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Introduction to the subject:
Being happy and satisfied in a job increases when you are in a place where what you are
doing (your interests) and what you consider important (your values) are well matched. This
is another exercise that will assist you as you consider high school and life after. So, what is
really important to you? What matters?

II. Values worksheet comments:
Pass out the values assessment and instruct the students to read the directions. Ask for
questions; assist anyone who needs clarification regarding the meaning of one of the workvalue terms.
III. Explanation of assessment results:
Ask the students to place the three values they have decided to be most important to them
in priority order on the second page of the inventory. Then instruct them to add the “letters”
from the category key at the bottom of the page after each value. You will now review the
work needs that accompany each of their highest work values. Allow time for the students to
take notes from your explanations.
Each work value comprises several work needs—specific things that relate to why this value
is important to you.

The Achievement work value involves the need to use your individual abilities and
have a feeling of accomplishment. It also involves the need to experience the
challenge of completing difficult tasks.

The Independence work value refers to the need to do tasks on your own and use
creativity in the workplace such as creating new ideas or programs as well as
engaging in creative work through any art form. It also involves the need to get a job
where you can make your own decisions.

The Recognition work value involves the need to have the opportunity for
advancement, obtain prestige such as being recognized publicly for the quality of
your work, and have the potential for leadership.

The Relationships work value includes the need for friendly co-workers, to be able
to help others in a direct way, either individually or in groups, and not be forced to go
against your sense of right and wrong.

The Support work value involves the need for a supportive company, being
comfortable with management's style of supervision, and having a competent,
considerate, and fair boss.

The Working Conditions work value refers to the need to have your pay
comparable to others, have job security, and good working conditions. You also need
to be busy all the time and have many different types of tasks on the job.

Now discuss the following questions:
1. What was it like to participate in this activity?
2. Do you feel the information from this work values inventory reflects you? Explain why or
why not.
3. What did you learn new about yourself?

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