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README file for the DIPUM Toolbox.

These MATLAB functions were created for the book Digital Image
Processing Using MATLAB (DIPUM), by R.C. Gonzalez, R.E. Woods, and
S.L. Eddins, Prentice Hall, 2004, ISBN 0130085197. The functions
supplement and extend the image processing functionality of MATLAB
and the Image Processing Toolbox, both offered by The MathWorks.
The free version of the DIPUM Toolbox
------------------------------------The free version of the DIPUM Toolbox contains only executable
MATLAB P-files. P-files may be executed as MATLAB functions just
as M-files. Unlike M-files, however, neither the help text nor the
source code is accessible. Complete source code listings for all
functions are included in the book.
The registered version of the DIPUM Toolbox
------------------------------------------The registered version of the DIPUM Toolbox contains M-files with
readable source code and help text. Users who want the M-files in
electronic form may obtain, for a small fee, a password allowing them
to download the registered toolbox. More information about obtaining
the registered toolbox version is available at the book's web site:
-----------This initial release of the DIPUM Toolbox was developed and tested
using MATLAB 6.5 and the Image Processing Toolbox 3.1. The DIPUM
Toolbox is not supported for use with earlier versions of MATLAB or
the Image Processing Toolbox. Most DIPUM functions require the
Image Processing Toolbox.
The DIPUM Toolbox works with all MATLAB platforms. It includes one
MEX-file (UNRAVEL, which is used for Huffman decoding). Compiled
binaries for this MEX-file are provided for all MATLAB platforms.
-----------To install the DIPUM Toolbox, place the folder containing the
functions on a local hard drive or a network drive accessible to
your computer, and then include the folder location in the MATLAB
path. To set the MATLAB path, start MATLAB and then select the
File/Set Path menu item. Then select Add Folder. Use the
navigation window to select the folder containing the functions.
Click OK and then click Save. The functions will then be ready for
use within MATLAB.
--------The DIPUM Toolbox is protected under U.S. and international copyright
law. You may not transfer, publish, disclose, display, or otherwise
make available either the free or the registered versions of the DIPUM
Toolbox to other people. In particular, you may not place either
version of the DIPUM Toolbox on an Internet site, a computer bulletin
board, or an anonymous ftp directory from which it could be downloaded
or copied by other people. Anyone may obtain the free version
directly from the book's web site.

Disclaimer of Warranty
---------------------The DIPUM Toolbox source code is furnished "as is." Neither the
authors nor the publisher of Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB
make or imply any warranties that the DIPUM Toolbox software is free
of error, that it is consistent with any particular standard of
merchantability, or that it will meet your requirements for any
particular application. The authors accept no responsibility for any
mathematical or technical limitations of the functions that make up
the DIPUM Toolbox. The DIPUM Toolbox should not be relied upon for
solving a problem whose incorrect solution could result in injury to a
person or loss of property. Neither the authors nor the publisher of
Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB shall in any event be liable for
any damages, whether direct or indirect, special or general,
consequential or incidental, arising from use of the DIPUM Toolbox.
The DIPUM Toolbox was not created by The MathWorks, nor is it
supported by The MathWorks.
About Version 1.1.4
------------------Release date: 15-July-2006
* bayesgauss:
* ifrdescp:
* im2jpeg:
* imnoise2:
* mahalanobis:
* pixeldup:
* rgb2hsi:


typo in help text.

typo in help text.
bug in end-of-block computation.
bug in the lognormal computation.
typo in help text.
typo in comment.
typo in comment.

About Version 1.1.3

------------------Release date: 15-Dec-2004
* bayesgauss: Corrected bug in the optimized version that was
released in DIPUM Toolbox 1.1.
About Version 1.1.2
------------------Release date: 04-Nov-2004
* bayesgauss: Revised help text and some comments in the code.
* bsubsamp:

Corrected indexing errors that occurred under some

* ifrdescp:

Revised help text.

* imnoise3:

Revised help text.

* lpfilter:

Removed a superfluous output variable.

* statxture: Removed unnecessary brackets surrounding output

About Version 1.1.1

------------------Release date: 04-Jun-2004

* Added missing ice.fig file to toolbox distribution.
About Version 1.1
----------------Release date: 10-Mar-2004
* Function bayesgauss was modified to improve performance.
About Version 1.0
----------------Release date: 01-Dec-2003
This initial release of the DIPUM Toolbox coincides with the
initial publication of Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB.
Copyright 2002-2006 R. C. Gonzalez, R. E. Woods, & S. L. Eddins
Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, Prentice-Hall, 2004
$Revision: 1.15 $ $Date: 2006/07/15 20:43:48 $