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Office of the President of the B eres alacaiang 08 October 2004 Mr. Nikhil Parekh 14, Heritage Homes Heritage Homes Co-op Housing Soc. Ltd. Thaltej, Ahmedarab-380054 Gujarat, India Dear Mr. Parekh: ‘We acknowledge receipt of your letter informing us of the publication of your books, “Life Overrules Death” and “Vegetarian”, and listing the internet addresses where information about these publications may be obtained. ‘Thank you and best regards. Truly yours, ERR Dept Secretary 00239465 rae ‘Gino tha Dap Bective Secretary Tor Caneel ASriratON [ODES "Tak Nes FIGS | THEI fan, 230 Mebli Hal, Maaco, Man “Tronitne: 735-€201 (909. 6215/6224 URL: Fas No, 7387727 tte afte Wrst oe Boippmes PRISIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT STAFE Maaetng 26 October 2007 (Mr. Nikhil Parekh No, 14, Heritage Homes, ‘Thaites, Anmedabad Cy = Gujarat, India Dear Mr, Parekh: ‘This is to acknowledge receipt on 10 October 2007 of a copy of your letter ‘e-mailed to the Office of the President on 21 September 2007. The mission to ‘promote global peace and goodwill is highly commendable and we wish the success of its future constructive endeavour. ‘Thank you very much. Very truly yours, Head, Policy Studies iat & OIC, Office of the Deputy Director General for Policy and Internal = ~ “Management ce: ASBC. MA, LOURDES P. VARONA ead, Coreapondence Ofte ee te President 96 Rng Sr Sane migpswnphnms Te ons TPT 78TH 98 Cite Pane oh Benito