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Natural Biological Fertilizers

Liquid Bio Manure Microm

Bloom Up

Go Green

Fermo Green

Liqui d

Bio Manure


Bio Fert ilizer

What is Liquid Bio Manure ?

Liquid Bio Manure comprising of bioactive substances of vermi compost and seaweed..
Liquid Bio Manure provides Bio energy and Bio stimulants required for crops and has biologically derived
nutrients and bio stimulant substances.
Liquid Bio Manure is extracted from vermi compost and seaweed in unique cold process and as such
bioactive substances are not denatured.
Liquid Bio Manureprovides nutrients in an organic form to plants. It also aids in cell division, cell
elongation, tillering and vegetative growth. It imparts stress tolerance to withstand adverse abiotic
conditions. It induces better owering and reduces ower dropping and Imparts better organoleptic
qualities to the fruit. It improves yield through better grain formation and fruiting.
Liquid Bio Manureis formulated as a foliar application product.

Without LBM

Features & Benets of Liquid Bio Manure


Nutrients in organic form are provided to plants.

Helps cell division, cell elongation, tillering and
vegetative growth.

Helps in stress tolerance and withstand adverse abiotic



Imparts better organoleptic qualities.

Induces better owering and reduces ower dropping.
Helps better grain formation, better fruiting and yield.

With LBM

Mode of Action
Liquid Bio Manure consists of bioactive humic and fulvic substances of
vermicompost origin. It consists of cytokinins, auxins, betaines and
gibberellins that are derived from seaweed fermentation. It consists of
biologically derived N,P,K and trace elements from vermi compost and
seaweed which aid in better root and shoot growth and supplement the plant
with essential nutrients at critical stages of crop growth.

Mass Composition

W/W %


Humic & Fulvic substances



From Vermi Compost

Cytokinines, Auxins, Bti
and Gibberline from Seaweed



Organic Carbon



Aqueous base



Free from Salmonella, Shigella , E.Coli

With LBM

Without LBM

Liquid Bio Manure

is compatible with

Liquid Bio Manure

is suitable for
application for on
Cereals , Millets , Pulses,
Oilseeds, Fibre Crops,
Sugar Crops, Forage
Crops, Plantation Crops,
Vegetables, Fruits,
Spices, Flowers ,
Medicinal Crops,
Aromatic Crops,
Orchards and

super soil fertility

Natural Bio Fertilizer

What is Microm ?
Microm contain a mixture of Photosynthetic Bacteria (rhodopseudomonas palustris), Lactic Acid
Bacteria (lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus Plantarum) and (sachharomyces cerevisiae).
Microm inuence the microbial environment in a way that the constructive microorganisms become
dominant. This creates an environment, in which the microorganisms play a positive role in plant growth,
plant quality and soil fertility by using fermentation. Fermentative decomposition is stimulated and
decomposition disappears, so that less energy is lost. Soil in which constructive microorganisms
dominate can produce optimal productivity levels, suppress illness and produce high quality products.

Features & Benets of Microm



Success in farming primarily depends on soil fertility.

It promote regenerative microorganisms in the soil.
It help to convert organic materials into nutrients that
are available for plants and create an environment in
which the pathogenic bacteria and pests are removed
from their habitat.
It helps to signicantly increase soil fertility and increase
plants growth and resistance.This treatment provides
possibilities for organic substances that were gathered
during the harvest to benet plants in the soil again.
This causes a reduction in operational costs, while at the
same time increasing quality and yield.

Reduces fruit drop and Increases yield

Increases resistance to drought

Enhances soil fertility and nutrient availability

Reduces stress caused by environment changes

Prevents early decline

All organisms are equally divided

Each grams contains - 1 x 108 CFU
Bacillus Subtilis
Bidobacterium Animalis
Bidobacterium Bidum
Bidobacterium Longum
Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Lactobacillus Bulgaricus
Lactobacillus Casei
Lactobacillus Delbrueckii
Lactobacillus Fermentum
Lactobacillus Plantarum
Lactobacillus Diacetylactis
Lactobacillus Lactis
Rhodopseudomonas Palustris
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Streptococcus Thermophilus

Increases disease resistance

Rejuvenates older trees


Before & After Microm on Citrus Trees


with HLB Infected Seedlings

May 4, 2015
Seedling severely infected with
HLB - left photo above received
8 applications of Microm 10g/gallon
at two week intervals.
New shoot development on
infected seedling over time
correlated to new brous root



Microm Field Trial with HLB

Infected Sweet Orange

December 9, 2015

Microm Field Study Started in August 2015.

Sweet Orange Trees, December 9, 2015.Tree on left is
untreated (note heavy fruit drop.Tree on Right received
8 treatments of Microm at two week intervals.
Treated tree had less fruit drop and signicantly more
new growth (Flush/shoots) and new brous root
development after treatments.

Why should you use Microm?

Unfortunately, today many soils are grossly out of balance and are devoid of
benecial microbial populations. This is primarily due to an over-reliance on
pesticides and inorganic fertilizers, as both adversely affect the delicate
microbial balance found in healthy soil proles. Microm was specically
formulated to re-establish these benecial microbial populations and provide
the soil with the necessary components to promote vigorous plant growth.

What is BLOOM UP?
BLOOM UP is a new-generation, reective type of anti-transpirant cum anti-stress product. It is based on
long chain fatty alcohol derived from non-edible vegetable oil.
BLOOM UP functions primarily on the principle of reecting the sun's rays. Applied as a foliar spray, it
forms a thin glassy lm-coat, which reects incident light more than it would occur under normal
conditions. This prevents the thermic effect of light on plant tissues.

What are the Features of BLOOM UP?

It imparts drought tolerance to crops by preventing

excessive water loss from plants through transpiration.

BLOOM UP does not interfere in the normal automatic

activities and photosynthetic processes.

It improves the crop health and post-harvest keeping

quality of the produce.

It enhances photosynthetic activity and partitioning of

assimilates to the sink.

BLOOM UP is non-toxic, bio-degradable and

environmentally friendly.

What are the Benets of BLOOM UP?


It effectively reduces the water loss from the plant surface through reecting greater amount
of incident light than it would occur under normal condition.
BLOOM UP helps plants to recover from thermic and / or cold stress and improves resistance
to drought and frost.
BLOOM UP helps to maintain the relative water content and turgor of the plant cells.
BLOOM UP maintains the cell turgidity even after harvest; hence improves post-harvest
keeping quality of the produce.
BLOOM UP improves the post harvest keeping quality and vase life.

Recommended Crops for BLOOM UP?


Cereals and Millets

Oil Seeds

Fruit Trees

Legumes & Pulses

Ornamental Crops




Natural Plant Tonic

What is Go Green?
Go Green an innovative product in the form of Liquid Organic Plant Food, that helps in
growth of plants while also maintaining the quality of land. This product is in the form of
concentrated organic liquid combines readily accessible nutrients and biological support for
powerful results. The sustainable growth of various crops that absorb it more quickly due to
readily accessible than other fertilizers.
By natural process of decomposition GO GREEN
is balanced the PH of land and reduce the acidic
part and neutralized the land.
If the land is neutralized then absorptions of
carbon capacity is increased and reduced the
carbon foot print and will get the carbon credit
and it is important to get natural crop in natural
The most important and required insect for
farming is earth worm & Biological Cycle and it is
no more because of chemical fertilizer produce sulfuric acid and that has killed the earth
worms & biological cycle very badly. But use of GO GREEN will create suitable environment
and earth worms & biological cycle will back naturally. So it will help to convert almost all
physical nutrients matter in to available form for plants. By natural decomposition method
GO GREEN produce required gases like Nitrogen, And Ammonia also. These can helpful to
plant to grow and create distance between two particles of land which can help roots to
grow and get proper oxygen. Hard soil converts in to the softness.

Benets of Go Green


Benecial in fruit production

Acts as plant tonic
Supports insect control

Frem Gree
What is Fremo Green?
Fermo Green is an Bio Fertilizer produced through the natural way with plant
nutrients extracted from Plants only, with Soil bacteria.

Features & Benets of Fermo Green


Improves aeration in the root zone.

Improves soil structure and texture.
Prevents owers and fruits dropping
Improves vegetative growth
Improves the quality of ower, grains, fruits,
vegetables, bulbs, green leaves and latex.
Increase the pest and disease resistance



16 Micro and Macro essential

nutrients fortied
with Soil
Bacteria - 3 x 10 CFU / ml

Improves soil structure and texture

Improves vegetative growth

Natural Biological Fertilizers

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