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Dear Oklahoma Legislator,

As a coalition of organizations in full support of students, parents and families

in our state, we write you today to ask that you support Education Savings
Accounts (ESAs).
All children are unique - with differing goals, interests and abilities. ESAs
empower parents with more options to provide the education that best fits
their child. We have many excellent schools in Oklahoma. However, every
school cannot be expected to meet every need for every child. A
one-size-fits-all approach to education does not properly address the
differences and unique requirements of our children.
ESAs expand educational opportunities for every child, not based on their zip
code, but based on their need. ESAs will level the playing field for all families
and will open the door to a quality education for children of all backgrounds
across our state. All children deserve the best education possible, and
Oklahoma families should have the ability to choose the best options for each
childs unique situation to ensure the best possibility of success.
In a year with important budget implications, we believe it is important to
address that ESAs will not negatively affect per-pupil public education funding.
ESAs only use a portion of the states funding for the individual child
participating in the program. The remainder of the states funding will either be
returned to the same local school district where the child would have attended
or directed back to the State Aid formula. Thus, additional money is made
available to public schools which can be used by districts for whatever purpose
they desire. Also, ESAs would not touch local ad valorem education dollars. This
could be very beneficial to many school districts with additional money left to
help educate children.
Oklahomans across our state are uniting for more choice in our state's
education system. In fact, studies show that Oklahomans across the state
overwhelmingly support parental education choice programs 70% overall,
60% of Democrats, and 80% of Republicans.
We must resist a blind acceptance of the status quo and embrace this as our
opportunity to provide the next generation of Oklahomans with a customized
education that will set them on the course to a brighter future.

As a collective group of organizations with diverse interests representing

Oklahomans from all backgrounds, we ask that you support ESAs. Our kids
deserve to have their education decisions made at the kitchen table, rather than
at a bureaucrat's desk. Lets give all children in Oklahoma a chance to succeed.
Renee Porter
ChoiceMatters for Kids
Jonathan Buxton
State Chamber of Oklahoma
Jonathan Small
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
John Tidwell
Americans for Prosperity
Russell Perry and Bob Sullivan
American Federation for Children
Dave Bond
OCPA Impact
Jennifer Monies
Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative
Paul Abner
Oklahoma Faith Leaders Coalition
Stuart Jolly
Education Freedom Alliance
Michael Chartier
Friedman Foundation
Bill Price
School Choice Coalition Chairman/Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Trustee
Joshua Harlow
Educational Choice Coalition of Oklahoma

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