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Caen is one of Normandy’s most important The Normandy region played an important There are many activities that a class can do
cities. It is known for its historic buildings built role in the liberation of both France and Europe in Normandy. The main points of interest are
during the reign of William the Conqueror, and from the domination of the Nazis. William the Conqueror, and the Invasion of
for the battle of Caen. The Allied troops (British, Canadian, Normandy.
William the Conqueror was the Duke of American) stormed the five beaches of Sword, Both have a lot of fun and interesting sites.
Normandy and the King Utah, Omaha, Gold, To learn more
of England in the early XI and Juno, to gain key about William the
century. He built Caen ’s points in France. Utah Conqueror, one may
famous castle, l’ Abbey- and Omaha were go to Caen ’s castle
aux-Hommes (now part captured by the for a tour, and the
church party city hall and Americans, Sword and two Abbeys also
very good tourist centre), Gold by the British, have very enjoyable,
and l’ Abbey-aux-Dames. while Juno by the detailed and fun
He is buried in the Canadian troops. tours.
Abbey-aux-Hommes, but because of its These beaches are important because it is Interesting sites of World War II instead, are
scavenging during the French Wars of Religion from where the Allied forces started to push the cemeteries, especially the American and
and the French Revolution, only his left femur, back the Nazi forces. This operation, (Operation German one. One can also visit museums, such
some skin, and bone dust remain in the tomb. Overload, or Operation Neptune) was the largest as the “Mèmorial Citè de l’ Histoire”, or one of
His wife instead is buried in the Abbey-aux- amphibious operation in history. The initial the many long beaches. One can also relax, visit
Dames. landings took place on 6 June, 1944, this day is the many tourist cities and villages such as St.
William died in 1087, as he was burning also known as D-Day. Malo, or the extremely beautiful and famous
Mantes, because his horse was frightened of the 195,700 naval personnel took part on D-Day. Mont San-Michel,
flames, and when This required over which should qualify
he reared, and the 5,000 ships. The to be one of the
saddle pommel weather that day had Wonders of the World.
created fatal been terrible, like it All of the museums
abdominal had been for quite a are extremely
injuries. couple of days, but the interesting, well
Parts of the Allies couldn’t wait designed to see
Abbey has been any longer for fear of everything with ease
rebuilt or left alone. It was also a school from their plans being discovered. First the whole and tranquillity, and detailed. Also the cities
1804 to the middle 1900s when it was coast was bombed, then the army started to do have a large variety of fun tourist areas that are
transformed into a hospital and refuge for the hard work. The air raids unfortunately had also calm and tranquil homes that are beautiful
civilians. Big red crosses were painted across been unsuccessful because of the terrible to simply look at for their antiquity or designs.
bed sheets and placed on the roof tops to avoid weather, giving the Allies quite a surprise. There are many fun things to do in
bombings and other such raids. Normandy.
William the Conqueror, was born in
Normandy, and was the illegitimate son of
Robert I, Duke of Normandy. He later succeeded MAN
his father. He was also the grandnephew of the
English Queen, Emma of Normandy. Because of
his illegitimacy, he was also often known as
William the Bastard, yet he was recognized as
the rightful heir.
At the age of seven he became the Duke of
Normandy. There were many plots against
William because of his young age, but he was
also supported by Henry I of France, who at the
age of fifteen knighted him. At the age of
nineteen William finally secured control.
Against the wishes of Pope Leo IX, he had a
consanguine marriage with Matilda of Flanders.
Because of this the Pope made William build the
Abbeys for repentance.
When the King of England died, there were
three claimants for the throne, one William, and
another Harold Godwinson, who was later
voted King of England,
this was why he invaded
England, of which he Our trip to Normandy; what we saw and
soon became King. what we learned.
He became extremely
powerful, and when he
died his elder son Robert
received the Duchy of
Normandy as Robert II, his
third son became King of England and was
called William II, while his youngest, Henry,
received 5,ooo silver pounds to buy himself
some land. on his deathbed he also pardoned
many of his political adversaries, one of which
was his brother Odo.