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Thursday, February 18, 2016 Vol. 51, No. 39 Verona, WI Hometown USA $1

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Verona Area School District

Site council
changes go
to board
Vote expected at
March 7 meeting
Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

Photos by Scott Girard

From left, Verona Area High School seniors Amira Caire, Donte Hubert, DaQuan Bunch and LesLanay Weekly study during a College Club
section of their day. Students in the program can visit the programs tutors during study halls or their A-plus period.

Finding their future

College Club helps students prepare for post-high school

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

Applying to college can be challenging, to say nothing of being academically ready.

Between knowing what type of college to apply to, what major to choose
and finding financial aid especially
important for low-income students
there are countless forms to fill out
and questions to ask.
Thats where the College Club at
Verona Area High School has stepped
in especially for minority and lowincome students, some of whom do
not have a family history that can help
lead them through the process.
The program, in its fifth year at
VAHS, is funded through the Boys

Club (CC), though the money has

not been earmarked yet, said College
Club director Karin Clark.
This year, the school added College
Ready Scholars (CRS), which has a
similar goal but a different method to
get students prepared for college, with
a focus on building skills in math and
English. The program is a two-year
class for juniors and seniors, which
the students leave with one credit of
One of the goals of the College Club proEnglish and one credit of math.
gram is to help students access resources
Clark heads the group of 80 stufor getting to college they may not otherdents in the College Club 20 at each
wise be able to understand.
grade and oversaw the implementation of the College Ready Scholars
and Girls Club of Dane County, program, which has 75 students in
which recently received more than $3 their junior and senior years.
million in grants to go toward school
To get in to CC, students must
programs. That could include College
Turn to Club/Page 14

Verona Area School

District site councils
would no longer have the
final say on their schools
budget under proposed
changes to the district policy governing those bodies.
The changes are part of
a plan they've been working on for months, mostly
in response to inconsistencies found around the district after parents brought
complaints to the board
last spring about behavior
and personalized learning.
In addition to turning the
current site budget control into a recommendation to administration, the
new policy directs councils to set goals and make

Town of Verona

Bill would let towns opt out of county zoning

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

Development in Dane County

townships could change dramatically if Gov. Scott Walker signs a
bill recently approved by the state

The legislation, which the state
Assembly approved last week and the
state Senate was expected to approve
Tuesday after the Press deadline,
would allow towns in the county to
opt out of Dane Countys zoning
regulations, which many towns have
considered too restrictive at times to
allow development.
For decades, now, the process has
been dominated by a county board

and zoning committee that has had

a particular agenda, Dane County
Towns Association legal counsel
Mark Hazelbaker said. They believe
that development should all go in cities and villages.
But Dane County officials have a
different take on the legislation and
dont support the change.
County Executive Joe Parisis chief

Turn to Zoning/Page 13

decisions based on the

recently approved equity
framework, which will
attempt to make the sites
operate more in a more
consistent manner.
School board members
discussed the proposed
changes Monday night
and none questioned them.
The changes, planned for
a March 7 vote, would
only affect site councils at
area attendance elementary schools, not any of the
Site-based governance
has been in VASD since
the 1990s. Since then, the
councils, which include
parents, staff and administrators, have determined
how to spend their budgets
each year. That has led to
some inequities.
Some, for example, have
chosen to emphasize math
or technology, and that has
meant students in different

Turn to Site/Page 7

Board candidates discuss

behavior, personalization
Stoner Prairie PTO
hosts Q and A with
Grandau, Roberts
Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

Boundary deal with city

could affect towns position


Hometown Care, Without the Wait!

similar views such as

their belief that personalized learning can work
if implemented correctly
but they did not always
agree on how to achieve
overall success in the district.
Many of Roberts points
sounded similar to his
speech to the school board
last June regarding discipline around the district.
During that meeting, dozens of parents crammed
into the meeting room to
share their concerns about
the districts implementation of positive-focused
behavior policies.
The 2015 VAHS graduate said Thursday night
that parents, teachers and
students need to have more

Trends toward districtwide initiatives was the

main division between the
two candidates hoping to
succeed Ken Behnke on
the Verona Area School
board at an informal Q and
A session Feb. 11.
Charyn Grandau and
Noah Roberts will face off
in the April election, and
the Stoner Prairie PTO
planned and hosted a discussion after the groups
regular meeting to help
voters choose.
The two showed many Turn to Candidates/Page 12


Verona Press

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February 18, 2016

The Verona Press

Photos by Kate Newton

Fun on the farm

The Greater Madison Farm Toy Show returned to Verona on
Valentines Day, where the VAHS gym was packed with nearly 200
vendors from across the Midwest selling small-scale replicas of
cars and farm equipment in all shapes and sizes.
Feeling confident, Parker Sutter, 3, hams it up for the audience during his turn at the pedal pull tractor ride, where kids hop on a tractor
and see how far they can ride before weight from a pulling device stops them.

Celebrating 20 years as Hometown Veronas

#1 place to take Karate!

Above, Ryan Nelson, 3, checks out the cows grazing in Michael

Brunners 1/16 scale John Deere Farm Display.

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Verona Area International School is a free public charter school

that proudly offers a Chinese language immersion environment
for K-5 students. Immersion learning improves brain development
and cognitive flexibility, strengthens problem-solving capacity,
and even expands English verbal skills. Our students are thriving
and we have the smiles, outstanding test scores, international
recognition, and satisfied families to prove it.

February 18, 2016

The Verona Press

New trash carts debut next week

Jim Ferolie

Verona Press editor

Beginning next week, all trash collection

at single-family homes in Verona will be
fully automatic.
In a continuation of what Verona started
five years ago with its switch to automated
recycling, the citys new contract with Waste
Management limits all trash collection to
wheeled, 94-gallon bins the company is
delivering this week. Residents can opt to
downsize to a 64-gallon cart after the first 30
days or can choose to purchase an additional
cart, but all trash will have to be within the
new bins, just as it is with recyclables.
The move is part of a trend in the trash
collection industry, not just to save on labor
costs, but more importantly, to save on worker compensation costs. Injuries among trash
collectors are common.
The move helped prevent the cost of trash
collection from rising beyond the $170 per
household it has been the past several years.
The automated collection begins Feb. 22,
and there will be no transition period. However, bulk item collection and brush collection terms remain unchanged large items
can be left out on the curb for later pickup
and brush will be collected in the same way

every-other-week recycling.
Just as with the identical-sized recycling
carts, Waste Management will provide trash
bins to every household (excluding apartments, businesses and other properties under
separate contracts) and will take responsibility for replacing lost or damaged carts.
The new contract is a year early, with the
previous contract expiring at the end of 2016
and the new one expiring at the end of 2021.
But as city public works director Ron Rieder
explained to alders last year, it will save the
city a significant amount of money over the
next five years, allowing it to delay increasing garbage and recycling fees.
Monthly per-unit rates will range from
$11.02 in 2016 to $12.48 in 2021, with
about 3,700 residential units in the city as of
Nov. 1. Depending on the recycling rebate
the city gets under the latest contract, based
on usable volume, that would indicate an
increase of about $18 yearly per home over
Photo by Jim Ferolie
that time. Typical increases have been in $10
94-gallon trash carts are piled in the public works increments.
facility waiting to be delivered this week. City resiDuring discussions over the previous condents will need to start using them next week.
tact, Rieder had recalled major problems
from years earlier, when the city had first
Waste Management also will continue to tried to put a cap on waste collection. People
hold e-waste collections each year, some- had put excess trash in neighbors bins or
thing that was added in the 2012 switch to dumped it at the public works facility, among

other things, he told them.

So even while the vast majority of communities were moving to automated, limited
collection (including the Town of Verona
and City of Madison), Rieder recommended
against it and the city choose Waste Management over Pelliteri, which did not offer an
unlimited collection option.
It was made clear then, however, that the
contract would be more of an adjustment
period than a resistance of the trend and that
the next contract would likely be automated.
At the time, Waste Management claimed
Verona was one of six municipalities out of
61 to not make the switch.
Just as with the recycling carts, the new
carts will need to be set two feet away from
other items (including the recycling cart) and
with the handles of the cart facing the house
in order to allow the automated arms to pick
it up properly.
The garbage cart will have a green lid to
differentiate it from the yellow recycling lids,
and the weight limit is 200 pounds, far higher
than the 50 pounds allowed in previous trash
Additional carts are available for a fee.
For questions or additional information,
call the citys public works department at

VPD back to normal short-staffed after brief time at full strength

First time in a decade
department had no
Jacob Bielanski
Unified Newspaper Group

The Verona police will

have to turn to overtime
hours to fill staffing gaps
this year, a situation with
which the department has
become all too familiar.
A resignation in January
and an upcoming retirement ended a brief run
where, for the first time in
over a decade, the department was operating at its
full authorized force of 23
sworn, independent officers.
The successor for an officer who resigned on Jan. 22
wont be fully ready for duty
until roughly October the

toughest part of keeping a

full staff.
But even once that position is filled, the department
will lose another officer
in February of 2017, with
the retirement of officer
Michael Haack after 20
We got up to full staff
about mid-December
(2015), Coughlin told the
Common Council at its Jan.
25 meeting. And it lasted
about four weeks.
The department opened
up applications to succeed
Phil Witkiewicz two weeks
ago, Coughlin told the Press
this week, and will continue
accepting applications until
April 4.
Once hired, the new officer will undergo four months
of training and an additional
six weeks before that officer
can operate independently.

Though the department

has been habitually understaffed for the past 12 years
Coughlin could only recall
a single six-week time frame
roughly nine years ago the
chief pointed out that it has
partly been a result of the
police departments steady
growth over the last decade.
Still, he said that even as
the authorized level grows,
maintaining that level is best
achieved by adding an additional position.
He said the shortage
could be handled, in theory,
though the hiring of parttime officers, but that presents a new set of challenges.
Ideal candidates, he said, are
ones who are experienced
and have a means to learn

new skills as well as maintain current training, such as

those already working fulltime for a law enforcement
in Dane County.
Coughlin pointed to the
departments one part-time
employee, Gordy Disch,
as an example of the ideal
candidate Disch, he said,
is recently retired from 30
years with the Dane County
Sheriffs Department and
lives in Verona. Most parttime candidates, however,
would come into the position with little experience.
Requesting an additional
position to keep the staffing level more consistent
is something the chief said
hed contemplated for several years, but found hard

to justify to the council

when new positions have
been added almost yearly
for the past 12 years. Currently, the police force currently has 22 of an authorized strength of 23 sworn
Its difficult asking for
multiple positions when you
currently have a vacancy,
Coughlin said. It appears,
from 12 years of data, that
to get to an authorized
strength of 23, we would
need 24 if you had (an
authorized strength) of 26, it
would take 27.
Witkiewicz, who was
profiled by the Press in
January after saving a life
with a tourniquet, cited a
difficult schedule as well

as promotion opportunities
that the VPD could not offer
as reason for his departure,
Coughlin told the council.
As the officer with the least
seniority, Witkiewicz was
rotated most frequently into
unusual shifts as part of an
effort to avoid excessive
overtime hours.
During several six-day
rotation, Coughlin said,
Witkiewicz was tasked
with working three different shifts. His new position
offered a single, 3-to-11
evening shift.
We hated to lose Phil,
Coughlin said. It certainly
was our loss, but Im glad he
stayed in law enforcement,
because people like him are
needed in the profession.

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February 18, 2016

The Verona Press


Letters to the editor

Vote Roberts for VASB April 5

I am writing in support of Noah
Roberts, a candidate for a seat on
the Verona Area School Board.
Noah, who graduated with highest honors from Verona High
School just last year, would bring
to the board the incomparable perspective of a recent student.
If you were fortunate enough
to hear Noah speak at a school
board meeting last spring, you
are aware that in addition to being
poised and articulate, Noah has
a keen insight into what needs to
be remedied in our school district,
and offers solutions that are both
thoughtful and innovative.
Despite his relative youth,
Noah has an excellent grasp on
the importance of accountability,
integrity, transparency and collaboration with the community as
a would-be board member.
A recent listening session with
parents at Stoner Prairie revealed

that Noah champions the provision of adequate resources to

ensure success for every type of
learner. He is also refreshingly
supportive of programs that broaden students cultural and global
awareness, such as the Verona
Area International School and the
Two-Way Immersion program.
In my view, there is no downside to electing someone of tremendous intelligence who can
offer a fresh and unique perspective on the issues facing Verona
schools today. Noah Roberts
would make an excellent school
board member, and I urge anyone interested in the future path
of Verona schools to vote in his
favor on April 5.
Maureen Hilquist,
Fitchburg resident and
Verona Area School District

Roberts already a mentor for VASD

I endorse Noah Roberts for
the At-Large seat on the Verona
Area School District Board of
I was impressed with Noah
Roberts after meeting with him
and discussing his goals for the
district. Noah will make decisions that will be positive for
the students attending schools in
Verona and Fitchburg.
Noahs first-hand knowledge
of the VASD from his attendance and since his graduation has developed him into a
uniquely experienced candidate.
Noah has also demonstrated
his dedication to serving our
community by volunteering as
a mentor at Glacier Edge and
working with the Boys and Girls

Noah has proposed a plan

for greater partnership between
Veronas city council and school
board that will effectively prepare the school district for the
future. This is a clear example
of Noahs willingness to collaborate with the community, and
serves as his first step toward
establishing greater inclusion
and transparency.
As a parent of students in the
VASD, an educator and an alder,
I urge you to join me in voting
for Noah Roberts on April 5th.
Heather Reekie,
City of Verona

Thursday, February 18, 2016 Vol. 51, No. 39

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Community Voices

A chance exploration of
the community center

hen I first moved to San

Ramon, I was an explorer.
I went everywhere
walking, running or by bus. There
was a lot to see and do, and every
neighborhood had its charm.
Nowadays, I
like to pretend
Ive seen it all,
which unfortunately means I
have fewer eyeopening experiences like my
first visit to the
local community
One day,
during the first few weeks I lived
in Costa Rica, I was out jogging
around and made an innocent right
turn that took me down a deep
ravine road.
Bystanders on the street gazed
at me as I hustled along, like a dog
retrieving a stick, and a few yelled
some words of encouragement.
Feeling more upbeat than a kid on
the last day of school, I picked up
speed on the descent and nearly
crashed head on into a big yellow
wall just before regathering my
I saw barbed wire around the top,
making me wonder if it was a jail.
The immensity of the site puzzled
me, as it stuck out in a neighborhood of residential makeshift
As I continued my journey a few
more blocks, I realized I wasnt in
the San Ramon I knew anymore.
Every house had barbed wire,
walls and barking dogs. Children
were in the street, shirtless with
no shoes, and old beater cars with
souped-up stereo systems were
taking turns rattling their chassis
across the street from one another
with pounding reggaeton beats. The
subwoofers had to be worth more
than the cars.
This was all fine and dandy,
except for the way they were looking at me. It didnt take long to realize I may have made a wrong turn

back up the road, that maybe those

kind words werent encouragement,
but rather words of warning.
I was alone in a new neighborhood, and I doubt I would have
been able to walk past them and
come out on the other side without
incident. I quickly faked a sideache
and turned to head back up the hill,
palms sweaty, not knowing if I was
being pursued but too scared to look
At that moment, the big yellow
jail doors began to open. This is
only going from bad to worse, I
There was no stopping for
me, though, and the moment the
doors opened I caught a glimpse
of a playground as I sped by the
A playground?
In a split second, I decided my
options were better heading toward
the playground then trying to outrun whoever might be pursuing me
from down the hill.
When I entered, I saw that there
were also soccer fields, basketball
courts, reading rooms, computer
rooms and classrooms. The big
barbed-wired yellow complex was
just a cover for a safe haven for
the children of the roughest neighborhood San Ramon has to offer.
Founded in 2008 and run by a
Christian ministry, this community
center provides education and spiritual guidance for those in need.
Since then, I have volunteered
on and off at the center, mostly
on playground duty without really
poking my nose around too much.
I know that just my presence at the
center is a big lift for the kids, even
if I dont always feel so special
pushing kids on swings for hours
or jumping rope. Any hours you
can keep the kids off the street are
hours well spent, no matter what
you are doing.
That had been my role until I
bumped into the centers coordinator in the street last week. She
invited me to come to an open
house they were having for the

Even though I thought I knew
what was happening at the center,
I figured this would be a good
opportunity to go for a visit. It
became clear to me that what you
see as a volunteer is quite different
from what you see as a parent of a
child that uses the center.
This is not just a daycare for
when children arent at school; this
place requires work before you
make it to the jungle gym.
The centers focus is reading and
math, so every day when children
arrive they must first go to the
reading room and read for a certain
number of minutes depending on
their grade in school. Those too
young to read are read to by volunteers.
After that, they go to work on
math. It was interesting to hear that
learning the multiplication tables
are what they work on the most.
Once they have completed that,
they are able to go to the playground or stay and work on other
homework. Students enrolled in
the center are required to come at
least three times a week to qualify
for year-end parties and activities.
Thats the best thing about their
program everything is earned,
whether its a pair of shoes or a
pencil eraser.
In a community as rough as this
one with a lot of government subsidies, it is important for children
to earn their keep in order to break
the cycle of poverty and value the
things theyve earned.
Its amazing how many things I
think I know from looking at the
surface, but when taking the time
and digging deeper, there is actually a whole lot more going on
than what meets the eye. It makes
me wonder if I should dust off the
cross trainers and return to my old
trailblazing routes. Ive probably
missed some things along the way.
Dustin Dresser is a 2004 Verona
Area High School graduate living
in Costa Rica.

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an abbreviated form here and will be posted in its
entirety on our websites.

February 18, 2016

Packing for the pantry

VPD Stuff the Squad food
drive to benefit BPNN

If you go

Kate Newton
Unified Newspaper Group

The post-holiday lull can prove

challenging for food pantries like the
Badger Prairie Needs Network, but a
food drive led by the Verona Police
Department aims to provide a new
source of donations this month.
The department will hold its first
Stuff the Squad food drive from
8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20
at Miller and Sons Market, 210 S.
Main St. Officer Ryan Adkins said
he organized the event after consulting with BPNN coordinators Douglas and Martha Maxwell about the
organizations status after its holiday rush.
Everyone donates and is aware of
those kind of needs around the holidays, but after those come and go,
thats when they have issues keeping
the pantry full, Adkins added.
When Adkins suggested possibly
doing a Stuff the Squad drive to

What: Verona Police Department

Stuff the Squad food drive
When: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday,
Feb. 20
Where: Miller and Sons Market,
210 S. Main St.
Info: 845-7623
help bridge the gap between busier seasons, he said the Maxwells
and his department supervisor both
approved of the idea.
As the self-described quasicommunity policing officer of the
department, Adkins plans to act as
the face of the event and talk with
community members as they enter
Miller and Sons. If people express
an interest in donating but are in
a hurry, he said, they can pick up
a pre-packaged bag of items at the
front of the store, rather than having to browse and pick up individual
items themselves.
Adkins said that BPNN gave him

a list of preferred items including

canned fruits and vegetables, cereal,
rice and condiments that he passed
on to Kevin Steiner, a manager at the
store. Steiner and his employees then
put together the bags that people can
simply grab and pay for on their way
out before taking the bag outside to
help stuff an empty VPD squad
While Adkins said they dont know
how many donations theyll bring in,
given that its a first-time event, he
hopes to completely fill the squad
(car) and then take the load directly to BPNN. Any excess food that
doesnt fit into the car will be loaded
into another department vehicle.
Adkins already aims to make the
event an annual occurrence as well,
given the departments growing relationship with BPNN as the food pantry expands its services to include
weekly community meals.
Any type of positive interaction
or help that we can give to people or
organizations, we will do that, he
For information, call the Verona
Police Department at 845-7623.

Proposed facility sets neighborhood meetings

Jim Ferolie

If you go

Verona Press editor

The developers of a proposed

80-unit assisted-living facility on
North Main Street have planned two
public meetings to hear concerns
from neighbors and other interested
Verona residents.
The 54-foot-tall building, called
Emerson on Main, would be situated
on a 3.3-acre site that currently has
an old farmhouse, south of the First
Choice Dentists building and across
from Badger Ridge Middle School.
It would have an emergency exit to
North Edge Trail, but traffic would
all go through Main Street.
Owners Kate Shaw, Dave Pafford,
and Travis Stone sent out a twopage letter to residents of the area
inviting them to meet at the Verona
Public Library either from 6-7 p.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 24, or from 2-3
p.m., Saturday, Feb. 27. They are
also taking private appointments

What: Emerson on Main public

When: 6-7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb.
24, or 2-3 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 27
Where: Verona Public Library,
500 Silent St.
Info: 669-5542 or kate@
and can be contacted at 669-5542 or
The trio operates a similar, but
smaller facility in Madison called
Emerson Assisted Living Boutique.
The proposed Verona facility has
gotten an initial, informal review
from the citys Plan Commission,
and much like other recent multi
family-oriented developments next
to adjoining single-family subdivisions, the commission and city staff
encouraged the developers to reach

out to neighbors to hear their concerns before returning for approval.

Two other recent applications to
develop property with multifamily
units the Candinas land off Old
PB and a Paoli Street development
have not gone over well with neighbors. However, the commission gave
Emerson on Main generally positive
comments while mentioning some
assorted concerns, including traffic
and the number of housing units.
The letter lays out a vision for the
facility, cites their experience and
includes the letter of intent that was
sent with the official city submission.
Were excited to trade ideas on
whats important with regard to
designing housing services and programs for our seniors here in Verona, it says.
For information on the submission,
contact city planning director Adam
Sayre at 848-9941.

The Verona Press

Verona video at
VAHS meeting
Nostalgia is always on tap
at Verona Area Historical
Society (VAHS) meetings,
and this month, people will
What: Verona Area
get a chance to view a bit of Historical Society monththe areas past and people.
ly meeting
Presenting at this months
When: 10 a.m.
VAHS meeting is Spencer
Saturday, Feb. 20
Polk, who created a video of
Where: Verona Area
Verona providing glimpses
Center, 108 Paoli
of the far past, as well as
more recent events, through
Info: 845-7471
research and interviews of
local residents. The meeting
is set for 10 a.m. Saturday, house a museum with assisFeb. 20 at the senior center. tance from organizations
such as the local Rotary and
January meeting
Optimists clubs and ChanHistorical preservation nel 3 television. He said area
was top of the list at last business owners he conmonths meeting, where tacted strongly suggested
VAHS members listened using local businesses in
to a presentation by Oregon any renovation process, and
resident Randy Glysch on he received several in-kind
how he led an effort to save offers to help with the effort.
In an email to the Press,
and restore Oregons pump
house. The old structure VAHS president Ruth Jenis now a welcome center sen said Charles has begun
for the village, and VAHS collecting signatures on a
members and others in petition to collect a goodly
Verona are considering a number to eventually pressimilar move with the Matts ent to the Common Council
to show the widespread
Also at the meeting, interest in the project.
VAHS members heard a Charles said the next focus
revised estimate of $180,000 of the group is finding out
for repairing the house. who is willing to sustain the
Jesse Charles, who has led house/museum.
How this will be done
efforts to educate people
about the building, pre- is the biggest question we
sented a summation of his face, Jensen wrote.
research regarding preserva Scott De Laruelle
tion, while also discussing
the possibility of making the

If you go

Send it here
If you have news youd like to share with readers of
the Verona Press, there are many ways to contact us.
For general questions or inquiries, call our office at
845-9559 or email
Our website accepts story ideas, community items,
photos and letters to the editor, at ConnectVerona.


See something wrong?

The Verona Press does not sweep errors under the rug. If you see something you know or even think is in error,
please contact editor Jim Ferolie at 845-9559 or at so we can get it right.

Friday, February 19
Saturday, February 20
Sunday, February 21
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
New Listing - For Sale by Owner

3 bedroom, 1 and bath duplex/condo on 1.5 acres. Loaded with

fruit trees & flowers. New, open concept kitchen. Priced to sell
fast. Only $174,900.

5459 West Netherwood Road, Oregon

(608) 515-3531

600 W. Verona Ave

Verona, WI 53593

Happy 90th Birthday,

Calvin Hageman!

Celebration and Open House

Sunday, February 28th
Noon to 3:00 pm
Montrose Town Hall in Paoli
Good food, great music, loads of
fun, and of course Calvin!
608.424.3296 or
In lieu of gifts Cal would like
donations for the food pantries.
Both items and cash are great!



Real Estate
Elder Law

Deer Creek Sports & Conservation Club

8475 Miller Road, Verona, WI

Wild Game Feed

& Sporting Clays
March 12, 2016 3-7 p.m.
Wild Game, potato, vegetable, dessert,
coffee/milk - $10.00 per person
Raffles & Door Prizes Drawing at 7 p.m.

Sporting Clays 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

$15.00 per person
Shoot & Eat $20.00 per person

Contact: Ray Gilden 832-6261

Vern Martin 437-3999



February 18, 2016

The Verona Press

Coming up


The concert will include a brief pre- LLC will provide tips on selling your
sentation from a representative of the belongings.
Read and play while learning Span- benefiting organization, an intermission
For information, call 845-7180.
ish at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 20 at the and a free reception after the perforlibrary.
Cold remedies
mance. Doors will open at 1:30 p.m.
Children 8 and under will listen to
For information, call 845-7315.
Students from UW-Madisons
bilingual stories, sing songs and play
School of Pharmacy will discuss
games with Maestra Marti of Grow into Stop motion studio
cough and cold over-the-counter treatSpanish, LLC. She will also guide chilMake an animated movie using a ments for older men and women at
dren in movement activities and a craft. basic stop motion app during Stop 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23 at the
No registration is required.
Motion Studio at 3 p.m. Monday, Feb. senior center.
For information, call 845-7180.
22 at the library.
The public can attend this informaThe participant who makes the best tional presentation to learn what they
Benefit concert
special challenge video will win a can do to prevent or alleviate cough
The music department at Salem Unit- $20 movie gift card. Bring your own and cold problems.
ed Church of Christ, 502 Mark Dr., will device and use the librarys supplies,
For information, call 845-7471.
present its third annual benefit concert or share a library iPad. This event
at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 21.
is for ages 11-18; no registration is Conquering cancer
Free-will donations will be collected required.
The senior center will host a discusin place of ticket sales. All proceeds
For information, call 845-7180.
sion for its Conquering Cancer: Prewill benefit the Verona Area School
vent, Survive, Support and Thrive
District Family Assistance Fund, which Home downsizing
series at 10 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 25.
assists families in need and those with
Do you have too much house and
Dr. Eugene Lee will discuss Breast,
special needs students. The concert will too many possessions? Find out if its GI, and Lung Cancer: Prevention,
feature a variety of music from five time to downsize your home from 6-8 Symptoms, and Treatments. Dr. Lee
ensembles made up of church and com- p.m. Monday, Feb. 22 at the library.
completed his residency at the UW
munity members. Salem UCC performFred Siegenthaler of Restaino and School of Medicine and Public Health
ing groups include the Chancel Choir, Associates will discuss the joys and in Family Medicine. During residency,
the Barry Robinson Mens Chorus and challenges of his move from a single- he was a columnist for the Verona
the Ladies Chorus. Local band Some family house, where he and his fam- Press and a guest speaker at the VeroAssembly Required and the Madison ily lived for 30 years, to a condomin- na Area High School.
College Jazz Combo will also perform. ium. Debra Straub of Vintage Harvest,
For information, call 845-7471.


2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 276-7729
Pastor Rich Johnson
Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m.

Friday, February 19

9:15-9:45 a.m., Sensory Friendly

Story Time (ages 3-5), library, 8457180
10 a.m., The Young and the
Restless open indoor play time
(ages 0-5), library, 845-7180
10:30-11 a.m., Baby Story Time
(ages 0-18 months), library, 8457180
11:45 a.m., Birthday and anniversary party, senior center, 845-7471
7 p.m., Broken Wheel, Tuvalu

Salem United Church of Christ,

502 Mark Dr., 845-7315

Monday, February 22

3 p.m., Stop Motion Studio (ages

11-18), library, 845-7180
6-8 p.m., Home downsizing presentation, library, 845-7180

Tuesday, February 23

10:30 a.m., Cold and Cough

Remedies presentation, senior
center, 845-7471

4-5:30 p.m., Anime Club (grades

6-12), library, 845-7180

Friday, February 26

1 p.m., Movie Matinees: Max

(PG, 111 minutes), senior center,
7 p.m., David G. Smith, Tuvalu

Saturday, February 27

9 a.m. to noon, USRWA volunteer work day, Sugar River

Wetlands State Natural Area,
Wednesday, February 24
2-3 p.m., Emerson on Main
4-5:30 p.m., Minecraft Club
Saturday, February 20
neighborhood presentation, library,
(grades 4-6), library, 845-7180
8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Stuff the
Squad food drive, Miller and Sons 6-7 p.m., Emerson on Main
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie
Market, 210 S. Main St., 845-7623 neighborhood presentation, library, Kitchen free community meal,
9:30 a.m., Grow into Spanish
(ages 8 and under), library, 845Thursday, February 25
7 p.m., Tuvalu/Kubly Family
fourth anniversary featuring music
10 a.m., Conquering Cancer:
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie
by John Masino, Shelby and Jess,
Prevent, Survive, Support and
Kitchen free community meal,
Thrive series with Dr. Eugene
Lee, senior center, 845-7471
Monday, February 29
7 p.m., Deep Pool, Tuvalu
10:30 a.m., Child Development
6:30-8:30 p.m., Adult Coloring
Story Time (all ages), library, 845- Club, library, 845-7180
Sunday, February 21
2 p.m., Annual benefit concert,

Whats on VHAT-98
Thursday, Feb. 18
7 a.m. How to Stay Young
at Senior Center
8 a.m.Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. 4 Seasons Theater
at Senior Center
5 p.m. Bill Burns at Senior
6 p.m. Salem Church
7 p.m. Senior Center Redo
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Honor Flight at
Senior Center
10 p.m. Oregon Pump
House at Historical Society
Friday, Feb. 19
7 a.m. 4 Seasons Theater
at Senior Center
1 p.m. Honor Flight at
Senior Center
3 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center
4 p.m. Do Not Resuscitate
at Senior Center
5 p.m. 2014 Wildcats
8:30 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center
10 p.m. How to Stay Young
at Senior Center
11 p.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
Saturday, Feb. 20
8 a.m. Common Council
from Feb. 8
11 a.m. Why We Love the

Packers at Senior Center

1 p.m. 2014 Wildcats
4:30 p.m. Oregon Pump
House at Historical Society
6 p.m. Common Council
from Feb. 8
9 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center
10 p.m. Oregon Pump
House at Historical Society
11 p.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
Sunday, Feb. 21
7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour
9 a.m. Resurrection
10 a.m. Salem Church
Noon Common Council
from Feb. 8
3 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center
4:30 p.m. Oregon Pump
House at Historical Society
6 p.m. Common Council
from Feb. 8
9 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center
10 p.m. Oregon Pump
House at Historical Society
11 p.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
Monday, Feb. 22
7 a.m. 4 Seasons Theater
at Senior Center
1 p.m. Honor Flight at
Senior Center
3 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center
4 p.m. Do Not Resuscitate

at Senior Center
5 p.m. 2014 Wildcats
7 p.m. Common Council
9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour
10 p.m. How to Stay
Young at Senior Center
11 p.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
Tuesday, Feb. 23
7 a.m. How to Stay Young
at Senior Center
10 a.m.Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
2 p.m.Zumba Gold
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. 4 Seasons Theater
at Senior Center
5 p.m. Do Not Resuscitate
at Senior Center
6 p.m. Resurrection Church
8 p.m. Senior Center Redo
9 p.m. Honor Flight at
Senior Center
10 p.m. Oregon Pump
House at Historical Society
Wednesday, Feb. 24
7 a.m. 4 Seasons Theater
at Senior Center
1 p.m. Honor Flight at
Senior Center
3 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center
5 p.m. Common Council
from Feb. 22
7 p.m. Capital City Band
8 p.m. Why We Love the
Packers at Senior Center

10 p.m. How to Stay Young

at Senior Center
11 p.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
Thursday, Feb. 25
7 a.m. How to Stay Young
at Senior Center
8 a.m.Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Bahama Bob at
Senior Center
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. 4 Seasons Theater
at Senior Center
5 p.m. Do Not Resuscitate
at Senior Center
6 p.m. Salem Church
7 p.m. Senior Center Redo
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Honor Flight at
Senior Center
10 p.m. Oregon Pump
House at Historical Society

Support groups
AA Meeting, senior center, Thursdays at 1 p.m.
Caregivers Support
Group, senior center, first
and third Tuesday, 10:30
Healthy Lifestyles
Group meeting, senior
center, second Thursday
from 10:30 a.m.
Parkinsons Group,
senior center, third
Friday at 10 a.m.


2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m.


427 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-6922
Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8 a.m.noon Wednesday
Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
Sunday Worship: 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.


Verona Business Center
535 Half Mile Rd. #7, Verona
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 9 a.m.
5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 273-1008
Pastor Phil Haslanger
Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m. Worship
Sunday School: 10:15 a.m.


502 Mark Dr., Verona
(608) 845-7315
Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
Laura Kolden, Associate in Ministry
Sunday School: 9 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 10:15 a.m., staffed
nursery available
Fellowship Hour: 11:30 a.m.


(608) 271-6633
Central: Raymond Road & Whitney
Way, Madison
Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m.
West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine
Mound Road, Verona
Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m.

2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
Mount Horeb
(608) 437-3493
Pastor Jeff Jacobs
Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion


The Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli St., Verona
(608) 819-6451,
Pastor Justin Burge
Sunday: 10 a.m.
201 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-7125
Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
130 N. Franklin St., Verona
Pastor Dwight R. Wise
Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship
6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
(608) 848-4965
Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant
Pastor Eric Melso
Thursday: 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m.

415 W. Verona Ave., Verona
(608) 845-5855,
Pastor Gary Holmes
9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary worship.
Sunday School available during worship. Refreshments and fellowship are
between services.
2920 Hwy. M, Verona
Sunday Praise and Worship: 9:15 a.m.
Nursery provided in morning.
Sunday school (all ages): 10:45 a.m.
Small group Bible study: 6 p.m.
Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
(608) 832-6677
Pastor Brad Brookins
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
Rev. Sara Thiessen
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship


St. Andrew Church
301 N. Main St., Verona
St. William Church
1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli

Who Are Your Brothers and Sisters?

A brother or sister is much more than someone who
shares the same parentage. A brother or sister is someone
who loves and supports you, who has your back when
enemies surround you and gives you shelter when no one
else will. Holy men and women have always reminded us
that the family of man makes us all brothers and sisters.
The Bible tells us repeatedly to treat widows, orphans and
immigrants well, for they are Gods children and thus our
brothers and sisters. Mystics and saints have taken this
one step further in telling us that all of creation is Gods
handiwork, and thus both the animate and inanimate parts
of nature are also quite literally our brothers and sisters.
Modern science elegantly demonstrates that we are all
made of the same basic stuff; the carbon, hydrogen and
oxygen in every cell of our body is the same material
from which the stars and planets are made, and the DNA
which maintains our bodies is shared by every creature
on the planet. We share more of that DNA with our human
brothers than with our non-human ones, but its all the
same basic stuff. Treat the earth and all of its inhabitants
as your brothers and sisters, for we are all children of the
same God.
Christopher Simon, Metro News Service
Be praised, my Lord,
through our sister Mother Earth, who feeds us and rules
us, and produces various fruits with colored flowers and
Saint Francis of Assisi, Canticle of the Sun


Community calendar

(608) 845-6613
Fr. William Vernon, pastor
Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Verona
Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William, Paoli
Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
a.m., St. Andrew, Verona

430 E. Verona Ave.



Grow into Spanish


Call 845-9559
to advertise on the
Verona Press
church page

Site: Councils would recommend, not establish, budgets

Find updates and links right away.

In other news

Add us on Facebook and

Twitter as Verona Press

Open enrollment numbers big

Though the period for open enrollment began only
two weeks ago, 131 parents have already requested
to enroll in the Verona Area School District.
Just 26 have requested to enroll out of VASD thus
far, with 14 of those at the 4K level. Of the 131
requests to come into the district, 19 are at sixth
grade, which the board approved no open spots for
last month.
The other biggest grades, as usual, are
kindergarten with 32 requests in and ninth grade
with 20 requests in. The board approved only eight
spots for kindergarten, but 24 for ninth grade,
leaving some still open.
The open enrollment period lasts until April 29.

Enrollment up

training at all.
A video the central office
is working on about the
framework could be shown
to site council members.
This really is a huge step
toward just training parent
site council members, she

at SP, and the district decided during its conversation about the space crunch at Glacier
Edge Elementary School that it would be
best to move it all into one location.
This will enable them to consolidate and
do better work, board president Dennis
Beres said.
The district is also working on what to do
for students who graduate from fifth grade at
the school, as there is no Chinese program
higher up in the district. The initial solution
is likely an online-based instruction program
for the students in middle school.

Junior Prom 2016


open swim,
and more!

Fitchburg 6220 Nesbitt road 276-7946







IRA certificate**

And if retirement is your plan, were also offering a

17-month IRA certificate at 1.20%APY*.


Surroundings Events and Floral

Veras House of Bridal
Thrivent Financial
Miss AmeriQueen

Go to or stop in today to talk

with us about opening your certificate today.
608-243-5000 | 800-236-5560


Norland Learning Center

Nuage Salon
OnCampus College Planning
Passion Parties by Mindy
Phelps Family
Rocket Bicycle Studio
RZ and Company
SBR Endurance Performance
Sebastian Family
Solace Spirit Massage
Sports Clips
Ten Pin Alley
Ultrazone Laser Tag
Unified Newspaper Group
Verona Fitness/Unwin Chiropractic
Verona Vision
Waggin Tails

Our sincerest apologies to anyone we may have missed. Even though you may not be
listed here, please know that your contribution was much appreciated!


Grumpy Troll Brewery Restaurant

Heartland Farm Sanctuary
Holiday Inn Express
Home Care Plus
Hometown Auto Clinic
Hop Haus Brewing
Hoppe Family
Hybrid Salon
Klinke Cleaners
LA Tan
Larsen Photography
Madison Capitols
Madison Investment Advisors
Madtown Fitness Gym
Michelle Warner Martin
Midwest Scholastic
Mr. Brews Taphouse
Miller and Sons Supermarket
Murphy Family
Napa Auto Parts

February 27th
from 1pm-4pm

No more putting your plans on hold. Heres the certificate

youve been waiting for. With our 16-month certificate special:
You earn one of the highest interest rates in our area.
Theres no penalty for funds withdrawn to use toward
a Summit mortgage.
Your deposits are insured for at least $250,000.

The Verona Area High School Prom Fashion Show was a huge success and
the Junior Class would like to extend a sincere thank you to the volunteers,
families, and businesses that donated their time, talent, or items to the Fashion
Show, Bake Sale, Silent Auction, Raffle and Dress Sale events! Special thanks
to our prom advisors, Shannon Anderson and Rhonda King, for their guidance
and to the high school staff for their help with setup and cleanup.We greatly
appreciate this tremendous community support to help make a fun and safe
Prom for the students.Thank you!

Acker Family
AJs Pizza
Anytime Fitness
Avanti Italian Restaurant
Best Cleaners of Madison, Inc.
Bonefish Grill
Bucky Book
BW Designs
Coshun Family
David Stremikis
Deer Valley Lodge and Golf
Dragon Fly Hot Yoga
Elephant Wisdom Massage
Fairfield Inn
Firestone Tire and Service
First Choice Dental
Forest Ridge Kennel
Golds Gym
Grays Tied House

We have Expanded!



Brides N Belles
Moments to Cherish Bridals
Nedrebos Formal Wear
The Purple Goose
Stori Anne Co. Bridal and Boutique


The districts second-Friday count in January

found there are 45 more students in the district
than there were in the third-Friday count in
The total is up to 5,473, superintendent Dean
Gorrell said.
The number of resident students in the district also
grew, Gorrell noted, so the district will get a slight
increase in state aid compared to what it would have
been based on the September numbers.

VAIS move to Stoner Prairie official

The board voted Monday night to move
all of Verona Area International School into
Stoner Prairie Elementary School after unofficially agreeing to that move in January.
The school has been split between SP and
neighboring Savanna Oaks Middle School in
recent years, which some parents said created challenges in teacher collaboration.
The Chinese language-immersion charter
school first opened in 2010, but it quickly
outgrew the space available in either SOMS
or SP.
Now, though, there is more space available

Get Connected


schools do not have equal

access to the same resources.
The districts new equity
framework makes a priority of giving each student the
same opportunity to succeed
and ensuring they all do. And
the proposed site council
policy advises that councils
use it to set goals and make
In earlier discussions on
the topic, before there was
a specific proposal, board
members expressed hope
that they could get the site
councils away from focusing
on the budget to allow them
to work on topics like school
climate in greater depth.
The boards curriculum,
instruction and assessment
(CIA) committee had discussed the changes regularly
at its meetings over the last
few months, and it forwarded
recommendations after its
Jan. 27 meeting.
The most significant
change alters the wording
from establish a budget
to recommend a budget.
Superintendent Dean Gorrell
explained that administrators
would have final say over
budgets under that system.
In discussions Monday,
board member Renee Zook,
who sits on the CIA committee, said the budget change
really opens up a lot of dialogue between the central
office and sites. She based
that opinion on conversations

with VASD administrators

who have previously in other
districts around the state.
Its very common that
a central office will review
what sites are submitting as
their budgets and then make
a decision, Zook said.
The proposed emphasis on
equity comes from a plan the
board approved last year as
a guide for site councils in
making their decisions.
It would ask the councils
to create annual site goals
based on the districts Equity
Framework and gives the
board and administrators
guidance on how to evaluate
site councils performance.
Weve all discussed how
before sites would come to
us and we would sit here and
nod, and just really felt like
there was a lack of accountability, said Zook.
The framework outlines
four key areas of focus: equity leadership; learner-centered curriculum, instruction
and assessment; family and
community collaboration
and integration; and inclusive learning environments.
The board could, for
example, look at how a site
has chosen to use its classroom space and assess that
based on the inclusive learning environments standard.
Zook also mentioned the
equity framework creates a
better opportunity for training site council members.
She said training is lacking
at times and some receive no

Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000

and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government


National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency

Federally insured by the NCUA.

*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Rates accurate as of 2/12/2016. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Minimum balance to
earn APY $500. ** Must be opened as an IRA.


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The Verona Press

February 18, 2016

Congratulations on Going to State


8 - The Verona Press - February 18, 2016

Verona Area/Mount Horeb

State Qualifiers for this
Weekends WIAA Division 1
Boys State Swimming Meet
Front, from left are:
Preston Vesely,
Jacob Wellnitz,
Bryce Angaran and
Shane Rozeboom;
back row: Bryce Hoppe
Zeke Sebastian.
Photo by Samantha Christian

You Did It!


So Proud of You!

What a GREAT Year!

Little Caesars Pizza

Pick up wind

161 Horizon Drive, Suite 105 Verona, WI



Best of Luck at State Verona!

Way to Go Wildcats!

Open Daily M-F 10am

Sat. & Sun. 7am


501 S. Nine Mounds Rd. Verona, WI


Youve worked hard...

Way to Go Wildcats!

You Did it Verona!



Take First Place, Wildcats!

119 W. Verona Ave., Verona, WI

(608) 845-7920

320 S. Main St.

Verona, WI
(608) 845-5168

Go Wildcats!
Good Luck at State!

Your Hometown Hardware Store

1021 North Edge Trail

Verona, WI

611 Hometown Circle, Verona 608-848-4241

So Proud of our

Freitag Realty, Inc.

Freitag Builders, Inc.

161 Horizon Dr.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Verona Press
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Girls hockey

All alone at the top

Lynx lose to top-ranked

Storm, bounce back to
win conference title
Jeremy Jones
Sports editor

For Sabbarese, the main difference

from his wins and losses Saturday
was his offense.
I was just off a little bit, he said.
Whenever I would shoot, I wouldnt
finish and that is what really killed
Daniels won his first regional title
of his career. He took on Stoughton
freshman Cade Spilde in the finals
and won 7-1.
I felt pretty good, Daniels said.
There are few things I need to work
on still, so I will just keep working and put in the work to make it to

The Verona Area/Mount

Horeb boys swimming team
qualified for the WIAA Division 1 state swimming and
diving meet in seven individual events after taking part
in the states fastest sectional
Saturday in Middleton.
Senior Bryce Angaran and
junior Jacob Wellnitz both
qualified in a pair of individual events, while senior Preston Vesely and juniors Bryce
Hoppe and Zeke Sebastian
will each carry one into the
UW-Natatorium this Saturday.
Angaran reached the podium, taking sixth place in the
100-yard freestyle (48.88
seconds). Seeded seventh,
he moved up to fourth in the
100-yard backstroke (53.95)
and reached his end-of-season
goal time in the process. He
enters state as the eighth seed
in the 100 back.
All total, the Wildcats posted 16 of 18 season-best and
high-school career best times
in individual events, plus all
three relays had season best
I think being in the Big
Eight Conference and swimming against Madison Memorial, West and Middleton in
duals and invites we had
very few easy meets this year.
There was always very good
competition, head coach Bill
Wuerger said. If we didnt
show up ready to compete, it
wasnt going to turn out in our
favor. I think that competition
throughout the year prepares
us for a meet like this.
Wellnitz missed the podium
in the 200 free, but his 1:48.27
was good enough to earn him
the second-to-last spot at state.
The junior didnt leave any
doubt in the 500 free, posting a time of 4:55.29 for sixth
place. He will be joined at
state by Sebastian, who placed
seventh in 4:59.
Vesely earned the final spot
on the sectional podium, taking eighth in the 100 backstroke (55.11) and will join
Angaran at state.
Angaran, Wellnitz, Veseley, Hoppe, Sebastian and
Shane Rozeboom all played
key roles on the Wildcats
three relays which all qualified for state as well.
Angaran, Hoppe, Rozeboom and Vesely began the
meet by swimming to a thirdplace finish on the 200-yard
medley relay in 1:38.6. They
enter state seeded eighth.
Wellnitz made his end-ofseason goal time in the 50 free
on the anchor-leg of the 200
free relay, helping Rozeboom,
Vesely and Hoppe place

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Photos by Jeremy Jones

Lizzy Conybear (above, center) celebrates her second goal Saturday evening against the Viroqua Blackhawks. The Metro Lynx
won their Badger Conference finale to claim their second title in the last three years the first outright; (below) Verona senior
Samantha Dingle (4) and Maddie McClimon (7) try to score on Viroquas Ivy Shonka in the first period.

If you go
What: WIAA hockey regionals
When: 8 a.m. Friday
Where: Madison Ice Arena

McClimon also each added a goal.

Gwen Parker finished the game
with 12 saves in 51 minutes of work,
while Shonka did everything she
could to keep the Viroqua in the contest, stopping 50 of 55 shots on goal at
the other end.
They played us a lot tougher
tonight than in our first game, so
theyre obviously getting a lot better, which is good to see, Ward said.
They clogged the middle up and
their goalie played really well.
The top-seeded Metro Lynx host
the eighth-seeded Beaver Dam co-op
or the ninth-seeded Badger Conference rival Stoughton co-op in the
regional finals at 8 p.m. Friday inside
the Madison Ice Arena.

The playoffs are so different,

Ward said. Ive been around high
school hockey too long. Any game or
one hot goalie can trip you up. I know
its a clich, but we just need to focus
on the game ahead of us, whoever
thats against.

CWS 5, Metro Lynx 2

Despite a valiant comeback, the
Metro Lynx fell 5-2 against the toprated Central Wisconsin the night
before inside Marathon Park in
Scoring on a power-play goal early
in the first two periods, Central Wisconsin (18-4-1) extended it lead with
less than five minutes remaining in
the second as Emelia Edmondson

scored from the left circle for a 3-0

The visiting Lynx took advantage
of a couple Storm penalties in the early going of the final period to make
things interesting.
With one Storm player in the bin,
a delayed call was made for a second
infraction. The Lynx goalie came out
for an extra attacker and the Lynx
controlled the puck for nearly 30 seconds before Lizzy Conybear pitchforked a backhander past Westberg to
cut the margin to 3-1 just under three
minutes into the third. Julia Dragoo
and McKenzie Imhoff were credited
with assists on the delayed penalty
Fourteen seconds later, Anna
Schieldt scored on another power
play to narrow the gap to 3-2, with an
assist going to Imhoff.
Chloe Westberg stopped 10 shots
in the third for the Storm, giving her
a total of 16 in the game. Meanwhile,
Sydney McKersie bumped her game
total to 24 for the Lynx, who dropped
to 13-6-4, with an eight-save final


Three Wildcats grapple their way to sectional berths

Assistant sports editor

Junior Brandon Daniels didnt

have to worry about making sectionals after two wins put him into the
132-pound finals, but seniors Garrison Stauffer (220) and Dom Sabbarese (170) had a more difficult road
for the Verona Area High School
wrestling team Saturday at the WIAA
Division 1 Sun Prairie regional.
Stauffer lost his first match and
almost didnt get a chance to redeem
himself, but he was awarded a wrestleback and ended up in the fifth-place
match against DeForests Connor

in seven
Sports editor

Metro Lynx 5, Viroqua 1

Anthony Iozzo

Boys swimming

Jeremy Jones

Rest was undoubtedly a fourletter word for the Metro Lynx girls
hockey co-op last week. Not returning to Madison until 1 a.m. following a three-goal loss against the topranked team in the state, the Icebergs
returned to action just 16 hours
later with the Badger Conference title
on the line Saturday inside Madison
Ice Arena against the visiting Viroqua
Stepping onto the ice in the first
period the Lynx looked understandably a bit sluggish Saturday night,
playing to a scoreless draw through
the first period.
We definitely looked like we had
sea legs in the first period, having
played last night and not getting home
until late this morning, head coach
Derek Ward said. I think between
the first and second period it really
clicked that this game meant conference for us.
Its ours. No one can take it from
us or say they shared the title with us
The Lynx picked up the pace in
the second period though, scoring en
route to a 5-1 win that secured the
conference title outright.
The title was the second for the
Metro Lynx (14-6-4 overall, 9-1-0
conference) in the last three years
and their first outright. It also ended a
four-year reign by the Cap City Cougars atop the conference standings.
Its a great feeling. We worked so
hard throughout the year. Its really
a great accomplishment, Verona
senior defenseman Samantha Dingle
said. The first period was a little
rough, but we knew what was on the
line tonight and picked up our play.
Lizzy Conybear scored twice low
to the glove side of Viroquas Ivy
Shonka and assisted on another for
the Metro Lynx.
Emma Kolden scored the Blackhawks lone goal, unassisted, in the
11:28 into the third period. The game
was well out of reach by that point,
though as the Lynx lead 4-0 before
that and tacked on another insurance goal with less than two-and-ahalf minutes remaining by Veronas
McKenzie Imhoff to cement the win.
Vivian Hacker and Maddie

If you go
What: WIAA Division 1 sectional
When: 10 a.m. Saturday
Where: Verona Area High School
Stauffer trailed by a point after two
periods, but he scored on a reversal
with time running out and was able to
pick up a pin in 5:58 leaving only
two seconds to spare.
That set up a fourth-place wrestleback against Fort Atkinsons Cole
Beavers, and Stauffer only needed 31

seconds to pin Beavers and earn a trip

to sectionals.
Sabbarese had a shot at third place,
but he lost 6-3 to Oconomowocs
Nick Fiorita. That forced Sabbarese
to win a fourth-place wrestleback
against Monona Groves Michael
Despite the close call of falling
out of sectionals, Sabbarese won 104
over Hoye to grab the final sectional
berth at 170 pounds.
It was rough because I lost the one
before so I had to wrestleback, Sabbarese said. I am hoping at sectionals that I win the first match and keep


February 18, 2016

The Verona Press

Girls basketball

Cats earn No. 1 seed, win

away from share of Big 8 title
Big Eight

Assistant sports editor

The Verona Area High

School team is one win
away from clinching a
share of the Big Eight Conference title after Fridays
5735 win against Madison
La Follette.
The Wildcats (183 overall, 151 Big Eight) were
also seeded No. 1 in the
WIAA Division 1 sectional
3 bracket, ahead of Middleton (173, 151).
The Wildcats finish the
regular season at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday at Sun Prairie
(128, 106), and they open
regionals at 7 p.m. Friday,
Feb. 26, against the winner
of Beloit Memorial/Kenosha Indian Bradford.
If Verona wins, it will
host No. 8 Muskego or No.
9 Lake Geneva Badger at 7
p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27.
The rest of the regional
semifinal matchups are No.

Team W-L
Verona 16-1
Middleton 15-1
Janesville Craig
Sun Prairie
Janesville Parker
Madison East
Madison Memorial 6-11
Madison La Follette 5-11
Madison West
Beloit Memorial
2 Middleton/No. 15 Madison West, No. 3 Janesville
Craig/No. 14 Madison
Memorial, No. 4 Watertown/No. 13 Madison La
Follette, No. 5 Sun Prairie/
No. 12 Oconomowoc, No.
6 Kenosha Tremper/No. 11
Kenosha Indian Trail and
No. 7 Janesville Parker/No.
10 Madison East.

Verona 57, La Follette 35

Verona hosted Madison La Follette Friday, and
senior Kira Opsal scored 22
points to lead the Wildcats
to the win.
Senior Grace Mueller added 11 points, while
junior Alex Luehring
chipped in eight. Senior
Heather Rudnicki scored
six points.
Senior Megan Corcoran led the Lancers with 14

Stoughton 64, Verona 59

The Wildcats had
their 11-game win streak
snapped Monday in a non
conference game at Stoughton, 64-59.
Stoughton junior Marissa
Robson scored 17 of her 21
points in the second half,
as the Vikings outscored
Verona 40-30.
Luehring led the Wildcats
with 17 points.

Submitted photo

Wintery success
The VAHS womens snowboard team finished in second during the 2016 WHSARA Conference season while the boys team took third place.
The boys and girls ski team each posted fourth-place finishes.
Several Wildcats followed up the conference meet by competing at the state championships at Mount
La Crosse Feb. 13-15.
Greta Schmitz, Brooke Wenkmen, Alexis Sullivan, Gillian Arnold and Jamie Rosenfeld qualified for
state in the girls snowboard, while Jack DeMarco, Jake Alexander, Forrest Hammen, Adam ODonnell,
Cam Corless, Kevin Klockzeim, Gus Schmidt and Taylor Scott qualified on the boys side.
Boys skiers Jacques Frank-Loron, Jack Butler, Bergen Frank-Loron, Nolan McCormick, Casey
McCormick, John Ringsmuth and Gavin Geronimi also qualified, as did Katie Connor, Zoe Connor,
Abby Filsinger, Melissa Biesmann, Maggie Nunn, Alexandra Donny and Claire Johnson.

Photos by Anthony Iozzo

Senior Dom Sabbarese grapples with Sun Prairies Will Van Pietersom in the 170-pound semifinals
Saturday in the WIAA Division 1 Sun Prairie regional. Sabbarese lost that match and his third-place
match, but he defeated Monona Groves Michael Hoye 10-4 in the fourth-place wrestleback to make

Regionals: Daniels wins regional

Continued from page 9
Sophomore heavyweight
Jordan Recob came close to
making sectionals after making the semifinals. But Recob
lost 8-4 to DeForests Cody
Dobson in the third-place
match and later was pinned in
44 seconds by Fort Atkinsons
Drew Hoye in the fourth-place wrestleback.
He wrestled in fifthand
sixthgrade and hadnt wrestled until now as a sophomore, coh ead coach Bob
Wozniak said. He has come
a long way in one year.
Seniors Egill Hegge (145)
and Ryan Weiss (152) both
won consolation matches
to earn spots in fifth-place
matches, but both high school
careers ended with sixth-place
It is always sad to see
seniors that dont make it on
to sectionals, Wozniak said.
They had some tough weight

Sectional preview
Daniels, Sabbarese and
Stauffer all get to wrestle in
their home gym one last time
at 10 a.m. Saturday at the
Verona Area High School
Daniels (32-4) opens his

The Verona/Madison
Edgewood gymnastics
team wrapped up the Big
Eight Conference season
Tuesday evening, falling
129.350-124.725 against
Middleton inside Glacier

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Edge Elementary School.

Senior Mandy Michuda
won three rotations and
Kirsten Queoff earned
the other as the Wildcat/
Crusaders swept all four
individual events. Still,
Verona/Edgewood didnt
have the depth to best the
visiting Cardinals, especially without sophomore

family dental care


522 springdale street

Timothy M. Pederson, FIC Thomas W. Hughes

Lead Financial Consultant Financial Associate
CA License 0H89827


on the trollway in mt. horeb

Lauren Samz who hurt her

ankle during warm-ups and
didnt compete.
Michuda started the evening off on vault, scoring
a meet-best 8.25. She then
secured the uneven bars
with an 8.6 also added the
balance beam title with
an 8.525 to secure top
all-around honors with a



another convenient reason to choose


bracket against Elkhorns

James Welsh (21-18), while
Sabbarese (28-12) takes on
Miltons Billy Pitzner (41-4)
in his bracket.
It is my senior year, my
last year, Sabbarese said. I
am glad I can go on to sectionals with a couple of my
Stauffer (23-11) will face
Elkhorns Jordan Barr (23-5)
in a match that Wozniak said
is winnable.

Short-handed Cats fall against Cardinals

Sports editor

one-visit crowns.

Freshman Conner Duggan

(106) also made a fifth-place
match but lost a 102 major
decision to DeForests Luke

Jeremy Jones

The girls snowboard team finished second, while the boys took fifth. Veronas girls ski team placed
16th and the boys team finished 21st.

Senior Garrison Stauffer goes for a pin against Monona Groves

Alex Edmunds in the 220-pound consolation semifinals Saturday in
the WIAA Division 1 Sun Prairie regional. Stauffer won the match
and later added wins in the fifth-place match and the fourth-place
wrestleback to make sectionals.

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Anthony Iozzo

Appleton, Wisconsin Minneapolis, Minnesota 800-847-4836

28394 N2-15

February 18, 2016

The Verona Press


Boys hockey

Second period penalties unhinge Verona in costly conference loss at Middleton

Sports editor

Junior forward Jack Anderson scored on the Verona

hockey teams very first goal
Thursday, but the Wildcats
were never able to find the
net again, settling for second
place in the Big Eight Conference with a 5-1 loss inside
Capitol Ice Arena against
The win gave the Cardinals
(21-3-0 overall, 12-2-0 conference) their second straight
conference title, while Verona
(14-9-1, 10-4-0) finished second.
Though Middleton senior
Tony Wuesthofen got a piece
of the puck, Andersons shot
found its way over the goal
line 25 seconds into the first
Guys on both teams get
up for this game every year,
head coach Joel Marshall said.
We played fairly well in the
first period. We knew it was
a game that we were going to
get outshot in because of their
depth, but we didnt end up
being as short-handed as we
were at the end of the game.

Already having one player

not suited up and home sick,
the Wildcats lost four more
throughout the course of the
With the playoffs coming
up next week, Marshall said
the coaching staff decided to
keep two of those guys out in
the first half as a precaution,
showing minor head injury
symptoms, and two more in
the third period.
On the other side, if the
Cardinals were stunned at
all by the Wildcats quick
goal, it didnt last for long as
Nolan Kouba answered on the
games next shot 26 seconds
Despite a quick start by
both teams the game entered
the second period in a 1-1
stalemate as Veronas Alex
Jones and Wuesthofen found
their rhythm between the
An always highly-contested
rivalry game, thats when the
game started to get a little
chippy and the opportunistic Cardinals capitalized with
power-play goals from Colin
Butler and Casey Harper in
the fourth and 16th minute.

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Junior forward Jacob Keyes isnt able to poke a rebound under the pads of Middleton goaltender Tony
Wuesthofen in the third period Thursday at Capitol Ice Arena. Verona lost the game 5-1.

Obviously, we had some

penalty issues there that hurt
us in the second period, Marshall said. I dont know what
kind of momentum or flow
to the game you can get into

Boys basketball

Verona snaps losing streak against La Follette

Anthony Iozzo
Assistant sports editor

Senior Cole Schmitz

scored 22 points running
his career total to 1,280
Tuesday to help the Verona
Area High School boys
basketball team knock off
Madison La Follette 73-64.
The host Wildcats
jumped out to an 11-point
lead in the second half and
went 14-for-20 from the
free-throw line in to stay
Senior Kwan Clements
added 15 points, while
senior Keaton Knueppel
and junior Nathaniel Buss
both chipped in 10 points.
Verona (8-12 overall, 7-9
Big Eight) travels to first-
place Sun Prairie at 7:30
p.m. Friday. The seeding
meeting is Feb. 20-21.

Big Eight
Team W-L
Sun Prairie
Middleton 13-3
Madison Memorial 12-4
Madison East
Madison West
Janesville Craig
Verona 7-9
Beloit Memorial
Madison La Follette 1-15
Janesville Parker

Bel. Memorial 87, Verona 78

The Wildcats had to contend with five double-digit
scorers in Thursdays 87-78
loss at Beloit Memorial.
Juniors Anthony Johnson,

Drew Freitag and Lamont

Patton all scored 15 points
each, while senior Dremond
Long and Breanth Farr added 12 points each.
Schmitz led Verona with
32 points, while Clements
and Buss added 22 and 16
points, respectively.

Mad. East 86, Verona 74

Verona trailed by 15
points at halftime and never
recovered in an 86-74 loss to
Madison East on Saturday.
The Wildcats offense
did come alive in the second half with 47 points, but
the deficit was too tough to
Schmitz scored 24 points
and Clements added 16.
Junior John Van Handel,
Knueppel and Buss all
chipped in 10, nine and
eight points, respectively.

Gymnastics: Conference is next

Never able to put its best
lineup together this season
combined 33.875.
with a rash of injuries, the
Q u e o f f w a s c r o w n e d Wildcat/Crusaders finished
floor champion with an the dual meet season 3-4.

Continued from page 10

Verona travels to Madison Memorial High School

at 10:15 a.m. Saturday for
the Big Eight Conference

when youre killing off six

penalties in one period. The
bench was shortened. The
guys were killing penalties all
the time. Youre definitely not
going to gain anything from

David Bunz tacked on an
insurance goal with two-anda-half minutes remaining in
the third period, while Justin
Engelkes set up three of the

Cardinals goals.
Jones finished the night
with 39 saves, while
Wuesthofen faced only 17
shots in the win.
As the No. 4 and No. 1
seeds in the playoff, there is
a very good chance the teams
could face each other in the
sectional semifinals.
Verona, seeded fourth, will
face fifth-seeded Sun Prairie
at 7 p.m. Thursday. The Wildcats beat shutout Sun Prairie
(14-9-1, 9-5-0) a combined
6-0 in two games this season.
Its very hard to be beat
a good team, which I would
like to think that we are,
three times in a row. With the
amount of energy and emotion that goes into this rivalry,
its even harder, Marshall
said. The odds might be on
our side the next time, but we
have to go through Sun Prairie
Top-seeded Middleton host
either eighth-seeded Cottage
Grove or ninth-seeded Oregon
at 8 p.m. Friday at Capitol Ice
Arena. Middleton beat Monona Grove 9-1 and did not play
Oregon this year.

Sectionals: Six swimmers move on for VA/MH

Continued from page 9
fourth in (1:29.42). They are
seeded seventh at state.
Angaran, Rozeboom,
Sebastian and Wellnitz
closed out the Wildcats
afternoon with a fifth-place
finish on the 400 free relay in
3:17.79. The 400 free earned
an eighth seed at state.
The 400 free was a struggle because I had the backstroke right before it, but I
got through it anyway. Hopefully, next weekend I can
keep beating my seed times,
including the relays and go
even faster, said Angaran
who has swam at state the
past two years. Next week
is a lot bigger in front of a
lot more people and against
the best guys in the state. The
experience is just great.
Senior Will McMillan,
swimming in his final high
school meet, moved up the
most, going from 17th to 13th
in the 200 IM. He posted a
lifetime best of almost two
seconds. McMillan also had a
lifetime best in the 100 back.
Top-ranked Madison
Memorial won just four
events to best third-ranked
Madison West and ninthranked Middleton (286).

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Bryce Angaran launches off the starting blocks of the 100-yard

backstroke Saturday at the WIAA Division 1 sectional meet in
Middleton. Angaran finished fourth to qualify for this weekends
state meet.

Verona (217) finished fourth,

while seventh-ranked Sauk
Heights rounded out the top
five with 210.
Five individual events
return their champions
Saturday at the Division 1
meet, which starts at 3 p.m.

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Jeremy Jones

Submitted photo

Making it to
the college
Senior Carson Parks signs his
National Letter of Intent to play
football at NCAA Division II
Northern Michigan University on
Feb. 3, along with his parents.
Parks finished with 909 yards
on 125 carries in nine games for
the Wildcats this past season.
He ended up with 10 touchdowns.
Parks also caught four passes
or 105 yards and a touchdown.
Look for a full story in next
weeks Verona Press.



February 18, 2016

The Verona Press

Candidates: Candidates differ on role district, principals should play in behavior decisions
he said, its passed off to a principal, who wont handle it the way
they should and ends up blaming
it on the teachers.
He later echoed that theme
when discussing potential changes to site council policies. While
Graundau pointed to inequities
that have come about because of
site-based management, Roberts
said he would oppose taking away
the powers or the voice of some
site councils.
The school board began considering changes to its policy for
site councils -- mostly that would
make administrators the final
decision-makers for budgets -- at
their Feb. 15 meeting.

Continued from page 1

input in policies around the district, and questioned the districts
move toward centralizing some
decision-making, including budgets.
Grandau focused on her experience on the board, from 20062012, and said she wanted to help
continue to implement personalized learning and be part of the
districts long-term growth conversation, as she was before.
The evening, while mostly
congenial, included one heated
exchange between Grandau and a
City of Verona alder on behavior
issues, and most of the questions
focused on that and the muchdiscussed topic of personalized
While they showed general
agreement in most areas, there
were subtle differences between
Grandau and Roberts on how to
solve some of the problems parents have brought up in recent
months, with Roberts emphasizing that centralization is not necessarily the answer.

Equal treatment?
One exchange about discipline policies nearly got heated
between Grandau and City of
Verona alder Mac McGilvray
though both ultimately kept their
cool on the sensitive topic, which
highlighted what will likely be an
oft-repeated question from parents for candidates.
McGilvray had asked the candidates whether they believe discipline policies should be uniformly applied to all students the
same, or differentiated depending on socioeconomic status of
the individual or how theyre
functioning in the school district?
He added his belief that the
district failed to apply discipline
evenly and suggested that creates a sense of unfairness among

Photo by Scott Girard

Verona Area School board candidate Charyn Grandau, who previously served on
the board from 2006 to 2012, talks about personalized learning in the district
while fellow candidate Noah Roberts, a 2015 Verona Area High School graduate,

Kids dont have set standards
that they have to keep, and they
know some kids have different
standards, he said.
Roberts answered first, saying
consistency is important no matter a students socioeconomic
status, but Grandau questioned
McGilvrays premise.
I find your question very
disturbing, she said. I do not
believe that there are different
discipline rules for different children based on their socioeconomic status or race.
She went on to explain that she
believes the implementation of
Positive Behavior Intervention
and Supports district-wide will
help, acknowledging that shes
experienced behavior problems
in our schools. PBIS first went
into place at Sugar Creek Elementary School in 2009, where
Grandaus son attended at the
After she was done, though,
McGilvray noted to the group that
I said socioeconomic, you said

Grandau responded, Ive been

hearing the code, and the they,
and it frustrates me.
Eventually, the two agreed,
Every student should follow the
same discipline program.
Roberts, for his part, said,
There has to be some sort of
code that is enforced no matter
what your circumstances are.

Roberts also questioned the
boards recent direction toward
centralizing the decision-making
on behavior policies.
In many ways, this move has
been a response to parent complaints last year, mentioning that
teachers are not allowed to use
their own discretion to implement the policies.
Im not sure thats what needs
to be done to solve the issue, he
He said that while he understands the need for some universal policies, teachers need to be
empowered to act in the moment
however they deem appropriate.
Instead, under the current system,

Both candidates touted the
potential positive outcomes of
personalized learning, which
has come under criticism for its
implementation by some parents in the last year. They both
acknowledged those issues.
Weve rather stumbled in the district in our
implementation,Grandau said.
Bringing everybody along and
then giving the teachers the
resources and the time to implement that has been a struggle. Id
hate to see personalized learning
get a bad reputation because we
havent implemented it the way
that it should be.
Roberts said the implementation process needs to be more
inclusive, but he also said the
personalized learning concept is
We need to bring more information from different teacher and
parent and student perspectives,
he said.

The two differed somewhat in
their answer to a question about
the board being the administrations puppet that does whatever
administrators tell them to do.

Public response
One area the candidates agreed
on was taking a look at how the
board handles public comments
at its meetings. Some parents at
the Thursday discussion have
spoken to the board in the past,
and expressed frustration that the
board does not address the topics
they bring up at the meeting.
There should always be follow
up (after the meeting) with someone that comes to the board and
speaks to them, Grandau said.
Im sorry if that happened to you
that there wasnt.
She said in any situation she
felt an issue deserved discussion
after a parent spoke at a previous
meeting, she would advise the
board president and superintendent to make it an agenda item.
She acknowledged, though, that
she was unsure of the recourse if
they refused.
Roberts added that it was a
system that Im actively willing
to challenge.
I think thats wrong if people
are taking the time to come to
these board meetings to speak and
express their ideas and concerns,
he said. They deserve a response
on the spot, I believe.
The spring election will be
Tuesday, April 5. Behnke decided not to run for re-election after
serving 21 years on the board.
The Press will feature candidate
questionnaires in its coverage of
the election.

Verona Area School District

Sugar River Euchre League

Workshops will discuss

long-term growth

Montes off to strong start in seasons second half

The match between Shenanigans and HootervilleMarys was extremely tight
with the lead changing after
each and every frame. Ed
Chancellor and Pat Maclean
of Hooterville-Marys needed to win by 5 for the win or
4 for the tie. In the end, Ed
and Pat gave HootervilleMarys their second win of
the half with a 15 to 6 victory over Rodney and Larry.
In Mt. Vernon, the New
Glarus Cheese-Eaters took a

Verona Family Dental

Kleemans: 5-1
Montes 4-2
Shenanigans 4-2
Marcines 3-3
Eagle Heights 3-3
Jones Plumbing 3-3
Hooterville-Express 2-4
Hooterville-Marys 2-4
J&M Bar 2-4
New Glarus 2-4
2-point bite out of the Cowboys last Thursday night.
The Screaming-Eagles
swooped in for a 65-point
derailment of the Hooterville-Express. Just missing a
perfect score thanks to Steve
Hoffmaster and Shawn Farrell, Randy Schmid and Terry Zahler contributed 119
points (this weeks high)

Your Hometown Dental Clinic

Welcoming & Accepting New Patients

Oral Health = Overall Health

Dr. Austin Wessell



271 S. Main St., Verona, WI 53593

Schedule for
Feb. 18

3 meetings planned
in Verona, Fitchburg

New Glarus @
Montes (8:00)
Marcines @
Hooterville Marys
Shenanigans @
Kleemans (8:00)
Hooterville Express
@ J&M Bar (8:00)
Jones Plumbing @
Eagle Heights (7:00)

Scott Girard
Unified Newspaper Group

toward the win by Eagle

Heights. John Scheidegger
and Eric Blabaum (Hooterville-Express) recorded an
82 for this weeks low score.
In the past four weeks,
including Feb. 11, Montes
has split its matches, 2-2.
Stan Hook


The last undefeated team

falls victim to Jones Plumbing Feb. 11.
The Pipe-Benders were
able to salvage a portion
of a 44-point lead they had
at one point in the match
to pull out a 13-point upset
over Kleemans.
The J&M Bar River-Rats
devoured the 11-point lead
Montes took into the 8 th
frame to win the match by
2 points, giving Montes its
second loss of the season.

You cant be an expert in curriculum and special education and

all of the rules that go along with
that, Grandau said. So in some
ways you do rely on them.
However, she added, board
members need to push back
and question and do your own
Roberts said the teachers and
students working in the schools
are the real experts, and thats
whom he would listen to.

The Verona Area School

District has begun planning
its community outreach
efforts as it plans for longterm growth.
District officials expect
to hold three community
workshops in April and
May to get feedback from
district residents about how
VASD should proceed with
the land purchases approved
in the April 2015 election.
They discussed the process
The next steps are building either an elementary
school on the Herfel property, south of the city near
the growing Cathedral Point
and Scenic Ridge neighborhoods, or a high school campus on the combined other
properties on the west side
of the city. Both are likely
to happen eventually, but it
hasnt been decided which
will come first.
The school board, with
the help of consultants, has
targeted April 2017 for a
likely referendum on a new
school building. But what

If you go
What: VASD growth
community workshops
When (tentative): 9
a.m., 6 p.m. May 19; 6
p.m. May 24
Where (tentative):
Verona Public Library;
Sugar Creek Elementary
School step room;
Fitchburg Public Library
building that will be and
how much it will cost is
yet to be determined.
Eppstein Uhen Architects,
which is helping the district with outreach efforts,
suggested a timeline that
includes a fall survey to all
district residents. That survey has to be narrowed to
specific options, EUAs Jill
Huskisson said, so the outreach has to begin as soon as
Though none of the dates
or locations are final, the
three workshops proposed
are May 19 at 9:30 a.m. at
the Verona Public Library
and at 6 p.m. at the Sugar
Creek Step Room and May
24 at 6 p.m. at the Fitchburg
Public Library.

February 18, 2016

Zoning: Local leaders embrace rural feel of Town of Verona

Continued from page 1

Not unanimous

of staff, Josh Wescott, told the Press

that the county seeks a balance on
development, noting that if towns have
their own zoning, it could create stark
differences across the street for residents who live on the borders of two
towns, often separated by streets.
We think the process works pretty
well right now as it is, and allows for
a central place to coordinate and facilitate a number of different entities that
are involved in development, Wescott
Towns would not be required to opt
out of the zoning, though, and Town of
Verona officials said the significance
of a potential change would depend
on the completion of a boundary
agreement it has been working on for
months with the City of Verona.
Whether or not they opt out themselves, though, officials acknowledged
it could significantly change the planning landscape for some towns.
That said, Town of Verona Chair
Mark Geller also emphasized that it
is unlikely to dramatically change the
rural atmosphere in farmland-heavy
Dane County.
The perception that if this goes
through that the town will just go wild
with sprawl, we almost kind of consider it demeaning to us, Geller said.
Thats the last thing that we want.
The current system has joint review
of approval for rezoning between the
towns and the countys Zoning and
Land Regulation board, which some
towns see as overzealous in its decisions to preserve farmland. A rezone
proposal requires approval from both
With some towns suffering and
some even opting to cease to exist as
towns the DCTA is worried that cities and villages will overtake more
towns using their extraterritorial jurisdiction, or the ability to claim land and
use it for development.
The county put together a last-minute effort earlier in February to keep
the legislation from passing by offering to work with towns on a comprehensive overhaul to zoning. Unless
Walker refuses to sign the bill, though,
the effort will fail, though that proposed overhaul could stop some towns
from opting out when they have the
Towns that choose to opt out under
the law would all work together to create a shared zoning ordinance, Hazelbaker explained. They would have this
year to decide whether they want to opt
in, then the new zoning would be created throughout 2017, with an effective date in 2018.
Towns would then decide how the
different zones applied to their own
parcels. Those that do not opt out
would remain under the countys jurisdiction.

Many towns in Dane County did

not support the legislation themselves.
A letter from 10 towns asked members of the Assembly committee on
housing and real estate to oppose the
We are deeply concerned about
the repercussions this bill would have
for our towns and our fellow Dane
County towns, property owners and
taxpayers, the letter, signed by Town
of Dunn chair Ed Minihan, states.
Perhaps the most important reason
we encourage you to oppose this legislation is that it seems to be attempting to fix a problem that, we believe,
is overstated and quite limited.
Dunn, however, has for many years
had unusually restrictive local laws
regarding development.
Geller said different towns have
different needs, and its the option,
rather than a requirement either way,
that moved him to support the bill.
Regardless of whether Verona
would opt in, Geller said the system
has led to regular budget crunches for
the town.
We have not had any growth,
he said. Were getting as much or
more traffic and use on our roads, and
our expenses keep going up, and our
income has been flat.

Recurring issue
The discussion around the towncounty relationship is not a new one.
Neither is the legislation.
A similar bill was going through the
Legislature two years ago when the
county stepped in and asked legislators
to delay a vote and give time to work
on a solution between the towns and
They asked the Legislature to give
the county an opportunity to address
problems with the process when we
had our bill in the 2013 session,
Hazelbaker recalled. After the Legislature put (that bill) on hold, the
county did nothing. There was clearly
just a stall tactic.
Wescott said there was movement, mentioning that the county
board changed the makeup of the
zoning board in recent years and citing that only six or so developments
had been turned down by the county.
DCTA officials said at a recent meeting, though, that there was a general
chill factor in even applying for some
rezoning petitions.
In a Jan. 13, 2016, letter to the senate and assembly bill sponsors, Parisi
asked for the state to allow for a local
Under the circumstances, in the
interests of resolving the discord in
our community on both sides of this
issues, it is evident that a comprehensive rewrite of the Dane County
zoning ordinance would be a more

judicious approach; it will best serve

all town governments and citizens
of Dane County, while not having to
change state law, Parisi wrote. Those
towns wishing to opt out of county
zoning will be able to do so once the
ordinance is rewritten, and those wishing to remain have the opportunity to
adopt the revised ordinance.
The County Board officially adopted
a resolution to create a subcommittee
to work on zoning at its Feb. 4 meeting. Parisis letter stated that committee could have an ordinance introduced
within 18 months.
Hazelbaker said the DCTA supports
rewriting the zoning ordinance but
did not see it as a reason for the Legislature to vote against the bill.

Preservation for a while

Between creating new zoning and
determining the costs for towns to plan
their own growth, Walkers signing the
bill would leave plenty to work on in
the coming year.
But Verona is well positioned
among the towns, in that administrator
Amanda Arnold, hired in 2012, has a
background in planning.
Arnold and Geller told the Press
that while they each have experienced
a good relationship between the town
and county on planning in their years
here, they do think the current system
only preserves farmland until cities or
villages want to develop.
It puts us in a case of being kind of
just a canvas waiting for the cities to
paint their development on top of the
town, Arnold said. It does create permanent preservation for a while but
not forever.
Neither she nor Geller, though,
could say whether the town would
opt out if given the chance, given the
ongoing boundary discussions with the
City of Verona.
That potential boundary agreement
would create specific zones for development by the city and clarify areas in
the town that it will not overtake using
its extraterritorial jurisdiction.
The city, while part of the Dane
County Cities and Villages Association
that opposed the legislation, is simply
waiting to find out the unknown, city
planner Adam Sayre said.
Assuming that (boundary) agreement is adopted or approved, there
probably wouldnt be as much impact
on the City of Verona, Sayre said.
Arnold and Geller stressed that
regardless of what happens, they both
embrace the rural feel of the Town of
Verona, and they want to see that continue in concert with controlled development.
A lot of the Dane County zoning
ordinance is built around farmland
preservation and agricultural character, and thats fantastic and important,
Arnold said. Thats a big part of the
Town of Veronas character.

The Verona Press


Charles Charlie Dopf community, and was voted

Charles Dopf

Charles Charlie Dopf,

age 20, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, Feb.
13, 2016.
He was born Sept. 2,
1995, at Meriter Hospital,
the first born son to the
proud parents, Craig and
Tina Dopf. He graduated
from the Verona Area High
School in June 2014.
A shy and soft spoken
individual, he was instantly liked by everyone he
met. His beautiful smile
and charming way could
get the whole room laughing. Charlie was very
artistic, especially when it
came to cartoon characters.
He proudly displayed his
drawings and paintings.
Charlie was a member of the Verona Area
High School Jazz Club.
He loved the guitar and
played it with passion.
He excelled as an athlete,
earning a varsity letter
while wrestling as a freshman. He also became a certified lifeguard.
Charlie was a fantastic
skier, and enjoyed racing
down the slopes. He certainly would have earned a
college scholarship for the
sport if he desired.
Charlie was an avid outdoors enthusiast, exploring
new trails with his sister,
Alli, and his dog, Riley.
He enjoyed hunting and
fishing with his dad, and
his Uncle Bill. Teddy and
Grace looked up to their
big brother and loved playing with him.
Charlie had a strong
sense of volunteerism. He
and his sister, Sarah, volunteered at the Humane
Society. He started the
Verona Volunteer Club,
enrolling high school students to volunteer in the

most likely to support a

In the spirit of paying it
forward, Charlie participated in several mission
trips with his church, and
also traveled to Haiti to
help those less fortunate.
He willingly took on any
and all tasks and claimed
it as the best vacation he
ever took. Charlie became
great friends with Rigan
Louis, a Haitian nurse,
and he looked forward to
returning to Haiti as it was
a life changing experience
for him and the lives he
Charlie is survived by
his mother, Tina; father
Craig (Krista); sisters, Alli,
Sarah and Grace; brother, Teddy; grandparents,
William and Doris Dopf;
Cheryl and Karl Korth and
numerous aunts, uncles
and cousins.
He was preceded in
death by his grandparents,
Jean and Musser Moore.
The family extends
a special thank you to
PROPS (Promoting Recovery from Onset of Psychosis).
A celebration of Charlies life will be held at
noon on Saturday, Feb.
20 at St. James Lutheran
Church, 427 S. Main St.,
with the Rev. Kurt Billings
officiating. Visitation will
be at 10 a.m. Saturday at
the church until the time of
service. In lieu of flowers,
the family suggests memorials to Journey Mental
Health-PROPS, 625 West
Washington Ave., Madison, WI 53703.
It is comforting to know
that his battle is over, and
he is at peace up in heaven playing chess with his
Grandpa Moore. He will
never be forgotten, and
we will always cherish
the beautiful moments we
spent together. Charlie
will be forever loved and
To view and sign this
guestbook, please visit:
Ryan Funeral Home
& Cremation Services
Verona Chapel
220 Enterprise Drive


Case No. 16 PR 52
1. An application for Informal Administration was filed.
2. The decedent, with date of birth
March 27, 1925 and date of death January
17, 2016, was domiciled in Dane County,
State of Wisconsin, with a mailing address of 206 S, Marietta Street, Apt. 310,
Verona, WI 53593.
3. All interested persons waived notice.
4. The deadline for filing a claim
against the decedents estate is May 13,
5. A claim may be filed at the Dane
County Courthouse, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1000
Ben J. Schulenburg
Circuit Court Commissioner
January 26, 2016
Atty. Marilyn A. Dreger
200 W. Verona Avenue
Verona, WI 53593
(608) 845-9899
Bar Number: 1001608
Published: February 4, 11 and 18, 2016



The Common Council of the City

of Verona, Dane County, Wisconsin, do
ordain that Title 13, Chapter 1 (Zoning

Code), of the Code of Ordinances, City

of Verona, Wisconsin is amended as follows:
1. Section 13-1-360 is amended to
read as follows:
Sec. 13-1-360 Purpose, Procedural
Regulations and Posted Notice.
(a) Purpose and Procedure. The
purpose of this portion of the Article is
to establish the procedural requirements
for zoning text amendments, zoning map
amendments, conditional use review
and approval, special use review and
approval, temporary use review and approval, sign permits, site plan review and
approval, Certificates of Occupancy, variances, zoning provision interpretations
by the Zoning Administrator, and appeals
of zoning provision interpretations to the
Zoning Board of Appeals.
(b) Posted Notice on Property.
Whenever this Chapter requires a public
hearing before the Plan Commission, the
Zoning Administrator, or his/her designee, shall place a sign on the property
subject to the public hearing to inform
the public of the public hearing.
(1) The information contained in the
sign, the location of the placement of the
sign, and the size of the sign shall be determined by the Zoning Administrator in
his/her discretion. The Zoning Administrator shall attempt to make the information, location, and size as consistent as
is reasonably possible.
(2) The sign shall be placed on the
subject property at least seven (7) days
prior to the public hearing before the Plan
(3) By filing the application that results in the public hearing, the applicant
agrees and consents to the placement of
the sign on his or her property. The applicant also agrees that the sign shall be
left in the location(s) chosen by the Zoning Administrator until after the public
hearing occurs, unless the application
is formally withdrawn by the applicant
prior to the public hearing. The applicant

shall periodically check the sign to verify

that the sign has not been removed and
has not been modified or vandalized.
The applicant shall immediately notify
the Zoning Administrator if the sign was
removed or if the sign was modified or
vandalized. If the applicant removes,
modifies, or vandalizes the sign, the applicant shall be subject to subsection (4)
below and, at the discretion of the City,
the application shall no longer be considered by the City.
(4) It shall be unlawful for a person
to alter a sign or to remove the sign while
the application is pending. Any person
who violates this section shall, upon
conviction thereof, be subject to the penalties and other provisions set forth in
Section 13-1-377.
The foregoing ordinance was duly
adopted by the Common Council of the
City of Verona at a meeting held on February 8, 2016.
Jon H. Hochkammer, Mayor
Ellen Clark, City Clerk
Enacted: February 19, 2016
Published: February 18, 2016



Public notice is hereby given that

the following applications for alcohol licenses in the City of Verona have been
Class B Beer and Class B Reserve Liquor Licenses for Mark R. Tuescher, 411 W. Verona Ave., Verona, WI
53593, d/b/a Treads, LLC, 407 W. Verona
Ave., Verona, WI 53593.
Class B Beer and Class B Reserve Liquor Licenses for Ross A. Thomas and Sarah D. Thomas, 10288 CTY RD

A, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572, d/b/a Sugar River

Pizza Company Verona, LLC, 957 Liberty Dr., Ste. 100, Verona, WI 53593.
Applications will be considered on
February 22, 2016 by the City of Verona
Public Safety & Welfare Committee at
5:30 p.m. and by the City of Verona Common Council at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 111
Lincoln Street, Verona, WI.
Published: February 18, 2016


The City of Verona Plan Commission will hold Public Hearings on Monday
March 7, 2016 at City Hall, 111 Lincoln
Street, for the following planning and
zoning matters:
1) Conditional use permit for a 7,182
square foot multi-tenant building to be
located at 631 Hometown Circle. The proposed building will include an outdoor
patio and drive-up window.
2) Zoning Ordinance text amendment to modify the Citys Floodplain
Zoning Ordinance amending the Flood
Insurance Study (FIS) maps due to recent
mapping updates from the Department of
Natural Resources. The specific section
to be modified is 13-2-5(c).
Interested persons may comment
on these planning and zoning matters
during the public hearings at the March
7th Plan Commission meeting. The Plan
Commission will make recommendations
for these matters, which will then be reviewed by the Common Council for final
decisions on Monday, March 14th.
Contact Adam Sayre, Director of
Planning and Development, at 608-8489941 for more information on these items
or to receive copies of the submittals.
Ellen Clark,
City Clerk
Published: February 18 and 25, 2016


Mary L. Bartlett


February 18, 2016

The Verona Press

Club: Programs that aim to close achievement gap include tutoring, college visits
Continued from page 1

BGC gets $3M in grants

have at least a 1.5 GPA. Once in

the program, they must improve it
to a 2.0 and maintain that or continue improvement, Clark explained.
Clark said both CC and CRS
provide more than simple academic help, though even in light
of the recent release of last years
standardized test results that show
a major gap between white and
minority students, as well as those
considered economically disadvantaged and those who are not.
They start to show up for themselves, she said. They start to see
a purpose in doing better originally
in classes and then doing well.

The Boys and Girls Club, which funds the College Club (CC)
and College Ready Scholars (CRS) programs at Verona Area
High School, received more than $3 million in grants in January
to go toward academic programs. The biggest program the club
funds is in the Madison Metropolitan School District, called the
AVID/TOPS program.
It has a similar focus to the programs in Verona, though a different structure. Though the money may or may not directly help
CC and CRS, director Karin Clark told the Press she hopes it can
help continue the programs at VAHS.
However the money is used, she said she is grateful for the
grants from the Burke Foundation and the American Family
Insurance Foundation that aim to help close the achievement gap
between students of low socioeconomic status and their more
well-off peers.
Its astonishing to me, Clark said. It really gets me excited
about the potential for what we can do for the students.

Seeing is believing
One of the features for College
Club members is up to five visits
to college campuses each year.
Schools eligible for visits
include the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, UW-Madison,
UW-Whitewater, Edgewood and
this year, the University of Illinois.
Junior Lacy Hagen said the visits
helped her understand what a college campus feels like.
Looking at when we went on a
trip to Whitewater, I thought, Im
going to apply here because I really enjoy the atmosphere, Hagen
said. I thought that was cool how
we get to take time out of school
to go and do these amazing things.
Its just nice to go get a feel
of what college will be like.
Senior Amira Caire said the
tutors also help direct them toward
majors early on. Caire plans to
major in art, but also wants to look
at business.
In high school, you kind of
want to take classes that youre
probably going to major in college
for, Caire said. They really want
us to think about our interests.
402 Help Wanted, General
CAREGIVER/CNA. If you have a heart
for the elderly, enjoys helping others, join
our team in helping our residents live life
to their fullest potential. Remember, "put
a song in the hearts of others and you'll
always have one in yours." Call Andy
Area offices. Mon-Sat, 2-5/hrs per night.
Please call 608-246-9665 or 608-4381386.
Applications available at
Sugar & Spice Eatery.
317 Nora St. Stoughton.

Photo by Scott Girard

Math tutor Mickey Nguyen, left, works with College Ready Scholar Brian Cristaldo
on a math equation.

The program also provides a

community feel, including both
the students and the adults in
charge. The group recently went
to a Milwaukee Bucks game and
some got to sit courtside.
Theyre also really cool people, so even if you dont have
much to work on, you can always
walk in and say, Hey, Caire

Serious problem
Both the community and academic work is aimed at solving a
problem highlighted by last years
ACT results in the district.
All juniors statewide took the
ACT for the first time last year.
In Verona, just 11.8 percent of
African-American students tested
as college-ready in math, and
just 41.2 percent reached that
level in English Language Arts.
For white students, those numbers were 66.3 percent and 79.8

EXPERIENCED DISHWASHER WANTED. Apply at Sunrise Family Restaurant

1052 W. Main, Stoughton.
Immediate openings!
Assistant Front Desk Supervisor (F/T)
Driver (P/T) $10/hour.
Front Desk Associates:
$9-$10/hour (F/T, P/T).
Experience preferred,
but willing to train
right people.
Paid training, vacation, uniform.
Free room nights.
Apply in person:
131 Horizon Dr., Verona
Monday FOR THE Verona Press

percent, respectively.
While College Club is not limited to minority students, Clark
said, the demographic is mostly
minority. The students who spoke
with the Press said the Club is
much more helpful than an average study hall, with its availability all day and after school for
tutoring help, letting them focus
on whatever academic subject is
challenging them the most on a
given day.
All of the years that Ive been
in study halls, I havent had a
teacher that could help me with
what I needed help with, senior
Donte Hubert said.
It might be like a math teacher
and you need help with history
or something, senior DaQuan
Bunch added.
Clark said the CRS program is
especially focused on improving
ACT scores, getting into more
colleges and avoiding remedial


needed to merchandise Hallmark
products at stores in Verona. To
apply please visit https://www.hallmark. EOE Women, minorities, disabled, and veterans.

434 Health Care, Human

Services & Child Care
Seeking caregivers to provide care
to seniors in their homes. Valid DL/
Dependable Vehicle required. FT & PT
positions available. Flexible scheduling.
$1000 sign-on bonus.
Call 608-442-1898
Verona Press Classifieds. Call 873-6671
or 835-6677.

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info: Dennis 608-562-3808 (CNOW)

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applicant in over 178 Wisconsin newspapers across the state! STEEL BUILDINGS-Diamond Steel Structures-Factory Direct
Only $300/week. Thats $1.68 per paper! Call this paper or 800- Pricing-Preseason $1000 discount if ordered before April 1st227-7636 (CNOW) Call 844.297.8335. (CNOW)

classes once there.

Standard tests notoriously are
very challenging for students of
color because theyre written for
mainstream white kids, Clark
said. That just is the reality. The
sad piece of that is our kids can be
brilliant and theyll score a 17
on the ACT because the language
is not what they hear every day in
their homes.

Inner confidence
Clark and head tutor Matt Martinez both said outlining the programs goal as simply improving
academic scores would be too
simple, though.
Its so much more than just
we can say we helped them with
their math and thats what makes
us successful, Martinez said.
These individuals are growing
up to be individuals that know
what it means to contribute, to be
successful within themselves.
In a school community with
a set-up internally that people
cant see that creates a divide

SERVICES - Full-time salaried
management position.
FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER Full to part-time clinic position.
PHARMACY TECHNICIANS Seeking part-time certified tech.
OR TECH - .8 FTE, part-time tech
PT/OT - Per diem opportunity in our
skilled nursing facilities.
To find out more detailed information
about all open positions and to
apply, go to our website at www.
800 Compassion Way
Dodgeville, WI 53533
HOME HEALTH AIDE. Part-time. Help
two handicapped ladies. Housework, prepare meals, shopping, bathing. Start at
$12.00/hr. Call Don 873-0841.

438 General Management

Delivery with CDL. Warehouse, computer, general labor. Full-time w/ benefits.
E-Mail resume to
Middleton Cooperative, PO Box 620348,
Middleton, WI 53562-0348

441 Sales & Telemarketing

LOOKING FOR eager persons to work
at a call center on Madison's West side,
paid weekly, flexible hours. For more
info, call 608-268-3695.
Sales Position
We are now accepting applications
for several part-time positions selling
outdoor furniture during the summer
and assisting in our skiwear and winter
clothing department during the winter.
These positions are year round jobs with
flexible shifts of 15-25 hours per week weekdays and one weekend day. If you
enjoy working with people, like to ski or
have a flair for color and design, please
visit our store and apply in person.
Chalet is a fun and friendly place to
work with local owners who have great
appreciation for our employees and
customers. We offer a generous base
salary plus commission, paid training
and a nice benefits package.
Apply in person or send resume to:
5252 Verona Road
Madison, WI 53711
Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
Monday for the Verona Press unless
changed because of holiday work schedules. Call now to place your ad, 873-6671
or 835-6677.

between students from Fitchburg

and those from Verona, Clark said
she has seen improvement in the
support for the program and other
efforts to make minority students
more comfortable in their school.
I feel so grateful and lucky,
because Verona is so much more
than just a partner, she said.
They go out of their way to make
sure our kids are recognized.
Its a sea change, she added
later. The whole place feels different.
Clark said watching students
grow in the program, especially
those from backgrounds without
college in their family, inspires
her every day.
They become leaders within
their peer group and within the
school, she said. They suddenly
see in themselves when theyre
exposed, not only to opportunities, but to other people that look
like them who are successful.
They can say, That could be me.
Success is the kid believing
in themselves.

446 Agriculture,
Landscaping & Lawn Care
THE CITY of Stoughton
(an Equal Opportunity Employer)
is recruiting for the
following positions:
If you are looking for a
seasonal position and enjoy
working outdoors, The City of Stoughton,
an Equal Opportunity Employer, is
looking for energetic individuals to assist
the Parks Maintenance Department with
seasonal mowing and park
maintenance duties. Applicants
must be 18 years of age and
possess a valid driver's license.
Pay $9.50/hr
If you are looking for a
year round part-time position
and enjoy working outdoors, The City
of Stoughton, an Equal Opportunity
Employer, is looking
for energetic individuals to
assist the Parks Maintenance
Department with mowing, park
maintenance and winter snow
removal. Applicants must be 18 years of
age and possess
a valid driver's license.
Pay $10.50/hr
Candidates must possess a
High school diploma or
equivalent, with preference
given to those candidates who
possess one or more of the
following: vocational/technical
training in street maintenance
and/or one to two years heavy
equipment operating experience.
Certification in CPR and first aid
preferred or will be required to
be obtained after hire.
Applicants must be 18 years of
age, possess a valid driver's
license and Commercial Driver's
license class B, C, D with air
brakes, tanker and trailer
certification endorsements
required at hire. This is a
full-time, non-exempt position.
Salary Range $18.76-$24.70/hr
depending on experience, with a
competitive benefits package.
Employment applications and complete
job descriptions are
available from City Hall, 381 E.
Main St., Stoughton, WI 53589
or at www.cityofstoughton/jobs.
All applicants must complete
an application for employment,
even if submitting a resume and cover
letter. Applications must
be received on or before
4:30 pm February 25, 2016 .
Submit resumes
and applications to:

381 E. MAIN ST.

451 Janitorial & Maintenance

in Oregon, WI. Full and Part-time shifts
available. Monday-Friday, NO WEEKENDS. General cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, etc. Apply at
Diversified Building Maintenance, 1105
Touson Drive, Janesville, WI. 608-7529465.

452 General
Mon-Fri 4 hours/night. Visit our website: or call our
office: 608-831-8850

516 Cleaning Services

House and office cleaning,
Free estimates.

548 Home Improvement

Light Construction Remodeling
No job too small
"Honey Do List"
No job too small

35 + Years Professional
Arthur Hallinan

RECOVER PAINTING currently offering

winter discounts on all painting, drywall
and carpentry. Recover urges you to join
in the fight against cancer, as a portion of
every job is donated to cancer research.
Free estimates, fully insured, over 20
years of experience. Call 608-270-0440.
Professional, Interior,
Exterior, Repairs.
Free Estimates. Insured.

572 Snow Removal

Residential & Commercial
20+yers exp. Fully Insured.


Hardwood. Volume discount. Will
deliver. 608-609-1181

696 Wanted To Buy

WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks.
We sell used parts.
Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Newville Auto Salvage, 279 Hwy 59
Edgerton, 608-884-3114

705 Rentals
Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $750 per month, includes
heat, water, and sewer.
608-835-6717 Located at:
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
STOUGHTON 1616 Kenilworth Ct.
Large 2-BR apts available now.
Pets welcome. Many feature new wood
laminate flooring.
$775-$825/mo. 608-831-4035.
of two-flat, near downtown, River Bluff
School. Newly renovated. Central air.
W/D, water included. No pets. $855/
month+security deposit. 608-873-7655
or 608-225-9033.
VERONA ONE Bedroom Available
March. Heat Included, $530 month. Dave

720 Apartments
55+. 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $750 per month. Includes
heat, water and sewer. Professionally
managed. Located at
300 Silverado Drive, Stoughton, WI
53589 608-877-9388

750 Storage Spaces For Rent

10X10 10X15 10X20 10X30
Security Lights-24/7 access
Credit Cards Accepted
CALL (608)444-2900

Located behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure
Lighted with access 24/7
Bank Cards Accepted
Off North Hwy 51 on
Oak Opening Dr. behind
Stoughton Garden Center
Call: 608-509-8904
Convenient location behind
Stoughton Lumber.
Clean-Dry Units
5x10 thru 12x25
Only 6 miles South of
Verona on Hwy PB.
Variety of sizes available now.
Call 608-424-6530 or
10x10 through 10x40, plus
14x40 with 14' door for
RV & Boats.
Come & go as you please.

SMALL STOUGHTON Office for rent

overlooking Historic Main St. 195 sqft.
$300/mo. Contact wendigotavern@

970 Horses
16379 W. Milbrandt Road
Evansville, WI

975 Livestock
PURE BRED Red Angus Bulls, open and
bred heifers for sale. Pick your bulls now
for summer delivery. Shamrock Nook
Red Angus 608-558-5342

990 Farm: Service

& Merchandise
and these attachments. Concrete
breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake,
concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher,
rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump
By the day, week, or month.
Carter & Gruenewald Co.
4417 Hwy 92
Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411
Verona Press Classifieds. Call 873-6671
or 835-6677.



Manufacturing Engineering
Technicians (2nd Shift,
Monday-Friday 2pm-6am)

Employer Paid Dental

Life Insurance

401(k) Plan

On-Site Training

Set Work Schedules

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


801 Office Space For Rent

In Oregon facing 15th hole
on golfcourse
Free Wi-Fi, Parking and
Security System
Conference rooms available
Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
Marty 608-835-3628

Maintenance Technicians
(3rd shift, Sunday-Thursday



MOFA Global Career Opportunities in Verona

Packaging and Assembly Associate

The Verona Police Commission is accepting

applications for Patrol Officer. The 2016 salary
range is $48,133.68 and $70,580.19,depending
on qualifications. If you are a police officer who
is looking for a lateral transfer opportunity,
preference may be given to candidates
who are certified and/or have experience.
Application deadline is April 4, 2016, at 4:30
p.m. An application kit is available from our
website at Questions can
be directed to Business Office Manager Nilles
at 608-845-0924. Women and minorities are
encouraged to apply.

Full and Part-Time

The Associate will perform general assembly

and packaging of consumable plastic products
while paying attention to detail and quality. The
successful candidate must be flexible in work
hours between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday

Clean Room ProductionTechnician

The Clean Room Production Technician will
operate all equipment in the clean room and
produce products.
Multiple positions open for 1st or 2nd shift
1st Shift: 5:00 am 1:30 pm
2nd Shift: 1:00 pm 9:30 am



Production Tech I
The Production Technician I will operate all
equipment in the manufacturing department and
produce plastic products. The successful candidate
must be available to work on 2nd or 3rd shift.
2nd Shift: 1:00 pm 9:30 pm
3rd Shift: 9:00 pm 5:30 am

To apply, go to:

Expand With Us!





Dietary Aide/Cook
Maintenance Technician


Dedicated Fleet, Top Pay, New Assigned Equipment, Monthly Bonuses
CDL-A, 6 mos. OTR exp. reqd EEOE/AAP

Come Join our Neighborhood!

Become a Team Member

We offer competitive wages, shift and weekend differentials.
Health, dental, disability and life insurance.
Retirement, vacation, sick and holiday pay.
for an application
Send resume to:
303 S. Jefferson Street, Verona, WI 53593
(608) 497-2362

Equal Opportunity Employer


646 Fireplaces,
Furnaces/Wood, Fuel

Located in Fitchburg, WI

Expand With Us!





Have you seen our construction progress?

All Saints Neighborhood on Madisons west side is growing, developing a Main Street and
new living options opening Summer 2016. Were accepting applications for the following:

Campus Administrator - Manage the daily operations of our senior living campus.
Admissions Coordinator - Coordinating the campus admissions process.

Become a Team Member

We offer competitive wages, shift and weekend differentials.
Health, dental, disability and life insurance.
Retirement, vacation, sick and holiday pay.
for an application
Send resume to:
303 S. Jefferson Street, Verona, WI 53593
(608) 497-2362

Care Coordinator - LPN or RN required. Providing care management.

Cooks - Experience Preferred. Preparing delicious meals for campus residents.
Resident Assistants - Full and part-time positions available now for a variety of shifts.
We offer great shift differentials including $1.00/hour nights & weekends!

Maintenance Technicians - Performing scheduled & unscheduled maintenance.

We offer competitive wages as well as health, dental and Paid Time Off
to eligible staff. Contact us today!
to request an


to download
an application:

Registered Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse
Personal Care Worker

Equal Opportunity Employer



"Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall"
Customer Appreciation Week!
Apr 04-10. 20% Discount!
Enter daily 8am-4pm 78,000 SF
200 Dealers in 400 Booths
Third floor furniture, locked cases
Location: 239 Whitney St
Columbus, WI 53925


10x10 - 10x15
10x20 - 12x30
24 / 7 Access
Security Lights & Cameras
Credit Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road
Oregon, WI
Located on the corner of
Union Road & Lincoln Road




602 Antiques & Collectibles

6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
in Oregon
Call 608-520-0240

The Verona Press

Building Inspector

The Town of Verona is seeking a municipal building

inspector possessing State certifications in Uniform
Dwelling Code One and Two Family, UDC Plumbing,
UDC HVAC and UDC Electrical. Preferred candidates
will also possess certification in commercial inspection.
This is a part-time position. Compensation is 80% of
the building fee revenue. For a full job description go
to: For consideration please
submit a cover letter and resume or statement of
qualifications to Amanda Arnold, Planner/Administrator,
335 N. Nine Mound Road, Verona, WI 53593 or on or before March 11, 2016.
The anticipated start date for work would be April 1, 2016.


(Temporary skin art that
lasts for 1-2 weeks)
Always wanted one, but
didn't want to trek into
Madison to get it?
Now you don't have to!
I will come to you!
...or to a local bar, coffee
shop, library, etc.
Prices start at $10
and go up depending on size
Evening and Weekend
appointments OKAY!
Party rates also available!
For questions or to set up an
appointment, call or text:
or for sample pics, check out:
(...You know you want to...)
(addit'l charge of $1/mile may apply
if travel is more than 10 miles from
Downtown Stoughton)

10x10 through 10x25
month to month lease
Call Karen Everson at
608-835-7031 or
Veronica Matt at 608-291-0316


576 Special Services

February 18, 2016

16 - The Verona Press - February 18, 2016

Ask the Verona



Q. Why should I hire an income tax professional to complete my tax returns?

A. Tax Professionals are required to keep up with the changes to the tax code and spend many hours in the

classroom each year to understand the complex tax code so you dont have to. Tax professionals can and will save
you money by finding deductions and credits that you may have overlooked or not known about. They can represent
you in a tax audit. They will be accessible all year to answer questions that will help you make sound tax-saving and
financial decisions. Tax professionals can help with current year tax planning, as well as for future years, and can
recommend ways of saving taxes. They will take the stress out of doing it yourself, save you time and will give you
peace of mind that your returns are prepared accurately as mistakes can be costly. Some tips on finding the right tax
Dennis Baker
professional: Check their credentials. EAs, CPAs and tax attorneys are the only tax professionals that are authorized
to represent you with IRS on all tax matters. Request an initial free consultation to discuss your tax situation and get
an idea of what your fees will be. Ask about the tax professionals years of experience, who will actually be preparing and reviewing your returns
and consider whether the individual or firm will be available to answer questions all year and not just during the tax season.

Q. Should I be concerned about, and what products are available to

Dave Kaltenberg

Excerpts from the National Society of Accountants


Baker& Launder, SC
351 Prairie Heights Dr, Verona, WI 53593

161 Horizon Dr., Suite105 Verona, WI

53593 (608) 845-8494



Q. How do I Put my Financial Puzzle Together?

A. Did you realize that you could spend two, or even three, decades in retirement?

Its true and thats why you need to create a longevity strategy. Such a strategy
will need to cover several key elements. First of all, youll need to decide what sort
of lifestyle you desire. Will you travel the world or stick close to home? Will you
volunteer or perhaps do some paid work? Youll also need to create a retirement
income plan that draws on all your sources of income: investments, retirement plans,
Social Security, perhaps even some earned income. And dont forget health care
Brendon Diers, AAMS costs. Medicare doesnt cover everything, and if you need some type of long-term
care, such as a nursing home stay, the expenses are high. Also, think about housing.
Financial Advisor
Will you downsize, or perhaps move to a different climate? Take all these factors
into account when you create your longevity strategy. The more thorough you are, the
better your results will likely be.

1010 North Edge Trail Verona, WI (608) 848-4000

(corner of Hwy. M and Cross Country Rd.)



Q. What constitutes abuse of the Elderly?

A. Abuse and neglect of the elderly has recently been recognized as a national issue.

Q. Is chiropractic beneficial for overall health or

just neck and back pain?
A. Chiropractic addresses the health and integrity of your
spinal column which provides for your mobility and also
contains your communication system/nervous system.
Without a properly working nervous system, your body
Jill Unwin,
Lee Unwin,
cannot adapt to all of the stress and demands placed upon
D.C., C.C.E.P
it on a daily basis. An optimum level of health is achieved
with chiropractic care by restoring function to the nervous system and that is why conditions like
asthma, sinus trouble, heartburn and many other health issues respond favorably while under care.
Just like working out and eating right, incorporating a chiropractic wellness program into your
lifestyle will lead you down the path to better health.

102 N. Franklin Street Verona, WI 53593

(608) 848-1800

Gail C. Groy
Attorney at Law


Q. Why Choose Care At Home?

A. Home healthcare is a wonderful choice for any loving family member who is in the process

Q. My seven year old has very poor problem solving


skills. How can I help?

A. Problem solving, like many other things, takes tools and
practice. When a small problem arises, talk through it with your
child. Help them break it down into identifying the problem,
thinking up possible solutions, and selecting the best option.
Find opportunities to practice together and when your child seems ready, give them chances
to use those skills on their own. When youre reading to your child, point out examples
where a character solved a problem. As their skills grow, children become more confident in
their own ability to problem solve.


Q. When is the best time to list my house?

A. January and February arent normally busy real estate months in our area, but we are

Keith & Kinsey Schulz

Real Estate Team

off to a record start this year. Weve seen higher than average buyer activity for the time
of year. Weve also seen many multiple offer scenarios, which are definitely rarer during
the winter. Its looking like another good year for real estate sales and appreciation. So,
when is the best time to put your home on the market? I honestly think anytime between
now and the end of March is going to be a great time to sell. Yes, that may seem a little
early, but there is very little inventory right now. Local inventory is at 2.75 months, which
leaves buyers very little to choose from and is creating competition among buyers. If you,
as a seller, beat all your competition to the market, your chances of selling for a strong
price will be better. Typically the amount of inventory rises in April and May, leaving
more options for buyers. If you are considering selling, now may be the time!
Making a Difference, One Home at a Time!
(608) 492-2272

Elder Abuse
is defined by Wisconsin Law as when a person aged 60 years or older or who is suffering from
the infirmities of aging has been subjected to any of the following four categories of abuse: 1)
Physical Abuse, which is the willful infliction on an elder of physical pain, or injury or unreasonable
confinement; 2) Material Abuse, which is the misuse of an elders property or financial resources;
3) Neglect, which is significant danger to an elders physical or mental health when the person is
responsible for the elder is unable or fails to provide adequate shelter, food, clothing or medical/dental
care; 4) Self-Neglect which is significant danger to an elders physical or mental health when the
elder is responsible for his or her own care and is unable to provide adequate shelter, food, clothing
or medical/dental care. Wisconsin is one of the few states that has voluntary (rather than mandatory)
reporting of Elder Abuse which is because elders in Wisconsin have rights, by law, to make decisions
(even bad decisions) for themselves unless those decisions would hurt or harm others. That means it
us up to you, as the reader to report any instances of elder abuse to the authorities.

600 W. Verona Avenue, Verona, WI 53593 (608) 709-5565 Email:


The Caring Center/Verona Montessori House

402 W. Verona Ave. Verona (608) 845-8620



161 Horizon Dr., Suite 107a Verona, WI 53593

(608) 845-2533 Member SIPC

would be appropriate to discuss why sugary drinks are such a problem for child and
adult tooth decay. Everyone knows that the mouth is loaded with bacteria. Like all
living things, bacteria need to eat too. Bacteria love carbohydrates (sugars). When
bacteria eat the sugars, they produce waste in form of acids. These acids attack tooth
enamel to cause decay, especially when daily brushing does not remove the bacteria
(plaque) and acids.
Dr. James Sands, DDS
Sugary drinks provide the food source for these bacteria. Some drinks are extra acidic
and attack the enamel directly. A general rule to remember regarding sugars and carbohydrates, it is not just the volume of sugar that matters but also the contact time that the
sugars/acids have with teeth. Sipping on a sugary drink throughout the day is far worse
than having a glass at mealtime. Brushing and flossing is first and most important in
preventing tooth decay but diet is a very close second and in young children may be the
key to preventing tooth decay.

of searching for a provider to assist with the health, safety and personal well being of an elderly
loved one. When searching for a permanent residence for a senior, there is no better choice than
where the elderly loved-one is most comfortable: their own home. There are many qualities that
make home healthcare a much better choice than that of a retirement or nursing home.
Home healthcare allows the senior to stay in the comfort and stress free environment of their
home. With Comfort Keepers, our caregivers ask the senior Would you like to help me cook
dinner? Where are you recipe books? Whats your favorite meal? The senior is able to be part of
their own care, which helps them feel involved and useful as well as develop a bond with their care taker.
Stephen Rudolph

Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more about our home healthcare services and to schedule your free in-home

5396 King James Way, Suite 210, Madison, WI 53719

(608) 442-1898



Q. How long has Stellar Rehab been in Verona and what services do you provide?
A. Stellar Rehabilitation, LLC has celebrated its 12th Anniversary! Stellar opened its doors on January 19, 2004 in the Prairie

Oaks area of Verona with 2 employees, providing outpatient services to this community. It didnt take long to realize the need for
services in a variety of Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), which were eager to have on-site therapy services and Stellar expanded
quickly to cover their needs. Some of the ALFs that Stellar provides on-site therapy include: Willow Pointe, Sylvan Crossings, Avalon,
Harmony, Kindred Hearts, Legacy Gardens, Parkside, Meadowmere, Emmerson, and Aster Retirement Communities. Stellar also
has had contracts with Oscar Mayer (on-site therapy and workers compensation injuries), the Wisconsin Virtual Academy (homeschool based therapy), Select Specialty Hospital (long-term acute-care therapy), Meriter Home Care (speech therapy services and
Susan Armstrong, MPT power wheelchair evaluations), Southern Care (hospice services), Heartland Hospice (hospice services), BrightStar care (homecare,
assisted living and private therapy services), Care Wisconsin (contracted and homecare therapy), All Saints Senior Housing (in-home
Physical Therapist
therapy), Recover Health (homecare therapy), Interim Homecare (homecare), and SMS National (homecare workers compensation).
Stellar Rehab provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services with an excellent team of highly talented
professionals. You can read more about Stellars services on the website: Its exciting to know the many places
weve been, the thousands of people we have been able to help, and the wonderful opportunities that have opened up over the last 12
years. Thank you to the Verona and surrounding cities for their support and the opportunity to do what we love to do help people.

Comprehensive Therapy Services

1049 N. Edge Trail Prairie Oaks
(608) 845-2100 Verona, WI 53593


Brendon Diers, AAMS, Financial Advisor


This article was written by Edward Jones for the use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Q. What makes sugary drinks so bad for your teeth?

A. In recognition of February being Childrens Dental Health month, I thought it

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Email me at to subscribe to our free monthly tax e-newsletter.

control indoor air quality (IAQ)?

According to the EPA, the air inside your home can be up to 100
times more polluted than the air outside and considering the fact that most
Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, air quality
indoors may present greater health risks than outdoor air pollution. A
variety of products are available to help control the quality of air in your
home. These include high efficiency air cleaners, automatic humidifiers
and dehumidifiers, air exchangers, zone control systems and UV lamps.
To learn more about any of these products, contact Dave at OK Heating
and Air Conditioning.