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From : "ii.«oA 'lflqOP!(!·~oE~eY.ix~"f~ioE. <> Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 7:25:441 AM

To ; <rnikhil[>

Subject : A' lI©z·o- .,"ii«O(dlV,c.btm

Dear NlkbU:

Thank you for sharing your poems with llIS •. President Chen, Hon'ble President of the Republic of China congratulates you on the publieatien of your new poetry beokr=Vegetarian-Global Environment-Wildlife Conservation Poems". And he sincerely hopes you can inspire the world with your poetic words.

The Office of the President

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Senl; To:

'lVo:rk,l <workJ'@iJ.1 ~i1.0gp,.g(W~uv> Monday,. [)~CI;tnd)er 12,.20052::5.3 AM<n:ikhilparilkb9?@11otmail .. com>

[l~·a.t NikhU:

Thiilinkyou for sharing wilh I'IS die wonderful new~,.oryou.r l:jtellt iiliCCOliIlplis.hlllE:]]t of YOllr poem "Aid!! Doesn+t Kill. YOIlIIt AttHu:de-.KHls" heing.·published in. tilt' Comlilwnweal1b HIV~Ams Newsletter, with President Chen,. H.o.n'blc Pl'csH.I'enlof the .Republjl': of China. We willI:! you sum:~s: in you r writig::; career,

Best regards,

The Offleecor I'll!! President

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From: workl<"tw>

Serit : Tuesday; July 26t 2005 1 :0'5:02 AM

To : <nikhilpa.rekh99@hotmall.oom>

Subject:: A ·2I©2,o8-. _aO<~6«H1f2c (13) Attachment: mark.jpg«O.Ol MB)

Dear Nikhili,

Thank you for youre-mall dated July 11 sharing'with us here at the Office of the President of Republ,ic of China, your poems on AntiTerroriSm. Your :5uggestioh has been Rept for reference.

Best regards,

The Office, of the President

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Frem : wlH'k] <,.;'>

Sent: Friday, llt..pril 01, 2·0057: 1,8:.3:8 AM

o : <llikhilpllr'ckh99@hOll11ltilcQQP

Subject ::. Office (!IfP'resident webmatl

We have recelved letter dated Feb..I] 201)15, sharing with Pr.esident Chen your pnellll!> on blind people, President Chen, Hon"bl·e P!resident: of the Republic or Cllma" feels very touchedllY )l9U1' phllanthtropies on tile blind. He believes yOlll' love towards them wiU transcend. national borders and evoke werld people's feeli1lgs to come whole:heartcdb'fQrwflrd to help the blind friends,

'Best regards,

be Office of the President

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From : work. <wo]'ld@ma,i.l.oDpq~;m'.tw>

Sent: Frid:.y,J;anmn:y :?l, 2005 3:50:34 AM

To : :<il:JkhHpi;,cilill1>

Subjecti The Oflice ofthe Presidem

Thank you verymueh for shartng youI'" hl"ll.rtfe:l_t poems' all. the "Tsunami Killer Quake". with us here at the Ome,e ofthe President o.fRepuMic of' Ch.ina.President Chell; Hen 'ble President oftbeRepul)ltc of ·China, haS: more than once expr,essed bis pl'oroIlLIIdsoT.J!"oW" at.-lbis unpreudented tsunami\, He IlI'firmcd tlsar Taiwan wiD not filll short i.nany :intcrn,ationaI !lHistonce p:rOgl:arns. even in those eauntries that do !:lot rili1lutOiil1 diplomatic ties witlbt~;e ROC From interlladon.a,lalllti-h~1"l1'orisLtJa<ctivif.ies to th:e recollstrm:ti(ln lif Afghanistan and the relief operations fil,r .,"ecent lsun::;imi v.ictUus lnSeutheast Asia and SoutbA.sia; Taiwan has; never been absent nor' has reduced its offers to t.h.e international eommunity dill!; to political interference. We will dciillit,ely cOl;ltiDlue providing: humanittu·ialil aid to the

aftlltteil .

President Chen appreciates letters from compassionate friends like youii' good self Thank you .!I.gain for your kind words.

Relit rcg,:u·ds;,

The Oliice of the President

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Subjed ::


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k~j~'!a~ ;:,"~iif{6<{f) '.4e.htm

Deal' Nikhil:

Thank-you. for sbarrligyour ;poefr)' on HlV/AlDS awal"elle~!l/NonDi.scrinliMa1tion with us and tile Pnlsidell( ohbe Republic or Chine, Hen'ble.Presldenr eben .. Tben) isan o'~d say~ng that'Prcvcntion is berte~'illDn cure", On. fi.ghtingagaitD~t diseases, the·~mportan.c,e o.f p,eople"s salt-awareness C.1llJ] never be neglected ..

Witb best reg:ar~s,

t' .¥- ' ... 111 !-~ ~ It; r""".,I. ~·AlIo,~.f'~

Frem : "ii(~ilA' ~jl qO_l·O·~i""E ~,e:V.Xi.V~i:<)iE<e.p~'lJIe .. @m a tuo p.go\' .tw>

Sent: Monday, .hIIl014, 20047:2:5::44 AM

o : <llikhilpllr'ckh99@hOll11ltilcQQP

Subject ::. k:I©Ol"ll- .• ·u«o<tHlh.c.htlll

Dear Nik!hih

'Thank you {!;II' ifmrmg your poeuls with us .. Preljidclil,[ Ehen, Hrin'hle P!resident: oftlu! Republic of'Cbiaa enngratulares you 0.11 the publicntioD of your new poetry boo.l;,::"VegelBrilln"GJoba~ll:nvjronnlent-Wildlifc ConservenoePeems''. Andbe sincerely hepes you can inspire the world witb your poetic words.

he Gmcc of the President: