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131st YEAR, NO. 20 THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2010 SINGLE COPY—50¢ (USPS 277440) 130th YEAR, NO. 46

Aqua PA’s tank project shuts

WH hydrants later vs. sooner
by Seth Isenberg reporter on April 13 that the
Aqua PA surprised everyone at $400,000 project would drain the
the April 12 White Haven Borough water tank (putting the hydrants out
of service for the nearly four months
council meeting with news that they
were planning to shut down all ofthe tank is empty). She also said
the borough’s 50+ hydrants for four
that “due to the confusion on when
months during their soon-to-beginthe project starts,“ draining the
water tank painting and repair proj-
water tank will be delayed to give
ect. Early reports were that thisthe borough and the fire company
would take place as early as time to make coverage “alternative
Wednesday, April 14. Fire Chief plans for fire protection.”
Mike Dotter of White Haven Chief Dotter noted that arrange-
Volunteer Fire Company #1 shared ments can be made with The White
Haven Center, which has its own
with council what he had been told
by Aqua representatives. He also pressurized water system with
said he was looking over water hydrants. The Golden Oaks devel-
sources to draw from when the opment nearby in Kidder Township
hydrants stop working. also has a pressurized system with
Aqua PA spokesperson Donna hydrants.
Alston was able to confirm to this Ideas include arranging for tanker
coverage, placing water tanks and
THIS WEEK IN improving access to local bodies of
water where a pumper could draw
WHITE HAVEN water in an emergency.
David Madl, manager of Lehigh Gorge, Nescopeck and Hickory Run State Parks, presented plans for park
Thursday, April 15 improvements north and south of White Haven’s downtown at the April 12 White Haven Council meeting.
Joy Through Movement – 10:00 Aqua PA plans to communicate At the south end, a new comfort station with running water, hooked into the sewer system, a paved road
a.m. – W.H. United Methodist with borough council, Chief Dotter from the downtown and marked parking spaces, would be partnered by a separate road from Route 940
Church and Mayor John Klem (an officer in south of the Interstate 80 interchange to be used by rafting buses to access three raft put-in zones (with
W.H. Lions Club Dinner Meeting – the fire company), before announc-
6:30 p.m. – Sitkoʼs Barn Rest- no parking set aside for visitor use). Photo by Seth Isenberg
ing a new start date for the project.
East Side Borough Council Meet-
ing – 7:00 p.m. – Borough Building
Walking weather Comfort Inn robbed at knife-point
Foster Township Planning Com- A free community walk program The Kidder Township Police brandished a knife and demanded The man fled in an unknown
mission Meeting – 7:00 p.m. – gets underway this Friday, April 16,
Township Municipal Building Department is investigating an money. The description of the thief direction with an undetermined
at 1 p.m. in White Haven. Meet at armed robbery at the Comfort Inn, was of a black male, approx 6’ tall, amount of cash. Anyone with infor-
Narcotics Anonymous Meeting –
7:00 p.m. – Mountainview Com- the White Haven Market parking Route 940 at the Turnpike, at about wearing black pants, a black “dew” mation or who might have seen any
munity Church lot—everyone welcome from 11:40 p.m. on 4-12. Police were told rag, and a black shirt that was part of this incident is asked to con-
Friday, April 16 strollers to wheelchairs. Sponsored that a man had entered the Inn, pulled up over the bottom portion of tact the Kidder Twp Police Dept. at
W.H. Food Pantry – 11:00 a.m. to by River Run Healing Arts. jumped over the front desk counter, his face. 722-0192.
Noon – Rear, Haven Hall, White
Haven Center
Saturday, April 17
Lehigh Township supers cover familiar topics and litigations
Attic Treasures Sale – 8:00 a.m. to by Donnell Stump of the Board of Supervisors before same accounts. Some $2,800 is still to secure broadband internet serv-
3:00 p.m. – St. Paulʼs Lutheran The Lehigh Township Supervisors payment of certain types of bills outstanding from the period 2005- ice throughout the area. He likened
Parish Hall met on Monday, April 5 with all three was added to the resolution. 2007, with an additional $1,500 or access to broadband to access to
Silpada Jewelry Fundraiser, benefit supervisors, Larry Skinner, Wayne No reports were received from so due in 2008 remaining unpaid. water and electricity. He sought
W. H. Area Community Library –
6:00 to 8:00 p.m. – St. Patrickʼs
Wagner and Eric Brill in attendance. the emergency management coor- It as also reported that a dump- assistance from the supervisors in
Parish Center Also attending the meeting were dinator, sewage enforcement officer ster is currently at what is believed contacting elected county, state and
Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting - solicitor George Hludzik and secre- or planning commission. Brill asked to be a residential address. The national officials, urging their help.
7:00 p.m. – St. Patrickʼs Parish tary/treasurer Paula Sakse-Hoff- for the purchase of a compliance hauler who provided the dumpster In an effort to demonstrate what
Center man. guide related to Right To Know. The should know that dumpsters are assistance is or is not afforded the
Sunday, April 18 The supervisors unanimously cost of that publication is $10. The only allowable for commercial or township, he suggested a scorecard
Marine Corps League Detachment approved the minutes. Attorney request was okayed unanimously. business use. be kept and posted at the township
1039 Meeting – 1:30 p.m. – V.F.W.
Post 6615
Hludzik asked that the tape record- Skinner note that a State Trooper According to Atty. Hludzik, penal- building for the public to view.
Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting - ing of the meeting be reviewed to had dropped a copy of Bisel’s ties for illegal dumping may be He also suggested that anyone
7:00 p.m. – Mountainview Com- clarify what comments he made Lawsource at his home that day. levied on those using garbage serv- acting on behalf of the township be
munity Church during the discussion about super- Skinner believes it is the book that ices but not paying the quarterly
Please turn to page B1
Monday, April 19 visors pay. He feels he indicated Clark Stewart had removed from cost. Fines may also be levied and
TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
Meeting – 5:45 p.m. - W.H. United
that payroll may be withheld until the township building and until late fees added to the bill; interest THIS WEEK IN
the time of the next pay date, but Monday refused to return. may also be charged and finally a
Methodist Church Social Hall
Dennison Township Planning Com-
any regularly accrued pay must be Wagner noted that the flag would lien may be placed on the property WEATHERLY
mission Meeting – 7:00 p.m. – paid by the next regularly scheduled be taken down until the light can be to ensure payment before the prop- Thursday, April 15
Township Municipal Building pay date. replaced. He has called someone to erty is sold to someone else. Weatherly Lions Club Meeting-
7:00 p.m.- Weatherly Borough
Tuesday, April 20 The supervisors also approved replace the light, but they have not Andy Strauss asked if there would Building
Joy Through Movement – 10:00 the treasurer’s report with a unani- yet been able to get to the township be a deficit in the garbage account
a.m. – W.H. United Methodist Sunday, April 18
mous vote. A vote to pay bills was building to do the work. if everyone paid the quarterly bill. Spaghetti Dinner, sponsored by
Church also unanimous. A couple of addi- Later in the meeting, Martha He was told that even with 100%
W.H. Borough Planning Commis- Weatherly Lions Club – 1:00 to
sion Meeting – 6:00 p.m. –
tional bills were added to the printed Raynock urged the supervisors to payment, the garbage fund oper- 4:00 p.m. – Citizensʼ Fire Com-
Municipal Building list before the approval. diligently work to have a light ates at a slight deficit which is sup- pany

Wednesday, April 21 Two administrative action items restored so that the flag may again ported by the general fund. Monday, April 19
Yoga Class – 10:00 a.m. – St. were added to the agenda at the fly at the township building. She was After the correspondence was Weatherly Borough Council Meet-
Paulʼs Lutheran Church beginning of the meeting. The involved in the donation of the light reviewed, the supervisors opened ing – 7:00 p.m. – Municipal
Alcoholics Anonymous. Meeting – Building
supervisors appointed Gary Heydt in memory of her late brother Frank the meeting to public comment.
10:00 a.m. – Mountainview Com- to the Planning Commission. They Raynock, who served on the board Zoning officer John Capossela sug- Wednesday, April 21
munity Church Weatherly Area Historical Com-
W.H. Volunteer Ambulance Asso-
also named Carbon Engineering, of supervisors for several years. gested that files currently stored in mission Meeting – 7:00 p.m. -
ciation Meeting – 7:00 p.m. – Inc. as the township engineer. That Sakse-Hoffman asked the super- the attic of the township building be Weatherly Municipal Building
Ambulance Building appointment had been vacant since visors to transfer $5,000 from the relocated to filing cabinets or similar Thursday, April 22
AOH Meeting – 7:00 p.m. – V.F.W. the beginning of the year. Former general fund to the garbage storage and placed on the main Earth Day
Post 6615 township engineer Bruce Steiger- account so that monthly bills may level of the building. He noted the Weatherly Rotary Foundation
American Legion Post 592 Meeting
walt retired at the close of 2009 and be paid. She also noted the need to difficulty in accessing documents he Meeting – 9:00 a.m. – Weatherly
– 8:00 p.m. – Post Home
the supervisors had not appointed discuss what steps to take regard- had been searching for over the Municipal Building
Thursday, April 22 Senior Citizens Friendship Club
Earth Day
anyone else during the reorganiza- ing some 30-40 delinquent garbage past several months as the main Meeting – 1:30 p.m. – Salem
Joy Through Movement – 10:00 tion meeting in early January. fee accounts. Atty. Hludzik suggest- reason for the request. He also U.C.C.
a.m. – W.H. United Methodist They also unanimously approved ed a letter be sent to all delinquent asked the supervisors to determine Bingo Night – 7:00 p.m. (Doors
Church Resolution 2010-4 which provides accounts before filing against any how long documents need to be Open at 6:00 p.m.) – Tweedle
United To Serve Meeting – Noon – for payment of utility, insurance and with the Magistrate. Sharlene stored and to dispose of outdated Park
Ugly Mug Restaurant Weatherly Rotary Club Dinner
Spaghetti Supper, sponsored by
other bills that would accrue a Strauss, who had served as information accordingly. Meeting – 6:30 p.m. – Weatherly
W.H. Lions Club – 4:30 to 7:00 penalty if not paid before the next garbage fee collector until January, He also asked the township to Country Inn
p.m.– St. Patrickʼs Parish Center supervisors meeting. Language to asked how many of the delinquen- consider contacting every elected
Narcotics Anonymous Meeting – require the treasurer to consult with cies were from 2008 and prior. She official with any responsibility for the
7:00 p.m. – Mountainview Com- the chairperson or vice-chairperson was told that some of them are the area of the township in an attempt
munity Church
Tuesday, April 6, 2010 in were her husband, Ernest D.
(USPS 277-440) Published weekly at
Death Roll Mercy Suburban Hospital,
Powell, Jr., in 1996, and son
Ernest D. Powell, III.
211 Main Street, White Haven, PA 18661 ROYCE McCLUSKEY McCluskey, Jr. of Fort Fair- A daughter of the late Surviving are daughters
Telephone (570) 443-8321 Royce E. McCluskey, 72, of field, Maine; daughter Susan Marie Chestnut, she was Ellen Trusty of Owings Mills,
Subscription Price—$25 per year in Luzerne & Carbon Counties, Pennsylvania, payable in advance. East Side Borough died Ackerman of New Ken- born in Philadelphia, where Md., Esther Clark of Wash-
$30 per year elsewhere, payable in advance. Thursday, April 8, 2010 in sington; granddaughters Tan- she was an accomplished ington, PA, and Emily Powell
Publications postage paid at White Haven, PA 18661. Geisinger Wyoming Valley ya, Nichole and Heather ballet dancer in her youth. of Jeffersonville; sons Ellery
POSTMASTER, send address change to:
Medical Center, Plains Town- Jolley; brother Marvin Mc- She attended Marywood Powell of Connecticut, Den-
211 Main Street, White Haven, PA 18661 ship. Cluskey of East Side College. nis Powell of Philadelphia,
(JAY E. HOLDER, Co-Publisher 1954-1997) A son of the late Cleatus Borough. For nearly 40 years she Dever Powell of Washington,
Clara R. Holder, Publisher and Ruth Reiner McCluskey, A memorial service was resided in the White Haven D.C., Drew Powell of Middle
Seth Isenberg, General Manager he was born in White Haven held Monday at the Joseph area, returning to the subur- River, Md., and Dean Powell
Ruth Isenberg, Editor-in-Chief
and was a U.S. Army and E. Lehman Funeral Home, ban Philadelphia area sever- of North Wales; 20 grandchil-
Martha Searfoss, Office Manager
Donnell Stump, Assistant Editor Army Reserves veteran. White Haven, with the Rev. al years ago. Prior to retire- dren, two great-grandchil-
Christy Brady, Finance Prior to retirement he was Dawn Richie, pastor of St. ment she was a supervisor at dren.
Steve Stallone, Sports Editor a self-employed carpenter. Paul’s Lutheran Church, White Haven Center. A Mass of Christian Burial
Heather Maslo, Production Manager He was of the Lutheran faith, White Haven, officiating. She was a member of St. was celebrated Monday in St.
Member, White Haven Chamber of Commerce
Carbon County Chamber of Commerce
and a former member of Private burial was sched- Patrick’s R.C. Church of Patrick’s R.C. Church by the
Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce Laurel Lodge 467 F. & A.M. of uled at the convenience of White Haven and the White Rev. John McHale, pastor.
White Haven Economic Development Association
THE JOURNAL-HERALD is printed with U.S. made soy inks on part-recycled newsprint. White Haven, the former the family. Haven Lions Club. She had Burial was in the parish
© Copyright 2010, Journal Newspapers, Inc. Tannery Rod & Gun Club, also taught dancing and cemetery.
and Kidder Township Volun- THERESA POWELL served as a Girl Scout leader Arrangements were by the
teer Fire Company #1. Theresa Ann “Terri” Powell, in earlier years. Joseph E. Lehman Funeral
Editorial Surviving are son Royce 74, of Jeffersonville died Preceding her in death Home, White Haven.

Letter to the Editor

Gas prices could guzzle recovery To the Editor, cy. Upstairs is an oak table in Street with a million and half the dumping grounds for
by Seth Isenberg This letter is to alert the a meeting room with a closet large building with a long debris from Heavenwoods
It’s not clear whether the national economy has come out of residents of White Haven to for storage. A parking lot for loan and take a chance that townhouse project. If that is
recession. Mixed reports abound, and these confuse the ana- what is happening in their borough use right next to the the water problem will not soccer field material then I’ll
lysts. borough. Council wants to building. The building was come again. A steel pole eat it. Come to the meetings
Prices rising at the gas pump cannot be a good thing in a return the office building back just power washed and paint- building that Weatherly built and see where your money
soft economy. Just when we need all indicators pointing to First Eastern Bank, which ed, windows repaired, letter- is sound, under one hundred goes. We need road repairs
toward the need for more people to be hired, we get this jump was given to them for munici- ing revealed to show that it thousand and more solid now.
in fuel prices, which will create pressure on prices elsewhere. pal use only for one dollar. It was a former bank building, than the Taj Mahal Council Signed,
This is bad news, because it has the ability to stifle job growth. has the large safe where the private bathrooms and easy wants to spend. We need a Margaret Reilly,
Industry analysts have written that the majority of oil important documents of the accessibility for townspeople community building for public Councilwoman
exporters have been content with the oil prices at about $81 borough are kept. There is to walk to. The school bell use, voting, Scouts, senior P.S. Council also gave the
per barrel, since it provided enough money for their needs another safe in the basement from the former school build- citizens, sports meetings and Fire Co. a plot of land right
without harming the fragile world economy. That same group for police confiscations. The ing is there for all to see and etc. That building was paid next to the water tower that
noted that higher prices will lead to a stronger push toward police office was renovated the main office for council with money when Highway had a tennis court & basket-
conservation and fuel innovations that could change our and painted when Ray Ward meetings and the secretary’s 80 took a piece of Lehigh ball court for public use to
dependence on imported oil. was mayor. They have four office. The Council wants to Park and that money involved build a fire hall. We have a fire
This could be an interesting summer, because high gas desks and files for police use replace the community build- recreation and public use. hall.
prices with a weak economy should fuel genuine anger and two entrances for priva- ing down the end of Main Also Linesville Park is now
against the oil exporting countries who are limiting supply as Forest townships—with our help with everything from dri-
demand recovers. Legislative Lines growing population this road ver’s license renewals to
So we can tune up our cars, check our tires for proper infla- is more heavily traveled than PACE prescription forms to
by State Representative Keith McCall
tion, and start saving now for the mandated high efficiency ever, so this repaving is vital just about any issue that
vehicles that will be appearing in new car showrooms in a Spring is here, and with it nounced the 2010 schedule to the ongoing effort to im- impacts you and your family.
couple of years. comes a lot of good things— of road work for Carbon prove safety.
warmer temperatures, the County, and some much- There are multiple seal
OBITUARY POLICY return of baseball and, of needed projects are on deck coats to be installed on some
Obituaries of local interest are published in THE JOUR- course, the chance to get for this year. of our smaller roads as well.
NAL-HERALD as a public service. There is NO CHARGE to outside and enjoy Carbon Now, these projects are in State Routes 4012 and 4014
families, funeral directors or anyone else. We do edit them County’s amazing green addition to our ongoing proj- in Lausanne and Lehigh
to conform to our style and space specifications, as we do spaces just to name a few. ects like the new EZ-Pass townships and State Routes
any news item submitted. But, after a tough winter turnpike access ramp on 3011 and 3009 in Mahoning
like the one we just had, Route 903 in Penn Forest and East Penn townships will
Spring also means potholes Township that will be opening all be treated and coated this
and roads that need a little for business in early summer, year.
tender loving care. and the long-term projects Once again, these projects
Thankfully, I’ve got some like the replacement of the are just a small part of our
good news for all of us—the Route 903 Bridge over the comprehensive effort to

for Good Drivers!
Pennsylvania Department of
Transportation has an-

Lehigh River in Jim Thorpe,
the elimination of the Hauto
S-Curves on Route 54 and
the Route 443 Expansion/
make sure you and your fam-
ily enjoy a smoother, safer
ride – be sure to keep an eye
out for construction and give
Replacement of the Thomas our road crews a brake! If
•have at least one car that is
HUGHES, III McCall Bridge in Lehighton. you’d like to find out more
less than 10 years old First off is the repaving of about road construction in
Attorney Route 209 through Lehighton Carbon County and beyond,
•haven’t had an insurance claim or all the way up to Jim Thorpe. visit PennDOT online at
a traffic violation for 3 years -At-
This project is funded by the and to
Law report potholes call 1-800-
•have an excellent credit history American Recovery and Re-
40 North Mountain Blvd. investment Act—better FIX-ROAD.
•are currently insured with Mountaintop, PA 18707
known as the Federal Sti- As usual, I’d like to close by
Erie, State Farm, Prudential,
Allstate, Nationwide (570) 474-7242 mulus—and will completely reminding you that my offices
(or any other insurance carrier) Offering resurface the road. in Lansford, Lehighton and
pick up the telephone and call Comprehensive Also slated for repaving is Albrightsville are there to
Legal Services Route 903 from Jim Thorpe help make state government

Daniel H. Suitch through Kidder and into Penn work harder for you. We can

Insurance Agency, Inc.

Weatherly • White Haven
427-8011 • 443-7880
Collect your reward in
lower insurance rates!

Send information about your organization’s

events to:
or call 443-9131 xt304 for the editor.

Legal Notices Seth’s Sightings

interesting—looking for din- on our lilacs.
ner. Basketball season has
by Seth Isenberg Gas prices are creeping up, wrapped up on the college
not a good thing. I find the level, and that will leave me
LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE The swing of temperatures could look into the hardwood prices expensive now, and to cheer for the Boston
Notice is hereby given that NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN from summer to spring was forest and see the white of am upset at the prospect of Celtics for the short time
Letters of Administration have that Sealed Bids for Roof not as jarring as Iʼd feared. the dogwoods and cherry $3 or more a gallon gas. theyʼre going to be plaing in
been granted in the Estate of Replacements 2010 will be Wednesday it was in the 80s, trees with their early spring Around our house this the post-season.
James Lee Garbacik, II, a/k/a received by Weatherly Area
Thursday in the 70s, and then leaves. weekend, there was the Not far from our house are
James Lee Garbacik, Jr., late of School District, Business Office,
Friday, into the 50s, before a At Bradyʼs Lake itself, there thrumm of lawnmowers, trim- a lot of fields where landscap-
58 South Hunter Highway, 602 6th Street, Weatherly, PA
Drums, Pennsylvania (died rebound into the 60s for the were lots of people out fish- mers and leaf blowers. The ing plants are grown. The
18255 to the Attention of Dan weekend... nice! ing, so we took a walk along
June 9, 2008). All persons warm weather has started the companies have had their
Herman until 1:00 p.m. prevail-
indebted to said estate are We were able to swim the one of the Gamelands paths grass growing, and Iʼve noted crews busy digging plants
ing time May 3, 2010 with bid
required to make payments and opening following at 1:15 p.m.
dogs twice his weekend. On that start from the road and a number of green, newly with big root balls to ship off
those having claims or at which time said Bids will be Saturday, we were in Cool- lead into the woods. mowed lawns. We only have tractor trailer loads to New
demands to present the same publicly opened and read aloud. baugh Twp. for a photo of a We have come to the end a couple of patches of tall York City area garden centers
without delay to Marilyn Auker, Bids will be received for the release of school-grown trout. of the Star Trek Voyager grass among mostly short, and gardeners
Administratrix, 58 South Hunter following Contracts: Roof After that, we stayed to walk series after a bit more than a though perhaps by next week Fishing season is here this
Highway, Drums, PA 18222, OR Replacements 2010. the dogs along the upper year of rentals. Weʼd watch I too will be out. I can say that weekend. Knoebels season
Donald G. Karpowich, Sets of Specifications and Tobyhanna Creek, west of two to four episodes a week. my pinks have begun to starts next weekend.
Esquire other documents may be ob- Tobyhanna. We all walked in We are now debating our bloom, and I see purple buds
85 Drasher Road tained from Dan Herman, Pro- on a gamelands road, finding next venture into science fic-
Drums, PA 18222
ject Manager, 570-427-8681.
Certified Check or Bid Bond
the beautiful mountain creek
after a hundred yards or so –
tion TV
Thereʼs evidence of a busy
Street sweeping starts
drawn to the order of Weatherly
Notice is hereby given that
Area School District in the
amount equal to ten (10%) per-
actually, the dogs found it
first. I rounded a bend to find
set of bears in Hickory Run
State Park. Lots of scratched Monday in Weatherly
Letters of Administration have cent of the amount of the Bid Chess standing up to her trees. With the campground Street sweeping will begin April 22—Fairview and
been granted in the Estate of must be submitted with a pro- knees in a feeder stream. at the park back open again, the week of April 19 at 7 a.m. Maple streets; Kline south,
Robert J. Graham, late of 985 posal as Bid Security. Chad, who was moving slow- these hungry bears should be on the following scheduled Yeakle, Doney Run, Kline,
Chestnut Street, Freeland, It shall be the responsibility of er, decided to follow me bothering the campers soon. days. Butz, Washington, Entwistle,
Pennsylvania (died March 5, the Bidder to obtain a copy of around the stream, and we Sightings this week includ- Monday—North Street, Hudsondale, West Main, The
2010). All persons indebted to the Bid Specifications from the were rewarded by a winer, ed a tubby medium-sized Norman, Allen, Louise, East Rocks and Sunflower Alley
said estate are required to make Project Manager as set out deeper place in Tobyhanna porcupine, and a very large Main (start), Evergreen, (Hudsondale Street to
payments and those having herein. Creek itself. The roadway we hawk or golden eagle. The Buttonwood, Laurel, Fern Maple).
claims or demands to present Weatherly Area School Dis- were on forded the stream porcupine we sighted when Alley (behind First Street), April 23—High Street, Dun-
the same without delay to Ross trict hereby reserves the right, and went off on its direction driving in to the Sand Springs Chestnut Alley (behind nigan Lane, Franklin, Jeff-
T. Graham, Co-Administrator, which is understood and agreed
on the other side. It wasnʼt Day Area at Hickory Run to Second Street) and Pine erson, Dunnigan, Younker
985 Chestnut Street, Freeland, to by all Bidders, to refuse any
and all Bids submitted; also
our plan to go wading, so we walk our dogs. The enormous Alley (between East Main and Lane, Briar Lane, Lauderburn
PA 18224, or Beth Zeleznock,
Co-Administrator, 15 Green reserves the right to waive any hiked upstream and explored bird was flying above the Evergreen streets.) Avenue, Rebar, Monroe
Briar Court, Pottstown, PA informality in Bids received, but following an animal path treetops along the Tobyhanna April 20—First Street, Court, Plane, Race, West
19464, OR that any Contract awarded will through budding blueberry Creek, again as we were Second, East Second, Third, Main and alleys on the west
Donald G. Karpowich, be to the lowest responsive, bushes. I remarked to Ruth walking our dogs. East Third, Eurana Avenue, side.
Esquire responsible bidder. that in a week or so the As the sun set on our Fourth, Fifth, Smith and East Residents are asked to
85 Drasher Road Work performed shall be sub- leaves would be out, and the weekend, at about quarter of Main, (finish), Blakeslee Ave- have all vehicles off the des-
Drums, PA 18222 ject to the Pennsylvania Pre- trail we took would be nearly 8 Sunday evening, we were nue, Spruce Alley (behind ignated roadways on the
4/22 vailing Wage Act and its accom- impassable. We enjoyed see- driving along Wetzel Run Third Street) and Dean Gray dates indicated.
panying regulations as amend- ing the beginnings of spring Drive south of Weatherly, and Alley. Should the weather not be
PUBLIC NOTICE ed. foliage all around us. There sighted a large barn owl, April 21—Fell Street, Par- conducive to street cleaning
A mandatory pre-bid meeting
Notice is hereby given that were some early bloomers. perched atop an old tree not dee, Packer, Carbon, Spring, on any particular day, the
the White Haven Zoning and will be held on the job site on
April 26, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.
We saw this more clearly yet in leaf, in a field. I think it Wilbur, Sixth and Seventh schedule will advance to the
Hearing Board will hold a Public on Sunday when we went for looked at us briefly, then went streets and Edgewood Lane. next clear day in the order
Hearing on Friday, April 23, Contact the Ownerʼs Project
Manager at 570-427-8681 if drive into Bradyʼs Lake and back to something more listed.
2010, at 5:30 p.m. in the White
Haven Municipal Building, 312 there are questions.
Main Street, White Haven, PA.
Should access to the roof be
necessary before or after the Foster Twp. firefighters respond to wildfires
pre-bid meeting, the prospective
Mr. Geoffrey Michalesko Foster Township firefighters tween Hazlebrook and the Firefighters from Hazle Town- sight and the forest not yet
TO BE CONSIDERED: Bidder must contact the Project
Manager at the above number
responded to two wildfires in Carbon County line. ship, Tresckow, Weatherly green make conditions ripe
Applicant, Mr. Geoffrey Mich- remote areas of the Township A second crew of firefight- and DCNR assisted Foster for fires. Springtime winds
to coordinate an appropriate
alesko, requests a Special Ex- Sunday afternoon. Fire- ers from Foster Township Township at the scene. and generally dry woodland
time for additional access and
ception under Section 4.100(1), fighters first responded was dispatched to investigate Foster firefighters were conditions cause fires to
“Regulations Governing the Use
Except as otherwise provided around 2 p.m. to a fire in the that fire. also kept busy Saturday by spread rapidly. Embers can
of Land,” Schedule I, for the
property located at 203 Pine
by Law, no Bidder may withdraw remote area of Upper Lehigh Access to the fire was assisting Valley Regional Fire also carry substantial dis-
its Bid within sixty (60) conser- known as Keipers. The fire extremely limited and it took at a structure fire in Conyng- tances and causes fires even
Street, White Haven, PA, which
vative calendar days after the also burned a small amount firefighters about 1-½ hours ham Borough and a second when the initial fire is attend-
is in a R-1 Zoning District. This
actual date of opening thereof of tires that were abandoned to get to the scene by 4- fire in Butler Township later in ed.
request is in accordance with
or one hundred and twenty in the area. The fire was con- wheel drive vehicles. The fire the day. On the internet – www.
the 1973 Zoning Ordinance of
(120) conservative calendar tained to less than three was contained in about 1-½ Fire officials remind citi-
the Borough of White Haven, as
days if the award is delayed.
amended. acres. hours and consumed be- zens to refrain from outdoor
Martha Kew-Goodale,
The applicants would like to Firefighters from Freeland tween five and seven acres. burning. No soaking rain in
add a second story (18 x 27) to Fire Department and the De-
Board of Directors
the home and divide the home partment of Conservation and
Weatherly Area
into two apartments for rent. Natural Resources assisted
School District
This requires a special excep-
4/8-15-22 at the scene. (Located in Terrace Plaza)
tion for such a use in an R-1 dis-
trict. Mr. Michalesko is in the
As firefighters worked to
Just off the S. Beltway, Route 424
process of purchasing the home LEGAL NOTICE extinguish that fire, a second
fire was reported around 3 601 S. Poplar St., Hazleton
from the executrix, Ms. Jill NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,
Fisher. that Letters Testamentary were p.m. This fire was reported by 450-5501
This Pubic Notice will appear issued in the Estate of Gordon a reconaissance aircraft from OPEN DAILY
in two consecutive weekly Clifford Hayes a/k/a Gordon the Pennyslvania Bureau of
issues of The Journal-Herald as C. Hayes, late of 207 Towanda
7 a.m.-9 p.m.
Forestry on patrol in the area.
follows: April 8 and April 15. This Street, White Haven, Luzerne The fire was located along a
is in compliance with the Penn-
sylvania Municipalities Code as
amended by Act 170 of 1988.
County, Pennsylvania, who died
on the 10th day of March, 2010
to Wanda Lee Walb-Gower, of
403 Carbon Street, Weatherly,
Carbon County, Pennsylvania.
railroad bed in the southern
portion of the township be-

Lehigh Tunnel
We’ve Expanded
White Haven All persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make
Zoning and Hearing Board
4/8 & 15 payment, and those having closures
claims to present the same with-
PUBLIC NOTICE out delay to: scheduled
Daniel A. Miscavige, Esquire The Pennsylvania Turnpike
Gillespie, Miscavige,
that the East Side Borough Commission advises moto-
Ferdinand & Baranko
Planning Commission will reor- rists traveling on the PA
67 North Church Street
ganize and hold a meeting on Northeastern Extension (I-
Hazleton, PA 18201
April 27, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. in the 476) to be prepared for bi-
(570) 454-5575
Borough Building, Center directional tunnel closures
Street, East Side Borough, 4/29
that began Monday, April 12
White Haven, PA. Immediately
northbound. Closures south- • FREE COFFEE MEATS DELI
following the reorganization of LEGAL NOTICE ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! Boneless & Skinless Fresh Made
the Planning Commission, the
bound will take place Thurs-
• DOUBLE COUPONS Chicken Breast ....$199/lb. Hoagies
IN RE: ESTATE OF RICH- (all varieties).........
Commission will meet to review day, April 15 and Monday, UP TO 99¢ EVERYDAY! Fire Up the Grill! Boneless
ARD J. SWEENEY, Deceased, Shurfine
April 19, between 8 a.m. and Delmonico Steaks.$699/lb.
the application of JDM Mountain late of the Borough of Lehigh- • Tues. Senior Citizens Muenster Cheese ..$399/lb.
2 p.m. The Lehigh Tunnel is Discount Day! Ground Beef Shurfine Oven Brown
Laurel Golf Course for a Pro ton, County of Carbon, and 80% lean .................... 1 /lb.
$ 65
Shop to be located on the prop- Commonwealth of Pennsyl- located between the Lehigh • We Accept All Major Turkey Breast ......$499/lb.
erty. Questions concerning the vania. Valley (Exit #56) and Ma- Credit Cards, Food PRODUCE Shurfine
Stamps, Access Card Russet Potatoes Honey Ham ..........$399/lb.
application can be directed to Notice is hereby given that honing Valley (Exit #74) Inter- 5 lb. bag .......................... 1
$ 49 Willow Brook
East Side Borough Secretary, changes. and WIC
Letters Testamentary have been Cluster Tomatoes..$199/lb. Chicken Roll ........$349/lb.
Carol Lenahan at 570-443- granted in the Estate of Traffic will be diverted into Homemade Red
BAKERY Plum Tomatoes ....$149/lb. Skin Potato Salad..$249/lb.
Richard J. Sweeney, De- the opposite tube during the
Carol Ann Lenahan, Chocolate Large Onions........99¢/lb. Homemade
ceased, who died on the 8th scheduled closures and Cauliflower Salad..$299/lb.
Secretary Chip Cookies ........10¢ea. Green or Red
day of February 2010. All per- motorists traveling north- Homestyle Leaf Lettuce ........$149/lb. Homemade
East Side Borough Council sons having claims against the Bread Pudding ....$299/lb.
4/15 & 22 bound and southbound White Bread (a loaf) ......$149 Mangoes ..................4/$5
estate are requested to make should anticipate slow mov- Cinnamon Bread..$199ea. GROCERY, DAIRY
Packham, D’Anjou
known the same to the Executor Club Rolls white or wheat (6)..$149 or Red Pears ........$129/lb.
or the attorney, and all persons
ing or stopped traffic when & FROZEN
approaching the area. Cinnamon Rolls (6) ....$249 Watermelon or San Giorgio Pasta ....89¢
indebted to the decedent to Honeydew Personal Size ..$399
Travel advisories will be 8” Apple Pie w/NSA ..$349 Francesco
make payment without delay to: Cantaloupe ................$249 Rinaldi Spaghetti
Michel J. Matyas posted on the website at Good thru Sauce 16-26 oz. ..............89¢
Green Squash ......$149/lb.
359 Sixth Street or Saturday, April 17 Shurfine Shredded
Celery ........................2/$3 Cheese 16 oz. ..............$199
Weatherly, PA 18255 and
Apples Red, Gold or Yellow Delicious, Wisk 2X
or his attorney: the Highway Advisory Radio
Gala or Granny Smith..........99 /lb.
¢ Liquid Detergent
CYNTHIA S. RAY, ESQUIRE (1640 am) will be activated to 32-50 oz. OC, w/Bleach,
121 Carbon Street provide travel updates. The Citrus Clean, HE or
I Portraits I Family Photography Post Office Box 49 work is weather sensitive and NEW HEALTH Multi-Action HE.........

I Seniors & Children I Engagement

I Wedding & All Occasions
Weatherly, PA 18255
may be delayed or resched- & BEAUTY! Shurfine Ice Cream $ 99
1/2 Gallon ........................ 1
uled. Shurfine
Call and ask about our Winter Specials.
Orange Juice 64 oz. ....$199
Forum Photography... when quality counts! Obey posted speed limits.
Journal deadline is Speed limits will be enforced
Tel. 570.788.8057 always 5 p.m. Monday. and fines increased.

Raffle features quilt and picnic table

The Weatherly Area High high school office. place immediately after the
School Drama Club will be Another prize will be a full- May 7 performance of “Sam
selling raffle tickets for a size picnic table and chairs Spud Private Eye.”
handmade quilt which is blue which will be built by the stu- Raffle tickets are $2 each
and brown with an oriental dents in Michael Zeigler’s or three for $5 and are avail-
background. The quilt was tech education classes and able from any drama club
made by Jean Stadnik and be ready for the performance member, at the high school
donated to the club for this in May. office or at local businesses
raffle and is on display at the The raffle drawing will take in the Weatherly and White
Haven areas.
Ticket proceeds benefit the
Weatherly Area High School
Drama Club.

Senior Parents
meet tonight
The Weatherly Area High
School senior parents will
Mrs. Wickiser’s fifth grade reading students at Fairview Elementary are reading the won-
meet today, Thursday, April
derful chapter book Skylark. As part of their comprehension lesson, the students creat-
15 at 7 p.m. in the Weatherly
ed very artistic comparing and contrasting pictures based on prairie life versus life in
Elementary/Middle School
Maine. Mrs. Wickiser stands with her students as they display their art work: Neil
library to continue planning
Students from Crestwood High School and Middle School Simasek, William Boyer, Tanner Pitman, Rachel Speck, Anna Fox, and McKenna Zeller.
for the All-Night Party and
participated in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of the Vera Bradley bingo fund-
Science regional meeting held at King’s College on raiser scheduled for April 24. Midnight Madness ends month at WAHS
Saturday, March 6. Twenty out of 27 students received first Another planning meeting Weatherly Area High Activities will include a DJ, foods.
awards and will continue on to the state meeting to be is set for April 22. School will hold Midnight talent show, a volley ball tour- If you have any questions
held in May at Penn State Main Campus. Brittany Ayers Senior parents are needed Madness on Friday, April 30, nament, hockey game, and a or to donate food, you may
received the excellence award for junior high chemistry, to serve on the following from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. The blindfolded Jello eating com- call Linda Migneco at 443-
and Ami Patel won a scholarship to Marywood University, committees: entertainment, event is open to all high petition. Ping pong, Knock 7588.
in addition to their first awards. Pictured from left to right, maintenance, food, decorat- school students. Tickets are Hockey, video games,
first row, Tara Giatarrano, Brittany Ayes, Mackenzie Drago, ing, fundraising and clean- $10, and must be purchased karaoke and movies will be Dress Down
Jordan Mera, Hursh Patel, Raj Patel, Danielle Metzger, Neil up. in advance. ongoing through the evening.
Patel. Second row, Angela Taberio, Jillian Penney, Steve For more information, con- Ticket sales will begin on Sign up sheets for the main Day held
Waskie, Hiral Patel, Alex Howton, Nimi Patel, Niki Patel, tact Sharon Lesko at 436- Monday April 12. The price events will be in the high Weatherly Area School
Carl Sheridan, Hari Patel. Third row, Ravi Dalsania, Nikhil 3181 or Donnell Stump at will include two slices of school office. District administrators, facul-
Patel, Bernie Socha, Nimita Patel, Ami Patel, Elisabeth 579-8801. pizza, two beverages, and a Parents are asked to ty and staff participated in a
Shovlin, Alex Hoops, Alfredo Jiminez, and John Filipczyk. light breakfast. Additional donate soda, water, individ- “Dress Down Day” held
Freshmen selling food items will be sold ual bags of chips, cookies, March 19. Donations
Hanging Baskets food items throughout the event. brownies, and other snack amounting to $115 benefited
for Mother’s Day! Citizens’ Fire Company and
The Weatherly Area High Send information about your organization’s events to: journal-
Bedding and or call 443-9131 xt304 for the editor. the L & L Fire Company.
Vegetable Plants School freshman class is sell-
ing a variety of pizzas,
• Patio Planters

cheesecakes and Aunt
Annie’s Pretzels. Orders can JOURNAL PUZZLES
• Cemetery Logs be placed by calling Stacey
• Much, Much More Titus at 427-4065 or Connie SUDOKU INSTRUCTIONS: Each row, column and 3x3 grid must contain
Derr at 427-4692. all the numbers 1 through 9, with no repeats.
Detweiler Farms Open Daily
The sale will continue until
April 16 with delivery on April
Sudoku Puzzle #1781-M Sudoku Puzzle #1781-D

MARKET & GREENHOUSE 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

1 2 1 2 3
Located on Tunnel Rd. This will be the last fund- 3 4 4
Just outside White Haven 233-9135 raiser for the school year. 5 6 7 8 5 6 7 8
7 1 8 3 4 1
9 2
9 6 7 4 2 5 6
8 7 4 5 6 1 5 4
9 6 9
1 2 8 3 7
© 2009 Hometown Content © 2009 Hometown Content
Medium Difficult

Answers on Page B6
Fact or Fiction? Six Points
ACROSS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Team 1. "Oh __, won't

you buy me ..."
14 15 16

Challenge 5. Succotash beans 17

10. 1/640 square mile
18 19

14. Twistable cookie 20 21 22

There are 30 professional baseball
15. Publicist's
teams. Here are some questions
concern 23 24 25 26
about the names of those teams. How
Akee Fig Mast Pomelo 16. Get hair all over
many can you answer correctly?
17. Indian or Brave 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
Almond Gage Melon Rasp 19. Prefix with photo
34 35 36 37 38
20. Post of etiquette
1) The Mets are based in Philadelphia. Fact or Fiction?
2) The Astros are based in Houston. Fact or Fiction?
Ananas Gean Merry Skeg 21. Sonata ending
39 40 41 42 43
3) The Reds are based in Cincinnati. Fact or Fiction?
4) The Padres are based in San Francisco and the Giants in San Diego. Fact
Arnot Grape Morus Sloe 22. B-school subj.
23. Enlightened state, 44
or Fiction?
5) The Mariners are based in Seattle. Fact or Fiction?
Cantalou Haw Nut Tangerine in Zen
45 46 47 48

6) The Braves are based in Chicago and the Cubs in Boston. Fact or Fiction?
7) The Twins are based in Detroit. Fact or Fiction?
pe Hep Ogen Ugh 25. Company car, 49 50 51
e.g., for short
8) The Blue Jays are based in Toronto. Fact or Fiction?
9) The Rockies are based in Pittsburgh. Fact or Fiction?
Charentai Hip Olive Uva 27. Assistance in 52 53 54 55 56 57
10) The Royals are based in St. Louis and the Cardinals in Kansas City. Fact
s Lemon Orange Whort finding a keyhole,
or Fiction? maybe 58 59 60 61 62 63 64
Kansas City, while the Cardinals are based in St. Louis Cox Lichee Papaw Whurt 31. Charlie's ride, in
65 66 67
the Rockies are based in Denver; the Pirates are based in Pittsburgh, 10) Fiction, the Royals are based in
Boston, 7) Fiction, the Twins are based in Minneapolis; the Tigers are based in Detroit, 8) Fact, 9) Fiction,
6) Fiction, the Braves are based in Atlanta, the Cubs are based in Chicago and the Red Sox are based in
Fact, 4) Fiction, the Padres are based in San Diego, while the Giants are based in San Francisco, 5) Fact,
Crab Lichi Papaya Winter 34. In under the tag
Answers: 1) Fiction, the Mets are based in New York; the Phillies are based in Philadelphia, 2) Fact, 3)
Cubeb Lime Peach citron 37. At __ (free)
68 69 70

38. Excellent bond

Damson Loquat Pear rating
71 72 73

Jo k e s and R idd le s Date Malmsey Pecan 39. Crete's highest

American Profile Hometown Content 4/11/2010

Q: Why was Cinderella kicked off the baseball team? Eleot Mango Plantain 41. Band's vehicle, 72. Hooverville 11. Triumphant call, in 47. "__ 'em, Fido!"
A: Because she ran away from the ball!

Puzzle fans—weʼre trying out some new offer- perhaps homes chess 51. "Little" Dickens
Q: Why does it take longer to run from second to 42. H, spelled out 73. Insignia on an 12. Move, in Realtor girl
third base? ings here at the Journal. Weʼd like to know what 44. Caterer's vessel Astro's cap lingo 53. Bring cheer to
A: Because you have to go through a shortstop.
you like, and what you donʼt, about these fea- 45. Some pad users 13. Pristine place 55. "On the other
tures. Weʼve already heard from a Trivia fan, 48. Shrimpers' gear DOWN 18. Fiery heap hand ..."
name that player
49. __ kwon do 24. The Admiral 56. Pelvic bones
and weʼre hoping to have a new Trivia column 50. Oval Office's
1. Places for
piercings Benbow __ 57. Old anesthetic
soon. We know we canʼt mess with the Sudoku locale, with "The" 26. Sundance's gal 58. Crimson Tide,
2. Suffix in
Each of the following is an important or the Crossword, but how do you feel about 52. Hammer
contrived ad 28. Is crazy for informally
player in the history of baseball. Fill in the
Kids Korner or Word Search? Should we look hemisphere 29. "No way, José" 59. It may be cast or
blanks to name that player. words
54. Cherry red 30. 1965 Moody pumped
for more kidʼs 58. Compete in
3. Fired up again
1) B A __ E __ U __ H 4. Spooned out, as Blues hit 61. Get crocked
activities, or aim logrolling 32. Diplomat's gift 62. "Heads __, tails
2) A __ E X R O __ __ I G __ E whipped cream
for adults? Let 60. Chef's verb 33. Satisfied sighs ..."
Z 5. "Diamond __"
us know what 64. For dieters 34. X-rated reading 63. Patronize a limo
3) B A __ __ Y B __ N __ S (West play)
65. Diva's delivery 35. Gillette razor service
T __ C O __ __ you think by 6. Apple product
4) 66. Business brand 67. Hi-__ graphics
sending an e- since 1998
5) K __ N G __ I __ __ E Y J honchos' meal 36. Hard-to-read
7. It's "held" at
__. mail to journal- 68. __ Blanc portion of a
M __ C K __ Y M A __ __ L E 69. State one's contract
6) 8. Like some wine
views 40. "... even __
7) H A __ __ A A __ O __ and cheese
70. __ over (study speak"
9. Highest-ranking
carefully) 43. Not one by one
Cobb, 5) Ken Griffey Jr., 6) Mickey Mantle, 7) Hank Aaron angels
Answers: 1) Babe Ruth, 2) Alex Rodriguez, 3) Barry Bonds, 4) Ty 71. Penny __ 46. Two fins
10. Daisy lookalike
indoors. Still, I had a lot of trees across the river in East basic red sauce and cheese.
Dining Out
work to do. How could I find Side, the comfortable chairs Sethʼs hoagie was very
the time to be outside? on the deck outside are the attractive, a large roll stuffed
Week of April 19: Even with a pile of work to place to be. We started full of thinly sliced turkey,
Monday: Pasta with shrimp & vegetables, spinach salad, do, a womanʼs got to eat, inside to order, and the two tomato, provolone cheese
garlic bread, tropical fruit salad.
Tuesday: Turkey gumbo, steamed rice, cornbread,
Carmine’s right? And right up the street
from the office, thereʼs a
pies on display both looked
good to me, so I chose a
and lettuce. He could have
had onion, too, but decided
Wednesday: Barbecue pork sandwich, roll, sweet potato
Pizza place with outdoor patio din-
ing. I persuaded Seth to
slice of fresh tomato and a
slice of broccoli. Seth also
against it, and he chose
mustard as the appropriate
fries, coleslaw, fruit & yogurt parfait. Main Street, White Haven come with me to Carmineʼs opted for a slice of fresh condiment. He finished the
Thursday: Steak & peppers, baked potato, sugar snap by Ruth Isenberg for an outdoor lunch. tomato pie, and a turkey sandwich, and wasnʼt hungry
peas, whole wheat bread, brownie. Monday afternoonʼs Now I donʼt mind sitting hoagie. again until well after the
Friday: Pork cutlet with country gravy, couscous, succo- weather was gorgeous. It inside at Carmineʼs; itʼs a Bottles of Farmerʼs Iced meeting he attended that
tash, dinner roll, fruit cup. was just too nice to be friendly space, with booths Tea with honey and ginseng evening was over.
and big windows. But when provided a refreshing bever- Slices were $1.75 each

Coming Events
the Main Street pear trees age. We took them outside, ($2 for Sicilian slices), and
are blooming, and leaves and sipped as we waited for the hoagie was $5.50. There
are starting to appear on the our food, which appeared are lots of other choices on
quickly. the menu, including stuffed
APRIL 16, Friday – Night MAY 7 & 8, Friday & Sat- Saturday – Flea Market, Booster Club The fresh tomato slice was pies, stromboli, Philly steaks,
Out With the Comets, spon- urday – Weatherly Area sponsored by White Haven very good, with a distinct burgers, pasta, salads and
sored by Crestwood Football High School Drama Club United Methodist Church collections garlic accent and a smooth desserts. Thereʼs also an ice
Booster Club Play AUGUST 2, Monday – cheese base. The broccoli cream set-up.
APRIL 17, Saturday – MAY 9, Sunday – Break- Golf Tournament, sponsored begin slice was covered with bright Carmineʼs opens 11 to ?,
Attic Treasures Sale, spon- fast, sponsored by Silver by White Haven Lions Club green bits of the vegetable. Monday through Thursday,
The Freeland Booster
sored by St. Paulʼs Lutheran Ridge Hunting Club, AUGUST 9-14, Monday- Because the broccoli was and later on Friday and
Clubʼs collection of donated
Church, White Haven Weatherly Saturday – Carnival, spon- finely chopped, a gentle Saturday, and from noon to 9
items for the annual Trash or
APRIL 17, Saturday – MAY 13, Thursday – sored by White Haven Vol- steaming was enough to on Sunday. Delivery is avail-
Treasure Sale will begin
Baubles & Bubbles Silpada Chicken & Waffle Dinner, unteer Fire Company (Fire- preserve both texture and able.
Monday. Collection hours will
Jewelry Fundraiser, benefit sponsored by The Pres- menʼs Parade Friday, August flavor, along with Carmineʼs Phone: 443-9588
be from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday
White Haven Area Com- byterian Church of White 13) through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3
munity Library Haven AUGUST 13, Friday – p.m. on Saturdays and noon
APRIL 17, Saturday – MAY 15, Saturday – Night Hometown Idol Contest, to 4 p.m. on Sundays.
Turkey Dinner, sponsored by at the Races, sponsored by sponsored by Weatherly The club will be accepting
Emanuel U.C.C., Dorrance St. Events Committee, White Rotary Club small usable appliances,
APRIL 18, Sunday – Haven SEPTEMBER 4, Saturday books (no textbooks, ency-
Breakfast, sponsored by MAY 18, Tuesday – Elec- – Spaghetti Dinner, spon- clopedias or Readers Digest
Bear Creek/Buck Township tion Day Roast Beef Dinner, sored by St. Patrickʼs Events books), knick-knacks, jewel- 6KDULQJ+RPHWRZQ5HFLSHV&RRNLQJ7LSVDQG&RXSRQV
Lions Club sponsored by White Haven Committee, White Haven ry, etc. %\-DQHW7KDUSH
\ S
APRIL 18, Sunday – Spa- United Methodist Church SEPTEMBER 9, Thurs- The actual sale of these
ghetti Supper, sponsored by MAY 22, Saturday – Spa- day – Chicken & Waffle treasures will not begin until 6DYRU\&UDE&DNHV3DFN3HUIHFW3XQFK
Weatherly Lions Club ghetti Dinner, sponsored by Dinner, sponsored by The April 24 at 9 a.m.
APRIL 20, Tuesday – Zions Lutheran Church Nur- Presbyterian Church of Anyone who has items to
Spaghetti Supper, spon- sery School & After School White Haven
donate and needs them to
sored by White Haven Lions Program, Weatherly SEPTEMBER 18 & 19, be picked up can call 636-
Club MAY 24, Monday – Saturday & Sunday – Train- 2635, 636-1711 or 636- 7KLVUHFLSH
APRIL 23, Friday – Night Weatherly Area High School works Fest, at the Train- 2721. LVYHU\
at the Races, sponsored by Spring Concert works Complex in Weatherly Money raised by the club JRRG¶
St. Jude Parish, Mountain MAY 25, Tuesday – OCTOBER 10, Sunday – is used for scholarships for --XG\6SUDJXH
Top Weatherly Area Elementary White Haven United Meth- Freeland students, Freeland
APRIL 24, Saturday – School Spring Concert odist Church 175th Anni- Whippet midget football, the
Vera Bradley Bingo, spon- JUNE 5, Saturday - Flea versary Service & Dinner Freeland soccer, basketball MXVWULJKWQRWWRREODQGEXWQRWWRRVSLF\,ZDV
sored by Weatherly Area Market, sponsored by The Reception and baseball teams, Christ- SUHSDUHGIRUP\¿UVWELWHRI-XG\6SUDJXH¶VFUDEFDNH
High School Senior Parents Presbyterian Church of OCTOBER 14, Thursday mas lights and many other UHFLSHWREHDKRWRQH ,WFDOOVIRUKRWSHSSHUVDXFH
– Pork & Sauerkraut Supper, Freeland civic activities. VXUSULVH,IRXQGWKDWWKHSHSSHUVEOHQGHGVXSHUEO\DQG
Roast Beef Dinner, spon- JUNE 6, Sunday – Break- sponsored by The Pres- ZRUNWRJHWKHUWRFRPSOHPHQWWKHÀDYRUULFKYHJJLHV
sored by St. James Lutheran fast, sponsored by Marine byterian Church of White Friendship LQWKLVGLVK:LWKDOOWKDWÀDYRU,WKRURXJKO\HQMR\HG
Church, Hobbie Corps League Det. 1039 at VDYRULQJHYHU\ELWH
APRIL 24, Saturday – St. Patrickʼs Parish Center, NOVEMBER 2, Tuesday – Club to meet 6HHVWHSE\VWHSSKRWRVRI-XG\6SUDJXH¶V0DU\ODQG
Chinese Auction, sponsored White Haven Election Day Roast Beef The regular meeting of the KRPHWRZQ$PHULFDQVDW
by Christ U.C.C., Conyng- JUNE 11, Friday – Weath- Dinner, sponsored by White Weatherly Senior Citizens <RX¶OODOVR¿QGFRXSRQVIRUHFLSHLQJUHGLHQWV
ham erly Hill Climb Parade Haven United Methodist Friendship Club will be held (
APRIL 24 & 25, Saturday
& Sunday – Flea Market,
JUNE 12 & 13, Saturday Church Thursday, April 22 at 1:30 -Janet
& Sunday – Weatherly Hill NOVEMBER 6, Saturday p.m. in Salem United Church 0DU\ODQG6
sponsored by St. Patrickʼs Climb – Holiday Bazaar, sponsored of Christ, corner of First and &UDE&DNNHV
Events Committee, White JUNE 13, Sunday – by The Presbyterian Church Fell streets. Anyone over the :KDW<RX1HHG
Haven Basket Bingo, sponsored by of White Haven age of 50 is welcome to HJJ 6$8&(,1*5(',(176 ‡‡ 3 UHKHDWRYHQWR
St. Patrickʼs Events Com- NOVEMBER 14, Sunday come visit with us. WVSJDUOLFFORYHPLQFHG FZKLWHZLQHGU\
Breakfast, sponsored by mittee, White Haven – Turkey Bingo, sponsored GDVKHVKRWSHSSHUVDXFH FKHDY\FUHDP
\ DQG 
Flying Aces Motorcycle Club, JUNE 13, Sunday – by St. Patrickʼs Events Com- Election lunch SLQFKVDOW ‡‡ & RRNFDNHVWROLJKW
Rockport Cruise 4 The Kids, spon- mittee, White Haven OEFUDEPHDW ‡ &
APRIL 25, Sunday – Earth sored by McDonaldʼs, Kidder NOVEMBER 20 & 21, tickets available UHGEHOOSHSSHU PLQFHG
\ S SS 
Day Celebration, sponsored Township Saturday & Sunday – Craft PLQFHG DXFHVDOWDQGSHSSHU
Plans are under way for FHOHU\VWDONVFKRSSHG¿QH
by Bear Creek Camp, Bear JUNE 19, Saturday – Show & Holiday Boutique, ‡‡ 6 SULQNOHEUHDGFUXPEV
the annual Election Day UHGRQLRQPLQFHG FFUHDP
Creek Poker Run, sponsored by sponsored by Women of St. MDODSHQRSHHOHGDQG
luncheon to be held May 18 PLQFHG
APRIL 27, Tuesday – Marine Corps League Det. Patrickʼs, White Haven FEUHDGFUXPEV RFRPELQHGLYLGHLQWR
from 11 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. DUWVDQGIRUPHDFKLQWRD
White Haven Area Com- 1039, White Haven DECEMBER 12, Sunday at St. John Reformed UCC, LVFXLWVL]HFDNH
munity Library Annual Meet- JUNE 21-25, Monday- – Breakfast with Santa, 829 Washington St., Free- 6XEPLWWHGE\-XG\6SUDJXH)ORUHQFH.< 3RS ZZZMXVWDSLQFKFRPFUDEFDNHV
ing Friday – Vacation Bible sponsored by St. Patrickʼs land.
MAY 2, Sunday – Break- School, sponsored by White Events Committee, White The luncheon includes ZZZMXVWDSLQFKFRPFUDEFDNHV
fast, sponsored by Albrights- Haven Ministerium Haven

Weatherly Country Inn

homemade chicken noodle
ville Volunteer Fire Company JUNE 26, Saturday – This column is open to all
organizations in the Weatherly,
soup, barbecue or hot dog,
MAY 2, Sunday – Rabies Chinese Auction, sponsored
White Haven, Freeland, Albrights- drink and dessert.
Clinic, benefit Weatherly
Pound, at Citizensʼ Fire
by Weatherly Area Com-
munity Library
ville, Blakeslee, Conyngham/ Tickets are $6 for adults R E S TA U R A N T & CAT E R I N G
Drums, Lake Harmony & and $4 for children 6 to 12
Company, Weatherly JULY 9-11, Friday-Sun- Mountain Top areas. If your
years old. Children under 6
MAY 2, Sunday – Bingo, organization is planning a fund-
day – Parish Festival, spon- are free. Located 6 Miles from White Haven, 1 Mile from County Home in
raising activity, or other special
sponsored by Our Lady of sored by St. Patrickʼs Events event open to the public, you may A bake sale and 50/50 raf- Weatherly on Lehigh Gorge Drive (Weatherly-White Haven Highway)
Lourdes R.C. Church, Committee, White Haven have it listed by calling 443-9131. fle will also be held. Tickets Open Tues.-Sat. 4–10 p.m.
Weatherly JULY 30 & 31, Friday & There is no charge for this serv-
are available for church
members or by calling the
office at 636-3536.
Now Taking
Discover Pocono Living At Its Finest! Send information about Reservations for
your organization’s
events to: journalnews@
Mother’s Day!
for the editor.
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Saturday, April 17 from 10:00 —5:00

T East
E IHaven
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for sale at these area merchants:
White Haven Market
Sunday, April 18 from 11:00 —4:00 White Haven Uni-Mart
Split Rock Resort—Lake Harmony, Pa. Main Street Coffeeworks and
FRIDAY, APRIL 16 SATURDAY, APRIL 17 The Journal-Herald office;
Not Just Another Home Show. Also Featuring… 5-9 p.m. 5-9 p.m. Wawa at the Turnpike,
Veal Parmesan 16 oz. New York Pocono Inn lobby,
x Home Improvement x Products & Services with pasta, salad, garlic bread & dessert. Strip Steak Tannery Depot and
The Hickory Run Truck Plaza
x Construction x Lifestyles Adult: $9.25 Child: $6.25 with baked potato & vegetable $17.95
x Health & Wellness x Local Attractions store.
Community News
Joe’s Cheesesteak Spaghetti & Meatballs, w/fresh cut fries–$6.95 w/salad & garlic bread–$5.95
Weatherly Pharmacy
and TJ’s One Stop.
5-9 p.m. in house only.


TUESDAY NIGHT—6-9 p.m. Clams........$1.50/Dozen in Lehigh Twp.
WBRE/WYOU, The Journal of the
Pocono Plateau, Home Improvement Wings 30¢ each in-house, Pints..........$1.50 Each Convenient Mart, Carone’s
Guide, Local Flair Magazine, Times- 35¢ each to go—10 Sauces! Supermarket, Uni-Mart, Smoke
EVERYDAY– Shop and Nocchi’s Pharmacy in
News Publishing, The Real Estate Peel & Eat Shrimp EARLY BIRD DINNER SPECIAL
Book, Pocono Living Magazine and
1/2 lb.–$6 • w/Fries–$7.95 3-5 p.m.
Freeland. Still only 50¢.
Serving Dinner 5 p.m.-9 p.m. • Call For Daily Specials 443-8359
Also available by mail subscrip-
Bring this ad to the show for $1.00 off admission (one ad per person) All Specials are In-House Only. tion.

On Thursday, April 8, anoth-

er wide and heavy load
passed through White Crestwood to host
Haven Borough. The load,
which bottomed out at Jazz Festival April 18
every hump through the
Crestwood High School Coughlin, and Crestwood
WH Council debates Linesville work downtown, scraping up
asphalt, got stuck at the top
will be hosting its annual
Jazz Festival on Sunday,
High Schools.
Bands will perform stan-
Photo & story chairman Tom Szoke contest- work to create a multi-pur- of Berwick Street. It was April 18 starting at 2 p.m. dard big band jazz music.
by Seth Isenberg ed council member Marge pose field (and to buy soccer able to proceed west by Seven Local school districts Tickets are $5 for adults and
Linesville Park improve- Reilly’s statement that the goals and nets) which took will participate — Holy $3 for seniors and students.
driving through the Gower
ments were a contentious project was not approved, place in 2008 (and Reilly Redeemer, Wyoming Valley Food and refreshments will
yard, over the lawn and West, Hazleton Area, be available for purchase in
topic at the start of the April when he quoted council min- voted in favor of). Here is the sidewalk. Wyoming Seminary Upper the high school cafeteria.
12 White Haven Council utes from several meetings, field as it is this week, with a Photo by Seth Isenberg. School, Pittston Area,
meeting. Recreation Board and a vote to approve the new layer of stone that will

CHS Class of ’70 sets

help provide better drainage
for the field once the soils are Roast Beef Bear Creek Camp notes
put on top.
dinner set Earth Day on April 25
reunion meeting Council agreed to put engi-
neer Brian Swanson in
Earth Day is next Thurs- An article in last weekʼs
St. James Lutheran day, April 22. However, the Journal-Herald about that
The Crestwood High White Haven. All classmates charge of the project, and get Church, Hobbie, will hold a Earth Day Celebration at event failed to mention the
School class of 1970 will are urged to attend. Vol- family style Roast Beef Bear Creek Camp will take date – sorry!
hold a meeting Sunday, April unteers are needed for the
silt fence erected.
Dinner on Saturday, April place on Sunday, April 25.
18 at 6 p.m. at Sitkoʼs Barn reunion, which will be held in A long argument began 24 from 3 to 7 p.m. Adult

S & T Coombe, Inc.

restaurant on Route 437, September. over the fill material being take-out dinners will be
used. It is given for free from available, and tickets will
PTA meets Monday the White Heaven develop-
ment as they build. A certifi-
be available at the door.
Cost is $9 for adults and
Stove & Fireplace Specialists
The Weatherly Area PTA
will hold its April monthly
about the first ever Wrecker
Power Walk scheduled for cate of “clean fill” is being
$4 for children ages 5 to 12.
There is no charge for chil- ONE STOP SHOP
meeting on Monday, April 19 Friday, June 4. provided. dren age 4 and under. Any- Coal, Gas, Pellet & Wood Stoves, Outdoor Furnaces
starting at 7 p.m. in the If you have questions or Other “highlights” from the one with questions may call
Over 70 units on display and 10 operating.
Weatherly Area Elementary/ would like something added meeting included the resigna- 868-3618 or 379-3878.
Middle School cafeteria. On to the agenda, please call tion of Bob Spadell from the Showroom
the agenda will be an update PTA President Donnell Location:
on the spring Scholastic Stump at 579-8801. Streets Department, ap- Headache care Route 940
Book Fair as well as news proved on a split vote; (4/10 mile west
Dr. Todd Rozen, The
approval to advertise for the of Route 115)
Headache Center, Geisinger
Shopping to benefit demolition of the Community Wyoming Valley will present
“Headache Solutions for
FREE DELIVERY within 50 miles
of old stove
Building by June 15; and an (with purchase of any new stove.) (with purchase of any new stove.)
St. Joseph Regional Academy O.K. to cut trees in advance Autoimmune Patients” on (570) 646-8254 • Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
April 21 at 6 p.m. at the John
An Afternoon of Shopping fully Simple, and Tupper- of starting to install the new Heinz Institute, 150 Mundy

White Haven Area

at St. Joseph Regional Aca- ware. Pine Street Park play area. St. Wilkes-Barre. Call 1-888-
demy, 25 W. 6th Street, Jim Browsers are welcome so
More details on this meeting 995-8787 for more informa-
Thorpe will allow you to find stop by—maybe youʼll find tion and reservations.
will be in coming issues.
Community Library
all your favorite home dem- something you like and if
onstrators in one location youʼre lucky win a door prize.
and 10% of your order will Canʼt attend? Then please

benefit St. Joseph Regional visit the web site
On Sunday, April 25 from
11 a.m.-2 p.m., these de-
contact one of the vendors to
place your order. Mention WILL SHINE IN YOUR HOMETOWN!
monstrators will be display-
ing their goods at our school:
that you were referred by St.
Joseph Regional Academy
Tuesday, April 27
Avon, Inspiranza Design, Lia and 10% of your purchase United Methodist Church
Sophia, Longaberger, Mary will benefit our school.
Kay, Pampered Chef, Taste- Buffalo Street, White Haven
MAL suggests special gift 7 p.m.
Need an unique and fun Day) and show time is 2 p.m.
gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Ticket price is $25, and
The Public Is Encouraged to Attend!
Day or that graduate? Want proceeds will help fund
to give a gift that shows how MALʼs Feral Cat, Spay/ Engine House Project Update
much you care about needy Neuter, Emergency Vet Financial Reports
animals? Care, and Humane Edu-
The Monroe Animal cation programs. Seating for
Programming News
League is selling tickets to the play is limited, so call Operations Overview
the Broadway classic The MAL today at 476-8444 to By-Law Changes
Music Man at the Shawnee order tickets. (You must call
Playhouse. Show date is MAL to order,) Future Initiatives
Sunday, June 20 (Fathers


Saturday, April 17 • 8 a.m.-3 p.m. &7"/-:4"$&, #&-#*/"(0450 %"7*48)*5&
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Parish Hall 3"$)"&-'-"55 +&3&.:"##055 .*3"*/"("46
418 Berwick St., White Haven SHEN & ZHAO .*,*"/%0
Glassware, Tools, Toys, Dishes, Appliances, Furniture, 4"4)"$0)&/t50%%&-%3&%(&t.*$)"&-8&*44BOE.03&
Clothing, Jewelry, Books, Etc. Great Bargains!
Enjoy Lunch While You Shop!
Homemade Soup, Baked Goods, Hot Dogs, MOHEGAN SUN ARENA AT CASEY PLAZA The Depot’s your headquarters for Fishing Season.
Beverages & Pastries will also be available for purchase.
TICKETS ON SALE AT STARSONICE.COM Licenses, Live Bait, Tied Flies, Poles,
For more information, call 443-9424.
Phone Charge: 1-800-745-3000 • Groups (10+): 570-970-3519 • Kids and Senior Discounts Reels, Lures and much more.
Boys & Girls Clubs of America will receive a donation for every ticket sold. Date, cast and ticket prices subject to change. © Smucker’s is a registered
trademark of The J.M. Smucker Company. Stars on Ice and logo are trademarks of International Merchandising Corporation. © 2010 All Rights Reserved.
Corner of Route 534 and Tannery Road
Lehigh Tannery, PA
570-606-4325 •
Journal-Herald deadline Winter Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
is noon on Monday.
E-mail articles to:
Camping, Fishing Store, Groceries
MANY NEW ITEMS! journalnews@ and a Whole Lot More!

Lehigh... they were directed—namely be handled as a business not behind them even though
to survey the township to would handle it; employees the work being done had
TOPS NEWS Continued from page A1 determine if anyone was would be covered by the been assigned by the super-
being exempted from the employer if through no visors. Strauss added, “How
directed to file documents in garbage collection roster. wrongdoing of their own, they could the supervisors stand
White Haven TOPS chapter members talked about the
the township building for A lengthy discussion en- incurred legal expenses in behind us, when Floyd was
Seven Saboteurs at Monday’s meeting, with Laura leading
ready access to others as sued in which both Sakse- conducting company busi- on the board?” Atty. Hludzik
the discussion. Saboteurs can be external and internal—-
needed. Hoffman and Strauss ex- ness. replied, “He’s only one vote,”
from our surrounding environment to our feelings, and
Bob Tissier asked if the pressed their disagreement Atty. Hludzik noted that one and reminded everyone that
everywhere in between. We developed strategies to use to
supervisors were considering with the way the supervisors of the problems with the situ- better communication could
overcome these saboteurs and will apply these this week.
replacing Sakse-Hoffman and Atty. Hludzik handled the ation was that the information have helped.
In addition, Dona brought in an article from the Standard-
with a former secre- ongoing matter. was not forthcoming from the Bert Lewis asked if gar-
Speaker: “Eating Fish Involves Health Trade Offs.” This arti-
tary/treasurer. Wagner Others in the audience two women until well after the bage collection is mandated
cle was very interesting because it gave facts about the
reported that at some point urged the supervisors to han- initial suit was filed. He said by the county or state. He
trout stocked in Pennsylvania waters.
that might have been dis- dle the legal expenses of the that if the employees had was told by Skinner that the
Shelly announced the 50/50 winner and Chosen Achiever
cussed but it was not current- two women since they were brought it directly to the state requires garbage to be
to be Bev. The no-nos for the month of April are chips and
ly under consideration. acting on behalf of the town- attention of the supervisors managed, but does not re-
gravy. Ursula gave the treasurer’s report and presented the
Melodie Heydt asked why ship when the incident oc- maybe something could have quire municipal collection.
yearly audit.
there was no representation curred. Tom McBrien sug- been handled differently. The next meeting of the
SRD will be held April 23 and 24, with members Laura
from the township at the last gested that the insurance Both Strauss and Sakse- board of supervisors is slated
and Ursula attending at Genetti’s in Wilkes Barre. The
Carbon County Tax Collec- company be contacted. Ray- Hoffman commented that for 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May
theme is “Swing & Sway With Tops Today.” Members creat-
tion Committee meeting. nock suggested the situation they felt the supervisors were 3.
ed a garden themed basket for the Chinese auction. The
Skinner responded that he
chairperson did an outstanding job.
Sugar Shockers is the name of next week’s program that
was unable to attend with the New Members Welcome at Cranberry Quilters
short notice he was given as The new year of quilting about. One guest speaker will how to make a realistic look-
will be presented by Bev.
to the date and time of the with the Cranberry Quilters talk about her love of ing flower petal? These are
Anyone from the community is welcome to come and visit
meeting, and Ernest Stauffer, has started—new year, new appliqué and working with just two examples of what we
one meeting to see what goes on at TOPS #1314, and join
who is an alternate, was not officers and lots of new fun batik fabrics that led her on a will learn over the summer as
if you like. We meet at 6 p.m. (weigh in 5:30 to 6) Mondays
able to attend either. and ideas. The Cranberry journey to writing a book. we attend our meetings. Why
at the United Methodist Church Social Hall, White Haven.
Andy Strauss asked the Quilters Guild meets each Another, along with her hus- not join us?
supervisors consider re- month now until November band, will take us back 100 Community service proj-
Gala concert marks 40th imbursement of $1,250 in and new membership is years in the world of quilting. ects play a key role in the
legal fees incurred by him open. Learning new and different guild. Projects this year are
anniversary of Singing and his wife Sharlene in The opportunity to learn techniques or just brushing being made for our veterans
defending against a sum-
Boys of Pennsylvania mons from former supervisor
new quilting techniques, par-
ticipate in monthly workshops
up on the old is something all
the guild members look for-
at the VA hospital, children
with life threatening medical
Singing Boys of Pennsyl- Pergolesi, G.F. Handel and Floyd Hoffman. The legal and enjoy many speakers ward to. Does your binding problems and breast cancer
vania will hold a gala 40th F.J. Hayden. action came following an inci- throughout the year are just a always seem like it could look patients. The members par-
Anniversary Concert on Sun- Tickets for the performance dent in October 2008, when few pieces of what the a little better or go together a ticipating in these projects
day, April 25 at 4 p.m. in Notre may be purchased in ad- Sharlene Strauss and Sakse- Cranberry Quilt Guild is all little easier? Do you know can elect to do them at a
Dame High School, East vance by writing to Singing Hoffman were on Decker workshop or at their leisure at
Stroudsburg. The event also Boys of Pennsylvania, P.O. Lane attempting to survey Seniors health fair slated home. Workshops are always
celebrates the 24th anniver- Box 206, Wind Gap, PA the township to determine A senior health fair and line dancing, co-sponsored by New
a lot of fun. The fellowship
sary of the Keystone Girls 18091, or by calling 610-759- garbage account information. Seasons at Blue Mountain Health System and the Carbon
County Agency on Aging, will be held May 26 at the within the guild comes to light
Choir. 6002. Remaining tickets will The two women were block- at these times. Laughter, the
Lehighton Rec Center, 243 S. Eighth St., Lehighton.
An alumni chorus of mem- be available at the concert ed from traveling further The health fair will be held from 10 a.m. to noon, lunch will buzz of a sewing machine
bers from both groups will venue on April 25. Ticket cost down Decker Lane or from be from noon to 12:30 p.m. and line dancing will be held from and the occasional “What’s
participate, along with a is $12 for senior citizens and reversing and coming back to 12:45 to 2 p.m. with line dance instructor Lisa Salomon.
next” question is payment for
chamber orchestra, and sol- $22 for others. There is no the main road by Hoffman, Screenings and other information that will be available
include: brown bag medication counseling (bring all medica- a day of giving back to our
oists who are all former mem- charge for students in grades who was a supervisor at the community.
tions in a brown bag for a private consultation with a pharma-
bers of the choirs. The pro- 4 to 8; this program is recom- time. The women believed cist); health assessments, blood pressure screenings, body A bus trip is planned to
gram includes woks by Henry mended for older children. they were acting on behalf of mass index, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, hearing screen- attend the “Quilt Odyssey”
Purcell, Giovanni Baptista the township in the manner ing, depression and mood screening, pulse oximetry, pul-
quilt show in Hershey in July.
monary function testing, stroke, sleep apnea and C-Pap
Packer Township Annual Audit and Financial Report
masks, diabetes, smoking cessation, family caregiver sup- This show is one of the
For the Year Ending December 31, 2009
port group, Blue Mountain Health System Hyperbaric and largest in our area, where
Classification Govt. Fund Special Prop. Funds
General Funds Revenue Enterprise
Wound Healing Center, Carbon County Agency on Aging and you can see hundreds of
New Seasons at BMHS. quilts on display, and shop a
There is a $2 donation for lunch. Lunch is optional.
REVENUE large number of vendors for
Taxes To register, call the Weatherly Senior Center at 427-8175
Real Estate $ 15,807 $ 2,450 or 610-377-7070. quilting supplies. It is our own
Per Capita
Real Estate Transfer
little quilting vacation. Plans
Earned Income 85,613 Please join us for an evening of are underway for other trips
Total Taxes $ 105,659 $ 2,450
shopping and refreshments as the to soon be announced.
White Haven Area Community Library Local quilt shops play a key
Fines & Forfeits $ 998
Interests & Rents 33 $ 289 $ 203 hosts an evening of “Baubles and Bubbles” role. They offer quilting
Intergovernmental 10,061 33,689
retreats, classes, the all too
Charge for Services
Miscellaneous Revenue
70,601 3,868
much fun “Shop Hops” and a
Total All Revenue $ 193,581 $ 40,296 $ 86,343
SILPADA JEWELRY FUNDRAISER lot of challenge. In May, we
will once again benefit the will hold our annual luncheon
General Government
Public Safety
$ 76,270
$ White Haven Area at the Top of the Eighties.
Sanitation $ 69,627 Community Library. These shop owners along
Highways & Streets 135,925 90,101
Miscellaneous 16,976 This Open House with members of other local
TOTAL EXPENDITURES $ 259,905 $ 90,101 $ 69,627 will take place on: area guilds, will join us for an
TOTAL EXCESS/DEFICIT (66,324) (49,805) (16,716)
Saturday, April 17 afternoon of great speakers,
General Fund Special Prop. Funds food and fun.
Revenue Enterprise 6-8 p.m. We would like to extend an
Beginning bal.., January 1, 2009
$ 32,657
$ 86,344
at St. Patrick’s Parish Hall invitation to all quilters to join
Total Assets & Receipts $333,265 $92,209 $119,001 For additional White Haven our guild. With over 60 mem-
Expenditures $259,904 $90,789 $ 69,627
Ending bal., December 31, 2009 $ 73,361 $ 1,420 $ 49,373 information, Come see the new 2010 collection, bers at this time, we continue
contact all natural gems and sterling silver. to grow. A yearly membership
Charlotte at Don’t forget... fee of $15 is all that is
443-8723 Mother’s Day and Graduations required for membership. The

$100 OFF
or Lindsay at are right around the corner. next meeting will be held
j.munisteri@ Gentlemen, come shop for that Monday, April 26 at the Faith special person in your life! United Church of Christ
located off the Airport Road
in Hazleton behind the former
DINE OUT at a discount Rex Appliance Building. Meet
In Stock and Greet begins at 6 with
Use Journal Dine-Out certificates at

CZ Heaters
the regular meeting starting
local dining establishments at 6:30. Rookie, novice or
and save big bucks!! seasoned quilter, our guild
•Ugly Mug—$25 gift card, $15 invites you to join us.
•Chat ‘n’ Chew—$15 gift card, $9
sold at the Greater Pocono Home Show Send information
•Village Squire—$25 certificate for $15
about your
Journal Newspapers Booth and for 1/2 price—
•The Edelweiss—$50 gift card, $25
Saturday & Sunday at Split Rock •Pocono Manor—$25 gift card, $12.50 events to:
Call and leave a message— journalnews@
April 17 & 18 443-9131 xt315
With this ad, while supplies last. We’ll call you back with the details. While or call 443-9131
supplies last—quantities are limited. xt304 for the editor.
October Fest at Hunts oʼclock. The cost will be $20 Park. Bingo and cards will be The refreshment commit-
Friendship Club Landing Best Western at
Matamoras; cost will be $68
per person. You can pay
Janet Leibensperger at the
played in the afternoon and
supper will be served at 5
tee—Barbara and Bob Tis-
sier, Ray Wilkinson and
per person. Friday, No- next meeting, April 22, and ʻclock. Both events will be Thelma Spaziani served
by Marjorie Lou Anthony Irene Eli. If you know of any vember 12 to the Christmas everybody MUST BE PAID catered by Cindyʼs Bakery of delicious hot pizza, pretzels,
The regular meeting of the member who has been ill or Show at the American by April 30. Janet will not White Haven. chips, corn curls, etc., plus
Weatherly Senior Citizens lost a family member, Theatre in Lancaster; cost take any money at the party. Chaplain Anthony read two lemonade and little carrot
Friendship Club was held PLEASE, PLEASE call will be $71 per person. If you Our annual picnic will be poems: “Jelly Beans” and cupcakes with cream cheese
Thursday, April 8 at 1:30 Janet—427-4914. Donʼt are interested in any of these held on Thursday, June 24 at “One Solitary Life.” icing, brought by Thelma.
p.m. in Salem U.C.C. Presi- think that she knows it, CALL trips, please call Beverly at Eurana Park in Weatherly. Thought for the day: “Pre- Everything was so good!
dent Joe DʼAndrea wel- HER. 427-4182. There will be a luncheon cious as are all the seasons Committee for the April 22
comed 30 members and two Trip coordinator Beverly Plans are being made for meal at noon and bingo and of the year, none so rejoices meeting is Josephine and
guests: Agnes Augustine Kunkel reported on the fol- our Spring Banquet to be cards will be played in the the heart as spring. There is Bill McCullough and Gloria
and Jean Korshalla, and two lowing trips: Tuesday, June 8 held at the L & L Fire Hall. afternoon. Supper will be about spring a gladness that and Tony Galasso. Cards
new members: Dorothy to Huntington Hills in New NOTE CHANGE OF DAY & served at 5 oʼclock. Our corn thrills the soul and lifts it up and bingo were enjoyed by
Herkalo and Frances Wy- Jersey for the play “Sun- DATE – it will be held on roast will be held on Thurs- into regions of spiritual sun- all.
socky. They were welcomed shine Boys” (a comedy); cost THURSDAY, MAY 6 at 6 day August 12 at Eurana shine.”
by everybody. Continuing will be $77 per person.
with the Easter story, Chap-
lain Marjorie Lou Anthony
Wednesday, July 21 “My-
stery Trip;” cost $78 per per- Weatherly Idol has a new date—August 13
read Luke 24:44-53, followed son (still a few openings). As the clock ticked down weather is nicer. the fire Emcee Tom Connors pro- end-of-summer spectacular.
by the “Lordʼs Prayer,” Sunday to Thursday, Sep- toward the April Friday that house gets hot and smokey mises an even better event For more information
Pledge of Allegiance and tember 12 to 16, Wildwood, was selected for the Weath- when thereʼs such a big on Friday the Thirteenth. about competing, contact
hymn, “Just a Closer Walk N.J.; the cost will be $425 erly Idol contest, there was crowd. Prospective singers should Connors at 427-4927.
With Thee.” per person. (Beverly has an talk among organizers about start practicing now for an
Outreach Person Janet itinerary of the trip you can a change that would make
Leibensperger sent get-well call and ask for if interested.)
cards to Karen Allen and Tuesday, October 19 to
the event even more fun.
Last week, a decision was
WACL to hold storytime leave a message.
Plans are underway for the
made to push back the Weatherly Area Com- Spring Street. Children will annual WACL Book/Building


Weatherly Idol event to munity Library will hold a sto- do a spring project. Benefit, to be held Saturday,
Friday, August 13. The idea rytime this Friday, April 16, Winners of the recent June 26 at Eurana Park. The
is to explore having more of from 3:30-4:30 p.m. at the Easter Basket raffle were event will include the silent
JOHN J. DELLA CROCE, D.M.D. the event outside when the First Presbyterian Church on Carolyn Katona and Nathan auction of mailboxes created
Master of the Academy of General Dentistry/Master of the American Endodontic Society Herman. Prizes must be by members of the Weath-
MELISSA B. DELLA CROCE, D.M.D. picked up by April 30. erly Area High School art
Dr. Ziegler Says... The annual WACL fund- classes, sale of books and
Comprehensive Family Dentistry including Extractions & Root Canals Straighten Your Smile With A Specialist raising letters have been library book bags, a bake
Same Day Emergency Treatment Available mailed to the community. If sale, refreshments, and a
Early Morning and Evening Hours
Convenient to White Haven, Butler Valley & Hazleton
(Evenings & Saturday Appointments Available) you did not receive one, but
would like to donate, stop in
Chinese auction.
If youʼd like to help with
Friendly Staff • All Insurances Welcome
Delta Dental Participating Dentist at the library at 20 Carbon this event, or get involved
Accepting all other insurance including United Concordia Street, or call 427-5085 and with the library, plan to
attend the next board meet-
450 WASHINGTON STREET, FREELAND, PA 18224 • (570) 636-0660
1 Block East of Centre Street, on the Corner of Route 940 and Washington Street.
313 South Mountain Blvd. (Route 309) Mountaintop, PA 18707
Journal deadline is
always 5 p.m. Monday.
ing at 7 p.m. on Thursday,
May 13 at the library.

Journal Classifieds 443-8321 • 1-800-822-5334

miss it!
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the Journal Valley Views, the Journal-Mountaintop and the Journal of Penn Forest Special Olympics PA
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Adopt: Energetic creative childless EVERY BABY DESERVES A GET A FREE VACATION & Maxi- Main Street, White Haven GET YOUR DEGREE ONLINE! In- abilities are invited to take
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Dan toll-free 1-877-739-6889 State University on Sunday,
Adoption: Loving parents and their 9
The Used Car Supercenter 570-443-8885 after
year old adopted daughter would Auction Auto Parts 10 a.m. or 443-7384 For High Paying Aviation Mainte-
April 25 to benefit Special
love a baby brother or sister. Stay at
home mom, professional dad. Ex- REAL ESTATE AUCTION REAL ESTATE AUCTION
(570) 421-6930 nance Career. FAA Predicts Severe
Shortage. Financial Aid if Qualified.
Olympics Pennsylvania. The
INVESTMENT PROPERTY Run will start outside of
penses paid. Please call Becky/ COUNTRY HOME, 14 ACRES,
Computers Job Placement. AIM 877-384-5827
Mike 800-472-1835 FISHING POND, STABLE
204 MAIN STREET Autos Wanted Cars & Electronics Beaver Stadium and move
SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010
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11 A.M. RAIN OR SHINE STROUDSBURG, UNEMPLOYED? ARE you good through Penn Stateʼs scenic
about you as you get to know us... MONROE COUNTY, PA with your hands? Rapid training for
ON THE PREMISES campus, concluding with run-
open-minded married couple hoping SATURDAY MAY 15, 2010 DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOW- FREE Computer Support with Aviation Maintenance career. Finan-
to become adoptive parents. Living
expenses paid. Confidential. Legal.
REAL ESTATE consists of 2 Unit Apart-
ING. Cars for Kids. Any condition.
Tax deductible Outreach Center. 1-
Feussners MAGIC FLASH DRIVE! 3 payments
of $33 ea. 1-866-981-1140;
cial Aid if qualified. Job Placement.
AIM 1-800-335-9129 http://www.Avi-
ners racing through the
Beaver Stadium Tunnel and
Lisa & Miles @888-324-8934 or
REAL ESTATE consists of large 3 Bed-
room, 3 Bath Ranch Style Home, Stone
ment Building with Billboard Rental APT.
#1 Small Studio APT. #2 4 Bedroom
ATTEND COLLEGE Online From onto the Nittany Lionsʼ home
Apartment ALSO Billboard Rental
ADOPTION: Attorney and stay- Fireplace, Formal Dining Room, Large INSPECTIONS:
Building Materials
Route 940, OF ONE! Bad Credit? NO PROB- Home. Medical, Business, Parale-
turf to the finish line.
home parent wish to provide Love, Living Room, 2 Car Garage, Fishing WEDNESDAY APRIL 28, 5-7PM LEM! Starting at $29.99/week. Up to gal, Accounting, Criminal Justice.
Laughter, Giggles, Kisses to your Pond, also Stable and Separate Work- SATURDAY MAY 8, 10-12 Noon Freeland $3000 credit limit. Guaranteed ap- Job Placement Assistance. Com- You will not want to miss
newborn in our growing family and shop or Studio Building, nice level land TERMS: $8,500 BANK CASHIER'S proval. Call now! 888-860-2421 puter Provided. Financial Aid if Qual-
Happy Home. 1-888-350-2396. Ex- both open and woods. CHECK (payable to Jack Muehlhan Auc-
HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? 636-3920 ified. Centura 800-495-5085 out on this exciting opportuni-
Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. for NEW DELL-HP COMPUTER
penses paid. INSPECTION: tioneer Escrow) AT SALE. BALANCE
straightening, leveling, foundation, GUARANTEED! Bad Credit? NO ty to run through the Beaver
THURSDAY APRIL 29, 5-7PM WITHIN 30 DAYS. Good Deed provided.
ADOPT: The stork didnʼt call. We and wood frame repairs at 1-800- All Pre-Owned Vehicles are PROBLEM! FREE Printer Digital Stadium Tunnel with mem-
hope you will! Happily married, edu- OLD-BARN/ Feussners Ford Certified Cam & LCD TV. Starting at
TERMS: $10,000 BANK CASHIER'S nity to BUY an affordable investment Employment
cated, loving couple wishes to adopt
CHECK (payable to Jack Muehlhan property, out of state owner. Located MDHIC #05-121-861 $29.99/week. Up to $3000 credit bers of the Penn State
newborn. Expenses paid. Robin & CARS limit. Call now! 888-860-2422
Neil 1-866-303-0668 www.robinand-
Escrow) AT SALE. BALANCE WITHIN close to University & shopping. "For
‘08 Focus SE (2) 27K Football Team, Special Olym-
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DIRECTIONS: From Stroudsburg take I- best investment." Business Opportunity ‘07 Focus SE 4-cyl 28K GUARANTEED Bad Credit? No $12 for every envelope stuffed with pics Pennsylvania athletes,
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PREGNANT? CONSIDERING 80 West to Exit 299 left onto Route 715
Attorney S. Robert Allcorn
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JACK MUEHLHAN $800 in a day? Your own local candy NOW HIRING: Employees needed
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REAL ESTATE AUCTIONEER route. Includes 25 Machines and ‘06 500 SEL 37K 888-895-1719
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One True Gift Adoptions. 866-413- AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Large Ranch ‘06 Focus SE 4-cyl 29K
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6292. Style Home, Separate Shop or Hobby 601 MAIN STREET #2 4027 ‘06 Focus SE 4-cyl 24K $19.99/mo HBO & Showtime FREE- tential. Info. 1-985-646-1700 Dept.
Building. Also Stable. A dream country
property with lots of land for farming,
Insurance Agency for Sale. Affiliated ‘06 Fusion SE V-6 44K Over 150 HD Channels Lowest MAC-6811 Franco Harris – best known
caring, active couple hoping to adopt 570-421-8333 AU000643L Prices-No Equipment to Buy! Call for
a baby. Help w/expenses. Call Any-
riding trails, fishing in your own pond. Remember: You are only going to with major national carrier. A great ‘05 Mercury Grand Marquis 34K
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Quiet country living only 6 miles to Tan- pay one more bid than someone else business opportunity! Please send ‘05 Taurus SE 57K $150/day. Undercover Shoppers
time. Kathryn and Michael. 1-800-
nersville and I-80. Must be sold to Set- was willing to pay. inquires to: agencyfor- GET 2 COMPUTERS FOR PRICE needed. Retail and dining establish-
Pittsburgh Steelers.
675-3407 ‘03 Taurus SE 37K
tle Estate. Nothing like it on the market or Fax: 866-296- ‘03 Taurus SE 43K OF ONE! Bad/Credit? NO PROB- ments. 877-880-3229. Register now at
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ADOPTION? Talk with caring SALE ORDERED BY: Auto Parts
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601 MAIN STREET #2 1 - 8 0 0 - 4 4 5 - 5 9 8 1 . Bonuses! Helping Home-Workers ‘07 Escape XLT 17K Call now 800-690-1272.
secure couple ready to love, protect
STROUDSBURG, PA 18360 since 1992! Genuine Opportunity!
$399. 717 653-6314 Pre-registration is $25; fami-
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Money? 90% approval rate! NO ‘06 Explorer Eddie Bauer 43K
gramming starting under $20. Free for each additional family
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ADOPT: ADORING couple longs to Auto Donations ‘05 F150 4x4 RC 50K 3579. pay! Call toll free 1-866-844-5091
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adopt your precious baby and give
66961 ‘05 Freestyle SE AWD 49K DRIVERS: $55K+/YR.
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Free 3 Day Vacation. Tax De- and Candy for $9,995. 1-800-807- Stadium (without T-shirt) is
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ley Road, Houston, Texas 77099.
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H1-500, S1-250, S2-250, S2-350, 5091 CODE 20.
PXFKORYH([SHQVHVSDLG S3-400. CASH PAID. 1-800-772- their friends, family and co-
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AR tto
o th
he O
u each
utr h Center
Center “Car
“Car for
for Kids”
Kids” Program
line to over 8 million readers all at
one time throughout the Mid-Atlantic
Region. Smaller coverage areas The Used Car Superstore!
FEDERAL & State Jobs Earn $12-
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efits, Paid Training, FT/PT. Demika Poole at 610-630-
PROGRAM from The Hartford.
ree PPick-up
ick-up and TTow
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. AAny
Enjoy Great Savings, Service and 9450, ext. 226.
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ny MModel
odel or Condition
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challenge and receive our calcula- Place your Journal classified on-line at required. Start today!
Golf tournament at
tor/clock. Help Kids in Need (Not valid Edgewood—follow the
1-800 597-8311
Call 443-9131 xt300 to Classified deadline is The Billy “Pops” Rod
place your ad. CoolerAds link. noon Monday. Memorial Golf Tournament

4-H Paper Clovers will be available until April 18

Time is running out to get Clover Campaign will be Cavy Club will be selling food items. There will also be information on this event or is committed to affirmative
your 4-H paper clover. The donated to 4-H, and will sup- drinks. Both clubs will have 4-H Display about their club 4-H contact: Georgia Farrow action, equal opportunity,
last day to purchase a 4-H port local camps, after- displays. projects. at: 4-H is the and the diversity of its work-
paper clover is Sunday, April school programs and other On Sunday, April 18, the Please come out and sup- youth component of Penn force.
18. Shoppers visiting the 4-H youth development pro- Mahoning Valley 4-H Com- port the Carbon County 4-H State University. Penn State
Lehighton Tractor Supply gram activities in Carbon munity Club will be a holding Clubs and also Tractor
Company will have the op- County. a bake sale and selling other Supply Company. For more Payton completes Basic
portunity to support 4-H in On Saturday, April 17, the
Army Pvt. Dustin C. Pay- marksmanship, weapons
Carbon County by purchas- Carbon County 4-H Ex- Lehigh Spring Clean-up May 10 ton has graduated from use, map reading and land
ing paper clovers for just $1 change Club will be holding Lehigh Township Spring Clean-up will be held Monday, May 10, also reg- Basic Combat Training at navigation, foot marches,
at checkout. All funds raised a bake sale. The Bunny ular garbage collection day. Additional items may be placed at curbside with
Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma. armed and unarmed combat,
through this local TSC Paper Busters, 4-H Rabbit and regular household waste. The following items may be put out but must be
bundled and in 4 foot or shorter lengths—wood, pipe (no galvanized pipe During the nine weeks of and field maneuvers and tac-
allowed), tree branches and carpet remnants. training, the soldier studied tics.
Items that may not be set out include grass or leaf waste, recyclable mate- the Army mission and re- He is the son of Leroy and
rials, compactable items such as bricks, concrete or blacktop, car parts, bat-
ceived instruction and train- Larisa Payton of Darby
teries, metal drums, acid, asbestos, caustic material, fuel, gasoline,
kerosene, hydraulic oil, explosives, chlorine, turpentine, paint thinners, elec- ing exercises in drill and cer- Drive, White Haven.
tronics and wet paint. If you have paint cans with a small amount of paint emonies, Army history, core Payton is a 2008 graduate
remaining, add cat liter to the paint so it sets up and you may dispose of the values and traditions, mili- of Crestwood High School,
can. You must call to schedule a separate pick-up for items that contain
tary courtesy, military justice, Mountain Top.
Freon such as refrigerators or air conditioners. The items must be drained of
the Freon before they may be turned over to Waste Management. Please physical fitness, first aid, rifle
call Wayne Wagner at 427-8464 before April 17 to schedule a pick-up.
Residents are reminded that the collection may continue to Tuesday, May
11.This clean-up is only for Lehigh Township residents; businesses and non-
Energy conservation
residential establishments are excluded from this service.

topic at MSK
PPL Electric Utilitiesʼ E- Power tools and programs
Power Team will be at the available to help them use
Marian Sutherland Kirby energy more efficiently, save
Library to present a program money, and reduce their car-
on energy conservation on bon footprint.
Wednesday, April 21 at 7 For more information, visit
p.m. The focus of the pro- w w w. p p l e l e c t r i c . c o m / e -
gram is to help customers power.
understand how to reduce Registration is requested
energy use. and may be done by visiting
The team travels through- the library at 35 Kirby Ave.,
out PPL Electric Utilitiesʼ Mountain Top or by calling
service territory explaining to 474-9313.
customers the companyʼs E-
Journal-Herald deadline is noon on Monday.
E-mail articles to: journalnews@

Employment Help Wanted Driver Homes For Sale Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
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miss it! PORT.NET is now accepting appli-

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is open to the public and will Drivers: LOCAL Hazleton
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be a shotgun start at 1 p.m. CASH NOW! Get cash for your Van Runs Now Open! State Land - $69,995. 5 Acre Camp ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from
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home. Medical, Business, Paralegal,
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picked up at the following lo- Wentworth. 1-866-SETTLEMENT CDL-A, 1 yr. Exp. Req. gains. Call for details 800-229-7843 placement assistance. Computer For Sale Harley-Davidson/Buell
(1-866-738-8536). Rated A+ by the Or visit available. Financial aid if qualified. Corner of Rt. 209 & 33
cations: Nocchiʼs, Video- Better Business Bureau. Estenson Logistics Call 800-494-3586 www.CenturaOn- Snydersville, PA
mania, Jimboʼs Party Bev- LOAN MODIFICATIONS, Debt Con- Adirondack Raging River- 19 Acre AWARD WINNING KAYAK POOLS
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Camp- $19,995. Call now to hear CALL NOW! 1-866-562-3650 Ext. 72
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more! 800-229-7843 www.Landand- DISH NETWORK $19.99/Month. WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCY-
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Hath Borne Our Griefs,” “And
gra, Cialis. Free Brochures (619)
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vestment! 888-828-2014 HBO & Showtime FREE
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DRIVER: FFE seeks Eastern PA
based driver for a dedicated regional Medical & Health Lowest Prices
Hand Be Strengthened” from Erectile Dysfunction can be treated run. Class A CDL & 1yr. Exp. Req. No Equipment to Buy!
safely and effectively without drugs Apply online: or
Handelʼs Coronation Anthem or surgery. Covered by call 214-819-5680
Call Now for full Details
No. 4. Part II will include:
877-238-8394 THE
Medicare/Ins. 1-800-815-1577 ext.
$79.95/month for entire family!! Un-
1013, www.LifeCareDiabeticSup-
Bachʼs “Dona Nobis Pacem” limited usage. Dental, Vision & Hear-
and other familiar choruses
ing included free today. EVERYONE
IS ACCEPTED! Call 888-442-5013.
from Bach Cantatas. TRAMADOL 180 Tablets $114.00
Omni Bedford Springs Resort
Resort & Spa offers
f the ideal tranquil
setting for your next escape. Our 2,200 acre resort boasts 216
Maestro Perry will perform with FREE overnight delivery from
winninng 18-hole golf course designed
guestrooms, an award winning designed by
U.S. Pharmacy! No hidden fees!
Gigue (from Harpsichord 100s of medications available. 1- Donald Ross, three restaurants,
restaurantts, indoor & outdoor pools, 25 miles
Concerto in G) by Handel. 866-562-8049 of hiking trails and the 30,000
30,0000 square foot Springs Eternal Spa.

The finale will be the famous: SEDATION TO

“Hallelujah” from “Messiah.” DENTISTRY AT
Reserved tickets are $20 2537 Route 6 | Hawley, PA 18428

Adults, $15 Seniors, $12 CALL TODAY! (888) 752-0084 |

Students, and 10 under are 2138 Business Route 220 Bedford,, PPaa 15522 814-623-8100
free. Advance tickets can be WE’VE GOT MORE OF WHAT YOU’RE AFTER.
Help Wanted
purchased through
Chorale Office at 810 Car-
the AQV\SWRS`<ObW]\OZVOaa]Z]O\RbSO[R`WdW\U]^^]`bc\WbWSaW\WbadO\
b`cQYZ]ORRWdWaW]\OdOWZOPZS@756B<=EW\>S\\agZdO\WO America's Best Travel Value
bon St. Jim Thorpe. Call
Local Reliable Typist Needed Imme-
diately. $400 Part-time, $800+ Full-
 ’ '#\]b]cQVT`SWUVb
Alaska Departs May to August, 2010. Experience the
majesty of Alaska: Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway
(325-4794) or email requests time Weekly. Flexible schedule.  ’ 3fbS\aWdSTOQWZWbg\Sbe]`Y Cruise and Canadian and breathtaking Glacier Bay. Enjoy a moveable
feast in Alaska on Holland America’s five star
to or online
Type on your own Computer, train-
ing provided. 1-800-341-2673
 ’ :]QOZRWa^ObQV Apply online at Rockies Tour! luxury liner the ms Volendam! Before your cruise
/aObSO[R`WdS`g]cQO\Sf^SQb( you'll motorcoach through the majestic Canadian
at Ad- AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! Looking  ’ >`W]`WbgT`SWUVbO\RRWa^ObQV or call 1-800-44-PRIDE 15-DAYS Rockies from Calgary to Vancouver. Discover Lake
for 10 SHARP guys & gals to Rep-  ’ 3fbS\aWdSTOQWZWbg\Sbe]`Y
From Louise, Banff, Jasper and the Icefields Parkway;
vance tickets can also be  ’ >]aaWPZSbSO[^`S[Wc[_cO`bS`Zg^S`T]`[O\QSP]\ca the most spectacular 142 miles in the
resent Fashion & Music Publica-
world…through the heart of the Canadian Rockies!
purchased at the Dimmick tions. Must be Free to Travel. No *PPDO; plus $349 tax/services. Seasonal charges may
Experience Necessary. 888-297- apply. Low cost air available.
Library, 54 Broadway in Jim 4698
rienced Teams and Solos with Haz-
Miscellaneous N Best of Departs Sept 29th, Oct. 13th, 2010. Your adventure
Thorpe and at the Carbon No o st begins by flying to the Eternal City, Rome! Next,
County Music and More
ABLE TO TRAVEL: National Com-
pany Hiring Sharp People. Able to
Mat. Dry Van & Temp Control
available. O/Os welcome. Call
Call now and ask how to get up to eq art
uip -u
me p co
Italyand Florence invites you to experience the birthplace of
the Renaissance. Enjoy magnificent, historical and
Start Today. Transportation & Lodg- Covenant (866)684-2519 or apply at
nt st
to s!
bu Classic religious sights and incomparable cuisine. Pompei,
Store, 199 S. First St. in ing Furnished. NO EXPERIENCE Equal
Home. *Medical *Business *Parale-
Austria Tour! the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Venice will provide a
Necessary. Paid Training. Over 18+ Opportunity Employer. true taste of Italy! See the beauty of the Dolemites
Lehighton. 866-734-5216 www.greenstreetsolu-
gal *Computers *Criminal Justice. for one year of DIRECTV’s best packages! 15-DAYS before crossing into Austria. Salzburg, home to
Job placement assistance. Com- Mozart, invites you to savor their classical and
The Restaurant Partnering Classified deadline is puter available. Financial Aid if qual- FREE FREE FREE From picturesque town! Then it's off to Vienna on a
Program is being offered.
When you purchase a con-
Between High School and College?
Over 18? Drop that entry level posi-
noon Monday. ified. Call
888-220-3984 Standard
(up to 4 rooms) (3 months)**
$1999 sightseeing Danube River cruise from Melk to Krems
along the way. *PPDO; plus $299 tax/services. Seasonal
charges may apply. Low cost air available. PA-AD# TN-101076
tion! Earn what youʼre worth!!! Travel Place your Journal classified on-line Call YMT for Details You’ll find us
cert ticket you will receive a w/Young Successful Business Call DirectStarTV Now! Toll Free 1-800-324-7610 Hablamos Español in the Arthur
Group. Paid Training. Transporta- at— *50% Off savings based on standard rates for applicable programming pacakges and 3 free months of premiums. Savings may be lower
800-922-9000 Frommer
tion, Lodging Provided. Call 1-877- with other packages/services. **CHOICE XTRA™ package or above required for offers. New approved customers only. 2 yr lease req’d; avail.
Continues on page 10 646-5050. follow the CoolerAds link. separately. Offer ends 7/14/10. Other conditions apply. Call for details. CST 102141910 Airfare add-on available. Open 7 days a week Hall of Fame!

Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber at Hazleton auditorium

The fifth offering of the delightful program will fea- 7:30 p.m. on the stage in the extraordinary talents of
Driver safety class
2009-10 season of the
Greater Hazleton Concert
Series is the musical produc-
ture four talented singers
offering some of the best-
loved songs of one of the

Webber has achieved

School Raymond Saar, Diane
Ketchie, Valerie Perri and
Scott Harlan present mar-
offered at CHS
Crestwood School District For example, the company
tion The Best of Broadway worldʼs most successful and great popular success, with velous music and unforget- will sponsor an AARP Driver can choose to provide the
Presents the Music of prolific musical theater com- several musicals that have table emotions. These gifted Safety class in Room 27 at discount even if you have
Andrew Lloyd Webber. This posers on Friday, April 23, at run for more than a decade veterans of the Broadway Crestwood High School on had chargeable claims.
both in the London and on musical stage, insiders all, Monday evenings, April 19 Checks payable to AARP
Rabies clinic in Weatherly Broadway. He has com-
posed 13 musicals, two film
have between them logged
thousands of performances.
and 26, from 5:30 to 9:30 for $14 per person should be
A rabies clinic will be held All dogs must be leashed p.m. This class is open to brought to the first class. You
scores, and a Latin Requiem As narrator, production new or returning students, need not be an AARP mem-
May 2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and cats leashed or in carri-
Mass. Webberʼs music has director Saar recounts many and you do not need to pass ber to attend; however,
at the Citizens Fire Company ers.
been recognized with six biographical facts, and pro- a test in order to complete AARP members receive a $2
in Weatherly. Cost per vacci- Proceeds benefit the
Tony Awards (and 40 nomi- vides background of the the course. Emphasis is discount and will pay $12.
nation will be $10. Weatherly Pound.
nations), three Grammy musical numbers. Harlan, an placed on understanding Please register in advance
Awards (with an additional excellent tenor accompanies age-related changes and with instructor Pat Pisa-
Lions looking for dunkers 60 nominations), and an the group on the piano coping with them by using neschi by calling 868-6732;
Academy Award (two other through memorable hits. safe driving strategies. to leave a message, spell
The newly formed Weath- raised will stay within the
nominations). Tickets for The Music of Drivers 55 and over who your last name and include
erly Lions Club will be man- community.
In this production, the ver- Andrew Lloyd Webber are attend both sessions will your phone number. You can
ning a dunk tank at this To participate, contact Tim
satility of Webberʼs composi- now on sale. For reserva- earn a certificate that gains also contact her by e-mail at
yearʼs Hillclimb, June 12-13. Williams at 236-8500.
tions is astounding. From the tions or concert information, them a 5% reduction in the
The club is looking for com- Free lunch will be given to
rock opera “Jesus Christ call Amelia at 788-4864, or cost of Pennsylvania auto Persons who cannot
munity leaders and business those who take the chal-
Super Star”, through the lat- Joan at 455-0990. insurance for three years, attend in April and who have
owners to join in the fun and lenge.
est, “Aspects of Love,” the provided they have no taken the course in the past
sit in the tank. All money
chargeable claims and there 3 to 3 1/2 years will be eligi-
are no high-risk drivers on ble to attend a refresher
Freeland Park For more information, con- their policy. A spouse who course at the high school
The Freeland Recreation tact Rose Fox at 636-2706. drives the same vehicle during the evening of Wed-
Board has scheduled a should also attend. Your in- nesday, May 12, and should
Heating Oil • Anthracite clean-up in Freeland Public
Park in honor of Earth Day
Foster Township
Foster Township will once
surance company can ans-
wer any questions on this.
register with the same
Coal by the Bag—Rice, Pea, Nut on April 24 from 9 a.m. to again be participating in the
Hauling noon in coordination with the
Great Pennsylvania Clean-
Great Pennsylvania Clean-
up campaign on April 24. Still seats for casino trip
Mushroom Soil • Topsoil • Stone up. Any residents wanting to The Freeland Senior Citizens trip to Mohegan Sun is April
Sand • Sea Rocks The rain date will be May volunteer should call Geor- 18. Payment is now due. There are a few seats remaining.
1. giann Eckrote at 636-2628 Call 636-1054 for more information.
Registration is not re- or Lee Ann Gera at 636-
MENGLE 247 Hudsondale Street quired. Gloves and bags will 9808. Journal-Herald deadline is noon

be provided, just bring a Volunteers are especially
rake. needed on the Sandy Run
on Monday. E-mail articles to:

Motorcycles Notice Real Estate SUVs Trucks  Don’t

52 HARLEY Davidson used big
twins $7,999 to $11,999. Barnett
Harley-Davidson 1-800-910-4048.
DISH NETWORK $19.99/Month.
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20 acre Ranches near growing El
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2004 JEEP Liberty Sport, 6cyl, pw,
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Timeshares Only. Buy, Sell or Rent
a Timeshare. Free Information Kit.
brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real
Estate. 1-800-638-2102 Online CALL 1 800 420 7783 NOW! the Looking Glass, Albright
Mansion, Macalusoʼs (Nes-
$190. ea. Tuba, Baritone, Others. 1- 800-250-2043. View Full Listings:
$100 Gift Card, call for details.1-
reservations ZZZGU\ÁRRUFRP
516-377-7907. RE Brkr SB065259
quehoning), Flow, and
Platzʼs. Reservations are rec-
House For Sale ommended. The restaurants
and phone numbers are list-
ed on the back of the ticket.
Quiet Neighborhood Merchantsʼ coupons offering
Dallas 938-940 North St, Hickory Hills Imagine 1.5 acres in Strouds- 10% discount on Friday,
First Floor Condo, completely Freeland #07-2330 NEW CONSTRUCTION
redecorated and nicely fur- Country charmer with in town
White Haven By Butler Valley Blders. 3
burg, tucked away on a hidden Saturday and Sunday of con-
nished. 2 BR, 1 3/4 BA, Sitting conveniences. Currently used
Custom built in ’04, bi-level, 3+BR, White Haven BR/2 Bath Ranch in Beau-
driveway and just two blocks
from 9th Street and the Mall. The
Gorgeous & immaculate
cert weekends are also dis-
RM, Cedar closet, Loads of as an adult care facility. Huge
1.5 BA, Fam Rm, 1 car garage, 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath tiful Breezy Acres Drums house for sale, 3 bed-
income potential. 5 BR, 2 1/2
energy eff., private gated com- Area. Includes public Sewer
cozy family room has a great
room, 1 1/2 bath in private tributed with ticket purchase.
storage, patio, tennis, golf,
munity w/pool, lake and security. Ranch home with large wood stove. The garage has an
pool. Move right in. Priced for BA, full basement, master on 1 Acre. $329,900 setting in A Pocono
Haz. SD, close to I-80, shopping deck. Set on 4 acres. enclosed breezeway to the
quick sale $115,000. suite, and low taxes. Additional Call LORI COOK house–never get wet or cold! Country Place. Bach & Handel Chorale
and Pocono Resorts. Owner relo- Asking $295,000.
Go to the top call land available. $249,000. at 788-7503 or 788-1999 Call today 09-2361 $189,900
Jane Kopp Real Estate Aim High Realty, Inc
cation. Sacrifice at $149,900.
Call Valerie Asking $150,000 Benefit Concert for
Call Owner (570) 579-6411 LEWITH & FREEMAN R.E. CENTURY 21 Select Group
288-7481 570-443-7860 or (570) 956-2594 at (718) 217-8875 570-643-2100 ask for Betty Call 203 262-8419 Shepherd House
May 23 in Jim Thorpe
The Bach and Handel
Chorale, under the direction
of Randall D. Perry, will hold
a Benefit Concert of Sacred
407 Luzerne St., Freeland HOUSE ON White Haven Music on Sunday, May 23 at
List # 07-2311 ARROWHEAD LAKES 3BR/2.5BA House on 1.08 POCONO LAKE
ROUTE 940 Arrowhead Lakes Acres in a private lake commu- 3 p.m. in St. Johnʼs Lutheran
Well maintained 1/2 double with Single home, 3BR, large 8ft Cozy Ranch, close to beach, nity. Close to parks, gamelands,
2,400 SF Low Taxes Low Dues Falls, PA
newer windows. All appliances stay! private pool and clubhouse. New 3 BR, 21/2
BA Colonial 5 BR, 2 full BA, Totally Ren- Ranch on 1+ Acre Lot! 2 Church at 319 South Avenue
closets, tiled bathroom, sitting white water rafting, ski resorts,
Included is a 1,000 sq. ft. ranch with room, LR w/air conditioner, 4 BR, sunroom, 2 full BA, in amenity filled community. and casino. Minutes to Poco- ovated - New roof, windows, Car garage, 3 BR 2 full
2BR, 1BA, custom kitch. and LR. Eat-in-kitchen w/oak cabi- siding, doors, hot water heater;
in Jim Thorpe (Heights) to
large eat-in-kitchen, Laundry large LR with fireplace, din- nos, Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre. baths. Two Tier Deck!
Ideal for rental or relatives. Lot 14, room, Hardwood floors, plas- ing area. All appliances! Pri- nets, Dining Room, Living Only $189,000. kitchen (w/stainless steel appli- SHARP! help Shepherd House.
block 4 off of Juniper St must be Room, 1870 sq. ft. Near Gordon & Long ances); new flooring ; neutral
included in sale $106,000
tered walls, roof is 10 years vate, gated community. Price Real Estate LLC Shepherd House oversees
old, coal stoker. beach. Seller will assist paint; garage w/workshop; cir-
Reduced–Asking $158,500 Cindy King the Carbon County Food
Century 21 Select Group Call 427-8784 w/mtge. $219,000 cular driveway and roof over
Call Brian McCardle at Call Colleen Call Paul Weaver (owner)
570.675.4400 Office
deck $149,900. pantry program, supporting
after 7 p.m. 570.690.2689 Direct Ed Beckendorff
800.779.2584 (x 23) Leave Message (570) 239-8862 (570) 269-1773 call Michelle 570-972-8226
888-774-8488 nine pantries in the county
that feed over 800 families.
Some of the musical high-
lights of the program are: “A
Mighty Fortress is Our God,”
DRUMS RANCH! Martin Luther/Gordon Young,
Mt. Pocono Summit 185 Birch Knoll Dr., Hazleton
Coolbaugh Township MLS NO. 08-1436 Pointe Community List # 08-65 “Christus Resurrexit”and
To Be Built WOW - NOT IN A Panoramic Country Setting!
Towamensing Trails Pocono Summit (Emerald Lakes). “Glorificamus,” G. Young,
Brick Ranch w/Heated Gar, Newer pre-manufactured home
Sparrow Lane, COMMUNITY Three year old dream rancher
Cozy 3 BR, 2 BA, LR, FP, eat
3BR, 2BA, LR, DR, new Kitch- with many upgrades. Walk-in Brand new, 4 brs, 2 -1/2 baths,
in kitchen w/ breakfast bar. 2 “Ave Verum Corpus,” W. A.
Penn Forest Twp. 1.81 acres, 4 BR/ 3 full BA, with 3-4 BR, 2 1/2 BA. Amen-
decks. Newer windows, slid-
en, Computer Rm, Sun Rm, Lg. closets in all BRs, MBR has gar- garage, new appliances, carpet,
3 BR, 2 BA ranch, 2 car garage garage, 3,000 sq. ft., two fire- ities too numerous to mention. Generator, Central AC, Full den tub. Natural gas heat with Mozart, “Dona Nobis Pa-
& basement on 1/2 acre lot Call Cheryl for detailed informa- ing doors and Carpet. Sold fixtures, low dues, lakes,
places, 16x25 master, newly
fully Furnished. Asking
Basement & Deck. Handi- custom stone FP. Lg open kitch- clubhouse, pools etc. cem,” J. S. Bach, “God So
Still time to pick your colors remodeled, extra living area for tion. $298,500! capped access. Minutes to bus, en. On leased property.$53,900.
$175,000 big family. One year warranty M.S. PECORA, REALTOR $174,900. shopping, & casino. $202,000. Must See, asking Loved the World,” J. Stainer,
34 E. Broad St. Call 215-997-9249 Century 21 Select Group
GENE DURIGAN Real Estate on elec, plumb, heat. $219,000 Call Vincent at Call Brian McCardle at $195,000 by owner. “I Know That My Redeemer
West Hazleton, PA 18202 View pics at www.forsaleby
Call Jim, 570-325-5707 Call (570) 350-2245 570-455-9463 570-839-1393 or 801-2943 800.779.2584 (x 23) 570-355-5366 Lives,” R. Hughes, “Lord, I
Call, O Hear Me,” F. J.
Haydn, “For the Beauty of the
Earth,” J. Rutter , “Promised
Land,” N. Sleeth and “Christ

Advertise your home is Made the Sure Foundation”

Rhodo Mountain Estates composed by Randall Perry.
Looking for seclusion? Mag- Lake Ariel - Extra Lot! Appenzell Estates
Furnished 4 BR home boasts Pocono Farms East - Reeders,PA 18352 Shepherd House is a non-
nificent country post & beam 3817 Norfolk Rd, Tobyhanna Immaculate!!! Brick Ranch
profit charitable organization.
home, cedar siding & decks,
cherry cabinets, stone fire-
place, & full finished base-
ment. For 24 hour recorded
finished lower level w/ built in
bar, woodstove, Vaulted Ceil-
ing Living room has stone fire-
place, loft, deck $251,092
3 BR 1.5 BA
1905 sf well maintained
single family home built 2002
approx 0.29ac.
Hardwood Floors, Doors & Trim
1 Ac. Corner Lot in Lovely Area
Full Basement, Heated 2 Car
Garage. $249,900
Realty Executives
Bet Hays
for sale for $99 All donations are tax de-
ductible. A free will offering
will be accepted.
information & address, call
1-800-722-1389 and enter
code 2476.
Mary Enck Realty, Inc.
Alyce Lentz
Close to I 80, whitewater
rafting, casino and ski resort
Only $169,700
Call Aggie (609) 213-3332
See Photo Tour at
Email Bet at
until it sells! For additional information
on performances by the Bach
and Handel Chorale and the
Ad must include a picture Beyond Bach ensemble call
the Chorale Office 325-4794,
of the house and a price. or www.
bhchorale. org.
East Stroudsburg -
401 Pohopoco Road One change is fixed free during the first four weeks.
Lake Naomi MUST SEE! Blakeslee (Poconos) Albrightsville
Further changes cost $20 each. Send information about
Price Reduced List #07-10738
Gorgeous! 2 Decks, Hot Tub, 1+
32 Split Rock Lane MBR suite, 3BR, 2BA, stone FP, your organization’s
Call Seth at
Acre lot, Front porch, master In-law or Office Qtrs in this ex- big deck, tile foyer, 1.13 acre cor-
Pocono Pines ceptional Colonial plus 4BR, ner lot. House is eligible for 100%
suite w/fireplace, living room w/
4 BR, 2 BA, Gas and Elec heat
brick fireplace, crown molding, 2.5BA, 2CG, 1+ Ac. LG Kitchen financing through the PHFA/ events to: journalnews@

Furnished, 2 large decks, close
443-9131, ext. 302
Eat in kitchen w/ island! $249,450 w/ granite counters, bay window; RURAL Housing Programs. Fur-
to lake, pool and club. Ex. cond.
FR w/FP, LG Deck & Storage niture negotiable. $244,900
Inspected. $239,900 Pocono Resorts Realty
Shed. Must See! $279,000
Lake Naomi Real Estate Sandra Ortiz or call 443-9131 xt304
Justin Higgins
570-646-2222 Liz Robbins
Comm+ Bonus to Lic. Agent.
Call 570-646-4774
(570) 443-9555 x19
(570) 233-7670
for more details for the editor.
800-537-1479 or 570-885-5056

Veterans’ Corner by John Kearns

Veterans of Foreign Wars, White Haven Post 6615

40th Anniversary Celebration, A Smashing Event!
Right from the start at its recognition to Mike Krull, long
opening at 5 p.m. last Sat- time Post Quartermaster.
urday, one just knew it was to This position is often over-
be perfect. Just the detail of looked or taken for granted,
the decorations and setup for Krull’s many years of service
Charter Member Mike Krull and wife Kay, Krull acceping
the later dining experience to our Post and the VFW as a his certificate from VFW Post Commander Mike Larock.
said right away the amount of whole was recognized.
planning and hard work Personal letters were read
devoted to the most enjoy- and presented addressing
able event. the Post and its importance
At the entrance, the POW/ with respect to all VFW Posts
MIA table set graced the and the 1.5 million members
room and stood as a vivid worldwide. This was followed
reminder to all of those who by a personal Letter of Charter Member Frank Hauze and his wife Ute.
never returned home. Follow- Commendation to three of many veterans, once you Medals earned after a 64
ing an impressive hour of our World War II Veterans, Art come home, you concentrate year wait. With more personal
cocktails and delectable Wheeler: D-Day, Operation on getting back to “Home awards on the way, the veri-
appetizers, order was called Market Garden Holland, Life.” Things are put behind fied medals earned were pre-
and the “Official Ceremony” German POW; Ray Ward: US you and important items are sented—US Army Good
started. Navy, Battle of the Atlantic forgotten. Years later, in what Conduct with bronze knot, Citations are read by Chief Kearns to Leroy Carter for
All present rendered hon- WWII; and Leroy Carter: they call the information age, American Defense, Asiatic medals earned during WWII. US Navy LCDR Retired
Chuck Weber, ranking retired military member, presents
ors to our flag and our Chap- Europe, Asia and Liberation it is just that often seeking a Pacific Campaign, Europe the medals and makes presentations as the VFW District
lain said the blessing. In the of the Philippine Islands. little information opens up a Africa and Middle East Cam- 11 Commander and the Carter family stand with Mr.
recognition ceremony, first Each received a personalized doorway to long forgotten paign, Philippine Liberation Carter.
was to honor and recognize account of their actions dur- events. This was the case and Philippine Indepen-
our esteemed charter mem- ing WWII and in addition, a with Mr. Carter. I asked the dence. The Philippine Presi-
bers present, Frank Hauze National Recognition Certi- National Personnel Records dential Unit Commendation
and Mike Krull. There from ficate. Titled “A GRATEFUL Center in St. Louis for a tea- ribbon was also awarded.
the start even before the NATION REMEMBERS.” It spoon of information; they Mrs. Carter was presented a
“Bomb Shelter,” they stuck by depicts a high quality image sent me bucket full, all good. bouquet of roses to com-
the mission and through their of the World War II National With due ceremony accord- memorate her standing with
and other charter members’ Memorial and states ”In ing to military regulations, I him through all of the war
efforts, Post 6615 was born. recognition of the courage asked the senior military hon- years and years following.
This was executed by Post and commitment of all orably retired to make the Once approved, to have
Commander Mike La Rock Americans who served our presentation. earned medals issued could
and Senior Vice Commander nation during WWII, seldom Mr. Carter and his family take up to a year. VFW Post
Bob Drury. The names of all have so many sacrificed or were called up. Like the sol- 6615 members decided that
Charter members were read given as much as them- dier he is, he snapped to he already waited 65 years
off in appreciation. selves, to their country. A attention. Surrounded by and that was too long, High
Leroy Carter shows his WWII Medals earned in 1944 and
At this point, SR Vice Cdr grateful nation thanks WWII family, and flanked by fellow Quality Gold Plated Medals
1945, and wife Mary was presented with the traditional
Drury called upon Post veterans and their families for US Army Comrades Charlie were purchased by the Post white roses of “Peace” for her returning veteran hero.
Service Officer John Kearns. giving their all. Thank You for Dixon, recently returned Iraq and a finished “Medals and Photos by Donna Swartz
Acting on behalf of the VFW Your Legacy.” veteran in full dress uniform, Awards Display” case was 5 star dinner that followed memorable event. All I can
National Commander, Tho- But there was one more and VFW District Com- donated. Additional awards was superb, even the volun- say as to how perfect it was
mas J. Treadwell, Command- important item to consoli- mander George Barna, VFW will be conferred to Mr. Carter teer servers were in uni- is, “When is the next one?”
er in Chief, VFW National, date, Sergeant Leroy Carter, District 11, Vietnam Nam as they are verified by St. formed formal attire as was Everyone on the planning
opening this part of the cere- 86th Infantry, 404th Field Veteran, Sergeant Leroy Louis. the Chef Bob Drury in full committee and who worked
mony, SO Kearns conveyed Artillery, US Army. As with “Butch” Carter received his The champagne toast and chef regalia, all adding to so hard for this event is to be
greatly enhance the already commended, it was excellent.

The Journal-Herald Mt. Top Blitz football players

& cheerleaders seek support
The Mountain Top Blitz parents, guardians and all
2010 football season will family members are encour-
soon be upon us and the aged to support their favorite
NOTARY PUBLIC ELECTRICAL LUMBER & BUILDING SUPPLIES boys and girls need your sup- football player(s) or cheer-
port! The Mountain Top Blitz leader(s)! All advertisements/
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Specializing in All Aspects will be organizing their annu- checks are due on or before
Notary Public of Residential Electric
Service Upgrades,
Known for Quality Building Products & Personalized Service
al fundraising program book-
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June 25.
Any inquiries or ads,
Title Transfers & Registration • Boats New Home Wiring & Repairs Complete line of building products for the gram ad prices are 1/4 page please e-mail to blitz31@ptd.
Snowmobiles • ATVs • Cars • Trucks Anything you need we can do it! contractor, as well as the DO-IT-YOURSELFER
Trailers • Motorcycles • All Services • Living Wills No job to small! ad $25, 1/2 page ad $50, and net, send
Elizabeth Berger, Notary/Card Agent WE DELIVER!!!
(570) 443-9191 • Fax: (570) 443-7643 443-0609 Route 437 North, White Haven full page ad $100. Line ads check/advertisement to: Matt
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Comet track teams open season with sweep Lady Wreckers turn back Marian for SIAL win
The Crestwood High Bender (C); 3. Powell (C). Newak (C) 12.7; 2. Schmid After two tough losses to open the season, Minersville-Weatherly Area
School boys and girls track 400 -Meter Relay - 1. (C); 3. Dotzel (C). the Weatherly Area girls softball team came Weatherly Area faced yet another chal-
and field teams opened Crestwood 46.1 (Benson, M. Shot Put - 1. Jeckell (C) up big against Marian last Wednesday, lenge on Monday against Schuylkill League
defense of their Wyoming Wychock, Gentilesco, 32ʼ2”; 2. Stanaslow (WVW); handing the visiting Fillies a 3-2 Schuylkill power Minersville, and the unbeaten Lady
Valley Conference Division I Sandroski). 3. Kowalski (C). League Division II defeat. Miners put together a 10-0 victory in a five-
titles in strong fashion last 300-IM - 1. Saunders (C) 1600-Meter run - 1. Sarah Heister clubbed an RBI triple to inning affair.
week, sweeping past 44ʼ2”; 2. Matell (WVW); 3. Schaffer (C) 5:28; 2. Coffin lead the Lady Wreckersʼ three-hit attack. The Miners pounded out nine hits, includ-
Wyoming Valley West by Baloga (C). (C); 3. Plant (WVW). The Lady Wreckers opened the scoring in ing four for extra bases, and got a solid out-
scores of 108-42 (boys) and Discus - 1. Morgante (C) Triple Jump - 1. Barna (C) the bottom of the second when Tracy Galada ing from junior pitcher Laykin Hughes, who
106-43 (girls). 99ʼ9”; 2. Schappert (WVW); 32ʼ4”; 2. Norris (WVW); 3. walked, stole second and scored on a sacri- tossed a three-hitter and struck out 14 with-
In the boys meet, Jim 3. Jolen (WVW). Hao (C). fice fly from Becky Moyer. out a walk.
Moran (110 high hurdles, 800-Meter run - 1. Arias 400-Meter Dash - 1. Marian finally broke through against Leadoff batter Sarah Walasavage had a
high jump) and Robert (C) 2:09; 2. Moulton (C); 3. Newak (C) 60.9; 2. Coffin Weatherly hurler Kristen Parker, scoring triple in going 3-for-3 and she also scored
Moulton (1600, 3200) each Santago (WVW). (C); 3. Sott (WVW). twice in the top of the sixth to briefly take the three runs.
won a pair of individual wins, Long Jump - 1. Moran (C) 400 -Meter Relay - 1. lead. But the Lady Wreckers plated two runs Sophomore Sam Miller, the No. 9 batter in
as did Tony Morganti in the 18ʼ10”; 2. Valcared (WVW); Crestwood 52.6 (Leo, of their own in the bottom of the inning sixth Minersvilleʼs lineup, added a bases-clearing
shot put and discus events. 3. herr (C). Moran, Mack, Schmid). to take the lead for good. double to highlight a five-run outburst in the
The Lady Comets won all 200-Meter Dash - 1. 300-IM - 1. Romanowski Caitlyn Lesko singled and tied the score top of the second.
but two events to breeze Sandroski (C) 23.0; 2. (WVW) 56.4; 2. Banos (C); on Heisterʼs triple to start off rally. Heister Jenna Strubhar and Hughes added a dou-
past the Lady Spartans in Benson (C); 3. Chiaramonte 3. Shemo (WVW). later scored on a fielderʼs choice to put the ble apiece, Casey Brophy hit a two-run sin-
their portion of the meet. (C). Discus - 1. Kowalski (C) Lady Wreckers in front to stay. gle and a Lauren Leshko had single.
Newak swept the sprinting 3200-Meter run - 1. 84ʼ; 2. Keefer (WVW); 3. Rachel Heister also had a base hit, and Hughes allowed only singles by Taylor
events, winning the 100, 200 Moulton (C) 11:15; 2. Jeckell (C). Parker struck out five in the victory. Shortway and losing pitcher Kristen Parker
and 400 for Crestwood. Reisinger (WVW); 3. 800-Meter run - 1. Coffin Nina Curran paced Marian with a double, and a pinch single by Brittany Hinkle before
Boys Schwartz (C). (C) 2:39; 2. Pieszala (WVW); and Abby Burkhardt and Kayla Knight both the 10-run rule ended the game after five
Crestwood 108, WVW 42 Pole Vault - 1. Flanigan (C) 3. Stefanides (WVW). had a single for the Fillies. innings.
3200 relay - Wyoming 10ʼ; 2. Sherry (C); 3. Long Jump - 1. Schmid (C) Marian ...............................000 002 0 - 2 3 2 Minersville............................150 40 - 10 9 0
Valley West (9:15). Temacrtz (WVW). 14ʼ8”; 2. Davenport (WVW); Weatherly Area .................010 002 x - 3 3 2 Weatherly Area.....................000 00 - 0 3 4
110-HH - 1. Moran (C) 1600-Meter Relay - 1. 3. Preskop (C). Nemeth and Curran. Parker and Hughes and Brophy; Parker and
15.9; 2. Saunders (C); 3. Crestwood 3:42 (Sandroski, 200-Meter Dash - 1. Furmanchin. Furmanchin.
Inniss (WVW). Benson, Saunders, Bender). Newak (C) 26.5; 2. Engler W - Parker. L - Nemeth. W - Hughes. L - Parker.
100-Meter dash - 1. Javelin - 1. A. Zack (C) (C): 3. DeLeyan (WVW).
Sandroski (C) 11.2; 2.
Wychock (C); 3. Dixon
156ʼ7”; 2. Scaffido (WVW);
3. Jola (WVW).
3200-Meter run -
1.Schafer (C) 12:28; 2. Plant Journal-Herald Comets net win
(WVW). High Jump - 1. Moran (C)
6ʼ; 2. Valcared (WVW); 3.
(WVW); 3. Miracle (WVW).
Pole Vault - 1. Medura (C)
deadline is
Shot Put - 1. Morgante (C)
40ʼ8”; 2. Reams (WVW); 3.
Julius (C).
Mack (C). 9ʼ6”; 2. Blannard (WVW).
1600-Meter Relay - 1.
on Monday.
over Coughlin
1600-Meter run - 1. Girls Crestwood 4:20 (Coffin, Mck
The Crestwood High the first set 7-6 (7-4) and 6-0.
Moutlon (C) 4:42; 2. Arias Crestwood 106, WVW 43 Schmid, Newak). E-mail School boys tennis team Coughlinʼs No. 1 doubles
(C); 3. Schwartz (C). 3200 relay - Wyoming Javelin - 1. Jeckell (C)
Triple Jump - 1. Inniss Valley West (11:45). 104ʼ5”; 2. Barna (C); 3. articles to: climbed to 3-2 on the year, team of Ryan Sisek and
but needed to hold off the John Giovanelli defeated
(WVW) 39ʼ 1/2”; 2. Moran 110-HH - 1. Dotzel (C) Piszela (WVW). journalnews@ Crusaders by capturing the Devon and Kyle Woolpolk 7-
(C); 3. Herr (C). 19.1; 2. Zablesky (WVW); 3. High Jump - 1. Engler (C);
second doubles contest to 6 (7-3), 5-7 and 6-3.
400-Meter Dash - 1. Puhalla (WVW). 4ʼ8”; 2. Barna (C); 3. win the match. Crestwood-MMI
Patrick (WVW) 54.2; 2. 100-Meter dash - 1. Temacantz (WVW).
The team of Neil and Nikhil The Comets rolled to a 5-0
Patel defeated Anthony Bar- win over MMI, starting in sin-
WAHS baseball team off to rough start toli and Kyle Gleven in
straight sets, 6-1, 6-1 to nail
gles with Alex Machalick
defeating Mike McGraw 6-4,
The Weatherly Area base- Weatherly Area plated MMI added on three more and two singles, Scott Neitz down the win. 6-3; Ross Gladey upending
ball teamʼs early-season three runs in the top of the runs in the sixth and another doubled in a run, Ryan Crestwoodʼs Alex Mahlick Leo Moroz 6-2, 6-4 and Joe
struggles continued on first inning before MMI rallied in the seventh for insurance, Gimbled had an RBI single, defeated Greg Stankiewicz Bickett rallying past Justin
Monday, when Minersville back behind a five-run fourth while Weatherly Area scored and Brian Dopira singled, to open in the No. 1 singles Dasher 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.
visited and came away with inning and a strong pitching a run in the bottom of the doubled and drove in a run. by 7-4 6-7 (4-7) and ended In doubles, Crestwoodʼs
a 19-0, four-inning victory performance from Danny seventh thanks to a double Weatherly Areaʼs Nathan up with an injury default at No. 1 team of Kyle and
over the Wreckers. Yencha for the come-from- from Barna. Pfeiffer singled twice and this point. Devon Woolfolk beat Zack
On Saturday, the Wreckers behind win. Forte and Hornak led the Keith Barna had a base hit. Mike Turner of Coughlin Bowman and Balaganesh
got off to a strong start way for the Preppers with Marian...............174 4 - 16 11 1 shutout Ross Gladey 6-2, 6- Natarajan 6-1, 6- and Neil
against MMI, only to see the two singles apiece. Yencha Weatherly Area.....000 1 - 1 3 1 2 before Joe Pickett won his Patel and Nikhil Patel beat
Preppers rally for a 10-4 WEATHERLY helped his cause with a RBI Sherkness and Neitz; match for Crestwood over Ryan Twardzik and Justin
Hinkle and Walton Jason Gayeski in straight Sheen 6-0, 6-2.
non-league. Weatherly also
fell to Marian 16-1 last BASEBALL triple, Blanner smacked a
run-scoring double and W - Sherkness. L - Hinkle. sets needing a tiebreaker in
Wednesday. Jared Hinkle added a base
April 17 is the big day when
Minersville- The Wreckers struck first, hit.
anglers can legally begin
Weatherly Area with Kevin Hinkle drawing a Barna had three of the
looking to the challenge of
Dave King and Cole leadoff walk and Nathan Wreckersʼ seven hits, a dou-
finding and catching
Weachock both singled twice Pfeiffer lacing a triple to right ble and two singles. Pfeiffer
spunky, native brook trout,
and drove in four runs as and scoring on an error to added a triple and a single,
like the one shown, or larger
Minersville needed just four make it 2-0. Keith Barna fol- along with a RBI, Ormiston
trout that the Pennsylvania
innings to defeat the Wreck- lowed with a base hit and doubled and Kevin Hinkle
Fish and Boat Commission
ers. Greg Haney added two Christian Ormiston brought added a single.
Weatherly.......300 000 1 - 4 7 5
has recently stocked in
doubles for the Miners. him around after a double
MMI...............010 531 x - 10 7 3
Pocono streams and lakes.
Minersville pitcher Shawn and an error, helping
K. Hinkle, Pfeiffer (5), Bar- Beginning at 8 a.m. on
Barton allowed just one hit, a Weatherly lead 3-0 early.
na (6) and Walton; Yencha Saturday the regular trout
single by Keith Barna. Trailing 3-1 in the
and Swankoski. season gets underway in
Minersville........352 9 - 19 11 0 fourth, MMI used a double
W - Yencha. L - K. Hinkle. Pennsylvania. Fishermen of
Weatherly..........000 0 - 0 1 5 from Paul Blanner and sin-
Marian-Weatherly Area all ages will be trying to
Barton and Brophy; Filloy, gles from Joe Hornak and
hook into rainbow, brown
Barna (2) and Walton. Ryan Forte to rally for five Winning pitcher Drew
and brook trout. The PFBC
W -Barton. L - Filloy. runs and take a 6-3 lead the Sherkness had a big day at
stocked nearly four million
Weatherly Area-MMI Preppers would never relin- the plate with five RBI,
trout in 744 streams and 124 lakes throughout the Commonwealth. Included are a
MMI rallied from three runs quish. including a double and home
number trophy golden trout that weight in excess of 1.5 pounds and are 14” in length
down to defeat Weatherly Yencha held the Wreck- run, to power Marian to the
or longer. Each angler may keep up to five fish of combined species that are at least
Area 10-4 Saturday in a non- ers in check from there, fin- 16-1 Schuylkill League win.
7” in length. For moms challenged to cook up a trout dinner, the best and easiest
league game played at ishing with a seven-hit com- Jimmy Stravinksy equalled
method is to remove the entrails, cut off the head, tail and fins and fry the fish on both
Drifton. plete game effort. He struck Sherkness with five RBI,
sides in a little butter or olive oil until golden brown and the meat flakes easily with a
out nine, walked three and slapping a double and sin-
THIS WEEK’S ANSWERS fork. Remove the bones, discard the skin and enjoy.
hit one to earn his first win. gle. Joe Kloap had a double
- page A4 Photo by Alex Zidock
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4 8 7 2 5 3 1 6 9

1 2 6 8 9 7 5 3 4
5 3 9 6 1 4 2 7 8
2 4 8 3 6 5 7 9 1
7 9 3 1 2 8 4 5 6
Weatherly Basketball Summer League signups 5504 or Google the leagueʼs website: weatherlybasketballsummerleague,
6 1 5 4 7 9 8 2 3 and access WVSL from there.
Signups for the 2010 Weatherly Basketball Summer League menʼs pro-
8 7 1 9 3 2 6 4 5
gram will begin this Saturday, from noon until 5 p.m. at the Eurana Park Umpires needed in White Haven
9 5 4 7 8 6 3 1 2
court. Signups will continue each Saturday through May 8. White Haven Area Little League is looking for anyone 18 or older to serve
3 6 2 5 4 1 9 8 7
The league is open to Weatherly residents and Weatherly Area High as umpire-in-chief and also any one else 16 years or older to serve as
Sudoku Solution #1781-M
School alumni. Games begin on June 3, and are played on Thursday nights league umpires. Umpires receive $25 per game behind the plate and $20
2 7 6 4 5 3 1
© 2009 Hometown Content

9 8 at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. for bases. Any inquirees can contact Frank at 947-4745.
8 1 3 7 9 2 4 5 6 The entry fee of $30 covers shirts, officials and season-ending awards. Opening day for White Haven baseball is scheduled for Saturday, April
4 9 5 1 8 6 2 7 3 Following the final signups, there will be a draft to form this yearʼs teams. 24 at noon at Lehigh Park. White Haven Little League is also planning to
6 8 9 5 2 1 3 4 7 For more information, contact league commissioner Mike Miller at 582- participate in the second annual Ice Breaker Tournament in Hazle Twp. on
5 3 2 6 7 4 9 8 1 5504 or Google the leagueʼs website: weatherlybasketballsummerleague. the weekend of April 17-18.
1 4 7 9 3 8 5 6 2 Weatherly Co-Ed Volleyball League forming Weatherly Area seeks CC coach, cheer advisor
9 2 4 8 1 7 6 3 5 The first Weatherly Volleyball Summer League program will be held this The Weatherly Area School District is currently seeking applicants for the
7 6 1 3 4 5 8 2 9 summer at the Eurana Park beach volleyball court. positions of varsity cross country coach and high school cheerleading advi-
3 5 8 2 6 9 7 1 4 Signups will begin this Saturday, from noon until 5 p.m. at the Eurana sor. The cross country position includes coaching both the varsity and jun-
Sudoku Solution #1781-D Park court and will continue each Saturday through May 8. ior high teams.

The league is open to men or women who are Weatherly residents, grad- Letters of intent should be sent to: Weatherly Area High School, attention
E O R P E N I O P T M O N uates of Weatherly Area High School, or rising seniors at Weatherly (Class Scott Zoscin, athletic director, 601 Sixth Street, Weatherly, PA 18255. For
of 2011). more information, contact Zoscin at the high school at 427-8521.
E S I E R C E N E P There will be no draft. Teams will consist of 7-10 players, with a maximum The deadline to apply is Friday, April 23.
of four males per team and a minimum of two males. You can sign up indi- Crestwood FB Boosters Night Out
vidually and be placed on a team, or designate a captain and come up with
your own team and a team name. Familes, spouses and friends are
with the Comets this Friday
T A S encouraged to sign up and stay together as a team. The Crestwood Football Booster Club is kicking off with a Night Out with
The entry fee is $5. Games begin June 1 and will be held each the Comets this Friday, April 16 at 7 p.m. at The Ice House Pub.
Tuesday at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. Highlights of the evening will include raffle baskets and gridiron fun. For
For more information, contact league commissioner Mike Miller at 582- more information, call Krista Douglas at 868-6210.
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