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SPRING in Harrington Grove
Harrington Grove’s Spring yard sale will be held on May 15th. Please contact the board at: board@hghoa.com to inform us of your address and participation. We are advertising in multiple places and will have one master sign at the entrance of Harrington Grove. The addresses will be mapped and offered to the public, so there is no need for individual yard sale signs. Good luck and happy yard selling!

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Baby Sitting Co-op
Does the warmer weather make you want to get out and have some fun? The Harrington Grove Babysitting Co-op began in 1991, when a group of moms got together and decided to exchange babysitting services. The Co-op meets once a month and invites any Harrington Grove parent to participate. It is a great way to meet new people for yourself and your children. We also have some social events throughout the year. We use a points system to record the sitting, so all the babysitting is free of charge! For more information, contact Kim Beebe (919) 518-2069. You are welcome to attend a monthly meeting to check it out with no strings attached. We look forward to hearing from you!

Reminder of Harrington Grove Covenants
Remember to get Architectural Review Committee approval before you: • Paint your home exterior a new color • Install a fence on your property • Remove large trees from your yard It is not allowed for you to: • Store boats or trailers on streets or unapproved locations. Parking pads are typically required. • Park or stop within 50 feet of intersection or traffic signal/sign during school bus pickup and dropoff • Leave basketball hoops on the streets • Drive motor scooters on streets or walking paths in Harrington Grove • Leave trash cans within view during the week • Have a mailbox post painted a color other than white If you're considering making any changes, please submit an Application for Approval of Exterior Design Changes BEFORE you begin any work. Better safe than sorry! You'll find the application here: http://bit.ly/cqq9D2

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Harrington Grove Highlights

Stop, Stand, Or Park
Raleigh City Code Ordinances: Know the law.

No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle (attended or unattended) except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a police officer or traffic-control device in any of the following places: (1) On a sidewalk, in the area between the roadway and the sidewalk, in the area between the right-of-way line and the roadway or in the median area of a divided roadway . (2) On or within twelve (12) feet of a crosswalk . (3) Within an intersection. (4) Within twenty-five (25) feet upon the approach to any flashing beacon, stop sign or traffic-control signal located at the side of a street or roadway. (5) No vehicle shall park within (5) feet on either side from a private road or driveway, or in such a manner to block the passage of vehicles to or from such road or driveway. (6) Grade crossing approaches. No vehicle shall park on either side of any street approaching a grade crossing within fifty (50) feet of the closest rail; provided, that where existing permanent structures are located along the street and closer than fifty (50) feet, parking may be permitted in front of such structures, unless otherwise prohibited, if the parking does not interfere with the view in either direction of an approaching locomotive or train. (7) Alongside or opposite any street excavation or obstruction when such stopping, standing or parking would obstruct traffic. (8) On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped, standing or parked at the edge or curb of a street. (9) Within fifteen (15) feet in either direction of a fire hydrant, unless a greater or lesser distance is designated by action of the Council and appropriate signs or markings are displayed.

Community Watch Tip
Raleigh Police recommends not having valuables in sight of the front door, because people pretending to be a solicitor may be casing the home for robbery. In addition the non-emergency phone number is (919) 831-6311.

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Spring Cleaning Tips
Utility Spaces • Remove the lint from the hose attached to the back of the clothes dryer • Clean the attic and basement, giving away or Living Room discarding unwanted items • Rotate heavy curtains, rugs, and throws for • Vacuum and mop attic and basement floors lightweight options Outdoor Spaces Bedrooms • Scrub porch ceilings and walls • Replace cool-weather bedding with warm- • Scrub porch floors, decks, patios, the driveway, weather bedding and walkways • Launder or dry-clean blankets • Scrub outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and awnings • Wash light-fixture covers Bathrooms • Clean gutters • Discard expired cosmetics, beauty products, and medications Home Office • Clean out files • Review and update insurance policies, contracts, and household inventories Closets • Reorganize closets, giving away unwanted items • Replace cool-weather clothing with warmweather clothing
Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing ~unknown

Kitchen • Vacuum refrigerator grill and coil • Wipe the inside of the freezer

Throughout the House • Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings • Shampoo wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs with backings • Send area rugs without backings out for professional cleaning • Steam-clean upholstery • Dust vents • Reseal stone surfaces • Reseal grout • Launder machine-washable window treatments • Dry-clean non-machine washable window treatments • Take books off shelves, dust shelves and books • Polish metal door and window hardware • Oil window and door hinges • Wax wood furniture • Wax wood, stone, concrete, brick, and unglazed tile floors • Strip and rewax vinyl and linoleum floors • Wash windows and window screens • Remove, wash, and store storm windows

Reminder on Trash
Free Bulky Load Pick Up: Free collection of items that will not fit in a garbage cart is limited to FOUR CUBIC YARDS, which is equivalent to filling the bed of a standard-sized pick up truck. If your load is deemed to be in excess of 4 cubic yards, you may be assessed the fee of Items placed without schedul$50.00 for a Special Load Collec- ing will not be picked up and you may incur a $50 citation tion. for violation of the Solid Waste YARD Waste and LARGE appliCode. ances are NOT included in Bulky NOTE: Trash receptacles Load. should not be put curbside until You must call ahead and schedule after noon on Monday, and for collection. Please call: 831- should be moved back by end of 6890. day Tuesday.

Examples of Acceptable Items. *Air conditioner (Window Units) *Car Seats *Basketball goals (call for details) *Bed frames *Carpet *Chairs *Couches *Doors *Desks *Dressers *Entertainment units

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Harrington Grove Highlights

Our Facebook Group page is growing! Come post questions, share news, and be available for Board emails.
Access our HGHOA website for ARCH requests, maps, news, electronic newsletters, calendar events, other forms/links, and access to the Swim and Racquet Club. We are also on Twitter!
http://hghoa.com/ http://twitter.com/HarringtonGrove http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=80066116446

HOA Meetings: Every Fourth Thursday, 7pm, at St. Francis, Anthony Hall, room 402. Spring Yard Sale-May 15th National Night Out– August 3rd Fall Yard Sale– September 2010 (Date to be announced). Annual BBQ— September 2010 (Date to be announced).

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Chains , Chains, and Automobiles
In order to enhance security in our neighborhood, we now secure the entrance to the parking lot of the Harrington Grove Playground and Swim and Raquet Club. Generally we will close the entrance starting at 10 PM and it reopens in the morning. Residents should ensure vehicles are not left in the parking lot overnight.

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Garage Sale Tips
From Tipnut’s How To Guild Supplies You Need • Clean table clothes, sheets (to lay across tables and on ground to lay items on) • Measuring tape (to enable customers to measure furniture or shelving, etc.) • Have an extension cord handy to plug in any electrical items you have for sale, and an assortment of batteries to test items. Use the outside electrical outlet-do not let people in your home! • Fanny pack to hold the money (do not use a cash box-too easy to grab and run and too awkward to hold all day) Money on Hand • Roll of quarters • 20 $1 dollar bills • 5 $5 dollar bills • 4 $10 dollar bills Prep Work • Make sure the yard and surrounding area is neat and clean, hedges trimmed, leaves raked, weeds pulled and grass mowed. Move the garbage bin out of sight. Yes–even at a garage sale -presentation makes a difference. • Price everything to save yourself and the shopper less questions to ask and answer. • Thoroughly review each item before putting it out for sale. Look for forgotten money in pockets, old receipts, etc. • Clean everything really well-the shinier the better. Wash clothes blankets, towels, and bedding. • Mark the measurements for things like curtains and drapes, sheet size (twin, double, etc.). You can do this on masking tape. • Move your vehicle over a block, especially if you live on a small street. If people can not find a place to park, they will not be buying anything (do this the morning of the sale). Presentation and Display • • • Take time to organize: Keep glass items together, collectibles together, books and magazines, etc. Not enough tables? Lay things out individually on clean blankets or sheets. Do not bury things in boxes, the more things that are displayed, the easier it is for someone to spot them and buy. Keep sections spaced far enough apart so people can browse on both sides of the table or blankets.

Sales Tips • Have fun and enjoy having people browse through your stuff-it shows, and people respond to that. • Know what you have for sale and what your rock bottom prices are. Pay attention, if you see someone debating whether or not to buy that old wool blanket for $5, sweeten the offer by throwing in that little gadget in their hands for free or come down a buck to two on the price. • Do not hover over people, do not be pushy, loud or abrasive. And do not sit in the corner talking on the cordless phone or watching your portable TV. Acknowledge people and be approachable. • Bartering is a sport-Do not be intimidated, insulted or shy about it. If someone offers you $2 for a $10 item and it’s only an hour into your sale-suggest $8. If it’s 4 p.m. and you are starting to pack up—take the offer or pack it up—it’s your item and your choice. Remember • Cash sales only, no matter how sweet Grandma looks. • Throughout the day, run extra money into the house and keep it hidden (just in case someone does get in). If you do not have time to run it in, discreetly stash a wad of bills deep into your pockets.

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Harrington Grove Newsletter
We’re on the Web! WWW.HGHOA.COM http://twitter.com/HarringtonGrove And look for us on Facebook!

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS: Emergency: 911 RPD Non Emergency: 831-6311 York Security: 919-828-7677 Poison Control: 800-848-6946 Raleigh Animal Control: 919-807-5260 Waste Management Bulk Pick Up: 919-831-6890
Spring Edition

Harrington Grove HOA c/o Charleston Management PO BOX 97243 Raleigh, NC 27624

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