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Im FIROZ ALAM here from Dhaka, Bangladesh; Passport No: AA2933698,

willing to pursue my higher education in Australia. I have completed my
Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in 2002 background science with GPA of
3.88 out of 5 and completed Diploma in computer engineering in 2006
and secured CGPA- 3.43 out of 4. After then I serviced as an Assistant
Network Engineer in Tits Computers from January 2007 to July 2010. Ive
taken admission at Darul Ihsan University for "B.Sc. in Computer science &
Engineering" and I've successfully completed Eight semesters (Out of
Twelve semesters) and earned credit-110 (Total credit 162) and from Fall2010 to Spring- 2013 and has no pending subject. It is needless to say
Bachelor of Information technology at The university of La Trobe, Sydney
campus is one of the best degrees for anyone who are seek to be skilled in
IT sector. This subject grabbed my attention and I realize that no other
qualification would be more comprehensive and give me an in-depth
knowledge than Bachelor of IT at The university of La Trobe. I believe this
course will give me an experience of studying in a spectacular environment
for research and practical based study. Having this qualification under my
possession would be an advantage to me in so many ways. Firstly, it will
create better career opportunities for me in IT firms, Multinational
Companys IT sector and Private sector in my country. Most of the reputed
companys top leading positions are driven by the experts who earns very
handsome salaries. Moreover, I will have a dream of creating my own IT
farm in Bangladesh through hard work and great work force.
La Trobe University is one of the Australias leading technical research and
teaching universities. I have chosen to pursue my undergraduate studies
Bachelor of information technology at The La Trobe University, Sydney
campus because its disseminating mercurial education, the high level of
the IT educational program and research infrastructure. Im interested take
admission at La Trobe University for a lot of good reasons; the lovely
environment, the more practical courses and the high level of the IT
educational program. By working under the guidance of distinguished
professors I look forward to a career in IT field where I can not only use my
academic background to achieve my goals but also make original
contributions to my field of interest and to mankind in general. Its course
work would satiate my thirst for knowledge as well as some other factors

like ranking, reputation, geography, funding, living cost, culture and so on.
As stated before that, I have completed my Diploma in computer
engineering (4 years) and I would really like to avail this opportunity which
will be one of the major step towards reaching my professional goals, and I
sincerely hope to achieve this opportunity. La Trobe University also provides
great facilities such as the number of labs, an extensive library and
presentation room. I like this universities practical style of teaching system.
Its offer a better way of learning which is more relevant to the real world of
working in the IT industry.
I chose to study in Australia for several reasons. Firstly, Australia provides
quality degrees to the students from worldwide and its degrees are highly
valued in Bangladesh. Secondly Australian education system, environment,
weather, security, student affordability and the certificate are globally
recognized. Being a multicultural nation student get the chance to connect
people from different background. Australian people are very friendly and
welcoming. Moreover, I also found that Australian Education system is
highly monitored by the government. Australian institutions already have
great number of Bangladeshi students and that has made it easier to
process and equate competency and equivalence between Bangladeshi
and Australian degrees.
Last one year (14th of June 2013 to 31st of May 2014) I stayed in Sydney,
Australia for work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462) during my stay I learned
about the Australian culture and I realized if I can complete my bachelor
degree from Australia it will really boost my career. During this period, I
has maintained all the visa rules and regulation and I didnt do anything
which flouts the immigration law. I realized Australian degree is most
valuable and world reputed, this is why when I came back from Australia, I
applied for student visa to study Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)- ICT
Engineering at UTS, Australia but unfortunately my visa application has
rejected twice on 27 November 2014 and 9 July 2015. My visa interview
was good but my visa officer wasnt satisfied because I didnt apply for
credit transfer and has taken admission directly from beginning.
As I am very confident and ambitious I shortly believe that if I get the
chance to study at The La Trobe University, I will be able to maintain a good
result just. After completing my Bachelor of Information technology (IT)
degree I would like to come back to my country of origin. One day I myself
have a dream of creating my own IT farm through work hard and great
workforce which will add values to peoples not only in Bangladesh but also

all over the world. In doing so, I will be able to generate employment in
Bangladesh. In contrast, there is a big IT industry and a lot of job
opportunities in Bangladesh for the IT engineers who are really skilled and
experts. Bangladesh GOVT. has a vision of creating DIGITAL BANGLADESH
by 2021. In order to fit into this mission of my country Bachelor of
information technology (IT) at The La Trobe University, Sydney campus is
one of the best degrees.
Thank you Sir/Madam for taking the time and for your kind consideration of
my application.
Yours Sincerely,
Firoz Alam.