James Roger Harris, better known as Jim by family and friends grew up on a small farm east of Rogers in a community

called Pleasant Ridge. There he attended school with his older Brother John and younger sisters Mary and Ruth in a one room school house. In the early thirties the Seventh - day Adventist established a ministry in that community and soon the family was attending services held in the school house. Thru recent years Jim shared two very significant experiences that happened in his early childhood that had a lasting effect on his life as a Christian. One being his mother’s singing the old standard hymns at church. She had a beautiful alto voice and as a small boy Jim sometimes thought his mother was singing too loud and he felt that this drew too much attention to him and his family. Later in life it was the fond memories of hearing his mother sing that gave him a great appreciation of the harmony in gospel music. He often remarked how he wished he could hear his mother’s sweet voice again. Also memorable were the daily worship times his father would have every morning before he went to school. As a young boy he was anxious to meet his friends and walk to school with them, and hearing them walk down the dusty dirt road as his father prayed on was almost too much to bear for young Jim. Wishing his father would not pray so long later became an amusing memory for Jim and he shared his wish to be able to hear one of those long prayers again from his dad. Jim had a passion for the outdoors and loved animals, fishing and hunting. He trapped wild animals to sell the fur to make extra money during the hard times of the depression days. His love for working on the land was put to good use as he worked for the CCC, Civil Conservation Corp, as a teen. The Corp built roads and planted trees and gave Jim another way to express his appreciation for nature. Jim later joined the Navy and before leaving for assignment he decided to visit his brother John at college in Madison Tennessee. It was there he met an old acquaintance from Ozark Academy, Betty Seasley. They were married before he went to his appointed service assignment. In Seattle Washington they began their family and Judy Marlene was born. After his tour of duty he came home to Arkansas and the twins, Harold and Hugh were born. Jim wanted a boy during Betty’s pregnancy and joked that if she didn’t have a boy this time he wouldn’t bring her home from the hospital. After learning he had twin boys he told her the was only joking about that. The youngest addition, Rita Kay, came later and the family was complete. Through the years Jim shared his love for the outdoors with his children, from fishing and hunting to golf and bowling. Jim worked for the Munsingwear Mill in Rogers as a machinist and later went to work as a plumber during the growth of the Bella Vista community. His next challenge was both work and hobby when he bought Dixieland lanes in Rogers and expanded with Tiger Lanes in Bentonville. Among the many accomplishment of his life the enjoyment of bowling and golfing in his later years are the most memorable. Jim shared his love for golfing with his wife, Betty who preceded him in death. His daughter Judy also preceded him in death.

Jim was a people person and enjoyed helping people and encouraging them to enjoy life and the gifts of God. He was always available to help others from coaching little league when his sons were young, to counseling with members of the church who were in need. Jim loved to share the proceeds of his garden each year with those who loved the home grown bounty that he provided. Jim met and married Evelyn Hoheisal a friend from church. They shared the last few years of his life by traveling and enjoying Jim’s hobbies of fishing and golfing. Evelyn enjoys cooking and often entertained as many as 20 people at their table, gathering family and friends alike. Their love of gardening and planting flowers was a joy for Jim and his seed catalogs covered the table before his last visit to the hospital. Jim was sowing seeds of Gods love until the day before he passed from this life and he talked of Gods love and shared his faith with the nurses and family as they visited him during his hospital stay. When Christ comes and Jim is called to awaken, perhaps he will see fruit from the spiritual seeds he sowed during his lifetime.

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