Luna’s 75 things to journal about. Fill in the last 5  1. 2. 3. Your favorite colors.

Who was your childhood hero? 7. Make a picture or collage out of paint chip! 12. Travels! Press some flowers!

4. How’s the weather?

5. Make a stain log, and log different things! 10. Animals. Like them? Hate them? Have a few? 15. Favorite Smell, try to make your journal smell like it. 20. Music

6. Completely mess up a page! Burn it, rip it, go wild! 11. Important people.

8. Your Job.

9. What are your other hobbies?

16. Scribble wildly when you’re mad.

17. Family and Friends.

13. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. 18.
People you see every day, and have an impact on you!

14. Favorite Book.

19. A Good Day 

21. Make a holiday, and celebrate it!

22. Draw a shape over and over again.

23. What is your favorite season?

24. Collect something, and keep it in your journal. 29. Favorite candy? Put wrappers in journal.

25. Your favorite quote.

26. What’s your dream Job?

27. 13 reasons why you’re happy.

28. Your favorite holiday.

30. Write a poem.

31. Document your favorite desert.

32. List 10 things you wanted to do as a kid. Do them.

33. What’s on your counter?

34. Favorite Nut

35. What are the clouds looking like outside?

36. Favorite childhood Cartoon?

37. 38. Write down 2 dirty Put down other jokes and 3 clean people, be ruthless. ones. Use them often. Feel better? 42. Do you believe in Fairies? 43. What is your favorite thing in/about space?

39. Pet Peeves.

40. Write an instruction manual about yourself. 45. If you could be in a musical, who would you be? 50. Cut out a news paper story that makes you happy.

41. List 10 things you want to do in life.

Describe your perfect dinner. What does it look like? Who’s there?

46. What’s your favorite Disney Character?

47. Are you a Mac or PC?

48. What piece of advice would you give yourself? Are you going to take it?

49. X marks the spot! Make a map!

Luna’s 75 things to journal about. Fill in the last 5  51. 52. 53. Make a page with good List 10 things you like Exercise your brain. things. When you’re about yourself. And 4 Make up funny math having a bad day, come of what you don’t problems. back to it. like. 56. 57. 58. Make a list of List the little things List songs you have excuses. Refer to it that make you happy. stuck in your head. often. 61. What’s your favorite color scheme? 62. List things to be listed. 63. Show pride in something.

54. Celebrate different cultures.

55. What’s one thing you use every day, and can’t live without. 60. What’s your favorite flower?

59. What’s your favorite book? Write down your favorite page. 64. What’s your inner animal and why?

65. Get dirty. Put dirt in your journal.

Give a restaurant review. Put as much info as possible. Extra Cred: Send it to the restaurant.


67. Document things you’ve learned in life. This could be anything. 72.

68. Do a page in something you normally don’t use. 73.

69. Who do you love? Dedicate a page.

70. What is your passion?



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