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Polymer Sealant MS
03/2015 Edition
Intended use:
It is one-component, MS Polymer based sealant for sealing,
gluing and filling in the fissures and cracks in vertical and
horizontal elements of roofing.

ICOPAL MS/112 M Polymer Sealant MS has adhesive properties to virtually all types of surfaces made of bitumen, concrete,
metals (including aluminum), organic coatings, plastics, wood,
glass and others. The product hardens under the influence of
air moisture and the temperature (higher temperature improves
the adhesion of sealant to the surface). It is resistant to UV radiation, and has an excellent resistance to weather conditions,
especially in humid and hot environment, it remains flexible in a
wide temperature range (from -50C to +90C). The product is
specially designed for sealing joints between roof and walls in
attics, firewalls in Icopal AL Aluminium System of Flashing Bars,
for sealing/gluing collars of roof windows, skylights, chimney collars, ventilation, etc., sealing /gluing peripheral elements of roofing (cornices, window sills, gutter eaves etc.), sealing cracks and
fissures in roofing, sealing expansion joints of fissures deformation up to 25%.

Method of application:


Insert the sealant cartridge into the applicator, then cut off the end
of the packaging. Choose the size of the nozzle slot suited to the
fissure size. Make sure the surface is free from loose elements,
dust, and sand. Surfaces contaminated with oil or grease should
be cleaned with a solvent. Slightly moisten the sealed surface, next
place the tip of the nozzle at angle of 45. Filling in the vertical fissure
should begin from the top, slowly move the applicator down. In case
of horizontal fissure move the nozzle in the direction of the hand with
the handle of the applicator. Fill in the fissure smoothly to prevent
creation of air bubbles, bubbles or gaps. After applying the sealant it
should be leveled with a spatula of the appropriate width and shape.
In order to clean the tools the solvent can be used (e.g. acetone
or spirits). Excess of cured sealant can be removed mechanically.
Optimal application temperature is between +5C to +35C. In case
of applying at lower temperatures, the surface needs to be free
from ice and dry, it is recommended to perform a control trial - low
temperature lead to the extention of curing time. The product can
be used on damp surfaces, however not during rain and snow. The
sealant does not contain isocyanates, silicones and solvents, it is
odorless, and e easy to cover with water-based paints.

Keep in original packaging in a vertical position, in a room

protected from sunlight, and ventilated, away from heat
and ignition sources. Protect from frost.

ul. aska 169/197
98-220 Zduska Wola

Practical information:
plastic cartridge: 310 ml,
colour grey: RAL 7023,
shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture,
coating drying time approx. 30 minutes (at a temperature of 23C and 50% relative humidity),
total curing time 3 mm during 24 hours (at. +23C and
50% RH),
resistant to UV radiation.

Reference documentation:
EN 15651-1
Declaration of Utility Properties no. 02203112M01

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