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Re.: Major human rights violations

Date: February 17, 2016
Stan S. Gheorghe
Romanian and EU citizen
Mobile: + 40 7xxx xxx
E-mail: x_x_x@x.x

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Not long ago, compliance with the Article 227 of the Lisbon Treaty and the Article 44 of the
Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, appalled by the situation, on May 1,
2015, I sent you an email through which I brought to your attention a very serious and totally
unacceptable human rights violations by some of the most important institutions from Romania.
According with fact that the situation has only worsened since then, with all due respect, I would
like to state it very clearly that the European Union is founded on the values of respect for
human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights,
including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the all
Member States, including to Romania.
Briefly, under the influence of the insufficiencies caused by the impotency of the system,
corruption issues, the disastrous state of the Romanian education system, agriculture,
environmental protection, health and so on, I decided, justified by the existence of the
interconnections between members of the human species and between the members of the
human species and the environment, to get involved in solving the problems.

Culpable, more or less veiled, they did not allowed me to get involved in solving these problems
and force me, my family, my friends and other Romanian citizens to face every day extremely
serious problems.
For example, due to the horrible conditions from hospitals, please press the link from below, I
decided, as a NGO representative, to come with a project, GUARDIANS OF LIFE, a highly
reliable project, which includes, inter alia, an electronic platform, unique in the world, which
helps patients, among other things, to keep in touch directly, video and audio, with their families,
friends etc., allows certain types of consultations online, for various situations allows first aid
training, provide know-how transfer between doctors, allows doctors to stay in touch with
patients after complicated medical procedures and so on.
Regrettably, Arges County Council tried desperately to identify a set of legal provisions as an
excuse for not getting involved in solving the problem, Ministry of Health informed me that the
fault for horrible conditions lies entirely with the hospitals, the Parliament and the Precedency of
Romania refused to respond to the petition. In the end, under the circumstances, being a matter
of life and death (horrible conditions in hospitals + instigation of doctors to work out side of the
country for a better salary = an increased number of deaths among Romanians), I have been
forced to sue them. Please follow the link from below!
Moreover, aiming to improve the community's wellbeing and raise standards of living and quality
of life, compliance with the current legislation, I came up with a project to create a Metropolis in
Arges County through the unification of the cities Pitesti, Mioveni, Stefanesti with the communes
Albota, Bascov, Bradu, Maracineni and Mosoaia, which has been designed to achieve the
following goals: The cleanest city in Europe, the city with the lowest crime rate in Europe, the
city with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe etc.
The project was scheduled to be presented on May 28, 2015, in an ordinary session of the
Council of Arges County. Unwarrantable, during the presentation, the president of the Council of
Arges County, Mr. Florin Tecau, a guy who tries to hook up with girls on Facebook, decided to
stop me to present the project and he cut even the sound of the microphone, causing mass
disapproval among the counselors.
In the light of the facts mentioned above, I submitted a criminal complaint to the National
Anticorruption Directorate, complaint registration number 653 / VIII / 1/ 25 .06. 2015.
Unfortunately, I find out from my own experience that justice in Romania cannot be trusted. For
example, seven months have passed and the High Court of Cassation and justice of Romania,
despite of the legal provisions, not even wanted to schedule a hearing in court regarding a case
opened against the Parliament of Romania and is maintaining the case in preliminary
procedure, forcing me, in order to respect my right to an effective remedy according with the

article 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights, to address myself to the European
Court of Human Rights, which I did last month. Please follow the link from below!
Regarding the mass-media, since was informed from the begging, I point out fact that Romanian
mass-media, in fact I live in Romania, one of the most corrupt countries in the European Union.
Sad to say, the quality of the human factor in Romania is very low, the overwhelming majority of
the Romanians are not aware of the seriousness of the situation, practically the entire system is
in collapse.
For this reason, since everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and
well-being of himself and of his family, no later than the day after tomorrow, I will send a petition
to the President of Romania, to the Prim-Minister of Romania, to the Chairman of the Senate
and to the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies from the Parliament of Romania, through
which I am going to ask them, since it seems that the values of respect for human dignity,
democracy, the rule of law and respect for human right are not respected in Romania, to clarify
whether or not a honest man can live in Romania.
Also, notice the fact that I am trying desperately to get involve in solving the problems, but they
do not allow me, and by that, let's remind ourselves of the fact that they force me, my family, my
friends and other Romanian citizens to face every day extremely serious problems. For
information about my activity, please follow the link from below, the images are relevant.

In light of the above, compliance with the legislation in force, with all due respect, I ask for
maxim celerity in solving the matter brought it to your attention.
Pending on your response, with deep regret, based on evolution of the situation, I will or I will
not ask for asylum in a non-European Country or for support for me and my family to relocate as
soon as possible in another country of the European Union.
Please be advised, you may choose to give an superficial answer or you may choose to ignore
the petition, but the situation is an assault on the foundation values of the European Union and
will definitely become worse, and based on that is very possible as other Romanians to ask for
asylum or relocation support.

With consideration,
Stan S. Gheorghe
Romanian and E.U. citizen