June5, 2009
VIA FIRST CLASS MAIL Scott Hodes,Esq. Post Office Box 42002 DC 20015 Washington, No. 07-00517-F Re: FOIA Request (CREWv. Departmentof Education,CaseNo. 07-963 (RMU)) Dear Mr. Hodes: Pursuant the Department'sletter of April 22,2009, encloscilpleasefind to responsive the tvvoremaining to approximatelysixty-nine (69) pagesof documents components your client's FOIA request(as modified by e-mail communicationdated of May 21,2007). The Departmenthas redactedsome information from thesematerials as identified below. The Department redacted has someinformationas nonNon-responsive: of responsive the scopeof the two remainingcomponents your client's FOIA to request(asmodified by e-mail communication datedMay 21,2007). The redactedintbrmation does not relate to the educationalpublishersreferencedin your request. to Exemption(2): FOIA exemption2 permitsthe Department withhold information "related solely to the internal personnelrules and practicesof an to agency."5 U.S.C. $ 552(bX2). This exemptionallows agencies withhold internal mattersof a trivial nature. The information redactedunder this MargaretSpellings'secondary e-mail address. exemption2 is former Secretary This secondarye-mail accountwas a predominantly internal administrative Spellings'management her e-mail of markerusedto assistSecretary of e-mail accountwould not shedlight communications.Release this secondary on any Departmentrule or practice. Exemption(6): FOIA exemption6 permitsthe Department withhold to o'personnel rnedicalfiles and similar files" and informationaboutindividualsin of when the disclosure suchinformation"would constitutea clearly unwarranted invasionof personalprivacy." 5 U.S.C. $ 552(bX6). The informationhere represents personale-mail accountfor former Departmentemployee, the

DC IO AVE., S.W., WASHINGTON, 20702-21 MARYLAND 4OO exccllencc throughout thenation. to is Our mission to ensureequal access educationand to promoteeducational

Mclane. Thereis no public interest Ms. Mclane's personal in Katherine e-mail account. Release this informationwould be an unwarranted of invasionof Ms. privacy. Mclane's personal to The Deparhnent expects continue provideyou with non-privileged to responsive documents a rolling basis.If thereareany questions concerns on or regarding this letter,please freecontact feel me.
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i //f { t(/'/ r'dt'r - i.-< Marbella pdodridge Attorney(& Agency Counsel



Jacqueline Coleman-Snead, Esq.

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