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On March 26, 2010,

the non-partisan Congres-

sional Budget Office (CBO)
announced that by 2020, the
U.S. debt will be 90% of our
Gross Domestic Product.
This is a debt of $170,000
per household.1

Both charts published by the Congressional Budget Office

Currently, the U.S. tax
brackets are set against produc-
tivity. The more you make, the
more you pay. However, it is not
directly equitable to one’s income
percentage. [Figure 2-A] This is
a progressive tax and is one of
ten pillars laid out in Karl Marx’s
Communist Manifesto.

Figure 2-A

Figure 2-B

Figure 2-C

Under the current tax system,

the tax burden is shifted to a small
number of people. [Figure 2-B], This
leaves vast amounts of Americans not
contributing. This burden was prom-
ised to be shifted even further towards
the few when President Obama was
still campaigning. [Figure 2-C]. This
tactic allows for those in control of
the tax system to manipulate large
populations of voters by promising
them tax cuts. It doesn’t however,
solve inequality, it creates it.
% is average after-tax income. Chart from WaPo 9/21/2008.
By: Joe Miller the poverty level which is determined
by the US health and human services
Ever take home your pay- during that particular year and as
check and glance over those mean- well as how many people live in the
ingless deductions your employer household. The fair tax aims to re-
takes out week after week and wonder move taxes we pay on life’s necessi-
why? Why is the government with- ties. The Fair Tax is dollar-for-dollar
holding money that you rightfully federal revenue neutral, meaning the
earn? The government is taking your Fair Tax isn’t designed to increase or
money and paying your tax liability reduce revenue for the governemnt
before it’s even due. The Internal and, through companion legislation
Revenue Service doesn’t trust you to will repeal of the 16th Amendment.
pay your taxes on April 15th, so they The FairTax Act (HR 25,
take the money from your paycheck S 1025) is nonpartisan legislation.
each week to pay the taxes. Consider It abolishes all federal personal and
if you had that money to invest, pay corporate income taxes, gift, estate,
down debt, or even save! Well, my capital gains, alternative minimum,
friends I’ve got a concept for you: Social Security, Medicare, and self-
The FairTax plan is a com- employment taxes and replaces them
prehensive proposal that replaces all with one simple, visible, federal re-
federal income- and payroll-based tail sales tax administered primarily
taxes with an integrated approach, by existing state sales tax authori-
including a progressive national re- ties.
tail sales tax, and a prebate to ensure The FairTax taxes us only
no American pays federal taxes on on what we choose to spend on new
spending up to the poverty level. goods or services, not on what we
The amount of the prebate each earn. The FairTax is a fair, efficient,
household will receive at the begin- transparent, and intelligent solution
ning of each month will be based on to the frustration and inequity of our
current tax system. [our current system of taxation.],”
said Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) in
The FairTax: an interview with Curtis Wright, just
• Enables workers to keep a couple of weeks ago. “The FairTax
their entire paychecks is the number one vehicle that we’re
• Enables retirees to keep their looking at. It addresses our corporate
entire pensions taxes, it addresses our competiveness
• Refunds in advance the tax globally, and it addresses the predict-
on purchases of basic necessities ability of what I’m going to pay.”
• Allows American products This is from our senior Senator right
to compete fairly overseas here in North Carolina. So, bro, it’s
• Brings transparency and ac- not only possible - it’s probable.
countability to tax policy There are many unintended
• Ensures Social Security and benefits of the FairTax as well. Peo-
Medicare funding ple who are not currently paying tax-
• Closes all loopholes and es, like drug dealers and illegal im-
brings fairness to taxation migrants, would now be paying taxes
• Abolishes the IRS into the system because they would
purchase things and be taxed at that
Now that you’ve seen the point, instead of getting paid by their
nuts and bolts, you have a mil- “employers” and not reporting it to
lion questions, right? How? Why? the IRS. Also, the price of goods
When? Dude, isn’t that impossible? and services would decrease because
These answers are quite simple, like companies that no longer have to
the FairTax. How-through education pay corporate taxes would pass the
we inform American citizens there is savings on to the consumer. All the
a better way of taxation. There are things we learn in economics stay the
research articles and in-depth FAQs same: supply and demand, competi-
on Why-Because our tive markets, market share, and so
current taxation system punishes on, but the FairTax puts everyone on
those who work hard, get educated, even playing field via a much sim-
and are motivated to succeed. When- pler way of taxation.
Now seems like a good time. We’re So, next time you get a pay-
in a recession, and the current plan to check, look at all the automatic
help repay the huge deficits is to raise deductions and ask yourself, “What
taxes, not just on the evil “ultra rich,” could FairTax do for me?”
but on those of us who are working
hard to earn a decent wage. Dude, Joe Miller is Chairman
that’s impossible- Naw, bra, it’s not. of the Cape Fear FairTax and a
“Is this the year to launch an overall local entrepreneur. More info
reform of our tax codes, shouldn’t we about the FairTax can be found
just go ahead and scrap this thing? at
By: R. Seth Liston year before.
The phrase “taxed enough
With March now on its way already” was also present on picket
out like a lamb, April is already signs at 2009’s Tea Party rallies.
upon us, and with it comes the With the recent passage of the con-
one-year anniversary of the con- troversial Health Care Reform Bill,
servative Tea Party movement. It and its generous helping of extra
is hard to believe that it was a year taxes, this phrase takes on a deep-
ago that some 300,000(http://www. er meaning. Here in Wilmington, fliers for April 15th rallies can be found all over town sporting those
Americans, nationwide, mobilized three, succinct words. But what
and took to the streets of their local has the Tea Party accomplished?
communities. Protesters, enraged Is the movement simply what
by out of control spending in the popular media tells us it is: radical
form of bail outs and stimulus pack- right-winged racists that are begin-
ages, which in turn mean more and ning to border on domestic terror-
more taxes, were feeling the same ists? (http://www.huffingtonpost.
injustices felt by our forefathers in com/jeff-schneider/one-if-by-land-
the mid-1700s. Though many feel americas-n_b_513608.html)
the movement has lost much of its The Tea Party movement
momentum, while some argue its is defined by the Tea Party Patri-
credibility as well, the original an- ots as having three pillars to their
guish is still very much alive. platform. First and foremost, fiscal
“No taxation without rep- responsibility. Fairly self-explana-
resentation” was the cry of patriots tory, if you ask me. America, now
in the 1700s as taxes were imposed more than ever, is in a deficit. We
on colonists without having their could banter back and forth all day
voices considered by the Crown. It about which administration created
took the Revolutionary War to final- the deficit, but what would that ac-
ly get that issue settled. The slogan complish? As a lifelong Southerner
was resurrected in 2009 and his- and citizen of North Carolina, I
tory repeated itself as overwhelm- was taught to constantly strive to
ing discontent fell on deaf ears in accumulate my money. I was also
Washington. Now, as tax day 2010 taught to not spend money that I
is fast approaching, demonstrations don’t have. Maybe I am missing
by recession-weary Americans are something, but it seems as clear as
predicted to dwarf those seen the 1+1=2. With rumors circulating
that the Obama administration has failure, this is the free market tell-
spent more than all other presidents, ing us, “This old technology will
Washington to Bush 43 combined, disappear for good reasons and a
someone is adding 1 and 1 up to 3 newer, better technology will arise
in Washington. in its place.” Think of it like sea-
The next goal in the Tea sons: summer is always amazing,
Party movement is to restore a con- but you know winter will be back.
stitutionally limited government - It is this economic principle that
the type of government framers like our nation was founded on, and it is
Jefferson and Adams intended for the same principle that the current
America. It is my personal opinion administration is exhausting itself,
that people must be forgetting that and our money, fighting against.
these United States are literally, just So, now, a year after Gads-
that: united states. 50 state govern- den “Don’t Tread on Me” flags were
ments, ruling in the best interest of raised and colonial-reminiscent
their constituents, long ago chose protesters flooded communities
to join together under the wings of with grassroots Tea Party demon-
a federal government. These states strations, are these goals being met?
used to look to the federal govern- The answer is plain and simple: no.
ment simply to provide a safe and But, there is a silver lining to every
stable environment in which de- cloud. As approval ratings for Pres-
mocracy can flourish. Tea Party ident Obama and his administration
Protesters are concerned as the cur- continue to plummet, it seems that
rent federal government feels “con- more and more Americans are tak-
stitutionally inclined” to chose cor- ing notice. As most are well aware,
porations to bailout, to impose taxes Massachusetts has elected its first
on certain income groups to pay for Republican senator since 1972. So
those without health insurance, and grab your picket signs and tri-cor-
all while squelching the voices of nered hats, tax season is upon us.
these states’ governments for some Make your voice heard while you
higher purpose. Talk about abusing still can. There is no need to hesitate
the “Necessary and Proper” clause. or wait. No protest, no matter how
The final goal of Tea Party big or loud, may be able to stop the
Protests is to allow the rollercoaster snowball that is the Obama admin-
known as “the free market” to ride istration, but as Martin Luther King
out its course. This means econom- wrote in his Letter from a Birming-
ic, and thus individual, liberties for ham Jail, “’Wait’ has almost always
every American. It also means that meant ‘Never.’ We must come to
businesses will come and go. This see that ‘justice too long delayed is
is free market 101. If GM and oth- justice denied.’”
er auto corporations are edging on