extended its peace-Keeping measures. However, we can unfortunately not support your well-meant plans financially or in any other way. Let us take this opportunity, also on behalf ofthe federal government, to wish you success for your programme and satisfaction in the selfless effort for fostering world peace. Sincerely yours, Hes Sei if Bargetzi ‘Sent: Thursday, December 08, 2008 8:01:32 AM To: Subject: Poems Dear Mr. Nikhil Parekh, ‘The Chancellor of Swiss Confederation, Mrs. Annemarie Huber-Hotz, has asked ine to reply to your e-mail you forwarded to her. She was pleased that you let her know of your poetry, and the links you gave have been carefully noted. Many ‘thanks for taking the time to Write and best wishes for fortune and happy life Sincerely, Gertrud Lutz, Zaman Bundeskanzlei Chancellere félérale Caneelleria ederale Chanzliafederala Stab Bundeshaus West 3003 Bern Tel, -41(0) 31 322 37.27 Fax 441(0) 31 322 3725 ‘ hup:/