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Caring For the Elderly

Life is often about being taken care of in childhood, or being a caretaker for others.
The lessons are sometimes about nurturing, love and compassion. Be sure the
senior you are helping gets the best care available and understands their changing
No one wants to live with, and take care of an old person who is ill and
generally difficult deal with due to physical and emotional problems, that often
require more care than they can provide. It is hard to see someone you love slip
away. With the aid of a good home care provider, the burden is eased, yet some of
these people leave a lot to be desired.
Not everyone is a caretaker. Some can care take children, but not the people
with special needs and illnesses, at any age. Others have no problem caring for an
older person with whom they feel a soul connection.For some the journey is about
taking care of others, family, friends, at work, eventually causing them to burn out
and wonder, "Who is going to take care of me when I get old." Many never leave
home, and wonder when their life will begin, not realizing they are here to act as
parental caretakers.
As we known most people live longer and healthier lives as compared to the
past generations. Each year advancements in science and technology, better health
care combining western medicine with holistic healing, greater awareness of how to
care for ourselves physically and emotionally, are all part of the process that
increases the life expectancy of humans. The Internet is an important tool to that
end.Sometimes senior citizens are able to live normal lives and care for themselves,
but as most people age, they need care takers at some point.
Lack of a caretaker is a serious problem for older people who have chronic
conditions and limitations on their ability to care for themselves and their homes.
Their problems are often compounded by increased medical costs due to poor
health and the need for more supportive services.
Unfortunately, those who are most vulnerable are also most likely to live
alone and to have limited incomes. Eighty percent of those living alone are women
and nearly half of people aged 85 or older live alone. Older women, the very old,
and minority elderly, have, on average, the lowest incomes among the older
population which severely limits their ability to purchase the health care, goods,
services, and housing options which could help them to remain independent. There
are agencies that supply aid to these people.
The Caretakers
Taking care of the elderly is not easy. Emotional issues, buried for decades come to
the fore and are tested. Money, inheritance, is often a generating factor in the
relationship. In most cases there is a love behind the pain, which may never be
shown, or may be spoke about before the person crosses over. Learning to say, "I
love you" or "Forgive me", is very important to the souls involved.
Many people force themselves to be care takers, relieved when the
experience is over, but knowing it is why they are here, or, that there is just no one
else to do it.Care taking the elderly is difficult and depressing much of the time.
Watching someone die is not easy, especially if you love them. We all have our
limitations.Sometimes care taking a senior means living in their home, which is paid
for, combined with the benefits, allow the care taker to remove themselves from the

pressure and responsibilities of the work place. When the person crosses over, and
the money is gone, or given away to the government, all sorts of new issues must
be dealt with by the care taker, finances, or feeling others have taken money that
should have been theirs after years of care taking.
Many care takers have not created a family of their own, so life becomes
meaningless. Many are lost and alone never finding themselves as they wander
through life. They may have jobs, friends, and an interest or two, but they are lost
once the karma is over. They wonder why they are here. Often they turn to
metaphysical studies to help bring deeper meaning to their lives. Things become
boring and they get depressed. Many 'leave' early to rejoin the person who died.
One client I read came to me when his mother was dying. He was forty years
old. She died a month later. He died of a heart attack one week after she died. Souls
do travel in groups, and often feel abandoned when there are no other members of
their soul group here.
Care taking an aging parent, while trying to handle your other responsibilities
is often as difficult as the parent who raises the child alone and struggles to provide
proper care and attention. Life moves in these cycles, through time.
When does the body age? The body starts to break down physically, when the
emotional and spiritual bodies breakdown, and the soul starts to release from the
physical grid. The connection looks like static electricity on the grid, the
electromagnetic flow, our aura, inhibited. It's like being plugged into the grid, but
there is a short in the wiring.
This does not necessarily have to occur when someone is old. It occurs when people
do not function and need care takers. Some people are challenged from birth and
require special care taking all of their experience in the physical. The soul
determines how the physical body will perform and how needy it will be, and the
type of physical experience the soul will have in that body.
Work, Job
The body stops 'working' when it is emotionally exhausted.
It leaves a job/ career when it is ready, it has worked a required number of years, or
retirement is forced upon it.
Some souls create accidents and illnesses, emotional breakdowns and chemical
disorders, as they cannot function out of the home and cannot work. These people
play the game of negative emotions. As their therapy, they stay home and write or
do other creative projects, often alone. What is their mission?
The primary mission of all humans is to awaken to the knowledge that they are
spirit having a physical experience that is going to end at which time they move
into higher frequency of light and new experiences of conscious awareness. To do
that, one must heal and balance the energies around them.
On the positive side of the emotional scale, many elderly people work part time,
travel, play, meet new loves, remarry, study the things in life they missed out
during the years they worked or were caretakers, and experience the best part of

their lives in their latter years. It is all about quality of life, health and healthy
Some Senior Citizens are not as lucky as others and face issues, You know that
physical reality is all about issues:
- One or more illnesses that leave them limited and often co-dependent
- lack of money to enjoy life, fixed income
- families who abandon them as they cannot handle the responsibility of care taking
- depression, loneliness
- unable to handle their own emotions and physical illnesses
Some illnesses move quickly after which the person crosses over, others are slowly
debilitating. Once such illness is Alzheimer's Disease which is not short term. It lasts
for years and affects not only the caretakers, but as with all illnesses in a family, it
affects everyone, especially those who live with the sick person. We are all not cut
out to care take someone in this situation.
But when do we say we can no longer care take? This is an family decision, which
involves finding a suitable home for the person who is ill and then care taking them
at the home. Finding a proper home, or home care attendant is not always easy.
This is a major decision that is not easy to deal with in families, as generally one
person is the care taker to the person who is ill and feels that they must care for the
person till they die. It could be a child or a spouse or sibling. When is it the correct
time to place someone in an assisted living facility or nursing home?
What happens when the government comes in and takes the sick person's life
savings, when it was to be left to the family? There seems to be lots of permanent
splits in families after someone dies and inheritance is not distributed fairly. After
the person dies, there are often members of the family who vent their anger, grief
and years of stored up resentment, as it all 'hits the fan'.
A client came to see me for a reading, just after her mother had crossed over, after
six years of dealing with Alzheimer's, of which my client was the primary caretaker.
She came to me to feel assured that her mother was at peace on the other side.
Though the frequency of the mother had come to her in dream, which is the norm,
my client needed to speak to her mother through me. [Remember that we are souls,
frequencies of conscious energy that experience in and out of physical form].
As I started to talk to my client's mother, the mother's spirit started moving things
around, such as my client's umbrella which moved across the entrance hallway with
a bang. Makes one wonder when the spiritual frequency clears after it crosses over,
or was the mother merely making a point, "I am here!"

The souls of those afflicted with Alzheimer's generally are on the other side already.
I can talk to the spirits from here. They have often joined family members who have
crossed over, especially those they have missed through the years. With
Alzheimer's the physical bodies/projections seem to linger after consciousness
slowly leaves the physical form. Watching the body slowly disintegrate, due to the
absence of conscious awareness, is not easy.
Why do humans, who have enough troubles in 3D as it is, have to grow old and sick
to get out of the program? There is no logic to this. Old people should have the
chance to relax and enjoy their time here, yet most have medical problems and
spent endless time with doctors and in pain, searching for cures. Often this takes
them on a spiritual journey, as the 3D karma is now complete, and there really is
little else to do here.
The soul can release from the physical form quickly with a thump sound, releasing
the hermetic seal that locks in into the physical body or gradually, leaving the
physical body mentally disconnected. Without consciousness in this reality, you lose
Why do souls who are not functioning remain in the physical? Generally it has to do
with the relationship between the sick person not wanting the leave the care taker
alone, and the care taker not wanting the sick person to abandon them, leave them
alone. The process of separation goes back to the separation of soul from the
source, the mother, the creator, creational force that generates and creates life into
the program.
Channelings about Atlantis state that when souls crossed over, they went into a
large domed crystal chamber, laid down, closed their eyes, and ascended out of
their bodies. It's the only way to 'go' ...