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Placement from the Mulatrikona: 3H

State: Debility/ Inimical sign

Mood: Vicious Saturn
A Graha is highly inimical to the sign located in Upachaya and 7H
from its Mulatrikona
1. Aries

represent the head of the Kalapurusha where the

naisargika 5L Sun gets exalted, indicating that this is the seat
of intellect.

2. Jupiter

is the karaka for intellect, Sun is for knowledge, Moon

is for state of mind and Mars is for rationality. Saturn being
inimical to these Grahas rule ignorance, darkness and Tamas
(dark energies) Debility of Saturn indicate even more dark
energy (debility = darkness, devoid of rays. Exaltation =
brightness, full of bright rays vide BPHS, Saravali chapter on
planetary rays).

3. Weak

Saturn indicate dirt while strong Saturn indicate high

philosophy especially when under influence of Jupiter.

4. The

influence of debilitating Saturn make the native Idiotic

and Insincere. Saturn gives sincerity, hard work and discipline
when well placed. Else, it can gives the reverse results
making the native indolent, dishonest and insincere.

5. Weakness

of Saturn cause lack of purpose in life because it is

the naisargika 10L of Karma. This it gives a wandering

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6. Aries

is the naisargika Lagna and disposition of Graha in Aries

6. Aries

is the naisargika Lagna and disposition of Graha in Aries

behave as they are placed in the Lagna. Malefic and weak
Graha placed in Aries can give lack of energy, enthusiasm,
irritated disposition while strong and benefic Grahas in Aries
gives a sunny disposition. Debility of the naisargika 10L of
action in the Lagna indicating nature indicate the native will
be peevish, resentful, cruel, vicious, quarrelsome, gloomy
and mischievous.

7. Weakness

of the natural Lagna makes the person devoid of

honesty and truthfulness. He becomes boastful, fraud, cheat
and pervert. He is also liable to misunderstand others.

8. From

Aries, Saturn aspects Gemini, Libra and Capricorn.

Saturn is friendly towards the mentioned signs, hence will
give good results.

9. Saturn

is highly damaging when placed in the Lagna being the

10L debilitated, since it causes weakness to two Kendras. Its
Neechabhanga can bestow grand Rajayoga as then Saturn will
strengthen the 10H. 10L in the Lagna also cause Siddha yoga,
setting the stage for grand achievement.

10. Saturn

in 2H for Pi Lg being the 11L brings gain to the

treasury indicating increase of wealth with time. However,
the debility of 11L is an issue which can be remedied when Ju
conjoins being the Dhana karaka or Mars conjoin it being the
sign lord or Sa attain Neechabhanga otherwise.

11. Saturn

in 3H in Ar makes the native extremely courageous

and gives a wandering disposition being 12L in 3H. It is
however detrimental to siblings.

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however detrimental to siblings.

12. Saturn

in Ar in 4H is not conducive and cause exile as the

native is forced to leave own hand, suffer sickness in
childhood, health troubles to mother etc.

13. Saturn

in Ar in 5H in debility being the 2L and 3L is conducive

for childbirth, there could be delay or denial or even loss of
child. Being 2L in 5H can be Dhana yoga, however, for that
there should be Neechabhanga or association of Jupiter the
LL and dhanakaraka.

14. So,

we see that debility of Saturn in various bhava indicate

trouble to the bhava on account of matters governed by
Saturn- through its natural and functional significations. The
functional signification (bhava ownership) are also important,
for instance if 2L is in 5H, the native may lose wealth (2L)
due to bad planning (5H) or speculation (5H). This however
can be reversed by Neechabhanga yoga which can indicate
increase of wealth by using stored wealth in speculations, big
projects etc.

15. The

other aspect one need to understand is that the sign

result of Saturn can affect various bhavas in which they
occur. For instance if Aries falls in Lagna, the native is
affected, when Aries falls in 7H, spouse is affected etc.

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